Ricky to the Rescue Ch. 01

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Ball Licking

Kara glanced over her shoulder and smiled happily as she pushed her arse back to meet each thrust of Ricky’s rock hard cock. His big balls slapped against the insides of her spread legs as, once again, Ricky gave his mother everything he had and, as always, he was not disappointing her.

“Harder, sweetheart,” Kara breathed heavily as she thrilled yet again to not any old cock fucking her but the proud appendage of her own horny sex-mad son. They’d been going at it like rabbits since they’d woken up at eight o’clock that morning, just as they had the night before, and – with one or two breaks – it was now well past two o’clock in the afternoon, such was their enthusiasm.

Kara loved taking her son’s cock up her arse as much as she did her cunt. From the first tentative fucks he had given her on his eighteenth birthday, three years earlier, Ricky’s confidence had grown to Everest-like heights and he was now an expert in the art of cunnilingus and fucking, the best lover Kara had ever had. Sex was an obsession with them and, that morning, Ricky had given her well-worn pussy a thoroughly good going over, not once but several times, both with his tongue and cock, and the place of his birth was now red raw and delightfully sore from the heavy hardcore treatment it had received. Now, with Ricky’s fat rod firmly embedded in his mother’s tight greasy arsehole, Kara was swept away on a tide of lust as Ricky proved to her yet again what a perfect sex machine he was – and is.

“Grrr!” grunted Ricky as he gave his middle-aged but still youthful-looking mother one last hard thrust before his legs started to buck and he threw back his head, “I’m gonna cum. Where d’you want it this time, mum?”

Ricky had already flooded out his mother’s pussy and given her a nice facial an hour or so later during the first and second rounds of the morning’s activities. Now, as she felt Ricky’s cock slide out between her cuntal walls with a resounding pop, Kara quickly scrambled from the bed and got to her knees as Ricky prepared to let fly with his third helping of the day.

“Over my tits, sweetheart,” said Kara, looking up at him as she got ready to receive another load of her son’s spunk, welcoming it like the first-class cumslut she had always been, ever since her own eithteenth birthday when she had first discovered the joys of sex in the first of many hot and heavy threesomes with her parents Janet and James, both of them now in their sixties but still happily sexually active.

Kara squeezed her melons together in her hands as her son stood proud in front of her, tossing himself off before her very eyes. Kara watched fascinated, as she always did when Ricky was wanking and about to shoot his load, leaning in to watch closely and lifting her head as she felt the first drops of warm incestuous spunk begin to pour down on her, covering her erect nipples in several thick wads while another long creamy rope ran like a cataract in a cliff face down the narrow valley of her cleavage.

“Oh, yeah, mum, here it cums again,” said Ricky, triumphantly, as he proudly bathed his mother’s tits with several long spurts of his rich cream, which was like gold-dust to a whore like Kara, disfiguring the jugs she had fed Ricky with when he was a baby with the sticky jizz. As he kept on cumming, Kara reached out a hand to fondle the fast-draining balls of her son and who was most definitely no longer a baby, very much a man.

When Ricky had finished and Kara’s tits an absolute mess, his mother looked down at the layers of the rapidly congealing mass that felt so nice and warm upon her breasts. “So much again, sweetheart,” she said, delightedly, “I don’t know where you get it all from.”

“All for you, mum,” replied Ricky as he stooped down and stuck out his tongue and began to lick his own sperm into his mouth, “I’m sure I’ll be able to give you another load before the day is through.”

“You horny sod,” giggled Kara, as Ricky washed her tits clean with his tongue and stood back with his sated cock in his hand. Kara let her eyes roam over her son’s body, she loved seeing him naked and being naked with him also; since they’d become lovers, nothing was taboo and they had abandoned whatever feelings of guilt and shame they had had long ago. They were both consenting adults and, as far as they were concerned, that was all that mattered.

“I’m gonna have a shower,” said Ricky when he had got his breath back, “fancy joining me?”

“Sure do, sweetheart,” replied Kara as they made their way to the bathroom, Kara eyeing up her son’s gorgeous bare arse as he walked along in front of her.

Ricky turned the shower jets on and was about to step in when the phone in the hall downstairs rang. “Damn!” he said, turning the jets off, “who can that be?”

“Leave it,” said Kara, “if it’s important, they can always ring back.”

But Ricky was the type whose curiosity wouldn’t be satisfied until he knew just who it was. “Better answer it, mum,” he said, “back in a mo.”

