Roomies Ch. 05

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The week after Erin’s blunder was worse than she could ever imagine. Now it was quite obvious that Shannon wasn’t exactly angry, but that she was very hurt by Erin’s rejection. There were no new girls brought back to the room though, something that Erin was profoundly grateful for even though it made her feel even worse in some ways. Her own heart was in turmoil, not knowing what she wanted or whether she wanted it…

Was it just that she was still influenced by the idiocies and bigotries of her small town? She’d thought that she’d grown out of that at this much more open-minded college, in fact that was one of the things that she liked about this place. People could be who they were instead of trying to always pretend they were something else, someone else. There were the people who poked and teased, but they were the minority here. In fact, a lot of the people here looked down on them for being so narrow-minded.

Deep down, was she one of those narrow-minded people? When she looked at her behavior since getting to school, she could see almost clear cut signs that she was more attracted to girls than boys… was that something that she still thought she should be ashamed of? Right when she’d had the chance to fulfill her fantasies from the past couple months, she’d pulled away. That wasn’t really something to be proud of, because she knew that it was something she wanted. If she didn’t want it she wouldn’t have been thinking about it all the time.

So why couldn’t she go for what she wanted? Why had she freaked?

About the only question she knew the answer to was why it hurt her so much to see Shannon hurting. And she knew that she’d done it, that it was her fault. Of all the ways to be unsure about her sexuality, that had to be the worst. She’d actually hurt someone that she really cared about, and not just in a romantic kind of way. Shannon had been her first friend here, the first person to try and drag her out of her shell… and she’d repaid her by freaking out when it was something she’d actually wanted.

Erin wanted to bang her head against her desk. To make matters worse, Shannon was talking to her even less than they had after Erin had caught Shannon and Christie having sex. And whenever Shannon did talk to her it was in a quiet kind of way, almost as though she was afraid of suffering another rejection. Erin didn’t know how to make things better, she wasn’t brave enough to just step forward and kiss Shannon, and she wasn’t even sure if that was what Shannon wanted. With things the way they were, she also didn’t feel comfortable bringing up her thoughts about her sexuality with her roommate. So instead they were pretty bostancı escort much avoiding each other, although Erin couldn’t stop trying to think of ways to make things better. It was driving her crazy.

One night she was lying in bed, just thinking… she kept turning her head to look at Shannon’s still form under the covers. Erin’s mind drifted back to the night that Shannon had come home drunk and had sex while Erin was just a few feet away… whether or not Shannon had ever realized. Suddenly, before she even really knew what she was doing, Erin was tossing back the covers and walking over towards Shannon’s bed.

With her heart pounding in her chest, Erin looked down at her sleeping roommate, the moonlight playing across Shannon’s features. Moving slowly, carefully, she peeled the covers back. Shannon’s nightshirt had ridden up to her hips. Gently, Erin began to pull Shannon’s underwear off… the sleeping girl shifted in her sleep and sighed. Freezing for a moment, Erin watched for any signs of Shannon waking… she didn’t know how to explain their current positions because she wasn’t even sure what she was doing. When Shannon didn’t move, Erin finished pulling her underwear off and looked down at the bared pussy.

It was pink, smooth… lips slightly parted and even glistening a little. Her curiosity leapt… wondering what it would taste like on her tongue. The same as her own pussy? Different? Very carefully, making sure not to disturb her roommate, she got onto the bed between Shannon’s parted thighs and leaned in for a closer look. The sweet aroma filled her nose and she couldn’t help but let one finger graze along Shannon’s smooth thigh and into the juices of her slit. Pulling it away, Erin sucked on her finger, tasting a slightly different taste than her own pussy… but not unpleasant at all.

For a moment she hesitated… and then she decided that she might as well go for it. Perhaps she’d known what she was doing from the moment she’d gotten up out of her bed… maybe not, but either way here she was. She leaned forward and gave Shannon’s pussy a long lick up the center, and then leaned in some more, eager to taste more of the sweet juices that were collected there. It was soft and yielding, little crevices for her tongue to explore.

Shannon moaned and her hips lifted, making it even more exciting as she responded to Erin’s novice, but enthusiastic, licking. A few moments later Shannon’s eyes fluttered and she looked down in disbelief through the darkness at the familiar head between her thighs.

“Erin?…” she whispered, and for a moment Erin paused, fear freezing her heart, but then Shannon’s ümraniye escort bayan hands were on her head and she began eating even more furiously. Shannon’s back arched and she cried out as Erin sucked her pussy lips into her mouth, nibbling on them gently and pulling slightly with her teeth. Releasing them she started licking up the center of Shannon’s slit again, her stabbing tongue finding its way into Shannon’s pussy hole. The other girl’s hips went up in the air again as she moaned, her hands tightening in Erin’s hair with passion.

