School Cupboard Hook Up

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Alaina Dawson

* This story follows on from A Night Out With Work, but can be read as a stand alone story.*

The new school year started on September 3rd, with a teacher training day. This usually meant a quick catch up meeting, dates for your diary and time to get everything set up for the children’s first day back.

The staff room was full of people talking over each other, catching up with any news and gossip they had missed during the 6 week break. Emma always felt this was a bit pointless. With social media as prolific as it was now, everyone knew how everyone else had spent their summer break already! She made her way through the crowd to the kettle. The early start had not been a welcome one and she needed another coffee.

As she waited for the kettle to boil, tapping the teaspoon impatiently on the worktop, she heard Jon’s voice through the crowd. She blushed suddenly as she poured the boiling water into the mug. They hadn’t contacted each other once since their hook up at the end of term. It had been completely out of character for her and she had no idea if things were going to be awkward now. Lost in her nervous thoughts, she slipped with the kettle; scalding her hand with the hot water.

“Shit!” Emma cried, as she quickly stuck her hand under the cold water tap. Cath rushed over, “Oohh,” she winced, “That’s going to be a bad one! You should get Jon to check it.”

“What?! Why?? It’s fine… I’m fine…no…” Emma babbled. Surprised by her outburst, Cath replied, “But he’s the first aider? He’ll know if we have something you can out on it to sooth it quicker. I’ll call him over…”

“No, really it’s…” But Cath couldn’t hear her over the noise of conversations and called Jon over to have a look. “Can you have a look at that burn for Emma? It’s a nasty one!” Cath explained to Jon. Jon smiled at Emma, but she quickly looked away at the blisters forming on her hand, still under the running water. “Really, it’s fine.” Emma mumbled, still looking at her hand.

Jon reached past her to turn the tap off, taking her cold, numb hand gently in his to take a look. He sucked a breath in between his teeth. With the cold water gone, Emma’s hand was starting to sting again; as if the skin underneath the blisters was still burning. “Um…” Jon thought out loud, “We’ll have to check in the medical box, see what’s in there.”

Emma pulled her hand from his and held it up to her shoulder out of the way. Realising she couldn’t avoid it, she followed him to the medical room. Awkwardly, she sat in one of the small blue chairs, watching Jon rummage in the schools medical supplies. After a moment, he pulled out a tube of cream and a packet of plasters. He knelt on the floor in front of her and reached out his hand for hers.

Emma’s pulse quickened at his touch, as he gently rubbed the burn cream into the back of her hand. She winced a little as he rubbed it over the blisters, jerking her hand away instinctively.

“Sorry.” She mumbled, letting him take her hand again and finish what he was doing. “Good summer?” Jon asked, starting to sort through the plasters for the right size. “Yeah, goes too quick though doesn’t it?” Emma chuckled weakly, “You?”

“Same.” Jon replied, carefully sticking a plaster over her burn. He continued holding her hand gently, even though he had finished. For a moment, neither of them spoke.

Suddenly, they both went to stand up at the same time, awkwardly trying to step around each other, both going to follow the rest of the staff to their first meeting. As they were the last to arrive, they had no choice but to sit next to each other in the two remaining seats.

The morning passed quickly in a haze of information for the term ahead. Emma always enjoyed this half term. It was fun getting to know her new class and doing nice activities; like designing their tray labels and coat pegs, decorating the classroom with their first pieces of work. She was looking forward to welcoming them all back tomorrow. The staff structure had changed from last term, which meant Emma was moving into a new classroom with a different teacher. It was a bit awkward as she was now in the room next to John and Laura, but she was sure it would all blow over soon and bostancı escort go back to normal – even if she did blush like a schoolgirl whenever he was near.

The windows of the classroom they were using were open, letting a warm breeze in. Emma was sitting so close to Jon, she could smell his aftershave on the breeze. She couldn’t concentrate on the meeting. She felt herself getting hot and her mind wandered to their night out at the end of term. Truth be told, Emma had thought about it a lot over the summer break. She could count on one hand the number of times she and her husband had made love during the long break; and it didn’t make her feel anything like it had with Jon in the alley. She blushed again, reaching down for her bottle of water, brushing Jon’s leg accidentally as she did.

“Ok?” he whispered, “How’s the hand?”

“Fine, fine…” Emma replied quickly, drinking from her water bottle. Jon watched the curve of her neck as she lifted the bottle to her lips. His mind wandered to the sight of her bent over in front of him in the alley. He had thought about her a lot over the break. He’d even gone to text her a couple of times, but was never sure what to say. He felt his cock stir in his trousers and quickly crossed his legs.

By the time the meeting was over, everyone was keen to have lunch, before going off to work through their to- do- lists.

Looking for some peace, Emma grabbed her lunch bag and headed outside to one of the picnic tables. She took a moment to close her eyes and listen to the light rustling of the leaves in the breeze.

