Sarah and Dominique

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Sarah was a bright, young creative photographer who fell into a bit of rut working for a national newspaper.

She had enjoyed the travel and dangerous aspects to working in war zones but wanted something more, something erotic. A good friend of hers recommended her to an up and coming designer who needed to get some creative shots of her latest work out for a press kit. Sarah was a strong woman who had studied and practiced various forms of self defense and martial arts, her 5ft 8 frame was a deceptive advantage to her for her flexibility and her speed if she ever needed to use it. Her dark brown hair and ethnic appearance (she was part Israeli and Greek) always got her stopped at the airport screeners especially when they saw her firearms permits. Sarah knew how to shoot other things besides digital pictures and video but was extremely careful, she felt comfortable around men with guns and women who could take care of themselves. On rare occasions, she was even called to assist a producer or female writer who was intimidated by male security members. She always kept her svelte body in prime shape but also enjoyed showing off her cleavage and dancer’s legs anytime she could.

Dominique had been working in the fashion business most of her life as a model and now as a designer who could also model her own work if needed. She was developing a line of swimwear for the ultra high fashion and high end stores which depended upon a very erotic image of style and sensuality in the ads. There were no restrictions on the types of stills or video which could be used and all the models had to be comfortable with being in highly erotic poses with men and women. Dominique had just turned 27 and was working out with the assistance of her trainer who helped her tone her muscles and work on her diet. She already had one of the most voluptuous figures around with a gorgeous tan, absent of any tan lines. Her natural, sumptuous breasts were capped with dark conical nipples. Many of the other models she worked around were so envious of her many talents, with their silicone implants which cost them a fortune.

Dominique was in a hurry to get these first prototype suits on the screen so that she could pitch them and get her line going strong. She invited Sarah over after just talking with her about the job and agreeing on her fee. Sarah sounded like the right fit for the job anyway and the two creative women, enjoyed their first conversation on the phone and looked forward to working together.

A fresh sea breeze blew into Dominque’s bay window which faced the ocean. It was a clear breezy day and her spacious place had a beautiful view of the ocean from 10 floors up. The natural spring light filled the room and was perfect for shooting. A strong pendik escort sandalwood fragrance mixed with a popular Chanel Opium perfume filled her room and when Sarah came up with her equipment she was greeted by Dominique in her bathrobe, her hair and make up ready for the shoot. Dominique didn’t like wasting another professional’s time, she expected the same in return. The two women chatted about what type of image she was going for in the press kit and Dominique made sure that the photojournalist was fine getting some close ups of her body in the suit.

“You do have a lovely figure, Dominique, I’m certain you get that compliment all the time, especially from the guys right?”

“Sometimes,” Dom said being a bit coy.

“I don’t really care what the guys think of my body anymore, frankly, I’m just into women these days,” She said, being totally up front.

“Sarah, please make yourself at home, you can move anything around, and I’ll help, this is really important to me,”

Sarah approached her client and looked her right in the eye, “Dominique, thanks. I want you to know this job is a break away gig for me, away from war zones and horror. It will not be difficult to make this look erotic with that wondrous body you have. So let’s get to work!” Sarah said, energetically.

Dominique just smiled at her and knew this woman was the perfect person to help her launch her line.

“Let’s start right on my couch, with me in this thong outfit and lacy top piece,”

Dominique opened her robe to reveal a sliver of soft gold tinged lace bra, its see through capabilities and gold tinge gave her breasts a mysterious appeal, the gold and black thong with two bands around her hips and tucking into her nice smooth ass were good material for Sarah to shoot.

The experienced photographer moved her around, had her lie down on the couch, legs crossed, legs slightly opened, her perfect round ass to the camera as she looked over her left side. Despite the cool breeze, Sarah felt her face get flushed and a light perspiration appeared on her face. Dominique’s gorgeous curves and seductive scent had begun to affect her in a lovely way.

Sarah kept her moving around, snapping multi sequences of frames and getting her lens right into the Dominique’s body. The lacy bra was shot up close, so the image of her nipple was seen clearly. Then Sarah tried something bold and had the light come from the back and side of Dom’s body so focus was on the lace and her nipple was out of focus. Wide shots, medium close ups of her suit, seductive expressions, her bum only, a shot of just the black and white lacy parts on her smooth olive brown skin. Dominique didn’t believe in body art but she appreciated women who engaged with maltepe escort it. A close up of her breasts straight on.

Sarah manipulated her softly and gently, sometimes caressing Dom’s silky thighs, to the model’s apparent delight. Minutes of work turned into hours, the afternoon waned and lights had to be engaged to keep a uniform lighting scheme. Sarah was a total pro at creating the best image for her clients.