Erin was new to this, but she managed to find her way around Shannon’s pussy, making new discoveries constantly with her tongue and lips. Eventually her circling tongue made its rounds around Shannon’s clit, and the response was electric. Immediately Erin began sucking on the little nubbin, knowing that Shannon must be close to orgasm… her moans were increasing at a steady rate. When Erin bit down on her clit, she screamed and her hands pulled Erin’s mouth firmly into her muff as she shook, thrashing a little on the bed while her thighs pressed against Erin’s shoulders.

Feeling a surge of exhilarating triumph, Erin continued to lick at the orgasmic juices that flowed from Shannon’s pussy.

A few moments later, Shannon had pulled Erin up beside her, looking deep into her eyes. Although her cheeks were flushed from the pleasure, her face was entirely serious. Erin blushed at the intense scrutiny, already starting to regret her actions, feeling sure that she was about to be rejected, just as she had rejected Shannon.

Instead, “What do you want?” asked Shannon.

It wasn’t what Erin had expected, and she paused, not really knowing how to put her desires into words, “I want… I want you. And I want to do things with you… and I want… I want what you did with Christie, where you talked dirty to her… and… and told her what to do. I want you to tell me what to do. And I want to cum on your fingers… and I want to please you…” she was getting caught up in her words, they were coming faster, spilling out of her mouth, until Shannon put a finger to her lips.

“You want to be a good little girl?” Shannon’s voice was quiet, and its intensity made Erin shiver, “You want to be MY good little girl?” Erin nodded, not wanting to talk since Shannon’s finger was still at her lips.

Shannon looked at her, studying and contemplating. Erin tried to put all of her earnestness and desires into her eyes, she really did want Shannon and she wanted everything that she’d seen Shannon doing with other girls… and more. She wanted to explore some of her other fantasies, her perverse kartal escort desires, the things that good girls from small towns didn’t talk about.

Leaning forward, Shannon kissed her again. This time Erin accepted the kiss, and didn’t pull away as Shannon pulled her against her. Shannon’s hand went up to her breasts, squeezing them gently and then roughly, tugging on Erin’s nipples and pinching them a little. It hurt, but it also felt good, almost as though it was something that she needed to feel… her pussy was already burning with fire and the pleasure/pain made it feel like she had an unbearable itch that needed scratching. Writhing a little in Shannon’s arms, her legs spread as Shannon reached down, pressing the flat of her hand against Erin’s heated pussy.

A moment later two fingers were spearing into her, roughly pushing upwards into her pussy and against her g-spot. Erin gasped against Shannon’s lips, her body arching with surprise and expectation. Closing her thighs over Shannon’s hand, she could feel the heel of Shannon’s palm rubbing against her clit as the fingers inside her wriggled spasmodically. Humping against her hand, Erin could feel the heat inside her rising quickly; the fantasies in her head were swept away by the much more intense reality.

Their lips parted and Erin leaned her head forward onto Shannon’s shoulder, clutching at her and whimpering as unaccustomed ecstacy washed over her. Shannon’s voice whispered in her ear.

“Good girl Erin… can you feel my fingers inside you? You want to cum on my fingers don’t you… don’t you… you’re a little slut aren’t you? You’re my little slut… crawling into my bed in the middle of the night. Horny little girl…” A third finger pushed its way into Erin’s hole, slightly painful and stretching… she gasped in pleasure. “Fuck my fingers… fuck them you horny little lesbian…” Erin could feel the pleasure mounting as Shannon degraded her verbally, her voice filled with loving tenderness despite the harsh words, “Cum for me little Erin… cum on my fingers…”

With a choking moan Erin tensed, her thighs squeezing Shannon’s hand tightly as she came, shaking as tears sparked in her eyes at the intensity of the orgasm. Gasping, she clung to Shannon until her body relaxed. Shannon put her soaking fingers to Erin’s lips, and she cleaned them dutifully; although her body was still shaking.

Taking Erin into her arms, Shannon stroked her back and hair, murmuring reassurances, telling her not to be frightened. Erin was scared… both of the repercussions of the night and that she might lose Shannon now that the sex was over. Unsure on so many levels, Erin shook in Shannon’s arms, clinging to her as her heart pounded. Patiently Shannon soothed her, until Erin finally completely relaxed and fell asleep, her head nestled on Shannon’s breast.

The next morning Erin awoke to see Shannon smiling down at her, “Good morning beautiful.”

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