Saffron and Sam Ch. 17

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All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older unless otherwise denoted. All characters are fictitious and this is a fictitious story, any resemblance to any characters, living or dead, in this story is purely coincidental. I appreciate the comments and appreciate your input. This is a continuous story and you should read the first 16 chapters so you understand the dynamics of the story. Enjoy the story and thank you for reading. JDC

Sam’s Catharsis

I got to the airport by my 7:30 AM instructions from Charlie and sure enough there was a first class ticket at the Delta desk waiting there for me. I checked in my luggage and took my laptop case and notebook as carry-on. I needed something to do during the flight, so I worked on rewriting the song as Charlie had requested I do.

By the time we landed in Nashville at the airport I had completely rewritten the song to, I thought, Charlie’s specifications. When I came through the gate I heard a scream and a very sexy looking Charlie came running up and jumped into my arms. There were a number of photographers there who were taking our picture. She just looked disgusted and commented under her breath.

“Fucking vultures,” only loud enough for me to hear.

“I don’t know Charlie; I think having my visit with my old friend should be recorded for posterior.”

“Okay smartass, I get your point. Posterior is right though, they are bunch of asses. The world won’t stop turning just because someone took our picture. It does get old though.”

“I can understand; but knowing you and your personality, I’m surprised you don’t turn around and moon them.”

“Bite your tongue drummer boy; if anyone ever films this ass, they’ll have to pay big bucks for it.”

“That ass of yours is definitely worth big bucks.”

“Ever the charmer Sammy. Oh, how I’ve missed you.”

She grabbed my hand and ushered me along to a waiting limo outside the terminal and we were on our way. I just didn’t know to where.

“So where did you settle me in? You didn’t say a thing about accommodations.”

“Where do you think asshole, my house. You don’t think you’re coming down to visit me and staying in some hotel, do you?”

“By the way, did you think of anything you could do with your song to make it more mine?”

“I’ve already rewritten it and I think you’ll be happy. I’ll show it to you once we get to where we’re going.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek as we drove along, hugging herself to me tightly.

“So how are things going back home? How’s your relationship with fly girl?”

“Well let me see; Saffron and CC are in a lesbian relationship, Gerald and Melanie are married and doing very well and I bought property at Moaning Lake and put a bid in on a twin-engine drug plane.”

“Well, good for Saffron and CC,” this getting a stern look from me, as we turned in through some very elegant wrought iron gates up a winding driveway to a beautiful 4 pillared two-story home. It was a very beautiful older southern home.

“My God Charlie, is this your home? It’s beautiful.”

“It’s mine and the bank’s. Just living the dream drummer boy; just living the dream.”

“Mine’s been more of a nightmare. I’m kidding; life’s treated me pretty well, I can’t complain.”

“Okay, let’s get you settled in and I want to see what you’ve done with the song.”

She led me up to the house; as I followed with my suitcase and a briefcase. She led me to a very nice bedroom and told me there were towels in the bathroom if I wanted a shower after my trip. I thanked her and she just kissed me on the cheek again and said to meet her downstairs when I was done.

I stripped down and went in to the bathroom off of my bedroom and took a shower. I had to admit it felt really refreshing and help the clear the cobwebs out of my head. The flight was too short for jet lag, but I had a bit of a headache that was relieved by the shower.

I finished my shower, brushed my teeth, and got dressed in khakis and a button-down short sleeved shirt. I tore off the sheet of paper from the legal pad where I had rewritten the lyrics for the song and started downstairs to find Charlie.

As I got downstairs, I noticed that Charlie had changed into a blue sundress that really complimented her terrific body and coiffed blonde curls. She really was a beautiful girl. She picked this life she had chosen so perfectly and I was happy for her.

I handed her the sheet of legal pad paper and she looked at me asking, “Is this it?”

“That’s the best I could do on the plane ride down. We can change it if we need to.”

As she read it I watched her face light up and then darken as she said, “you won’t change a word of it; you caught me perfectly Sammy, it’s perfect the way it is.”

“I hoped you be happy; obviously that was achieved.”

“I should’ve known you’d never disappoint me, at least for this.”