Kara watched her son running naked down the stairs; bursa escort even in its now semi-erect state his penis still lead the way and Kara looked on with maternal pride, only too happy in the knowledge that it was she who had given birth to such a wonderful sexy man. That at least had been something her errant husband had decreed her before he had run off with some tramp from his office. Ricky’s father still kept in touch with his ex-wife, mainly for the sake of his son, now a strapping twenty-one years old, but he knew nothing about the special relationship that Kara and Ricky now enjoyed and had done for the past three years.

Ricky picked the phone up and mumbled hello, then his face broke into a grin as he recognised the voice, turning to give his mother, standing watching from the landing, a thumbs up sign.

“Hi, gran,” Ricky said, “how are you?”

Kara couldn’t hear what her mother Janet was saying but she could tell from the way Ricky’s grin faded that it must be something serious and she had a good idea what it was. Slowly, she walked down the stairs and wrapped her arms around Ricky as he continued to speak into the receiver.

“I see, gran,” said Ricky, “I’m sorry to hear that. Why don’t I come over and help you out?”

Kara strained her ears and was finally able to make out her mother’s words. “That will be lovely, you beautiful man,” she heard Janet saying, “when can you get here?”

“Mum and I are just gonna have a shower,” Ricky replied to his grandmother, “I’ve just given your daughter one up the arse. Then I’ll be on my way.”

Ricky shivered as Kara slid down his back and began to kiss her son’s bare bottom, smothering his cheeks lovingly with hundreds of little smackers.

“Are you still there, Ricky?” Janet said down the line.

“Yeah, gran,” Ricky replied, “its just that mum’s giving my arse some attention.”

“Tell her she’s very naughty,” laughed Janet, “and that you need to get that butt of yours she can’t keep her hands off over here rightaway.”

“I will gran,” said Ricky, gasping again as Kara ran her tongue along his arse crack, “d’you want to speak to mum?”

Kara stood up and took the phone from Ricky. She had a brief few words with her mother and then put the phone back in its place and then followed her son up the stairs, this time thrilling to the mesmerising sight of Ricky’s bare bum rising and falling as he lifted his strong legs up the stairs.

“Gramps is having problems again,” said Ricky as they reached the bathroom and he and his mother climbed in, Kara turning on the jets which immediately started to rain down like pins and needles on their naked flesh.

“I thought as much,” said Kara.

“Fancy coming too, mum?”

“No, you go son,” Ricky’s mother replied, reaching for the shower gel and smearing some of it onto her hand and then rubbing it over her tits, “after those fuckings you’ve given me today, I need a bit of a rest.”

Normally, Kara would have jumped at the chance to visit her parents with her son as they had done many times in the past but she was knackered after Ricky’s amorous attentions and really did need to go and have a lie down for an hour or two. She was aware that since her father had been prescribed medication for his blood-pressure, angina and a whole host of other complaints, he was having trouble getting it up, one of the side effects of the pills that his doctor hadn’t thought to mention to him, preferring to let James find out for himself.

“OK, mum,” said Ricky, in reply to Kara declining the invitation, “gran and gramps will understand, I’m sure.”

Ricky turned to face his mother and she smiled as she saw that he was fully aroused again. As the steam rose around them, Kara soaped the long shaft of her son’s erect prick with the gel and together they rubbed and washed each other’s bodies, touching up each other’s arses and every now and then stopping for a snog. Ricky climbed out first and Kara watched through the steam as he towelled himself down and then went into his bedroom – though he rarely slept there these days, cuddling up with Kara instead – to put on some clothes.

By the time he came downstairs, Kara had also finished her shower and was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the kettle to boil, still naked as she liked to be and as Ricky would have been had he not been summoned to help out his grandparents.

“My, you look sexy,” said Kara as she surveyed Ricky in a blue V-neck T-shirt that enhanced his chest and biceps and was tucked into a pair of jeans that fitted snugly around his buns and emphasized his package. There was no doubt about it, Ricky had a fabulous body, no mother with a fetish for kinky taboo sex like Kara could ask for a more gorgeous and horny son. “You’d better go else I might just start on you again.”

“You can give me another of your great blowjobs when I get back, mum,” said Ricky, giggling. “Are you sure you don’t want to come with me?”

“Quite sure, sweetheart,” replied Kara, “tell mum and dad it’s not that bursa escort bayan I don’t want to be there but I must have a rest. I don’t think you quite realise the power of that lovely big cock of yours and just what it does to my arse and pussy.”

