Safe Driving Ch. 04

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A few days after that lovely sauna and shared online introduction, I helped Lisa set up a profile. This time, we were both doing something related to sex, but like earlier times, we had no intention of starting anything. The video was not usable with the audio we both agreed. Showing her how to crop pictures was easy. We also agreed on the pictures that would be used by the other, and how they would be described.

If that sounds a bit like work, that is because it is in a mild sense. She had various questions, but apart from the pictures, they were not technical, and not really the sort I could answer. How much or how little information she wanted to reveal remained her decision, apart from pointing out that whatever is digital becomes available to anyone to copy and archive and share. In other words, the pictures being posted would exist beyond our control regarding other people seeing and sharing them.

Something she understood, smiling as she pointed out that I had put up pictures of going down on my ex-wife. I explained that since she saw the pictures with me present, she could know whose pussy was getting eaten. The pictures were intended to show what I enjoy doing between a woman’s spread legs, with her remarking that my face was quite visible.

Agreeing that was true before going a bit further, saying that the only people who knew whose pussy was being pleasured were those I showed my profile. I did not add that they had both seen each naked various times, a fact too specific to mention when discussing a broader subject. Adding that the only way she knew about Joan and Helen’s profiles was through my showing her. The profiles themselves did not contain personal information, apart from the explicitly sexual. Trust is not something to be expected online, but the reason such profiles exist is to at least potentially have sex with other interested partners.

Making her respond that she understood that a man going down on a woman might be a type of advertising. I grinned in agreement, then added or at least have other people get off thinking about it, enjoying pictures and video. The idea of people not motivated by money creating hardcore porn was apparent, introducing her to the idea of being a contributor like what she had been exposed to. Particularly as she knew everyone involved in what she had seen, blending the real and online.

However, I decided to only show details about the profile, not how to use the dating filters. Something I was definitely rusty with, knowing this was a feature that attracted many to this specific site. I did show her the calendar function, which covered the swing clubs and events in a user’s chosen region. As we were wrapping up, I ask her not to mention my profile, as till now, only Joan and Helen knew about it.

Adding that Joan had provided a couple of suggestions, also having no problem with pictures taken by someone else showing me eating pussy. “Nothing wrong with going down on a woman” Lisa remarked, causing me to laugh and say that was pretty much what Joan had said. Adding that Joan had also said she was too concerned with privacy to post pictures like that, whether she was the one going down on Helen or vice versa.

She asked whether I had more time to drink a beer with her. John never drank beer, but like my ex-wife, Lisa enjoyed a crisp pilsener or two. Unlike my ex-wife, and all other previous lovers, she never wanted a cigarette after starting to drink.

She popped the tops off two bottles, then we sat at the kitchen table. With her profile established, it seemed the right time to talk to her about whatever ethics might exist on the Internet. When showing Helen’s profile before, it had a less than anonymous connection, but sites like this were also places to find partners, intending kaçak iddaa at least potentially to meet them for sexual reasons.

Odd as it may sound, this was also an attempt to understand her beliefs when it came to privacy. There were pictures of me getting off on her phone, showing my face. The thought did not disturb me too much, as by now a certain sense of receding strictness was starting to become noticeable. Along with a certain faith that whatever was going on, the result only offered more opportunities for adventure.

Such as sharing some more intimate secrets with Lisa as we finished our beer fairly quickly. Starting with describing a beach vacation where we had coincidentally met some friends a couple of times. After which the chip for our camera was misplaced, with a variety of hardcore pictures on it. Sarah became quite flustered, in a somewhat amusing and somewhat embarrassing fashion the next time we met them. As it turned out a couple of days later, she had placed the chip among some of the teabags she had ‘borrowed’ from the breakfast buffet.

Lisa found the story fit perfectly into her general impression of Sarah. Leading me to talk about how opportunity arose to see some very explicit pictures of Karen having sex, years ago.

“Really? How?”

“Sarah took the chip from their digital camera, being typically nosy. She was shocked at what she found. And unable to keep that shock discrete, I ended up looking too. Privacy and secrets are not something Sarah is good at.”

