Road to the Sun Ch. 05: Tap, Tap, Tap

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

Comments and votes are welcome. Thank you.

I would like to thank GrandTeton for his editing and guidance and time spent.

Thank You


James spent the entire day working on the cabin’s roof. He had started at eight o’clock that morning removing moss, then changed over to replacing wooden shingles once everyone else was up. He was currently taking a break and looking up the valley. The sun was just above the peak of largest mountain at the far west end of the valley. He knew that it wouldn’t be much longer before the valley and the cabin would be cast in its shadow. He was thankful for the soon to arrive relief. He turned to look back at the roof and then thought back to their old home. A smile came to him as he remembered having to replace the roof on that home too. Their old home had been built in the mid 1800’s as a general store. Since it was two stories it also served as a hotel and post-office as well as a livery stable. His great-grandparents, on his father’s side, bought the old store and renovated it sometime in the 1950’s.

When all the siblings were finally in high school, his parents decided to take out a mortgage to renovate the old home yet again. They used some of the monies to pay for Claire’s college and the rest to pay for his mother’s nursing school. Thinking about his parents brought back another memory. The day that a Georgia State Trooper had given him the news that his parents were dead.

James had been the only one at home at the time. Claire, his oldest sister, was at work, and the twins, Melody and Cindy were off doing god only knows what. He had spent almost an hour talking with the trooper. He spent another hour burning up his cell phone trying to get in touch with his sisters.

The siblings spent the entire night crying and talking and making plans to go to New York to claim their parent’s bodies. Claire stayed home because she just didn’t think she could handle seeing their parent’s dead bodies. Cindy wanted to stay home because she didn’t want to leave Claire home alone.

James and Melody spent the three days and four bus transfers doing their crying. Melody decided that there was no way that she could identify their parent’s bodies. She just couldn’t force herself to see them dead. He had to identify the bodies alone – he was glad that he was the only one to have to do such a thing. He lost what little he had in his stomach. A shotgun blast to his mother’s face would forever be his last memory of her. They had spent the rest of that first day in New York talking to the detectives and gathering their parents’ personal possessions. The second day they paid off the hotel bill and visited the spot where their Mom and Dad died. Picked up their Mother’s SUV and then headed for home.

James had been angry several times in his life. Dealing with Cindy’s ex-boyfriend had been one of the worst. His parent’s murder had been another. He cursed everything and anything that caused him to slow down on the trip back home. He wove in and out of traffic like Mario Andretti. Melody had to scream at him a few times to slow down. He had became so reckless that eventually Melody had to take over. She had forced him to stop at a rest area. If she hadn’t, he knew that he would have most likely killed them both.

Dealing with two funeral homes was a pain in the ass. The one in New York was to pick up the bodies from the morgue and prep the bodies for flight home to Georgia. The funeral home in their home town was to pick up the bodies from the airport and conduct the funeral. The home town funeral home was by-far the worst to deal with. The funeral director trying to push for all the ‘little extras’ grated on all of the siblings’ nerves. James was surprised that he guy hadn’t offered dancing girls.

When the greedy bastard couldn’t talk the siblings into getting another set of coffins to bury their parents in instead of using the coffins that James and Melody had chosen for transport, he tried to push for separate funerals and multiple viewing days. Then it was the in-ground vaults, the most expensive ones of course; the memorial or tomb stone – who knew what luxuries were available for the dead, and didn’t you always want the best for your parents – as if their parents could care any more – and a plethora of other crap. James had thought he had burned up all his anger in his non-stop trip home from New York; however, the funeral director seemed to rekindle it. At least the guy in New York had pretended to care about more than his bottom line.

Melody walking towards the barn brought James back to the present. He gathered up his tools, quickly finished up with the last bit of the roof and climbed down the ladder. He had high hopes of being able to spend some time today with her.

“Do you need something to drink?”

James jumped.

“Fucking hell! You scared the shit out of me, Cindy.”

“Sorry about that,” she said complacently pendik escort as she watched him pick up the tools he had dropped.

“That’s okay. And, yes, I could use some water.”

