Road Trip to Conference Ch. 01

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Thomas had been driving all day. He was feeling exhausted as he pulled off the highway.

“Turn right honey. Theres a hotel over there.” mentioned his mom, Erika, from the passenger seat.

Thomas was in between semesters during his fourth year at university and was home for winter holidays.

Thomas’s father had a business trip scheduled for the first week in December, so Erika decided instead of lounging about the house all week, she would attend a business conference in Nevada. Thomas decided to come along, hoping to go to a casino for the first time.

It was a relief to pull off the road and into the parking lot of the hotel. Thomas and Erika were a few hours outside of Las Vegas but after driving all day, they decided it would be best to stop for the night. They stretched as they got out of the car. Erika was in her mid fifties, but looked like she was in her younger forties. Thomas was a young man, twenty one years old. Both him and his mom had jet black hair and a pale complexion.

At the reception counter, Erika noticed the rooms were sort of expensive. The hotel seemed much nicer than a simple motel. She was too tired to get back into the car and find another cheaper accommodation, so she checked into a normal room. The receptionist gave Erika the key and the two weary travelers walked through the resort courtyard and into their room.

“I’m really sweaty and I smell horrible. I’m going to take a quick shower.” announced Thomas after setting his backpack on one of the beds.

“Sounds good.” said Erika as she plugged in her phone and sat on the other bed.

Thomas looked around the room. There were two beds, facing each other, and a large sliding glass door facing out to the courtyard. As he went to the bathroom to shower, he noticed there was no door. There was a separate door for the toilet, but the shower and sinks were completely exposed with no shower curtain.

Thomas shrugged and turned on the faucet for the shower. He would only be a few minutes and he had complete privacy with his mom sitting on the bed in the other room. He stripped off his sweaty clothes quickly and hopped into the warm shower. Tom was an athletic young man. Standing at 6’3″, he was always proud of his height. Recently, his dick had been growing too and he was very proud of his 7 and a half inches.

“Oh!” exclaimed Erika. Thomas glanced over to see his mom had walked into the bathroom and was staring at him in surprise.

“I didn’t realize there was no shower curtain. I’m sorry honey.”

Thomas quickly covered his dick with his hands, embarrassed. “Mom! Why are you in here? I told you I was taking a shower!”

“I’m sorry Tom, I’ve been in the car all day and really have to pee.” Erika dashed into the little room with the toilet and dropped her pants and sat on the toilet without bothering to close the door. Tom looked over and saw his mom’s panties at her ankles and the profile of her long legs as she sat on the toilet. He could feel his dick quickly becoming hard and turned to face the wall. He heard the toilet flush and his mom walked out of the bathroom.

Tom quickly finished up his shower and grabbed a towel and dried off. He wrapped himself with the towel and walked over to his bed.

“My turn for the shower.” said Erika as Thomas was going through his backpack looking for a clean set of clothes. She put her phone on the nightstand and walked into the bathroom. Thomas heard the water start running from the shower. As he was about to put on his underwear, he noticed that he also hadn’t gone to the bathroom all day. The sound of running water just made it worse.

Tom walked into the bathroom and there was Erika. She was standing completely naked under the shower. Her bush was thick and her breasts were big with sunspots on them. She was shampooing her hair. Her head was leaned back and her eyes were closed. The foam ran down her soaking body.

Tom hung up his towel and stood at the toilet completely naked with the door open. He held his cock and started peeing. As he flushed and walked out, he locked eyes with his mom. They both stood motionless, examining each other’s bodies. Tom’s dick was getting visibly more erect. His body was still dripping with beads of water from his shower.

“Sorry – I had to pee too.” said Tom as he went to wash his hands.

“There’s no need to be sorry honey. There’s only one bathroom.” Erika said as she put conditioner pendik escort in her hair. As Tom stood naked washing his hands, his mom casually continued her shower.