Lisa laughed, saying that was certainly true, then asking what I saw.

“Honestly? Swinger sex. Also the first time seeing sex pictures of someone I knew personally. At least without being involved.”

“Swinger sex, what do you mean?”

Remembering those pictures definitely made my cock stir, creating the temptation to share more information about someone who had always interested me. Someone who would more than probably not mind being talked about this way in the least, especially considering how she had fucked Lisa’s husband. He likely wasn’t even the fiftieth husband she had fucked in the last few years. Karen’s interest in sex has always been overt to men and women, but talking about her as a swinger was pulling back a curtain on something more intimate.

“Pictures of her with two men, in two sessions on the same day.”


“Some of the pictures were taken in the morning, some in the afternoon. Very hardcore, really sexy.” The way she was glancing at me suggested that not only my cock was starting to become a bit obvious.

“Do you still have them?,” her expression starting to show a growing interest too.

Answering yes, I suggested going back to the sofa to open up the site. Standing up, the size of my cock had grown, something she appeared to notice with approval. We sat quite close to each other, with her asking what would she be seeing?

“Karen fucking and sucking two men at the same time as her husband takes pictures. I don’t know, but probably to share with other swingers. They used to go to a number of sex clubs. Always wondered what she would be like to have sex with.”

Talking to Lisa about sex with someone we both knew was enticing beyond belief, especially about Karen getting fucked by other men. Explaining to her about wanting to fuck Karen next after another man, such as at a swinger club. Just thinking about the pictures was an enticing thrill. knowing that Lisa would be seeing them added a fantastic element of pure naughtiness.

I went to the private section of my profile, explaining that “If you friend someone, they can see the private pictures and vids, and if they have any, you can see them too.”


“Restricted access, but there is no real difference between kaçak bahis public and private when something is digital.” Referring to these pictures in particular, mentioning how some were originally framed to not show faces, with others needing to be cropped for posting, plus one needing to be blurred, since cropping was simply not possible.

She then asked about blurring, replying that a number of graphics programs had that feature. Adding that seeing a face is always desirable, but no face is a very good way to remain private. Blurring was a middle path, especially depending on how much blur was used.

Her reaction to the first picture was a bit unexpected. “She really does have big tits” she remarked looking intently at the screen. The picture centered one of Karen’s lovely large breasts in a tableau with three naked bodies, and only as Lisa kept looking did she start to understand the larger context, since apart from that exposed breast, nothing was actually explicitly displayed.

The picture showed Karen being fucked, one leg raised as her other leg was between his thighs, playing with a kneeling man’s cock just out of view, arm over her face. Apart from her breast, nothing directly sexual was on display of the naked trio, though with a bit more attention, the way her arm was loosely draped and how slack her mouth showed how much she enjoyed the cock deep inside her.

“Do you know them?”

“Not at all. Likely Karen had not known them long before that picture was taken.”

“Do you think that is hot? Her with strangers”

“Very. Though the other pictures turn me on even more.”

“You have jacked off to them? Does Sarah know?”

“More than a few times. If it weren’t for the various complications, Karen would be wonderful to have sex with. Just like the pictures show. Sarah did not ever want to talk about it.”

“You getting hard like this?” she asked, looking at my face instead of down.

“Of course, making it easier to talk about her – and what she is doing in front of her husband.”

Going to the next picture was a bit daring, since it showed something that had always enthralled me when imagining having group sex.

“Is he…”

“Yes, touching a fucked pussy and hard cock at the same time.”

“Well, I was going to say being sucked. Her nipple is really a pale pink.”

“It matches her breast perfectly, framed nicely with their fucking. The pictures are definitely done well considering the photographer must be hard too seeing what is happening.” Lisa murmured “um-hm,” adding “you certainly see a lot.”

“So hot how the man she is going down on is pressing against the top of her slit and over the cock filling her pussy. Everyone is really getting off, without having quite seen her pussy.”

“Explicit like that, a group scene, seeing someone we know like that on the Internet. Are you still getting turned on?”