Cindy, Melody’s twin, no longer took Claire to work and had become his shadow. She followed him around every time his feet hit the ground, making sure that he had plenty of water to drink and feeling his forehead. She was taking on the role of a mother hen. James thought the whole idea was cute, but it did annoy him some. He knew darn well it wouldn’t do him any good to complain, though. She had been watching him like a hawk today because she still wasn’t convinced he was over whatever bug he had just a few days ago.

James took the two liter bottle from his sister and took several large swigs of the refreshing water then poured the rest of what remained in the bottle over his head. He wiped away what water got in his eyes with the back of his hand. As he opened them, he found that he was looking at Cindy’s groin. His eyes traveled up the rest of her athletic body, and he marveled at the perfect carbon copy of Melody. He had already made love to that body in a strange sort of way. If he hadn’t known that this was Cindy, he would have reached out for her. His body didn’t seem to care. His heart started to beat harder in his chest, and his member started to grow. He felt hot all of a sudden.

Memories of the exquisite day he had spent with Melody flooded all his senses. He could smell her, feel her soft form crushed against his own, the sweet taste of her lips pressed to his own as both of their bodies quivered in orgasmic delight.

“James, are you feeling alright? You look a little flushed,” Cindy asked as she reached out to feel his forehead.

James snapped back to the present as her cooling hand rested on his forehead. He lifted his head and smiled: “I feel fine Cin. I think I could use something more to drink though.”

His eyes met with hers, one green and one blue, both showing concern and something else that he was unable to define. When she left to get more water, he sought out the shade of the cabin. He needed to sit down. If it wasn’t for her eyes, James would not had known that it wasn’t Melody. There were several differences between the two, but not many physically. Their eyes was the most tell tale difference. Cindy’s left eye was blue and her right eye was brown. Melody had green on the left and blue on her right. Their smell was slightly different, but it was close. Melody was a bit more bashful and not as out-going as Cindy. Cindy could be a bit of a ditz at times, but he had to wonder if that wasn’t just a game she played.

As James sat propped up against the side of the cabin, he thought about Cindy. He considered the fact that he had gotten aroused by the sight of her body. Although she may be a twin, she was in fact, her own person. She had her own ideas and acted differently. She was bubbly, tender hearted, sexy and….hmm. Did he find her sexy because she looked like Melody?

His mind travelled back in time to a day at the beach. It was a memory of Cindy playing in the surf. One that had plagued his first masturbation attempt in the shower, thinking of his sister. James was now more confused and conflicted than he had ever been. He pulled his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms tight around them. He then rested his head on his knees and tried to sort out his feelings. ********

Cindy stood at the sink with a full bottle of water in hand. She hadn’t noticed that she was actually talking to herself out loud.

“James, you’re the most stubborn man I have ever known! Won’t admit that you still don’t feel well, and insist on doing stuff that you shouldn’t. Well…I guess that is one of the things that I love about you. You doing whatever you think has to be done, no matter what.”

“I do love your eyes, so pale blue at times and at others they seem to be a deep blue. Hmm, what’s up with your eyes a second ago? They were so soft, I could have drowned in them.”

Cindy’s mind then wandered back to the last talk she had with Claire; for her best orgasms she can only think of James. Then Cindy thought about the time she tried to rub one out at the hotel. She was thinking of James at the time. Then she recalled that her twin sister, Melody, had called her James, while she had her fingers up inside her twin at the time, during the move.

Cindy then recalled all the times that she had seen Melody with James, walking around holding hands, the little kisses she gave him. She then imagined Melody kissing James while Claire was sucking his cock. Cindy’s heart started to pound hard in her chest and her breath caught in her throat. She felt tingles starting in her womanhood and her fluids were flowing freely. The taste of James’ semen raced across her mind’s eye. Her legs started to buckle as her body began to shake. It was then that she felt something brush up against her g-spot. Her other hand was working feverishly on her own sex.