Tom lied down on his bed. He figured his mom would be about 10 more minutes in the shower so he grabbed his dick and started stroking it. He thought to himself, If I can cum in the next few minutes, I can put some clothes on and get dinner down at the hotel restaurant. Erika usually takes her time in the shower.

As Tom caressed his 7 inch dick on the bed, he looked out into the courtyard. Directly across from his room was an identical room with an identical sliding glass door facing the courtyard. In the other room, he saw a couple. There was a short haired blonde woman lying naked on the bed and an older looking man on his knees at the foot of the bed eating her pussy. The blonde woman was petite and thick, probably 5’4″, and had beautifully shaped tits. The man with his face buried in her pussy had brown and grey hair, a hairy chest, tan skin, and was fit. Even though Tom considered himself athletic, he envied this man’s muscled full bodied figure.

Erika had turned off the shower, grabbed a towel and dried off when she walked back into the other room to see her son completely naked stroking his erect 7 inch dick on the bed. His head was turned out the window, watching the couple. Before she could say anything, she turned to see what he was looking at and saw the man move up from her pussy to kiss her on the lips. As he kissed her, he stroked his dick a few times to get it harder. He must have been around 8 inches and thick. The older man gently rubbed the blonde woman’s pussy with his dick and then slid it in and gently started fucking her in the missionary position.

Tom turned to see his mom standing naked with a towel in hand, staring out the window, just as mesmerized as he was by their neighbors. He stopped jerking off and started blushing. Erika just stared out the window for 10 more seconds then looked down at her son on the bed.

“Wow that is really hot. Mind if I join you?” Erika asked.

“What?” Asked Tom nervously.

“Well, we’ve seen each other naked. You’re jacking off, watching this sexy couple. I’m going to join you.”

And just like that, Erika set her towel on her bed and lied down on her back facing her son. She looked out the window at the neighbor couple, spread her legs a little bit, and started touching herself. Tom was in disbelief but he grabbed his dick and kept stroking. Both Tom and Erika looked across the courtyard, watching as the older man reached behind the blonde woman and flipped her onto him so she could ride him cowgirl style. Erika let out a soft moan and slid a finger into her wet pussy. She was so entranced with the couple across the way that she had almost forgotten her young son, sitting directly across from her, jerking off. Tom, on the other hand, was very distracted by his mom masturbating on the bed in front of him. He stopped watching the other couple almost completely – his eyes glued to his mom’s hand penetrating her pussy.

Across the courtyard, the blonde woman dismounted her man and got on her knees at the foot of their bed. The man stood up, showing off his strong hairy body and he positioned his dick in front of her face. She took him in her mouth. Her tits moved nicely as she bobbed on his cock. The man cocked his head back in relief as he came into her mouth. As the blonde woman swallowed the man’s cum, she looked out the window and noticed Erika watching. Erika stopped her finger motion for a second, caught; but then the blonde woman smiled and looked up at her man and said something. The older man looked up and saw Erika and Tom through the window and he smiled and waved.

This pushed Erika over the edge and she moaned as she had a strong orgasm. At the sight and sound of his mom having an orgasm, Tom started gushing cum all over his abs and pubes.

When they came to, Tom and Erika sat up and looked at each other.

“Don’t tell your dad about this.” Demanded Erika as she smiled at Tom. She got up from the bed, leaned over to reach into her suitcase, and grabbed a blouse and a clean pair of panties. She slipped the blouse over her head, threw the panties on the bed, grabbed a makeup case from her bag and walked bottomless into the bathroom.

Tom just sat on the bed, covered in cum, basking in what had just happened. He grabbed his towel and wiped escort pendik the cum off his torso. Then he grabbed a fresh pair of boxers from his backpack and stumbled into them as he walked to the bathroom to hang up his towel. Erika was standing in front of the mirror, applying makeup, wearing only a blouse.

