Sarah Vanhorn Ch. 04

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Monday morning, Sarah called off at the diner. The Supervisor got pissed off and fired her. Sarah didn’t care that much, since one of Mr. Birk’s friends wanted to hire her. Now the only thing left to do, was make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

Sarah was able to get an afternoon appointment that same day. She arrived at the office of Doctor Blake. The secretary had Sarah fill out some paper work, she was the last patient to be seen.

Sarah thumbed through a magazine waiting for her turn. After a few people were seen, the secretary walked over to Sarah.

“Sarah Vanhorn, the doctor will see you now. Just walk right in, he’s waiting.”

“Thank you.”

Sarah replied, as she stood to make her way to the room. She walked in an closed the solid oak door. Doctor Blake stood up from his chair.

“Hello Sarah, I’m Doctor Blake. Please, lie down on the sofa and relax. I want you to tell me what troubles you. Why are you here?”

“Hello. Ah,… yes, yes, I’d like to lie down. I’m not sure where to begin or how to start. I’m a little nervous.”

Sarah said, as she sat down on the big leather sofa.

Doctor Blake dimmed the lights and lit an aroma therapy candle. He then turned on a very soft and relaxing music. Sarah made herself comfortable and closed her eyes.

“Well,… Doctor,… I started getting these,…. feelings. I’m not sure why I get them, that’s why I’m here.”

“What kind of feelings Sarah? I need for you to be very open and specific with me.”

Sarah took a deep breath and got a little more comfortable, before telling the doctor about her problem.

“Doctor,…. they’re sexual,… feelings. I can’t explain it, something happens to me every time that I see a man’s cock. I get so unbelievably horny, but I love to be taken rough. Doctor,… am I,… am I sick?”

Doctor Blake sat in his chair looking at Sarah as she spoke. Hearing her say those thing and the way she was dressed made his cock harden. Sarah wore a blue button down blouse, black mini skirt and black heels, which accented her tanned and toned long legs.

“Ah hum, excuse me Sarah, I needed to clear my throat. No, absolutely not. That does not make you sick at all, but I need for you to go back and tell me when this all started. Tell me about your Father, did he ever abuse you? How did he discipline you?”

“No, I was never sexually abused,…. by my Father. When I was bad, he would put me over his knee and spank me. Then when I got older, he would have me pull my panty’s down and bend over for him to,… ah,…. spank,… me.” Sarah said, as she felt her pussy get wet.

“Sarah, you paused about being sexually abuse. You were sexually abused Sarah, isn’t that right? Who Sarah? Who abused you?” Doctor Blake said, as he rubbed his cock through his slacks.

Sarah’s voice quivered.

“Y,…yes. Yes doctor I was, but not by my Daddy. I was walking home from work one night when I was,… gang raped. Five men took turns on me. They tore open escort ataşehir my uniform, ripped my panty’s from me and,… and, raped me. I couldn’t understand why, but I,… loved,… it. I fucking loved being held down, my clothes ripped from my body and fucked. I never told anyone, but I had such an orgasm when they were taking turns on me.”

The doctor was surprised by this.

“Please Sarah, please continue?”

“During the rape, the attackers stole my money. It was all the money that I had, and the fucking rent was due that same week. Well, my landlord came to collect what I didn’t have, so I sucked his cock and agreed to work off what I owe. When he came in my mouth,… mmmm,… that fucking tasted so good, if only I had more.”

“Is that all, Sarah?”

“No, not yet. Mr. Birk had a party and he had me serve drinks. I took a break and went outside. To make a long story short, I gave some guy a blowjob. Turns out he’s the same guy that offered me a job. That’s it.”

Doctor Blake sat for a moment, thinking about everything that he had just heard.

“Sarah, I believe your craving for roughness stems from when you were spanked by your Father. I noticed the way you spoke of it, that you enjoyed it. As far as getting certain feelings when you see a cock, I think that you’re just a nymphomaniac.”

“You mean, I’m a slut?”

“In a nutshell, yes Sarah, your a cock loving slut.”

Sarah pulled up her mini skirt and exposed her pantyless pussy, as she reached down to rub it.

“Well, all this sex talk has made my pussy wet. Doctor, why did you mention about my Daddy and how are you going to treat me?”

“Sarah, I believe deep down you have a sexual lust for your Father. As far as treating you, I can write out a script that will suppress your feelings.”

Sarah still had her eyes closed and continued rubbing her pussy.

“Doctor, do you like my pussy? Is it wet enough for you? Is it pink enough for you, Doctor? I’d love to have my pussy eaten. Eat me. Please?”

Doctor Blake’s cock was so fucking hard right now.

“Sarah,… Sarah, I don’t think that’s a good idea. We should have a professional relationship.”

Sarah opened her eyes to look at Doctor Blake, as she she did, she started to unbutton her blouse.

“Doctor, you said that you would treat me. Now get the fuck over here at give my pussy a treat.”

Doctor Blake moved over to Sarah and started to eat her pussy. Lapping at her pink folds, sucking her clit. She tasted so good.

“Oh, oh, oh,… yes, oh, fuck. Eat me. Eat my pussy. Eat me, baby. Bite my pussy lips, Bite them,… mmmm.”

“Now take your cock and fuck me. You want to fuck my young cunt, don’t you? Give it to me. I’ve been a bad girl, now what are you going to do about it?”

Doctor Blake positioned himself between her legs, and slid his cock into her. Sarah was so tight, it felt like her pussy was milking his cock inside of her.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my pussy. kadıköy escort bayan I’m such a whore. Fuck me. Oh, yes,… fuck me hard. Harder, harder.”