“Oh, I realise all right, mum,” laughed Ricky,”and I’m glad it gives both of us so much pleasure.”

“You can say that again,” said Kara as she heard the kettle click off and she went over to pour the boiling water into the teapot, enjoying the sensation of being completely naked while her son was dressed. A bit of exhibitionism never hurt anybody and, in the case of Kara and Ricky, exhibitionism was more than a bit, it figured very largely in their love-making sessions, both of them proud of their bodies and showing them off to each other.

Kara could feel Ricky’s eyes digging into her as he surveyed her naked arse, licking his lips as he took in the shapely curves, at the same time committing his latest fucking of his mother to memory for when he had his occasional solo wank sessions. He sometimes felt very horny at work and had to go and lock himself in the bog and toss himself off, always with images of Kara in his mind as he did so and the latest spectacular fucks and pussy licking, Ricky knew, would come back to his mind’s eye whenever he called upon them to do so.

Ricky moved up behind Kara and wrapped his hands around her tits. “Now don’t get me going again, darling,” Kara giggled as she felt Ricky’s big cock pressing into her from behind through his jeans, “you don’t want to keep your gran waiting.”

“Love you, mum,” Ricky said, giving her neck a lick and a kiss and then making for the door, “see you in a bit.”

“‘bye sweetheart,” said Kara, “be good.”

Ricky grinned at his mother and then opened the door and sauntered down the garden path to his car that was parked outside in the street. Kara went over to the window to watch her son’s hard tight arse cheeks wiggling inside his jeans as he walked away from the house, then he climbed into his car and parked his divine bottom in the driving seat. He blew his mother a kiss and then accelarated away and Kara, taking a cup of tea with her, went back upstairs to have a much needed afternoon nap …


Forty minutes later, Ricky parked the car outside his grandparents’ house and walked up the side to the back door as he always did when they were expecting him. He peered through the patio doors which looked directly into the lounge and could see his grandmother Janet sitting in an armchair with an expectant look on her face.

“Come on in, honey,” she trilled, “it’s open.”

Ricky slid the door to one side and stepped in and smiled at his grandmother as he felt his cock rising to the occasion inside his jeans. It didn’t surprise him in the least that Janet was naked, sitting there ready and waiting, and the sight of her old but still very beautiful tits and the neat triangle of her hairy pussy had Ricky’s mouth drooling within seconds.

“Wow, gran!” he said, advancing into the room, “you look fantastic.”

Indeed, Janet did. She might be in her late sixties, as was her husband James, but neither of then had lost their figures, thanks to years of swimming, running and tennis, athletic pursuits which they had passed on to their daughter Kara and she, in turn, had passed on to her son Ricky. Kara and Ricky often went out jogging together and visited a gym regularly.

Now, however, all Ricky could think of, as he stood there with his mouth open feasting his eyes on Janet’s tits, was that if he looked as good as his grandparents in half a century or so’s time, then he would be a very happy man indeed.

“Thank you, honey,” replied Janet, completely at home in her nudity, “it’s always nice to get a compliment. And you look very handsome too, I must say.”

“Thanks, gran,” said Ricky. “Where’s gramps?” he asked as he began to rub the tent in his jeans in full view of his grandmother.

“Having a nap,” replied Janet and Ricky giggled to himself. Maybe he should have coaxed his mother to come with him after all, then she and her father could have had a nap together.”

“Is he still having problems, gran?” asked Ricky, moving across and stooping to kiss Janet on the lips before parking his jeans-clad arse in the adjacent armchair.

“I’m afraid so,” replied Janet, “it’s all these bloody tablets the doctor prescribed for his blood pressure and whatever. The doctor didn’t tell him about the side effects, since he’s been taking them he just can’t get it up.”

“He should go back to the doctor,” suggested Ricky.

“Well, he doesn’t like to,” said Janet, “I know we can talk about sex openly but it ain’t so easy with someone like that.”

“He’s a doctor, gran,” said Ricky reasonably, “he must hear hundreds of similar complaints.”

“Maybe, but … well you know how it is. Anyway, it’s nice to know we can call on you anytime we like.”

“You sure can, gran,” Ricky replied, grinning, “I’m just pleased that I am able to help. Oh, escort bursa by the way,” he went on as Kara came back into his mind, “mum says she’s sorry she isn’t here too but after what we’ve done today, she’s a bit … erm … knackered.”

“I’m pleased to hear that, honey,” said Janet, “and I hope I will be too by the time you’ve finished. Did you cum a lot with that horny daughter of mine?”

