Room for Two? Ch. 02

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This story is a continuation of ‘Room for Two?’. You will not understand this content if you haven’t read the original story. This is also a possible ending. If you wish to have it end another way, please let me know.


“JAMIE!” I heard from downstairs. My father had returned early from his trip. Way too early. Something must’ve gone wrong. More importantly, I was upstairs in my bedroom having sex with my best friend. Anna just smiled. “This could get interesting.”

I looked at the door, thankful that it was closed, but then remembered that I hadn’t locked it.

“Anna, the door isn’t locked.” I said to her fearfully. Anna only smiled and leaned down to kiss me. It was long and deep. Her head continued to move side to side, getting the feel of my lips, molding them into a perfect fit. She inserted her tongue, slowly sliding it across mine, caressing it back in forth, matching the rhythm of her hips on my body; our clits rubbed against each other, sending shock wave after shock wave through my body like a jolt of blissful electricity. I almost forgot why I’d been concerned. Almost.

“Anna, I…” My words were muffled as Anna continued the pleasurable assault on my mouth.

We heard a knock on the door. “Jamie, are you in there?” My dad called from the other side of the door.

Anna whispered into my ear while continuing to move against me, “Don’t say anything. He’ll think you’re asleep.” Her voice was so intense. I had never heard Anna tell me what to do so boldly. She was like a whole different person. Anna moved down and sucked on my nipple, lightly pulling on it with her teeth. I threw my head back, my mouth open in a silent cry as I lightly inhaled in shock. Anna didn’t hold anything bostancı escort back as she forced herself harder onto me, wantonly pressing herself against me. I resisted lifting my hips from the bed in fear that it might creek. I then felt this light rubbing back and forth on my breasts, and looked down to see Anna running her boobs over mine. Her eyes were closed, lost in sexual pleasure. I thinned my lips, suppressing the need to moan.

I heard my dad again, “She must’ve fallen asleep with the lights on again.”

“I am early. I don’t want to wake her.” He said, thinking out loud.

“If only he knew how awake you are.” Anna whispered into my ear while pinching my nipple.

“Ahh!” I exclaimed lightly.

“I’ll get on to her in the morning.” He finally decided. I listened to him walk back downstairs and close his bedroom door. I exhaled in relief, and then turned to Anna angrily. I sat up and pulled her hands from my body, clasping onto her wrists.

“What the hell were you thinking Anna? Were you trying to get us caught?” I asked her. She smiled wickedly.

“I couldn’t resist.” She answered, “The thought of us possibly getting caught by your dad made me really horny.” I let go of her hands. Anna pouted her lip. “Please don’t be angry with me.” I couldn’t believe how quickly she changed from commanding to helpless. One was sexy, the other seductive. Both had Anna written all over it. “Oh come on.” Anna said, trailing her knuckles across my sensitive nipples. I moaned. “Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it.” I sighed. I really wanted her to touch me. Anna leaned forward. “Oh but it was fun.” Anna said with a low voice, her hot breath brushing against my skin, “Watching you struggle ümraniye escort bayan to control your urge to respond. It’s a good thing, really. We’d have made a lot of noise.” Her lips reach my ears as she cooed in a deep, seductive voice, “We could’ve let him walk in, ya know.” My breath quivered as I pictured my dad walking in on Anna and me.

“We could’ve given him a show, a hot one.” She continued to whisper, licking my earlobe, “Picture it, you and me having sex while your dad watches.” I groaned. Anna trailed her lips from my ear to my upper lip. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? It makes you hot inside.” Her voice was husky, and I could feel myself begin to reach climax while rubbing against Anna, my hips brazenly lifted from the bed. She kissed me, hard. This kiss was brutal and hungry. It reminded me of an animal. Animals, that’s what we were. Teeth clashed against teeth and lips were bitten. Tongues danced from mouth to mouth as tension and friction increased between us. Moans were heard from both hers and my mouth. Neither of us were willing to back down. We devoured each other, the feeling of passion rising with our climaxes. Anna’s lips moved from my mouth to my neck, kissing me with that same passion.

“Anna, it feels good. Fuck me Anna.” I told her. Anna smiled against my skin.

“Such naughty language.” Anna said, rising to look at me, “Are you a bad girl Jamie?” Anna’s tongue darted across her lips, her pace increasing. I moaned. “Never as naughty as you.” I said to Anna. She smiled victoriously.

“That’s right Jamie.” Anna bent down to kiss me along the jawline. “You’re a good girl. Good girls listen to orders. Jamie, rub your clit.” Anna commanded me. Anna was so sexy. Her kartal escort voice was low, and sent shivers down my spine. My hand slowly crept down my body and rubbed my clit, which was being pressed against Anna’s pussy. She moaned when I reached the point between our bodies. Her lips began to suck on my nipples once more, and I was free to cry out my pleasure. I held nothing back. My climax was coming faster and faster. I could see that Anna’s was approaching as well, because her eyes were closed in her trance of lust.

“Anna, I’m cuming.” I said to her.

“I am too.” She whispered.

Our speed increased for the final push, as waves of ecstasy rolled in my mind. I jolted from the climax, my body responding with feelings like electricity. Anna fell limp next to me. She laid on her side with her leg over my hips, still keeping us together. We were nose to nose, looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Her hand raised to push my black hair away from my eyes as she tucked it behind my ear. She slightly smiled, but it was full of joy. In that moment I had to confess something that I think I’d always known.

“Anna, I love you.” I said to her. Her eyes widened. Her wide, ocean blue eyes stared back at me, full of emotion. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. I know I don’t say those words very often, but this time, I knew they were true. I could see tears in her eyes, but she was never one to let them fall. Her lips slowly curved into a smile. It was genuine happiness. “Jamie, I love you too.” She said, her voice flooded with emotion. She leaned forward to kiss me. It was bittersweet and heartfelt. Just a soft movement of her lips on mine. I felt a tear slip from her eye, and I kissed it away.

I made love to Anna, kissing her softly all the way. Her fingers were dug into my hair, deepening the kiss. My hands were on Anna’s hips, pushing her against me. We both showed how much we meant to each other in that moment. I love my best friend, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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