SBTS – No Longer Strangers

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This continues prior story -Stranger by the Sea- moving forward with the characters and situation. Reading prior story suggested as this part will not stand alone well.

Stranger by the Sea – No Longer Strangers

The New England autumn is often warm days and an evening chill. A great time for a visit back to Cape Cod, where Terry and I discovered each other. Lots of places have closed for the season, in some ways making our escape more intimate. There is a slight change in the colors of foliage, but the breeze and smell of the season are inescapable.

Parking the car, we descended the serpentine path, walking to the beach where we first met. The warmth of the sand caresses the feet, reminding us of the day a couple of months prior, the nakedness and passion that overwhelmed us, consuming us. Two strangers looking for solace after difficult experiences, instead finding intense intimacy along with a mutual connection to the experiences that brought us to the Cape at that time.

Terry had suggested that I bring a sleeping bag as she packed a picnic basket with snacks and a bottle of wine as we prepared to journey up to the National Seashore. Amazingly, this part of the beach was deserted, the waves breaking over the sand and the cry of seagulls the only sound reaching the ears.

Walking barefoot into the water, I embraced this beautiful woman that has lifted me from the pit of despair and makes me feel more alive than I have in years. Kissing her sensuous lip, she opens her lips and immediately entwines my tongue with hers. My hand cups her breast through her shirt, no bra impeding my touch. My cock hardens, pressing against her, instinctively dry humping her belly. As we break from the kiss I take her hand and walk up the beach, removing clothing as we near the sleeping bag. Despite the chill in the air, we lie on the sleeping bag, not closing it, caressing her tit with my lips as Terry runs her hand over my engorged cock. My tongue circles her nipple, then moves to her other breast, a light bite and pulling back with a hard suckling.

My hand finds her folds, teasing around the outside before parting her lips and circling her clit. Terry’s hips press her cunt into my hand as her hand, lubricated by precum, twists around my cock causing intense sensation in my glans.

I rolled onto my back as she mounted my throbbing dick, my thumb rubbing her pearl as she thrusts back and forth, her tits swaying. Terry’s breathing quickens as she is also grinding against me. She starts to moan, her orgasm building, I feel my ball tighten, no holding back as my load pushes up my cock. I groan with my release as her orgasm peaks, her pussy soaking bostancı escort my hardness along with my cum. She collapsed on my chest, her warm tits reminding me of the distinct chill in the air. We pull the sleeping back closed around us as we drift quietly in recovery.

With the encroaching twilight, we dressed and headed to the parking lots. Time passes quickly here and this mini vacation has had a relaxed feel to it. After dinner and a few drinks we return to the house her friends own. Terry tells me she needs to shower, but would certainly appreciate having her back washed. Who am I to deny such a request? I hear the water running and see her through the glass of the shower door. Stepping in, I am met by a beautifully shaped ass, the water flowing down and over. She hands me a washcloth and soap, I gently wash her back and behind, lingering. I could not resist, but to reach around and cup her breast. Terry took a deep breath, and pressed her inviting derriere against my stiffening cock. My dick was resting between her two gorgeous buns.

Terry spun around, locking her lips to mine, her heart pounding through her chest against mine. I cupped the sweet checks of her ass, raising then lowering her onto my raging boner. We held tight as thrust after thrust was met by her inner muscles, clenching, tensing, her orgasm building yet drawing my own from deep within. With a moan from Terry and a groan from me, we were overtaken by our releases, pulsing hard as we came and finally both embracing as the warm flow of the shower poured over our bodies. Afterward, a peaceful night was the reward.

The next morning as Terry and I packed to return to our everyday lives, the discussion presented itself of our next break…Thanksgiving at my mothers. Terry was concerned, not about seeing my brother again, but how was I going to handle it. I was not sure what bothered her most; the anger toward my brother…or if I was still in love with my soon to be ex-wife. Though, not wanting to re-enforce her fears, so too, I quietly wondered the same…shamefully!

Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving arrived. The thought of my dad, three years after his passing, flooded my mind. I miss him, but he was about moving forward. Terry and I got out of work early. A pleasant November afternoon, we hopped into the car and began the hour plus ride to my mom’s house. Terry was looking forward to meeting my mother, yet neither of us were prepared for the meeting of my brother and my soon to be ex-wife. Arriving at my mother’s house, we learn that they would not be coming until Thanksgiving morning. This would give a relaxed evening for all of us.