I looked at her quizzically when pendik escort she said that because of the tone of her voice. We sat down for lunch at her table, as an older lady started serving us. Charlie began acting the hostess.

“Mrs. Angela Farmer, this is a very dear friend of mine Sam Sanderson, he’s here to write a song for me. Sam this is Mrs. Farmer my housekeeper and cook.”

“You’re not the one who hurt my darling girl are you?” as she looked at me with piercing blue eyes. I figured in her youth she would’ve been a very handsome woman because her eyes were killer.

“No ma’am, not to my knowledge,” as I looked at Charlie quizzically.

“Sammy’s always been a helper not a hurter, right Sammy?”

“You better behave yourself young man or I might have to hurt you.”

“No need for violence ma’am, I came over here to help Charlie.”

“Sammy you never did answer my question; what about you and the fly girl?”

“We split. She was always too jealous and your phone call put the final nail in the coffin.”

“I’m so sorry baby; I didn’t mean to cause you problems.”

I told her the story of Saffron’s party the night before at my parent’s house and she said, “You’re not very smart sometimes with all of your intelligence sometimes Sammy.”

“I gave her the choice and she wanted to go down in the basement with those girls; what could I do?”

“It’s her own fault really, she wanted to know, but didn’t want to know. You understand me?”

“She was really concerned about my feelings toward CC. She needn’t have worried about that.”

“It sure doesn’t sound like it.”

“Oh well, so you’re on the market again right?”

“I don’t know if I’d say that, I’m not very emotionally strong right now.”

Mrs. Farmer started serving lunch and boy what a feast. She served fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and made from scratch rolls. I had never eaten chicken so mouthwatering at any of the restaurants in my hometown and everything was fantastic on my plate. The meal was topped off with fresh-baked cherry pie à la mode. Even the ice cream was homemade. I was stupefied to say the least.

“Mrs. Farmer, I’ve never had a better home cooked meal; and my father owns a five-star restaurant.”

“It’s Angela, Sammy; I can call you Sammy can’t I?”

“Absolutely Angela; anyone who feeds me like that can call me anything but late for a meal.”

“Angela is also my friend who keeps my feet firmly planted on the ground. If I’m fucking up, she lets me know it but quick. Isn’t that right Angela?”

“Language potty mouth, language. Don’t make me get the soap.”

“You see Sammy, she’s trying to clean up my bad habits and make me a proper Southern lady.”

“I can see that; I sure don’t envy her that task. Whatever you’re making Angela, it’s not enough.”

Charlie threw an uneaten roll at me, hitting me right in the glasses and knocking them off. I had to clean the butter that streaked my glasses from the strike.

“If you’re going to revert to violence, I’ll leave and go home now.”

“The devil you will; we’re going down to the studio this afternoon and get started, if that’s all right with you?”

“That’s fine with me; I’d like to get started, I’ve never been to a real live recording studio.”

“That’s fine; I forgot you’ve never been exposed to this stuff. It was all intimidating for me my first time. Now it’s old hat to me.”

“My, aren’t we the sophisticated one? You’re the big city girl now, huh?”

“It wouldn’t take you long to get used to it. Let’s go.” As I followed her back out to the limo and we were driven down to Broadway Avenue in Nashville to a large six-story building. As we got out I looked up at the building and suddenly felt very intimidated. This was the big time and who was I? Charlie noticed the change my demeanor, took my hand and led me into the building. She pushed the elevator button and it took us to the sixth floor. As we got out, I noticed a big sign on a door that said Countryman Records.

She led me through the door and I noticed there was a beautiful redhead saying at a desk and a tall man with shoulder length gray hair, with a very stern look on his face.

“Sam Sanderson, this is the best record producer in Nashville, Yancey Arnold. Yancey this is the guy I told you about and he’s already rewritten the lyrics perfectly.

“Nice to meet you Sam Sanderson; Charlie’s told me a lot about you and she’s sure busted the record executive’s balls to let her record this song of yours. Now that she has a little bit of clout, she’s turned into a little bit of a diva.”

