Sarasota Motel Encounter

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20 Nov 2006

My cell phone buzzed on my belt. My heart quickened as I saw the Caller ID; it was Susan.

“Hello, Susan”

“Hi Tom. I’m here. Are you coming?”

I could feel my cock swelling to erection at the sound of her sultry voice.

“Where are you?” I asked hoarsely.

“The Hampton by the Interstate, on Bee Ridge Road. Can you come right now?”

I could tell from her breathless tone that her pussy was wet.

“Yes,” I replied, my erection now full and throbbing. “What are you doing right now?”

“I’ve got this sexvid on. There’s a naked girl sucking on this guy’s enormous cock. I think he’s about to shove it into her pussy.”

“What are you wearing?”

“Nothing but a thong, which barely covers my wet sex lips. My breasts are bare and my nipples are at full attention. I need you here fucking me.”

“I’ll be right there,” I gasped and hung up quickly.

My erection was hugely visible, straining against my trousers and lifting my belt, its swollen head bulging under my shirt with a spot of wet pre-cum. Thinking of Susan bare-breasted and waiting for me with her pussy wet, I quickly grabbed some surgical scrubs for coverage and hurried out to the parking garage.

There was barely room for my cock under the steering wheel, but somehow I got through the rush-hour traffic to the motel. I didn’t care who saw my obscene bulge as I walked to the door with the number Susan had given bostancı escort me.

Susan opened the door wide. I could feel the surge in my cock at the sight of her, worrying for a second that it would start to spurt. Her curly blond hair hung over her bare shoulders and a black velvet choker which encircled her slender neck. She was otherwise nude to the waist, and her small, firm breasts were tipped by her rigid, pink nipples. A black thong circled her narrow hips and stretched down to her vaginal lips. I could see that her sex was shaved smooth (as was mine, in preparation for her), but I was surprised that the thong was split, completely exposing her pussy. The firm bare globes of her buttocks were framed by the thong above her muscular legs.

“You look like a wet dream I had last night,” I groaned.

She laughed and pulled me into the room. It occurred to me dimly that anyone watching would have witnessed our lust. Falling into each other, my throbbing bulge collided with her exposed cunt lips, making us both groan. My hands found her ass cheeks and pressed her sex even harder against mine.

“Careful!” she moaned. “You’ll explode.”

“I’m going to fuck you so hard . . .”

Susan pulled back, and I could see where her wet sex lips had left their damp marks on my trousers. Expertly, she knelt down and unfastened my belt and trousers, pulled down the zipper, and exposed my throbbing penis ümraniye escort bayan and quivering balls. Her hot mouth encircled my cock as her full lips slid down the shaft. I groaned, pulling back.

“You will make me come if you suck my cock like that.”

“I did promise you a lap dance. I’ve been practicing on a banana.”

I quickly stripped and she led me to a straight-back armless chair, seating me with my rigid penis rising like a flagpole.

“A lap dance is all about tits and pussy and cock,” Susan explained, “and my tits and pussy are going to drive your cock crazy.”

“Oh God,” I groaned as my hands found her delectable bare breasts, roughly crushing them and pinching her hot nipples with my fingers.

Susan moaned as her breasts were crushed. She spread her legs and straddled me, pressing her hot cunt lips directly against my throbbing member. It took every bit of willpower I had to feel those wet lips on my bare cock without exploding with a fountain of semen that would have drenched her luscious tits. To make it worse, she started moving, slowly, sliding her hot lips up and down the length of my tortured penis. My hands mauled her tits, and I could hear her orgasm building in her gasping groans.

Deliberately, Susan slid her swollen sex lips to the head of my cock, letting it spread them and touch her engorged clit. With a panting groan, she descended as my throbbing cock entered kartal escort her quivering cunt, penetrating deep into her belly as she was impaled.

I knew then that she had gone too far. I felt every inch of her hot, orgasmic pussy, and I knew she felt the full length of my surging erection rammed to the hilt, her wet lips now stretched wide apart around the base of my thick cock, my balls hard against her tight ass, our wet shaved skin grinding together.

Abandoning all restraint, I stood, lifting her impaled on my throbbing cock, and carried her to the bed, nearly throwing her onto her back. My hands grasped her buttocks, lifting them off the mattress as I rammed every inch of my nearly exploding cock into her rapidly tightening cunt. My lips found her left breast and covered it as I managed another thrust into her pussy.

With a half-stiffled scream, Susan’s back arched and her vagina tightened light a hot fist around my cock. The first spasm of my orgasm came as her body began to jerk wildly, her hips heaving as my cock began to shoot semen deep into her belly. Her sweating breasts swelled in my hands as I savagely crushed them, my entire body jerking with the force of my orgasm.

It went on, as I spent my lust ramming my spurting cock into Susan’s hot pussy, and she gripped it with all the quivering power of her own orgasm. Finally, we lay panting and sweating, still joined cock in cunt. It was several minutes before either of us could speak.

“You fuck like a demon,” she finally panted.

“You make me want to fuck you like that.”

“Are you still hard?”

“You can feel that I am.”

“Why don’t you fuck my mouth next?”

to be continued . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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