Terry and ümraniye escort bayan I slept upstairs, in the room that was mine until moving out for college. My brother Rich and I found work in the same town, over an hour from home. These rooms have been kept much as they were when we were home. As we settled for bed, I could not help but think of facing my brother for the first time since splitting with my wife. Maybe, the unanswered questions will be answered tomorrow. This did not help me to sleep, yet Terry drifted off soundly.

Thanksgiving morning arrived, partly sunny with a not so positive forecast…snow squalls expected later. At ten in the morning, folks have shown up! As I saw my brother and my former mate, Julie, I nodded a silent hello. Mom was chatting a mile a minute, yet no doubt one could feel the discomfort in the room.

Fortunately, the Thanksgiving Parade was on TV, drawing attention away from the ice between my brother and me. I was surprised to see Terry and Julie conversing; first small talk, then smiling and chatting about what was going on in the parade. I went to help mom with the dinner prep. She knew things were strained between my brother and me. I think she was hoping this holiday would let us settle our differences, but I had my doubts.

As usual, my mother put on another great feast. All were full as we got up from the table, Terry put her arm around me, whispering how she loved my mom. At that moment, I realized that I loved Terry, I was not still in love with Julie.

My mother asked the ladies if they would help her clean up before dessert. They were glad to help, both smiling and chatting. A stern look overtook my mother’s face, her telling my brother and I to bring in wood from the shed…and bring plenty. I remember that phrase when my dad would send us out to settle things when Rich and I were in our early teens. A couple of times that resulted in a bloody nose or lip.

As we got to the shed, I grabbed my brother by the shirt collar. He told me to give him my best shot, if it would make me feel better…but he wouldn’t fight me. I released my grip, saying “fuck you!”

Rich then pulled out a bottle of Black Berry brandy, took a hit off it, then offered it to me. A few hits of that belly warming liquid and we were talking. He asking if I was still in love with Julie. I told him no and he replied, what the fuck is the problem. It was then that I realized the need to let this go. He is still my brother and we may be better off now. We were also close to being drunk.

As we were bringing the wood in, wet, sticking snow-flakes began to come down hard creating a white curtain beyond kartal escort the shed, hiding the forest. These early snow storms make everything slick. We both almost fell on our asses, laughing as we worked to complete our task.

After dessert of the worlds best pies and coffee. We discussed if we should leave early…the hour drive would be longer in treacherous weather. The ladies would have to drive as we had too much brandy. The phone rang, my mom’s neighbor reporting that the highway has been closed due to accidents.

A smile drifted across our mother’s face. She told us that our old rooms were still there. It would be much safer to camp here and not risk an accident to get home. She was in her glory, having her boys home…and talking.

The only thing better than Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey sandwich in the evening. Sitting around the table with Terry, Rich and Julie, laughing and joking, seeing the pure joy on mothers face as the snow continued to fall. Certainly, not the Thanksgiving I was expecting.

We watched TV for a while, mom falling asleep in the chair, a content look on her face. Rich and Julie excused themselves, heading up to bed. I put a blanket on mom as she sleepily said she was just fine where she was. After a while, Terry and I went upstairs to my old room.

Crawling into bed, we could hear noises coming from my brother’s room. He and Julie were fucking. I had forgotten how thin these walls were, apparently Rich didn’t remember either. Terry looked at me and smiled. I put my finger up to my mouth, signaling that we should be quiet.

Terry’s response was to grab me and buried her tongue between my lips, pulling me closer. My heart was racing, our breathing rapid, grinding my cock on her clothed pussy. I pulled her night-shirt off, tonguing her tits, no longer caring whether anyone could hear. Sinking lower, I pulled Terry’s pink panties away, diving in for a second dessert of the evening.

The sounds from the next room proved that there were no concerns as to who was hearing what, with no doubt that they were approaching orgasm. As I rubbed my cock up and down Terry’s slit, she lifted her hips, her pussy engulfing my throbbing cock, gyrating and grinding as she reach her crescendo.

Terry lifted and locked her legs, as the waves of orgasm over took her, loudly moaning as her muscle clenching my aching cock. I came deep in her, feeling like my heart would stop, only to pound harder. We both collapsed, holding each other tight, soon drifting to sleep.

The next morning I met my brother in the hallway, me heading to the bathroom, he returning. We gave each other a knowing smile. Indeed, it had been quite a Thanksgiving.

We sat at the table, my brother, Terry, Julie and me, as mom served us one of her great, big breakfasts, she said “I hope you would all be coming on Christmas”.

We all smirked as my brother said, “So do we, Mom. So do we!”

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