Emma jumped at the sound of his voice, “I thought I’d be the only one needing some peace!” Jon joked, sitting opposite her at the table. Emma sat there open mouthed, no words coming out. Jon laughed, “You ok?”

Before Emma could answer, Laura sat daintily next to Jon at the table. The picnic tables were a good size, but Laura still sat as close to Jon as she could. Emma saw Jon roll his eyes and start eating his lunch. Laura started gushing noisily about how much she was looking forward to working with Jon again. Every sentence was punctuated with a touch to his arm or shoulder and a pointed look at Emma. Quickly, Emma finished her yogurt and stood up to leave. Jon hadn’t uttered a word since Laura had started talking! She did feel a bit bad for him, after all, he had to put up with Laura behaving like that everyday. Clearly their antics with the tequila shots hadn’t put her off.

Emma went back to her classroom, checking the to- do- list her class teacher had left her. She used the computer to put some music on while she worked. Shortly after, she heard Jon and Laura’s voices going into the room next door. She needed to focus and pretend that night never happened. She was happy with her lot in life and she should just accept that.


The first few weeks of the new term passed by in a blur. With so much happening around the school, Emma had managed to put her night with Jon out of her mind. Jon on the other hand, found himself looking for her amongst the crowds, volunteering to swap break duties so they were outside on the same day, finding reasons for their paths to cross. He had no idea what he thought would happen, but he couldn’t help himself. He was drawn to her. They had really connected that night; not just in a sexual way. They had a lot in common too.

One friday afternoon, after the children had gone home; he spotted her sat at the computer in her classroom. He walked in quietly, checking to see if anyone was around. He quickly looked at what she was doing, making a vague comment to look as if he had a reason for coming to see her. Emma sat back in the computer chair and sighed. She rubbed her hands over her face, as if she was trying to clear her vision. “Bad day?” Jon asked, sitting on the corner of the table behind her. “Same old thing.” Emma replied, rubbing her face again, “A couple of kids playing up, stuff I need to finish before I go and my shoulder’s acting up again…” She stretched her arms out straight in front of her, trying to sooth the tension. “Which one?” Jon asked quietly.

“This one,” Emma replied, touching her right shoulder with her other hand.

Without ümraniye escort bayan a word, Jon put his hands on her shoulders and started to rub the muscles gently. Emma gasped lightly at the shock of his touch, but tilted her head in silent encouragement. He moved a little closer, gently massaging her shoulders, increasing the pressure slightly. Emma closed her eyes and focussed on the warmth of his hands, gently kneading the pressure from her shoulders. He worked up slowly to the back of her neck, casually slipping his hands under the neck of her top as he moved back down to her shoulders.

Emma jumped, clearing her throat suddenly and moving forward out of reach from his hands. “Sorry…sorry Em… I shouldn’t…”Jon mumbled. Without looking behind, she heard him walk from the room and close the door to his classroom. She didn’t want to admit it but that felt good. She had felt herself start to relax and enjoy his touch, before she had panicked and scared him off.

Jon closed the door to his classroom and leant against the back of it, closing his eyes trying to gather his thoughts. He was hard after that. Mentally he kicked himself for pushing her too fast. What was he supposed to do? Laura had moved her flirting up a notch and he couldn’t keep his mind off of Emma next door. He almost considered sleeping with Laura to see if it scratched his itch, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

A quiet knock at the door made him jump. Jon stepped away from the door, to see Emma pushing it open. She stepped into the room silently, before closing the door behind her. “Are you alone?” She asked. Jon nodded, nervously taking a step towards her. Hoping this was going where he thought it was. He put one hand to her face and when she didn’t move away, he moved his face to hers swiftly and kissed her. He felt her arms slide around his waist to his back, as he pushed her up against the door and kissed her again.

It was pure lust fuelling their kisses. Their hands roamed rapidly, Emma untucking his shirt to stroke his bare skin. Jon had one hand on her back and one cupping her ass. Their kisses were quick and feverish, barely pausing for breath. Jon ran one hand under her top, cupping her breast. “Not here…” Emma breathed, meeting his gaze. He looked around the room quickly, his mind racing with possibilities and places he could fuck her. His eyes stopped on the store cupboard in the corner of the room. It was locked with a key, so they could lock it from the inside and not be discovered.

Jon pulled her quickly across the classroom, throwing open the storeroom door and pulling her in behind. He quickly fumbled with the key, making sure it was locked, before turning back to Emma. She looked beautiful. Her face was flushed and she glowed with arousal. He felt himself harden even more, crossing the cupboard quickly to press his lips back to hers. They undressed, hastily pulling each others clothes off, until they were discarded in a heap on the stone floor. Their hands were everywhere again. This was complete lust and confusion over their feelings for each other.

