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Greetings from the great state of Georgia. Are those football “Dawgs” doing well, or what? We’re finally giving “Bama” some competition for the top spot in the SEC and the nation.

I am so happy about college football and excited about how my relationship with my new girl friend Hanna is going.

I met Hanna during my porn and stripper addiction-phase. I was on a downward spiral in life back then. To be honest, she saved my life by saving me from myself.

I am glad to tell you–my addiction is not as bad now. I am not over it by any means. But, it has been replaced with a super attraction and a real devotion to Miss Hanna.

She is easily the most-exciting woman I have ever met.

I know some people have great marriages to partners they love, but I wonder how many people can truly say their lovers are still as exciting to them as they were when they first got together.

Probably a pretty rare thing to keep the fire going, so-to-speak.

As you all know, I love nude dancers, and have a foot fetish that is quite intoxicating and sometimes overwhelming. I feel like I am losing control when I see a bare-foot woman in short shorts and a cut-off top.

The other day I was at a deli in line. This hot woman is wearing cut-off shorts and flip-flops. She is right behind me. The lady had a denim patch cut out of her shorts along her upper thigh. You could see her panties through the large cut out patch. Told her I loved the cut out. So hot.

Sexy feet, too. I love Hanna, but the lady was hot and brave to show her sexy panties in public like that.

I later thought how sexy that cut-out patch would be without panties on. Wonder if she ever dared to wear them like that going bare foot, too.

It is now even fun to go bare-foot myself, or wear my flip-flops, my favorite foot wear these days.

I don’t know why, but some women seem excited to see me in a dress shirt and long pants, clad in nice sandals.

Wearing sandals with my dress clothes seemed kind of sissy when I first tried it, but now it is just a free spirit clothing choice to me. You should never be afraid to be yourself. I can’t wear sandals very often, being in the courtroom as an attorney a lot, but it is fun when I can.

I think men in bare feet or flip-flops excite women more than you might imagine, especially if you have a good pedicure to boot.

Women care how they look, and they care how we men look, so take care of your looks, including your finger nails görükle escort and toe nails.

I wish hot girls would just give up on wearing high-heels and switch to wearing sexy sandals. I do love to see girls take their heels off under their desks, though.

Bare feet in my office is hot, and welcomed. I bet women want to take those heels off whenever they can–just to relax.

I have a female office manager and a legal secretary who work for me at the law office here in Georgia, where it stays pretty warm outside nearly all year.

I told Lynn and Heather they can go barefoot whenever they feel like it, as long as clients aren’t around. I also let them wear sandals and sun dresses to work. They enjoy this clothing freedom. I often wonder if they wear panties. Well, I don’t ask, and they don’t tell.

Think how lucky some women are. If they are brave enough, they could wear only a sun dress, and sandals to work, plus to restaurants or clubs out-in-public.

I think that would be an exciting, bold thing to do. It is such a hot thought.

The sexier the sandal, the better I like it. But it is totally up to them what they wear.

The other day I treated both of them to pedicures. I got one, too. We all bonded in a new way and they loved it.

My office life is good and my home life is even better. I am a happy camper since breaking away from my 5-night-a-week addiction to strippers.

I spend my time now with Hanna, my sexy, blue-eyed blonde girl friend, who grew up in a town called Helen, Georgia. It is a tourist place–an Alpine Village, nestled in the mountains.

We go back there to visit her family from time to time. I like that area. Always seems like a fun, carnival atmosphere up there.

Not too long ago, Hanna convinced me to spend a weekend at Serendipity, the real-life nudist resort near Helen.

It was wonderful. The mountain air was great, the sun was bright and warm, and the pool water was clean and clear.

Hanna has a great shaved-body. I feel so fortunate to be with her.

We had great sex in the little rental cabin at the resort, which is located right beside the big resort pool at Serendipity.

There is something highly-erotic about staying nude from Friday until Sunday, or all week like some nudist people here do. You can do that at a nudist club, especially one that has a restaurant on the grounds.

Hanna used to work at Serendipity when she was 20, as a cook in the nudist grill they bursa merkez escort have there.