“Cannot help myself. These are amazing hardcore pictures. Definitely not acting, she is a hot slut having group sex.” Knowing my words were getting dirtier, which she seemed to appreciate. “Karen loves fucking.”

The next picture showed nothing explicit in terms of breasts or cock. The way that the kneeling man’s hand was being pressed between their groins made it simple to know what was going on. But this picture did make explicit that the two men were sharing her, without worrying about who was touching what in shared bliss. And like the first picture, a bit more concentration revealed further information.

Her thighs were spread wide, in full contact with his, cock pressing deep into her still hidden cunt. The way her elbow was lifted made it easy to imagine, with how the kneeling man was positioned, that she was taking him equally deep into her mouth. Looking at Lisa, illegal bahis her parted lips and quicker breathing indicating she was fully aware of what was going on, seeing a woman being used by two men at the same time.

With the next picture, Lisa seemed a bit surprised, then she looked at me and said now we get to see her open cunt as she keeps sucking.

“Very open and just fucked cunt. I would love to fill her with my cock looking at her spread like that by the man she had just been fucking.”

My cock had reached a certain irresistible state, one that could lead to cumming if not careful.

The following picture had Karen’s face blurred, being fucked from behind while playing with the other man’s cock as he lay on his back.

“How is the blurring?” I asked as a bit of a distraction, wondering how well a balance had been struck. This was the first time asking someone else, as Sarah had no idea of this., while it was easy imaging Joan having objections as she was extremely privacy conscious.

“I can kind of tell her expression, but not really who she is, though I already know what to recognize.”

“That was the idea, since seeing how much she is loving that cock is part of the fun. The more privacy involving a face, the less the potential thrill.” She noticed my sigh as a hand began sliding over a straining cock.

“That sexy to see?”

“She would be such a hot slut, fucking and sucking, seeing her cum.”

The next picture was not as well framed, but you could see just a bit of her playing with the other man’s cock as her cunt was filled, balls pressing against a soft pussy.

The last picture was somewhat like the first, though more enticingly obvious. The fucking was centered, with pretty much the same position as the first picture, but now being photographed from the front and above. Seeing a cock driving into her pussy, slightly open mouth reflecting what was being done.

Looking over at Lisa, she too had a hand over her jeans, with a seriously distracted look.

I said that that this was the last image, unbuttoning my pants and sliding my hand over my erection. “She makes me so horny,” I moaned, “fucking her in a sex club, getting sucked as she is filled with cock, having sex.”

“It feels really private, seeing how she fucks two men, turned on.” Lisa then bent a bit to use the keyboard to show the spread pussy picture.

“That makes you horny, seeing her open slit? Wanting to go inside her? Her fucked hole?” The hand between her legs was pressing the seam of her jeans into her slit, sliding up and down a bit as her hips began to rock on the cushion.

“God yes, spread by another man, just start pumping her fucked cunt as she sucks the cock before mine.”

She moaned softly, almost whispering “John wants a threesome like that.”

“Two men playing?” We were looking at each other, seeing a reflection of extreme horniness, explicitly talking, fantasies and reality growing increasingly mixed as inhibitions disappeared.

“Together in front of me, jacking off,” her eyelids fluttering as she half moaned “looking at my fucked pussy, cocks juicy. John…”

“Wet cock stroking… so fucking good… wet pussy juices.” Our words were crossing as she groaned about John wanting to suck a wet cock in front of her, “wet after fucking my hot pussy.”

“After fucking… in front of him? Like Karen?” Her lips pressed as her motions made clear she had started to cum, mind no longer able to form words, creaming her jeans female style. As she kept cumming, words drifted from her mouth, dirty talking about “Karen fuck slut” and “John watching” and “porn slut pictures.”

Ideas and thoughts swirled in my mind, groaning about fucking and sucking as she kept riding waves of orgasm, moving on the coach next to me. It became impossible to restrain myself, pumping so good as I orgasmed, lost in a delightful sexual haze, next to a sexy masturbating woman whose husband’s secret desire had been shared.

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