“I gave mum three loads today, gran,” said Ricky proudly, “she loves being fucked.”

“You don’t have to tell me that,” laughed Janet, “before you were born, she used to beg for it every night from her dad.”

As if by magic, James suddenly appeared in the doorway and, like his wife, he was naked. He still had a good figure retained from his younger days too but his cock, which had always been very impressive when erect, now hanged limp above his balls.

“Hello, gramps,” said Ricky, “I hear you’re having trouble again.”

“Too fucking right I am,” said James, “it’s these wretched tablets. I asked my doctor if I could knock them on the head but he says I’ve gotta take ’em, they’re what’s keeping me alive.”

“Darling, we can still have fun together,” said Janet, “and Ricky’s here now and I’m sure he’ll give my pussy a good seeing to, won’t you, sweetheart?”

“Sure fucking will, gran,” replied Ricky, who loved fucking his grandmother just as much as he did his mother.

“We’re pleased about that, Ricky,” James said, “but I wish I could still fuck your gran. Still, there it is, I can’t at the moment and she really does need a good fuck, don’t you, my lovely?”

“That’s what I’m here for, gramps,” said Ricky. “You know you can call on me to come to the rescue, any time.”

“Thanks, lad,” said James, “and you won’t mind if I watch?”

“Not at all, gramps,” replied Ricky, “I’d be upset if you didn’t.”

“My pussy is begging for it,” said Janet, “and I can’t wait much longer. Hope you’ve got some more spunk for me after what you did to your mother today.”

James gave his flaccid cock a little tug as images of his daughter being fucked by his grandson came into his mind’s eye. “Look,” he said, as his cock stayed down, “see what I mean?”

“Let me see what I can do,” said Janet, rising from the chair and dropping to her knees in front of James. She took her husband into her mouth while Ricky stood and unzipped his jeans, taking out his swollen cock and starting to masturbate as he watched his grandmother sucking his grandfather’s cock.

“No joy,” said James, after a few minutes, “but our grandson is standing to attention, honey. Look at him.”

Janet turned and smiled at Ricky, her eyes taking in the unobstructed view she had of her grandson wanking his stiff pole. With expert agility for someone of her advanced years, she scampered on her knees over to her grandson and knelt down before him, saliva dripping from her mouth as Ricky stood back and removed his clothes.

“I need a nice hard cock in my mouth, sweetheart,” Janet said, as Ricky turned to stand naked in front of his grandparents, feeling much more relaxed now he had joined them in the nude …


Janet smiled up at her grandson as she took him into her mouth and James moved round and knelt down beside his wife.

“I may not be able to get it up,” he said, “but I ain’t forgotten how to suck.”

As Ricky continued to pump the head of his cock in and out of his grandmother’s mouth, his grandfather leaned in close and started to run his tongue along the thick vein-lined shaft and Ricky threw back his head, gasping with pleasure as his grandparents took it in turns to blowjob him. The only regret of all three of them was that Kara wasn’t there to join in the fun.

“Oh, this is so good,” said Janet, “to be able to suck a nice hard cock.”

“Yeah,” said James, “just wish I could get it up like Ricky. He won’t be needing any help getting a hard-on for many years yet.”

“I hope never at all, gramps,” giggled Ricky.

“I never thought I would, lad,” said James, “its not until you get old that …”

“Yes, yes, yes,” interrupted Janet, resting back with her knees folded under her, “are we going to have some fun or a debate on the whys and wherefores of men’s hard-ons, especially when Ricky has driven all this way to help us?”

“It ain’t that far, gran,” said Ricky.

“Doesn’t matter,” said Janet, “you made the effort and we’re really grateful. Now, my pussy needs a good long lick and I think you can both manage that.”

Ricky and James exchanged bemused glances as Janet shifted her body back to the sofa and plumped her tight arse on the cushions. She spread her legs wide, her pussy coming into view like a flower opening and both men gasped at the sight of the rosy red skin visible through the strands of Janet’s pubic bush. Ricky licked his lips, feeling as proud and honoured to be asked to service his grandmother as he did his mother.

“Fuck, gran,” he said, “your pussy is beautiful.”

“Come on, lad,” said James, “let’s give the old girl what she wants.”

“Not so much of the old, thank you,” giggled Janet as the men knelt down in front of her and she placed her fingers in her cunt and parted her labia, “get your tongues in there, boys, I can’t wait a second longer.”

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