She escort pendik dropped the water bottle and grabbed hold of the sink. It had been a good while since she had been able to satisfy her needs. Living in a confined space with no privacy made personal time a rarity. She had tried to use the outhouse but the smell and the tight space proved that it was only good for what it was built for. She had tried to use the barn; however with everyone running back and forth between it and the cabin to grab something, she was constantly interrupted.

She was far too close to an orgasm to care any longer, she twisted and pumped her fingers repeatedly in and out of her canal. Every so often she would stimulate her g-spot with her middle finger and rub her clitoris with the palm of her hand. She forced herself to remain as quiet as she could, not wanting to let her brother hear her. The motion of her hand became erratic and she held her breath. Her vaginal muscles constricted around her invading digits, as she squirted her desire. Her knees gave way when her legs turned to jelly as multiple quakes rippled through her very being. She was on the floor when she realized what had happened.


James felt like he had been waiting an eternity for more water. His throat was parched and his lips had dried. His tongue licked away at the roof of his mouth and then he swallowed. His dry mouth drove him to get the water himself. He wiped his face with his shirt-tails as he entered the cabin. Cindy was bent over at her waist. Her naked ass pointed straight at him. He was transfixed by the sight of such a perfect upside-down heart.

Her back-side was so smooth and tight – well-toned and firm. James swallowed hard just as a movement caught his attention and his eyes focused on it. Her hands were traveling up her legs with a piece of red fabric stretched between the two. As her hands traveled further upwards, so did his eyes. Once her hands reached her knees, his eyes locked onto the upside-down face that smiled backed at him. Her beautiful face was framed by her lovely thighs. Time could have stopped for all he knew. His entire being was focused on that face. When her hands stared to move once again, his eyes followed that movement. He took in the well-defined muscular back-side of his sister until the red panties finally covered it. Only then did he finally close his eyes and turned on his heel.

His first step was about as graceful as a man on stilts walking on ice. The next step failed worse than the first and he fell out the front door. Stumbling across the porch he tried to grab hold of a support beam for the roof. He missed it with his hand but not with his face. Being the pinball that he was, he ricocheted a bit to his left and promptly fell off the porch.


Cindy had been laughing her ass off until her brother took a nose dive off the porch. He was moaning and groaning when she reached him; blood flowed from his mouth.

“Son of a bitch!” He spat blood as he touched his upper lip.

“Oh my god! James, are you alright?” she asked, as she squatted down next to him wearing just the red panties and a purple t-shirt.

“I’ll be fine,” he complained as he tried to swat her hands away.

“Your lip is bleeding! Can you stand up?” she asked, as she reached for his hands.

Taking her hand, he wobbled to his feet. Cindy then started to wipe all the dirt, grass and old pine needles from his body. When she decided that she couldn’t get it all, she started to take his clothes off.

“What the hell are you doing, sis?”

“You’re not going to go into the house like that! Now, get those filthy clothes off!”

James took his shirt off, but refused to take off his pants. They fought over the snaps of his pants. When he thought that he had finally won, she grabbed his pants by the pockets and yanked them down. Cindy then forced James to remove his shoes and step out of the pants. She understood why he didn’t want to take his pants off as she looked at his naked body. A wicked smile crossed her lips as she ushered him back inside the cabin.

A slight flicker of hot embers sparked in the fireplace as she led her brother over to the sink. The wind picked-up and caused the door to slam shut. It took a few minutes for the siblings to start breathing normally after their scare. Once calmed, James started working the pump handle, while Cindy grabbed a washcloth and soap.

She did her best to wash him using the cold water from the hand pump. He only complained twice; the water was too cold when she washed his hair, and the other: that he could wash his own junk. She finished washing him and started to clean-up the sink area when she saw him looking in the med-kit. He reached in and pulled out a bottle and popped the top. Dumped two tablets in his palm then swallowed them without water.

It only took Cindy a nano-second to recognize the Tylenol PM bottle. Another second to get to her brother’s side. James just rolled pendik escort bayan his eyes as Cindy explained to him that the pills he took could make him fall asleep. After she got him to lie down on the king sized mattress, she asked if he wanted anything; he looked relieved when he finally got his water.

