Sauna at the Fairmont

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She pushed open the glass doors that led into the sauna, immediately feeling the steamy heat. The warm misty air made it difficult to see clearly but she could see enough to know that she was alone.

The smell of eucalyptus was strong, and brought memories of Melbourne after rain. She moved to one of the benches and undid her robe and lay down. She was wearing a swimsuit as she’d just come from the pool — a black swimsuit with very thin straps, cut high on the hips, and low at the bust line. It outlined her shape, accentuating her hips and legs, and showing off her breasts and small waist. Her hair was wet and pushed back off her forehead accentuating her eyes and cheekbones, and she breathed a sigh as she lay down using a towel as a pillow.

She was tired after swimming so many laps that afternoon — and she dozed lightly.

A movement woke her after a few minutes, and she opened her eyes to find herself looking into familiar deep blue eyes, and the handsome face that she knew, and had dreamed of many times. He put his hand on her shoulder, demetevler escort and leaned down to kiss her. Her arms went around his neck, and her fingers were in his hair – and they enjoyed the kiss which was deep and filled with promise.

He had arrived at the hotel that afternoon, knowing she would be there before him. He had known where to find her if she was not in the room, and had changed quickly and come down to the sauna to meet her.

She sat up, and leaned against him, so glad he was there and they were finally together at the start of this adventure that would take them into the wilderness of Alaska. Her lips sought his and brushed lightly. He pulled her to him and had one hand behind her head and kissed her deeply and very thoroughly, his tongue and lips meeting deeply with hers, and they enjoyed the taste of each other.

The windows of the sauna were completely fogged, and he poured some more water onto the rocks making more steam and heat rise.

He leaned across to her and slipped the swimsuit dikmen escort straps from her shoulders one by one, and then very slowly peeled the swimsuit from her body leaving her naked. He stepped out of his swimsuit, and then kneeled over her as she lay on the bench. He kissed her breasts, and his tongue lingered on the nipples which were quickly erect — his fingers trailing along her thighs and up her arms and across her stomach — and he then kissed her neck and shoulders. Her hands had come up around his neck, and she raised her mouth and found his. She ran her tongue lightly along his top lip, and then kissed him deeply and longingly, enjoying the taste of him, so happy they were finally together. He kissed her back and enjoyed the smell and taste of her — feeling incredibly aroused, just as he knew she would be.

She was on her back, her knees raised, and he opened her legs slightly and explored her more fully with his fingers — she was already very ready and trembling a little — desire for him that had been shelved ankara escort for a long time because of distance, suddenly surfaced. He moved between her thighs, and entered her slowly, inch by inch — as he put his hands under her ass and pulled her closer to him. She had her fingers around him, and she took him deeply inside her — he was so hard, and they began to move together almost as if they had known each other intimately for a long time.

Their bodies were wet and gleaming from the steam and the heat of the sauna, and they moved together towards a climax which they both wanted — quickly taking each other to a special place for this first time, but knowing there was more to come in the days ahead which would be slow, long passionate loving of each other.

He leaned down to kiss her as they reached a climax together, with the spasms and waves of pleasure rippling through them both. She sighed a sigh of complete pleasure — loving the way he made love to her, and knowing they had been right about each other for all these months. She knew now without a doubt, just as she had known before, that the coming days they would spend together would be filled with sensual lovemaking and they would find complete enjoyment in each other, which would only be further heightened by the Alaskan wilderness, and the smell of the sea …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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