“A little bit; once you hear this song, you’ll be sold. The music just has to be rearranged, Sammy can help with that. Can’t you Sammy?”

“What am I going to be able to tell a legendary record producer?”

“Sometimes new blood espouses new ideas. Isn’t that what you first told me Yancey?”

“Let’s see what you’ve got Sonny?” As he looked escort pendik at the piece of paper that Charlie handed him with my lyrics written. He just looked at it, and said, “Hmmm. Okay let’s try a take.” As he led us through a very thick door into a sound paneled where a bunch of musicians were warming up. I noticed there was a violin player as well is the usual complement of bassist, drummer, guitarist, and steel guitar.

“Yes Sammy, you’re not in Kansas anymore,” is what I thought as I stood there listening to them too and riff to themselves. This was so surreal; to think that a person could have the influence of what was played by these professional musicians and it would eventually be on a CD. My mind finally came out of the rabbit hole and I spoke to Yancey.

“I figured to start with the melody on violin and add the steel guitar and bassist follow in and the drummer on the third stanza.”

“That’s not done very often, but it’s Charlie’s funeral. What about the duet part Charlie, Vince is outside smoking a cigarette if you need him.”

“Send Vince home Yancey, Sam’s going to sing that part.”

“Oh, a singer and a songwriter.”

“He sings quite fine, especially with me. We did it for years.”

“Whatever you say Charlie. I’ll take your word for it; at least until I hear him sing. Okay let’s run through it once with just the musicians.”

They ran through the music the way I heard it in my head and I only made one correction, the drummer. I asked him to be a little softer on his base. If it was somebody I knew better I would’ve just said that it was a ballad not a parade down a city street.”

I had to admit I was on shaky legs as I left the engineer’s booth and went out with the musicians. I really felt Charlie had too much faith in me. I stood by Charlie and we started the music as we stood by the microphones.

I’m just trying to get over you I’m just feeling I was left without living life through. I’m tired of the pain and being so blue I’m just trying to get over you.

I was trying to find someone to love I thought that God sent you from the heavens above. I thought to kiss you and to stroke your hair But then I found out that you didn’t care. ¶ I should have tried harder to love only you But I didn’t and now I just live life feeling blue

Then Charlie and I sang the chorus in duet :

I’m just trying to get over you I’m just feeling I was left without living life through. I’m tired of the pain and being so blue I’m just trying to get over you.

I live my life alone from day to day Trying to keep my thoughts and demons at bay. Now I pray each day to just get me through Here’s to hoping I get over you.


I’m just trying to get over you I’m just feeling I was left without living life through. I’m tired of the pain and being so blue. I’m just trying to get over you.

I watched as you walked with her to that room And cried as I knew it would soon seal our doom. Now I wander the streets, I live in a daze It’s hard to make it when your heart’s ablaze.


I’m just trying to get over you I’m just feeling I was left without living life through. I’m tired of the pain and being so blue I’m just trying to get over you.

Charlie singing:

The differences between us were so wide and vast But you always said that our friendship would last. You killed our chance by going to her. Now I don’t remember what was tween us, it’s all just a blur.


I’m just trying to get over you I’m just feeling I was left without living life through. I’m tired of the pain and being so blue I’m just trying to get over you.

We pledged our friendship to each other, you said we’d endure. But I knew on that night that I wanted you more. I wish that I wouldn’t have let you go to her then Now I’m just hoping that I see you again.

with Charlie:

I’m just trying to get over you I’m just feeling I was left without living life through. I’m tired of the pain and being so blue I’m just trying to get over you.

You tore my soul, you stripped me bare But you’ll never know how much that I care. I wish you no malice, but wish good things for you. God I hope that someday you’ll have want for me too.


I’m just trying to get over you I’m just feeling I was left without living life through. I’m tired of the pain and being so blue I’m just trying to get over you.

We went through the song a couple of times with the musicians and then took five. We walked into the control booth and Yancey was standing there shaking his head.

“Every once in a while, some snot nose comes along and shows me that I don’t know every fucking thing in the world. Thanks for the humbling Sammy. Charlie that’s perfect, you were right.”

