Rt 66 – A New Road Adventure Pt. 05

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Everyone in this story is over 23.

Jackie, “Mom and Dad we are starving but we want to play twister with you one time before we get ready.”

Frank laughed, “I haven’t seen that game in 40 years.”

Vicki and I watched the fun as the seven tried to play, first thing we saw was Frank eating out Jess, then it went from there, the sex started all over again,

Vicki, mounted me again, turned and kissed me.

“Right now, I just want you.”

As the game and sex stopped, I got up and asked if anyone wanted breakfast, as in real food.

I made pancakes and bacon, coffee, and fixings.

We all sat in the bedroom and ate naked.

I watched Liza and Dory, I could see they were taking to the boys and whispered to Vicki. “I think the girls have found some new fun to keep them busy.”

Vicki watched them also and smiled. “I am going to bet they will be asking to move on from us very soon.”

We kissed and asked what the plan was for the day.

Frank, “Jenn and I have talked to the children and we agreed Jenn and I would continue the trip alone, we have some time to make up. We trust our children will have a good time on their own with this new life we have found.

Jenn, “We hope you enjoyed bringing us back together, it is something we will never forget.”

Liza laughed: We turned, “What’s so funny?”

“We yalova escort have enough pictures and film of their time; they will never forget.”

We all laughed, we forgot we would make the album at the end.

“George, can I talk to you?”

“Sure Liza, Vicki stood up and sat on Franks lap, Frank smiled as she lowered herself on his cock. Liza did the same with George, but she just sat on him.

“George, Dory and I would like to travel with Frank, Tom, Jesse and Jackie. We feel bad asking because we enjoy our time with you and Vicki, a lot.”

“Liza, you are not children to ask permission, you can do as you like. We have enjoyed our time with you also, and I hope I get to enjoy this moment also.”

Liza, “I am so happy I am going to rip your pecker raw.”

She started riding me hard, and she meant raw, she was dry for the first minute. Then she smiled as she came on me, she was moaning so loud Jesse came over to kiss her while she rode me. Jesse would reach over and kiss me also.

I watched Vicki, she was now on her knees and Frank was in and out so fast I heard him scream his orgasm, it didn’t take long for Tom to take over, he also came fast. Vicki blew me a kiss as Frank sr. joined her, but he went into her ass, she turned and smiled at him.

“Vicki, this will take a while, so relax and enjoy.”

“Give it to me yalova escort bayan big boy.”

Jenn and Jackie were eating each other out. Dory was sucking on her sisters pussy as she was kissing us. When Jesse came, she looked at her mom, “Mom, George has a big dick and it is calling for you?”

George went to her, “Lets end this trip with a wonderful bang Jenn.”

“I have a good feeling you have the torch to set off this bang.”

We made love like lovers; I was kissing her as I would a wife. She was hot and I loved it. We went on for some time when we both came, we looked around, everyone clapped. Tom, “Now that is a great send off, mom I thought you were going to explode.”

She looked at the floor, “I would say I had a pretty good explosion, wouldn’t you?

Jackie walked over and licked her mom’s cunt clean. She was so into it Jackie came herself. Everyone just laid in a pile for an hour.

Vicki came to me, lowered herself down on my semi hard cock. She smiled knowing it would grow fast. She started to kiss me and bite my ear, I am going to cum so hard, I want to spray everyone, can you pick me up and spin me when I’m ready.” I smiled and pounded harder, she gave me her look, then I felt her tighten up, “now”.

I lifted her, and spun her on my knee, she was shaking and bucking like a wild women, and she hit every one escort yalova of us with her squirt. When it stopped, she was out cold in my arms. Everyone was shocked and laughing.

Jenn, “I have to learn how to do that.”

Tom, “I sure hope you do Mom; I would love all three of you squirting us.”

Frank Sr. stood up lifted his wife and told her we have to pack; I want to be screwing you as soon as I can.”

He kissed her, and then kissed Vicki. “George, I’m not kissing you, but the girls all are.

All the girls jumped me and started kissing me, sucking me, and pushing their pussy’s into my face, they each came on me, and I was in and out of each one before they gave up from being just worn out. George then went to each one, ate their pussy a little and nibbled their nipples.

Then he gave them a great kiss. “Thank you everyone.”

I got a hug from them all as they returned to their cabin, Liza and Dory stood in front of me naked.

Liza handed me a picture of the four of us, naked and holding each other.

“Dory and I will remember the four of us just like this, happy and blessed to spend a few days with you both.”

Dory bent down and took my cock into her mouth, then stood up and Liza took me into hers.

“Wow we will miss you.”

They cried after they packed and left.

Vicki was leaning on my shoulder crying.

“I will miss them.”

Then she looked at me, “But now it’s you and me again, and I love that a lot.

She looked down at my dick, looked back up and laid down.

“Take me again George, any way you wish.”

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