Santa’s Visit

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Being Santa was never my idea of a dream job.

But I’d been out of work for months and when the big department store in town advertised for Santa’s I was desperate enough to give it a go.

Apparently I was one of a hundred down and out guys to apply so was pretty lucky to get it. It paid pretty well but was hard work. Hundreds of kids all sitting on my lap demanding presents and there even more demanding parents wanting the most bang for their buck.

They had me in a tiny room on an uncomfortable chair. The kids would come in and if I was lucky they wouldn’t vomit or drool on me before my helper snapped a photo, they made a demand for a present and went on their way.

I was up to my hundredth or so kid on the last few days before Christmas and getting close to lunch and just about at breaking point when it happened.

The two hottest young women I have ever seen came through the curtain seperating me from the assembled masses.

They were about twenty one years old with just about the most perfect bodies I have ever seen. They were holding hands and I could tell they were lesbians but not the butch types.

They wore matching tight fitting dresses that were so low cut I could almost see the nipples on their large round breasts. The dress hung tightly to their backsides and was so high cut I wondered if it were even legal.

I looked for a kid and suddenly realised there wasn’t one! They were here for me themselves.

“Hi Santa,” said the slightly taller of the two. She stepped closer to me while her partner moved back against the wall near my helper.

She sat down on my lap and put her arm around my neck in a kind of embrace. Her breasts squeezed together and the fabric came forward so I could now see her left nipple clearly as she settled on me knee.

“This is just for kids you know,” said my helper.

“We will just be a minute,” her partner said. She turned to me and said “Do you mind, Santa? She had a rough childhood and it would mean the world to her.”

Well this was weird and no doubt about it but the girl on my lap was rubbing her hand higher and higher along my thigh and I sure as hell didn’t object to any of it. Give me her over some snotty nose kid any day.

“No trouble at all,” I said trying to say in character. “What would your name be my dear?”

“Lisa,” she said as her fingers ran against the tip of my cock through my Santa pants. “I thought you knew everyone’s name.”

“Of escort ataşehir course I do, Lisa,” I said. “And I know if you’ve been bad or good too.”

“Have I been naughty, Santa?”

“Not too bad to get a present,” I said.

“Are you going to give me one?” she asked. She took my hand and leant forward so my helpers view was blocked as she guided my hand between her tits and let me cup them.

My cock was rock hard by now and she rubbed her palm over it, her breathing getting shallow as she was clearly fulfilling some kind of fantasy.

I groped her incredible tits harder and she leant forward and whispered into my ear.

“I’ll suck the cum clean out of your cock if you bring me a present tonight Santa. I’ll be waiting for you to give me something made of wood.”

She let go of my cock and took a piece of paper from her dress pocket and put it in my belt.

“I’ll be waiting for you all alone Santa.”

She stood suddenly and I quickly adjusted myself so my assistant couldn’t see my hard on.

The two girls took each other’s hands and walked out without even waiting for a photo.

I quickly looked at the piece of paper. It was a rural address, miles away.

“My girlfriend is away tonight. Why don’t you cum down my chimney tonight Santa?” the note said.

I had no idea if she was serious but I got the feeling there was some life long fantasy at play here that I was lucky enough to have fallen into.

If my job was hard before it was torture now. I couldn’t get the sight and feel of her tits out of my mind and had a real tough time keeping in character as the rest of the day past by painfully slowly.

Finally my shift was over and I was in my beat up old car and going as fast down the highway as the law would allow.

It was a good three hours to the address listed and as my shift hadn’t finished until 9 pm (I swear Santa’s need a union) it was after midnight before I turned down the dark country lane still dressed in my Santa suit and with a hard on the size of Florida.

There was a small cottage at the end of the lane and by the front gate a hand written sign that said “Santa cum inside”

I didn’t need to be asked twice.

There was a porch light on and an envelope by the front door addressed to Santa.

Inside was a pair of handcuffs and a note. It read:

“Dear Santa. I know I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve said some awful curse words and am ever so rowdy. kadıköy escort bayan Do you think if you could clean my mouth out with your special milk I could get a present still. You may need to tie me though as I’m ever so wayward.”