“You know, this hotel probably has a great restaurant. Want to go grab some dinner then maybe watch a movie before bed?” Asked Erika innocently as she finished applying her makeup. Tom couldn’t say no to a nice steak and was famished from driving all day.

“Sure. I’d be down to watch a movie after we eat. We don’t have much driving to do tomorrow. We can ask for a late checkout and sleep in.”

Tom went back to his bed and quickly put on a t-shirt and some jeans. Erika walked out of the bathroom with her bush still on display. She grabbed some jeans from her suitcase, then stepped into her panties and got dressed.

As they sat down for dinner, they noticed that the couple they had watched earlier was sitting a few tables over from them. Not only that – they were the only two couples at the small resort restaurant. Tom looked over and made eye contact with the blonde woman. She smiled at him and he nervously looked away. He looked at his mom who was looking at the menu. The blonde woman said something to the older man and he turned around to look at Tom and Erika.

He looked back at his companion, then stood up and walked over to the other table.

“Hello.” said the man with a strong confident voice. “I’m Greg. That’s my wife, Becky.”. Becky looked over and waved. “We just ordered and it seems like the four of us are the only guests at this hotel tonight. Do you mind if we join you?”

“For dinner?” asked Erika, smiling at Greg.

“Yeah.” Greg laughed. “We love meeting new people on vacation.”

Erika looked at Tom to see what he thought. Tom nodded faintly.

“Sure, of course. Come on over.” Erika invited warmly.

Becky grabbed her purse, got up, and walked over to Erika and Tom’s table. The two couples talked for about an hour as they enjoyed their steaks. Between the four of them, they ordered two bottles of wine – most of which was drank by Becky and Erika. Over the course of the meal, Tom and Erika learned that Greg was the CEO of a company in Las Vegas and his wife Becky was a model and entrepreneur. Erika shared with them her plans to attend her business conference in Vegas and Tom talked about finishing his degree. As Greg paid the bill, he looked up at Erika.

“Can we come back to your room for a quick night cap?” asked Greg. Erika hesitated for a brief moment. Greg and Becky must have assumed that Tom was Erika’s young boyfriend.

“Sure. That sounds fun!” chirped Tom enthusiastically before Erika could say anything. Becky smiled at Tom and then stood up to collect her purse and coat. Erika finished the wine left in her glass and both couples walked back to Tom and Erika’s room. On the short walk through the hallway from the restaurant to the room, Tom and Erika were silent. They were drunk and nervous.

When they got back to the room, Becky threw off her coat and shoes and sat on Erika’s bed. Tom took off his shoes and socks and sat up in his bed, shyly looking at Becky. Erika went to check her phone on her nightstand and Greg walked into the bathroom. The room was silent except the sound of Greg peeing. He flushed, washed his hands and then sat next to his wife on Erika’s bed.

“Do you mind if my wife fucks your boyfriend?” asked Greg, staring confidently into Erika’s eyes. Tom’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t hide his boyish smile. Tom looked at his mom, silently asking her permission.

“That sounds fun.” Erika responded with a smile.

Greg and Becky smiled. Greg put his hand on Becky’s thy and they started to make out. Tom and Erika looked at each other, sort of stunned, then looked back at the other couple. Becky stood up and in one motion, took off her pants and panties. She walked up to the foot of the bed where Tom was sitting. She was only wearing a t-shirt. She had neatly trimmed blonde pubes, thick thighs and a fat ass.

“Get hard for me Tom.” commanded Becky as she stood with her legs spread. Tom slid off his pants and boxers to reveal his already hard 7 and a half inch dick. “Stroke your cock for me.” said Becky and she played with her clit, still standing at the foot of Tom’s bed, watching him jerk off.

Greg pendik escort bayan looked up at Erika with longing. Erika dropped to her knees at the foot of her bed where Greg sat and she unzipped his jeans. She pulled out his thick 8 inch veiny cock and started licking it. She grabbed his balls and started gently tickling them as she deepthroated Greg’s dick.