Sometimes she even worked at the front office checking people in. Talk about making a great first impression on a new nudist visitor to the club.

If the first nude person you saw at a resort was Hanna, I think you would instantly love the lifestyle.

She usually worked nude at the office, unless it was a chilly day. Generally speaking for a nudist, it needs to be at least 65 degrees outside with the sun out to be comfortable laying out. Windy, cloudy days tend to chill you too much.

Hanna wore an apron at the grill years ago to keep from getting cooking burns. She is so cute in just an apron. Sometimes that is all she wears in the kitchen back home.

Lots of the nudists had sausage and eggs for breakfast at the grill. Then they relaxed on a beach chair nude getting a tan by the pool until about lunch time.

For lunch, beer, hamburgers, and fries, were brought to them pool-side from the grill. After lunch had settled–it was water volleyball time in Georgia!

The teams did not wear uniforms. It was the skins against the skins. Great to have females across the volleyball net jumping to hit the ball. Loved to see those big tits bounce.

Their lovely asses came into view when women got out of the pool. Players hit the volleyballs out-of- bounds quite often. More often that not, young women got out of the pool to get the ball for us.

After a full day of sun tanning and nude recreation, you are pretty drained.

Some people would take a nice, warm shower in the community room, get dressed and then go out to eat supper in Helen.

The little town even has a water-way for small boats, rafts, and intertube floats.

Reminds me of the old days when you could inflate a big truck intertube tire and float down the river. I miss those times now.

Wish we could snap our fingers and be back in 1975. I think it was a better time in many ways for many reasons.

But these days there is a lot to do around Helen. With the pandemic, more people are now discovering the great outdoors for hiking, biking, and fun.

Hanna and I stayed at the nudist resort that evening, where we had a BBQ cook-out with the other nudists at the club. Good food, good group there. People from Georgia and the Carolinas, mostly.

Fun night in our cabin after the cook-out. I never tire of having shaved sex with Hanna. We bursa sınırsız escort are both smoothies now, and I highly recommend shaving to you all. The oral sex is so much better. It is like being extra nude to be shaved.

Next day we awoke early to another bright sunny day. After breakfast, it was off to the pool. I always jump at the chance to put sun tan lotion all over Hanna’s great bod.

She never has to ask me twice to put lotion on her sexy buns, her breasts and down her front.

Sometimes I finger her a little when putting lotion on her, and she laughs like the teenager she used to be. Hanna has a young girly laugh.

One time she got so excited she had to muffle her sexual moaning around the other nudists.

They were not reallly watching very closely what I was doing to and for Hannah with my soft hands.

Even at a nudist resort overt sexual stuff is not welcomed out in the open. You don’t see women or men masturbating much among the sun-bathers.

Every now and then a female day visitor might secretly jack off her husband, he might play with her nipples, but this does not happen much. It is not cool, because some nudists bring family members to the nudist resort pools. It is not church, but there are rules, even at nudist clubs.

I have often wondered what it would be like to be exposed to nudity at 18. What if your parents were nudists?

I think it would help you relax about sex, and sexuality.

You would not be as worried about it. I think it would be easier to just be yourself. You would be a natural in more ways than one, around the opposite sex.

I know growing up as a nudist helped Hanna relax around men. No big deal and no big mystery for her, in other words.

That is the beauty of being a nudist. People who live in the nudist community are cool about stuff, and relaxed about life. They are laid-back type people. Every now and then you’ll meet an authentic hippie nudist who went to places back in the 60s, man! Places like the ultimate rock concert–Woodstock, where just about everything that could happen did happen.

They are great friends to know because they are so accepting and understanding of others.

Nudists have nothing to hide. We are all wearing the same outfit–our beautiful birthday suits. What a treat.

We are all in the same boat. All in the same hot tub some days, which is incredibly exciting. I love it when the hot tubs are crowded, 10 or 12 nudist in there shoulder-to-shoulder.

I hope you all try a nudist resort some day. I am a newbie to it, but Hanna has enjoyed the lifestyle for years. She has told me some great nudist stories.

It is so much fun. Stay safe, folks. Above all try new things, live a little. Get naked!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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