I noticed the door was slightly ajar and pushed my way inside.

The house was quiet but there was a glass of milk on the lounge table with another note.

I read it.

“A glass of milk for you so you can give some Santa milk to me.”

I crossed the lounge to a room on the far side and looked inside. It was a bedroom and there she lay. Naked above the sheets and seemingly asleep. Her hair was tied up in pony tails and her tits were large round melons that seemed to defy gravity.

I crept quietly across the room and very carefully attached one end of the handcuffs to a post on her bed head and then the other to her left wrist.

She stirred but didn’t wake up although her lips parted slightly. Very quietly I took my hard cock out of my pants but left the suit on as I figured that was part of her fantasy.

I aimed the head of my cock at her parted lips and pressed forward. Her mouth opened as my cock pushed inside but still she slept.

I raised myself up and straddled her head so that I was sitting over her with her head facing up as she lay on the pillow her handcuffed hand raised over her head.

I pushed my cock further in until I felt her moist tongue and then suddenly slammed my cock deep into her throat

Her eyes snapped open in surprise as she gagged at the unexpected intrusion of hard cock in her mouth.

I gripped her pony tails and used them to guide her head up and down as I fucked her face as she came to her senses and tried to breathe around my thrusting cock.

“Santa,” she mumbled around my cock.

“Ho ho ho That’s right bitch,” I said struggling to stay in character. “You’ve been a bad girl and Santa is hear to punish you.”

Her eyes suddenly rolled back and her body shook in a strange convulsion as she made a high pitched squeal around my cock as I slammed it in and out of her throat. I realised she was having an orgasm already and I hadn’t even touched her pussy.

This girl had some serious fantasy at play here.

Spit and saliva streamed out of her mouth lubricating my cock and making her lips slide warmly and wetly over my shaft.

“That’s right bitch, suck that cock. Santa is going to clean out your filthy escort bostancı mouth with his cum.”

Her breathing seemed to rise up again and she suddenly screamed from deep in her throat as her body continued to rock and convulse from her orgasm.

I gripped her hair tightly as I wanked myself with her mouth. I thrust her head back and forth as she applied a vacuum tight suction to my cock and her tongue danced around her warm wet mouth as my cock slammed back and forth getting harder and longer with each thrust.

Her tits were swaying back and forth beneath me.

I suddenly leant forward and pushed her head down into the pillow until my cock was all the way down her throat. I turned my head and could see the bulge of my cock pressing against her throat almost all the way down to her chest.

She kicked her legs as she struggled to breathe and was rocked by yet another orgasm.

I slowly pulled my cock out and she breathed around my cock before I slammed it down as deep as I thought it could go as her head was caught between her pillow and my body.

But then I felt her right hand reach up and push down on my backside and I realised she was pushing up and somehow managing to take even more of my cock into her throat.

She gagged and almost puked around my cock but somehow she had managed to take it even deeper so that almost my whole shaft was sliding down the saliva drenched walls of her throat.

I couldn’t take any more of it and felt my orgasm exploding out of me. As I came she wrapped her legs around the back of my head and somehow managed to bring my head down so my nose was now buried in her pussy. Her own juices sprayed out as I flooded her mouth, throat and stomach with the biggest orgasm of my life.

My face was covered in her juices as she pushed my head down deep into her pussy. Her lips were sucking at my shaft like it was a tit and my cum never seemed to stop spurting into her.

Suddenly her whole body rose up off the bed and I could tell she was hit by an orgasm as big as the one that had just ripped through my own body.

Finally she released my head and I managed to roll off her and prize my still vibrating cock out of her incredible mouth.

My cum was dripping from the edges off her mouth but she lapped at it like a kitten then turned to me and smiled.

“So,” she said. “What did Santa bring me for Christmas?”

I felt my cock twitch as she playfully licked her lips and guided my hands to grip her soft juicy tits.

“Well,” I said. “It’s wood and its going to be back up here again real soon.”

As I took her tits into my mouth my cock rose up and begged for more attention.

Santa was going to have a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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