He had Sarah turn over onto her stomach, so he could fuck her roughly from behind.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes. Fuck me. Do it rough. Pull my fucking hair. Treat me like a fucking whore, use me.”

Doctor Blake grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back hard, as he fucked her pussy. He pounded his cock into her. slapping sounds filled the room as he slapped her ass. Sarah’s tits were hanging down and shaking with each thrust Tears began to run down her face, as she started to cry.

“Oh, oh Doctor. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop? I love it. Fuck me, fuck me. Please just fuck me, I’m such a whore. I just want to be used. I love cock. I love cum. Fuck my whore pussy. Ow, pull my hair harder, harder. I’m a bad girl. A bad whore. I want your cum. Cum in my mouth. I want to swallow every fucking drop.”

Doctor Blake pulled out of Sarah’s pussy. She turned back over and started sucking his cock. Her head was bobbing as she felt his cum shooting inside of her mouth.

“Oh, suck it. Swallow my cum you little whore. Swallow it. Ah, ah, oh.”

“Mmmm, Doctor. Thank you for treating me. I love to have a man’s cum inside my mouth, slowly running down the back of my throat. I love the taste of it.”

Sarah said, as she started buttoning her blouse and pulling her mini skirt down.

Doctor Blake got himself back together and said,

“Sarah, I don’t think you need to be seen anymore. Other then being a nymphomaniac, you’re fine.”

“Okay Doc, thanks.”

Sarah said on her way out.

Sarah thought to herself.

“He said that I have a sexual lust for my Daddy, I wonder if that’s why I always got so wet when he spanked me? Huh, oh well, now I need to get in touch with Mr. Allen about that job.”

Later that night Sarah called Mr. Allen. The job wasn’t what she had expected, It wasn’t to be a dancer at a strip club. Mr. Allen knew a man that was looking for someone to do house cleaning.

It was Mr. Taylor, he owned a big house on the outskirts of town. He needed someone to clean the entire house on a weekly basis, and Sarah seemed to be just right for the job. After talking to Mr. Taylor over the phone, he hired her to start the next day.

Tuesday morning Sarah took a cab to Mr. Taylor’s house. She walked up the steps and rang the doorbell.

“Oh hello Sarah, come in.” Mr. Taylor said.

“Hello Mr. Taylor. You have a very beautiful house. I’m ready to start.” Sarah said as she entered.

“Sarah, all of the cleaning supplies and vacuum are in the hall closet. You’ll be here by yourself, I need to be at the office shortly. Have fun.” Mr. Taylor said as he left.

Sarah walked over to the closet and got the bucket of supplies and the vacuum out. She dusted every room, cleaned the windows and vacuumed the upholstery and carpets, working her way upstairs.

When escort bostancı she did get upstairs, she cleaned the smaller bedrooms first. When she got to the master bedroom, she was amazed at how beautiful it was. there was a large king size bed, big oak dressers and an entertainment center.

Sarah decided to take a little break. While doing so, she looked through Mr. Taylor’s DVD collection. She found a few porn DVDs on the bottom and decided to watch one.

As she sat back on Mr. Taylor’s bed, the DVD started to play. She watched girl after girl getting fucked. Sarah felt that familiar sensation run through her body. She removed all of her clothes and proceeded to lie back on the bed. Sarah closed her eyes as her hand went straight to her wet pussy, rubbing and fingering herself.

Sarah didn’t realize how long that she had been playing with herself, until she turned her head and opened her eyes. Mr. Taylor was standing beside her, enjoying the view.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Sarah? Is your little cunt nice and wet?”

Sarah was startled.

“Oh, Mr. Taylor. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you come in. I’m,… I’m, so sorry.”

Mr. Taylor began to unzip his pants and pull his cock out. He reached down and grabbed Sarah by her hair, pulling her head up from the bed.

“Suck my cock, Sarah. You fucking slut, suck it. That’s my little girl, suck that cock, baby. Your such a fucking whore.”

Sarah was being used like a sex toy, as her head bobbed on Mr. Taylor’s cock.

“Suck it baby. Suck my fucking cock you little whore.”

Sarah was gagging as Mr. Taylor held her by the hair, and forced his cock down her throat. The head of his cock felt so good as it hit the back of her throat. He threw Sarah back onto the bed and got between her legs.

“So Sarah, you like to play with your cunt while watching my porn movies? Now your going to get what you want.”

Mr. Taylor positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and rammed it into her.

“Ow! Mr. Taylor that’s to hard. Oh, oh,… fuck it baby. Fuck my cunt. Fuck it. Make me fucking scream. Grab my tits and squeeze them. Use me, use me like a fucking whore and fuck me.”

He fucked her hard. Gripping on to Sarah’s tits, he slammed into her making her scream each time. Her hips began to buck as she reached an orgasm.

“Oh, oh, oh Mr. Taylor. Don’t stop, I’m cuming. I’m fucking cuming.”

As Sarah was panting, Mr. Taylor erupted his hot, creamy load inside of her.

After he finished shooting every drop of cum into her, he pulled out and got up from the bed. Mr. Taylor scooped up all of Sarah’s clothes and pulled her up to her feet. He handed them to her and led her to the front door.

“Thanks for cleaning and thanks for taking care of my cock, now get the fuck out of here. I’ll call you next week to come back again.”

“Your very welcome sir, and thank you.”

Sarah walked away and down the sidewalk, completely naked, holding her bundled up clothes to her chest.

A car drove by with two guys inside. They pulled over and offered her a ride. Sarah accepted and got in, sitting up front between the two of them.

What kind of a ride will Sarah be in for?

Thank you for reading,


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