At a bathroom break, Sarah washed her face in Dominique’s lavish main bath. She took a moment and went into her client’s laundry hamper and pulled out her used panties and smelled her scent. It was heaven, Sarah wanted to make love to her so much. She felt her own passion growing exponentially.

Dominique changed a few times, always out of Sarah’s view. She’d go into her bedroom and make sure the outfit was perfect before she was ready for the lens, and Sarah’s discerning eyes. She ended up with a multi colored outfit with a distinct push up feature in the bra. Sarah had her pressed against a window showing the cleavage to the extreme. They went out on the exterior patio at sunset, with the breeze blowing Dominque’s hair in away as if she were on a fast speedboat, the surf in the background all out of focus. A marvelous seductive shot of the entire outfit and Dominique’s extravagant body showing it.

Sarah loved shooting these shots of this beautiful woman. Her seductive glances, her lovely round, abundant breasts and near perfect figure were all so invigorating to her senses.

“Lets loosen the top piece a bit so we can see even more of your lovely charms,” Sarah commanded as she help the model adjust the straps accordingly.

Sarah put down the camera and got close to Dominique to see exactly how this adjustment would work out. The day had gone by, dusk had turned to dark, they’d already viewed many images on Dom’s computer screen and knew the job was almost over. Yet, Dominique didn’t want Sarah to stop touching her body, she yearned for her touch as much as she could. This was insane she thought, I just met her!

Dominque put her hands on Sarah’s tummy and hips for support as the two women looked at one another closely. Dom could sense her intense attraction, the feeling when two people know a kiss is imminent. Their lips touched and Dom placed her arms around Sarah and brought her into her. Passion. Whispers of wanting, desires to satisfy one another, timelessness. Their soft, long kisses gave way to clothes being undone, tops coming off and an out-stretched hand to take her lover to her sanctuary.

“Lets bathe together first Sarah,”

“Yes my dear, lets bathe our love together,” Sarah whispered as they headed for the huge tub.

The candle lit subdued lighting kartal escort of her bath, combined with the special bath oils Dominique used, refreshed the two lovers as they sat at opposite ends of the large tub and fingered each other. The bubble bath water allowed them to rub each others’ neatly trimmed mounds against each other for a long time. Sarah loved it and adored drying off and caressing, kissing and pinching Dom’s erect nipples, then getting all aroused all over again. Dominique was in heaven too, the two women could not stop kissing and exploring each other’s vagina’s. Their mouths were were insatiable, their tongues yearned for more taste and texture to explore.

Dominique took her to her bed and got on top first. She gently rubbed her sex all over Sarah’s taut nipples and they experienced that first time of trying things out and finding the exact position for their bodies to contact each other, to achieve maximum sensation and arousal. Their consideration for each other was paramount, and Sarah felt the love and acceptance she’d never experienced before.

Lying on the huge bed, Sarah caressed the beautiful model and very slowly kissed her way down beneath her legs and found her womanhood. She reached up with two hands and cupped those lovely mounds and tweaked her taut nips as her tongue found Dominque’s saturated clitoris. Her fluids had oozed out around it for many minutes while they kissed and caressed and now it was time for Sarah to take her and finger fuck her until she came all over her two digits and tongue.

“OH FUCK, YES!” Dom released as wave after wave of fulfillment spread over her body.

“Let me kiss you again,” Dominique pleaded as Sarah came back next to her and fell into her arms.

In the middle of the night, Dominique was in the bathroom alone, and Sarah came in behind her and caressed her shoulder, and massaged her neck. Sarah cupped Dom’s lovely breasts and pressed her body into hers and cried like a baby.

“I’ve fallen in love with you Dom,” Sarah wept in disbelief. She always thought she’d never find love like this ever in her life.

“I know. It’s fine, we’ll be good together, I can feel it,” Whispered her lover in return. Then Dom took her head in her arms and brought the tough photojournalist to her wanting breast. Sarah caressed that loving breast and kissed them. They spooned each other for the rest of the night, a long and deserved rest for both women.

Sarah hadn’t met anyone as intense as Dominique in her life. They spent the next few weeks sharing life and getting to know a lot about each other. They worked their lives hard, and fucked each other with love and compassion, sharing orgasms and satisfying each others’ needs.

A few months passed and Dominique got her line going, Sarah turned down a war zone journalism job and asked Dominique to marry her. They found an interfaith minister who married them a few days later and moved in together to begin sharing their creativity and love forever.

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