Becky stood on the bed and positioned herself over Tom’s hard dick. She reached down and grabbed Tom’s dick and guided it into her pussy. Becky pulled up Tom’s shirt, put her hands on his chest and started riding his dick.

Greg stood up and started quickly unbuttoning his shirt. Erika flung off her blouse and stepped out of her jeans and panties in one motion. Greg dropped his jeans and boxers and hugged Erika, pressing his hard dick against her. He kissed her neck and grabbing her, gently motioned for her to go to the bed. He laid her down on her back and slid his cock into her.

“I’m going to cum” whimpered Tom softly as Becky gyrated on his dick.

“You can come inside me sweetheart.” stated Becky as she started to slow down on Tom’s dick. Becky grabbed Tom’s balls gently while riding him and he moaned out in orgasm and shot his load into Becky. She leaned down and kissed Tom then stepped off of him and walked quickly onto the other bed. Becky leaned down to kiss Erika and then grabbed her tits. As her husband was fucking Erika on the side of the bed, Becky sat on her face.

Tom sat on the other bed watching as his mom was getting fucked while eating his cum out of another woman’s pussy. He instantly got hard again and started jerking off. Greg looked over at Tom as he stroked his young dick. Erika moaned in ecstasy, knowing her son was watching her eating pussy and taking dick at the same time. She had a visible orgasm and Becky removed herself from Erika’s face and sat back against the bed board. Greg pulled out of Erika and Becky leaped over to suck the cum from his dick. He came in Becky’s mouth and she swallowed it.

Tom was sitting on his bed alone, masturbating furiously as his mom recovered from her orgasm. Becky noticed that Tom was still horny so she sat on the other bed with her back against the bed board, facing Tom. She spread her legs and started masturbating with him. Greg walked over to Tom’s bed and put his hand on Tom’s thigh. Tom kept rubbing his dick as Greg slowly moved his hand up his thigh and onto his balls. Tom started to jerk off harder when Greg grabbed his arm stopping him. They looked each other in the eyes, then Greg leaned down and started to gently suck Tom’s dick.

He’d received a good number of blowjobs in university the last few years, but this one was easily the best. Greg’s mouth felt better than his wife’s pussy. Erika was now watching her son get his dick sucked by the gorgeous older man who just fucked her. She sat up against the bed board next to Becky and started touching herself.

Tom sat at the foot of his bed, watching his mother and Becky masturbate next to each other, legs overlapping. Greg was kneeling at the foot of the bed and taking Tom’s entire cock into his wide mouth. Tom moaned loudly as he got closer to cumming a second time. Greg grabbed Tom’s dick and started slowly but firmly stroking it while he moved his tongue downwards. He licked Tom’s balls and then moved down to his asshole. Greg started fucking Tom’s ass with his tongue and Tom came instantly all over Greg’s hand and recoiled in relief. Erika and Becky were softly making out as they touched themselves. They both had an orgasm to the sight of Tom shooting his load and both couples collapsed on the beds, catching their breath.

Greg and Becky got up and kissed each other. Becky walked over to the bathroom and Greg walked back over to his clothes.

“Thanks for that – You two are fun.” said Greg with satisfaction as he got dressed. Tom and Erika were still sort of in shock.

“That felt amazing. Thank YOU.” responded Erika. Becky stepped out of the bathroom and Erika got up to go in to pee. Becky smiled at Tom as she put back on her bra and panties. Erika was stepping out of the bathroom, still nude as Greg and Becky were finishing collecting their things.

“Thanks again.” said Becky. She blew a kiss in their direction and then the couple went back to their room. Tom was lying naked on his bed. He was almost asleep and had a big smile on his face. Erika grabbed a nightgown from her suitcase and put it on. She grabbed a blanket and covered her son with it. She still had to go to her conference tomorrow, she thought. So Erika turned off the lights in the hotel room and got under the covers of her bed and went to sleep.

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