She got a wash cloth wet and placed it over the right side of his face when she noticed that it had started to swell. It was then that she started to recheck the rest of him for other injuries. Searching for something she may have missed during her other examination, the one that she had performed while bathing her brother. She took her time examining his body, softly running her hands across his chest and shoulders. She marveled at how well toned he had become. Her finger tips outlined his muscles as they worked down his chest to his abdomen.

Cindy then understood why her sister Claire wanted James. He was a fantastic brother as well as a great catch for any lucky woman. She looked up at his face and he was looking right back.

“What are you doing sis?”

“Making sure you’re not hurt anywhere else. Do you hurt any place other than your face?” She couldn’t help but smile.

“Isn’t that enough?” He laid his head back on the pillow.

“Well you did just fall off the porch. So… do you hurt any where?” she giggled.

“Not that I know of.”

“Then shut up and let me look,” as she returned her attention to his abdomen.

She felt his body stiffen as her hand worked its way down his belly: “Did that hurt?”


She paused: “Can… I… umm, ask you a personal question?”

“That would depend on the question.” She could hear the nervousness in his reply.

“How do you feel about Claire?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you love her?”

James was quiet for a few moments: “I love her as much as I love you and Mel.”

“Do you think she is pretty?”

“O.K. what’s with the twenty questions, Cin?”

“That wasn’t twenty questions.”

“NO, but you were working on it. So just ask what you really want to know.”

She sat upright and rested her hand on her brother’s stomach, furrowed her eyebrows and took a deep breath: “I know about what has been going on between you and her.”

James’ voice cracked: “What?!”

“Claire told me about what happened in the Moving Truck. The time she ended up jerking you off and the time she grabbed your hand while you were driving and made you finger fuck her! Then I watched her sneak up on you… and… well, then… and I watched her suck your cock on the porch the other night!”

Cindy could feel James shift on the bed.

“James, I don’t want you to get hurt because of what Claire is doing to you!” her eyes started to water up. “I… ” she bowed her head.

She was looking in her lap and searching for the right words when the door opened.

“Hi Mel!” James croaked.

Melody ran to James’ side: “What happened to you?”

“James tapped danced out the door and off the porch,” Cindy laughed.

“Are you alright?”

“I’ll be fine, sis.”

Cindy watched her sister’s hand as it caressed their brother’s face. Melody informed him of his busted lip and what would surly turn out to be a black eye. He never said a word. He just stared back. The look in his eyes was as wanton as any man’s she had ever seen. That was the look she had seen outside – the same one that she had seen when she saw him through her legs – before he went out the door.

She soon felt something graze her hand. When she looked, the tip of his member was sticking out from under the waist band of his underwear. It enlarged, and continued to do so. Her eyes grew wide as he emitted a dollop of pre-cum as his member reached out for her hand once again. She lifted her hand slightly and let his cock slide under; she let it smear her palm with its slick lubricant.

She looked back towards her brother. He was still engrossed with Melody. Her eyes drifted back to his cock and she lightly licked her lower lip. She wanted to taste his pre-cum, so she lifted her hand and licked her palm clean. She wanted more: to taste his sperm again, to feel its wet hot texture slide across her tongue and then ooze down her throat. She wanted it fresh from the source. She could feel herself getting warmer, feel her sex starting to ache with desire.

Her mouth parted and she licked her lips. Not only did she want her brother’s sperm in her mouth, she wanted his cock. She wanted to feel his penis slide across her tongue and rake across the roof of her mouth. To feel his pecker slide between her lips. To feel it pulse in her mouth as he shot rope after rope of his cum down her throat.

Flashes of Claire, her mouth full of cock, popped in and out of her mind. Cindy then closed her eyes and took a deep breath, grabbed Melody by the arm and jumped up. She pulled her sister to her feet and then dragged her out the door protesting the whole way.

“What the heck is wrong with you, Cin?”

“Mel, I need some help.”

Once outside, the twins came to a stop in the middle of the two-track. A gentle breeze blew their hair as dark clouds moved in. Dusk came three hours early.

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