When the musicians came back in they played this song through by themselves. pendik escort bayan When they were done I looked quizzically at Charlie.

“We don’t do it together Sammy, that’s how they mix it. Now we’ll go in and do the vocals listening to the music they just played and they’ll mix it in. That way they can fix anything that we mess up. Welcome to professional record production Sammy.”

This was all new for me, so I went into the room with Charlie and put on the most professional headphones I’ve ever listened to music through. The music sounded so pure and crisp as I listened that I almost missed my cue to sing in with Charlie on the first duet. As we sang I felt really proud to be a part of something I knew was going to be good in the future.

Charlie’s sultry voice mixed with mine was a perfect harmony and I saw the smile on Yancey’s face through the control booth window. He asked us to run through one more time and we did. He must’ve heard something on the first one he didn’t quite like; but after the second run through he gave us the okay sign through the window. We took off the headphones and walked into the booth and the audio engineer played the song through and it sounded fantastic.

Charlie turned, grabbed me hard and kissed me in a very un-sisterly fashion. Yancey just turned and hugged her after she broke her kiss with me and told her she was great.

“Thanks for doing that with me Sammy; it was like old times.”

“Thank you Charlie for the opportunity to do something with music again, I’ve missed it.”

“You got something there kid,” Yancey said as he patted me on the back rather hard. “You may have a bit of a talent for this.”

“I’m going to finish college before I do anything else.”

“That’s a good idea buddy, stay in school.”


After several congratulations all way around from everyone in the control booth, Charlie said it was time to head home.

When we walked in the door of her house Angela was waiting on us to ask is what we would like for dinner. I told her simply that a sandwich would do because I was still stuffed from lunch. Charlie said the same thing so we chowed down on sandwiches and potato chips and relaxed for a bit. Charlie asked me if I wanted to see some of the night sights of Nashville and I told her that would be fine. She said she would take me to a place where she knew I’d have fun – a nightclub on Printers Alley called Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar.

We got there early enough to get a good table and got a couple of drinks. We were talking about how the session went earlier in the day and were both pleased. It felt good to be with Charlie again and brought back some good times in my life. The music started and everybody got up to dance. I watched the dancing they were doing and realized I was out of my element. That didn’t stop Charlie though and she grabbed me and pulled me up on the floor. I was a work in progress as she taught me how to two-step and the country waltzes. The line dances were simple enough and soon we were going at it like pros. Then the music slowed down to a couple of ballads in a row and we danced as she molded her body into mine. She was wearing a denim skirt and a cotton blouse and we were both sweating a good bit from the earlier dances. She snuggled in so hard on me and I was feeling a stirring down below. She had always had this effect on me and I wasn’t really fighting it much. There was no denying the signals that were passing from her and me. She wanted me tonight and I didn’t really think I was going to deny her. I was on such a high from the day that it only seemed proper to top It off with a night of great sex.

There were all kinds of people there taking pictures with their cell phones and cameras of us dancing together. I soon realized that Charlie had been right. There was no privacy when you were a star and the cameras would soon get intrusive. She would have to really disguise herself to have a night where nobody bugged her. At that particular moment I actually felt sorry for her. I’m far too much of a wimp to be physical, but I would be tempted to sock somebody. As we left the club, the paparazzi were all over the place snapping pictures of us getting into the limo.

“I really can’t understand why you don’t carry a gun or a good grenade with you?”

“Sometimes I’m used to it; but most of the time they’re a pain in the ass. At least you’re with me tonight,” as she hugged my arm tightly and snuggled into me for the drive back to her home.

When we got to her house, Angela asked us if we needed anything and Charlie told her no. She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs and to the bathroom.

“I hope you don’t think you’re using your bedroom tonight. I thought you might like to take a shower with me first.”

About that time, my cell phone rang and I released my hand from Charlie and took the call. It was Buck telling me that I had won the Bonanza in the DEA auction. He also informed me that I only had until the following Monday to submit a check for the aircraft and I needed to pick it up in Dallas, Texas by the following Tuesday or was $500 a day for storage. I thanked him for the details and for calling me to give me the heads up.

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