Emma had never been so desperate for sex in her life. She pushed her hips to his, feeling his rigid cock against her thigh. She sighed, as the feeling made her even wetter than she already was. She grabbed his ass, pulling him close. Jon couldn’t take it any longer. In one quick move, he lifted her onto the edge of the worktop, grabbed her hips and pushed himself inside. She gasped into his shoulder, conscious of not making too much noise. The children might have all gone, but there were still staff on site.

He ground himself into her, their bodies pressed so tightly together it was as if they were one. This was new and exciting and Jon’s frustrations from the last few weeks quickly tightened his cock, letting himself go as he burrowed deep inside her. Emma moaned softly into his ear. Realising that she wasn’t done, he quickly reached a hand down to her clit, letting her wetness and his cum mix together on his fingers, before rubbing her firmly; using his other hand to grope at her breasts. Emma arched her back, pushing her pelvis harder against his fingers. He groaned, leaning in to kartal escort kiss her, pushing two fingers roughly inside her as his tongue met hers. Emma was totally overwhelmed by the sensation and came quickly, squeezing his fingers with each wave of her orgasm.

Emma closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath. Even though she had cum, Jon continued stroking her, wondering if she had it in her to cum again. While her eyes were closed, be quickly knelt in front of her, swapping the fingers in her wet pussy for his tongue. Emma yelped, bringing her thighs together to stop him. Undeterred, he kissed and stroked her thighs gently until she relaxed. He moved back in with his tongue, gentler this time, more aware of how sensitive she was after her first orgasm.

Emma gripped the edge of the worktop, focussing on the feeling of his tongue between her legs. Jon relished the chance to go down on her. It was something he had fantasised about doing in various areas of the school. He took his time, carefully licking away any stray cum, before moving back to her sensitive clit. Emma was fully aroused again, listening to the sounds of Jon enjoying her pussy. Her husband would never do this. He felt it was unhygienic. Emma thought it was the best feeling in the world. She felt her clit throb with pleasure as Jon started to suck it gently, rolling his tongue around it until she was flushed and panting again.

With one hand still gripping the desk, she ran her other through his hair, holding him to her pussy as a second orgasm shuddered through her. Jon stood up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, smiling at Emma cheekily. Suddenly, they heard a bump against the door and watched the handle move down as someone tried to get in.

Jon and Emma froze. If anyone found them like this they would be in a lot of trouble! They stood silently, hardly daring to breathe as they listened to the muffled voices outside the door. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jon breathed, quickly gathering up his clothes and dressing as fast as he could. Emma did the same, trying not to make any noise as they moved around, or knock anything over. “What do we do?” Emma whispered, looking at Jon with fear in her eyes. Jon shrugged nervously. After a couple of minutes, the voices died away and Jon thought he heard the classroom door close. They waited another couple of minutes to be safe. Emma was cautious about them leaving the cupboard looking flushed. She reached over to Jon, tucking his shirt in and tidying him up a bit.

“Right,” he whispered, “I’ll unlock the door and check the coast is clear.”

Slowly he unlocked the door, still listening for any sounds coming from the classroom. He stepped out and pulled the door up behind him.

“Jon!” Emma heard Laura’s voice outside the door. Quickly she heard the key turn in the lock, locking her in. She panicked- was Jon locking her in to protect her or did Laura know and had locked her in? She moved closer to the door, straining to hear their conversation.

“I’ve been looking for you!” Laura purred, “I was just in here, how did I miss you?”

“No idea,” Jon mumbled, “What’s up?”

Laura lowered her voice and Emma couldn’t follow the conversation. Suddenly she heard Jon’s voice clearly on the other side of the door, “This is ridiculous! No Laura! Why won’t you take a hint??” Emma held her breath, wondering what was happening on the other side of the door.

Laura’s voice was loud and shrill. Emma could only make out a few words, “…your fault… tease… someone else…”

Jon’s stern voice broke through the shrill noise, “Of course there’s someone else, my wife!”

Emma’s stomach dropped. What were they doing? They were both married!

There were sounds of doors slamming and then silence. Seconds later, Emma heard the key turn in the lock again. Jon opened the door slowly. His face was red, “Coast is clear.”

Emma stepped out, unsure what to say. Jon stroked her face cautiously, smiling weakly. “That sounded like it went well?” Emma smiled back, raising an eyebrow. Jon let out a long breath. “It needed to be said…” he shrugged, “She just didn’t want to hear it. Tomorrow will be fun!” Jon grimaced and Emma chuckled.

“I’d better be off,” Emma said, glancing at the clock, “See you tomorrow?”

“Sure.” Jon nodded, a small smile on his lips.

He watched Emma leave the room and his mind wandered over what had just happened. Jon hoped he’d get another opportunity to taste her again soon…

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