Scoutmaster’s Wife Pt. 03

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At home that night, I decided to get a good night’s rest, after, of course, releasing a massive stream of cum that had been building up. Once the dam broke, and my flow subsided, I was rested and satisfied that soon be filling Mrs. McIntosh’s pussy with a big load.

A day went by, and there was no word from Mrs. McIntosh. From her reaction to my requirement that she get her husband’s permission to be fucked by me, I figured that she needed time to rethink the whole idea. Maybe she would back out. Or maybe she would think that fucking would be impossible but that she could get me to practice again on her panty covered pussy, like a musician practices on a keyboard, taping out major and minor themes, with rests now and then, to bring a concerto to an explosive final movement.

That would have been fine with me, too.

Short of fucking Mrs. McIntosh, my pleasure did reach a peak when she allowed me to touch and tickle her parted legs all the way up to her little hairy divided zone. The little dance I did on her concealed pussy while we continued to talk as if nothing unusual or inappropriate were happening, that alone sent me into an orbit of pleasure.

Still, one does want to fuck. And I felt I’d earned it.

On the third day, Mrs. McIntosh called my phone.

“Hi,” I answered, “I’m so glad to hear from you.”

She spoke a little haltingly, “Do you still insist on those conditions about my husband? He is away this afternoon for physical therapy, and I’m here all alone.”

I had been thinking about the option of a secret fuck, but from prior experiences I knew it was so much more satisfying if the husband watches his wife be dicked by a newcomer, especially for the first time. What it takes to get a husband and wife to that point, to have them actually ask me to fuck the wife, adds an entire new level to the scene. Many’s the time I have been at the point of first insertion of my cock into a wife, and my pleasure grows when I stop to look at her husband watching us intently as I proceed with the insertion. Nothing like it!

The fact that this was an older couple, and it was a husband and wife who I had known for so long, made this opportunity different. With strangers, I am just a guest. A big-dicked guest who was invited for the purpose of the wife’s pleasure and the husband’s anguish.

Mind you, there have been a few occasions with couples where the hubby was eager to suck my cock, and their motivation for the threesome was different from the usual cuckolding. I never object when a hubby wants to suck me, not as long as he does it in preparation for me to plunge it, harder than ever, into his wife.

Still, the McIntoshes presented unique challenges.

Back to our phone call, “Oh yes,” I replied to Mrs. McIntosh, “Your husband’s compliance is required. And don’t you think that’s the best policy?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

“If the shoe were on the other foot, wouldn’t you like him to be honest with you about his desire to fuck another woman?” I asked.

“That’s never come up, and I never suspected….” She was saying as I interrupted.

“Ah, do you mean that you have had other affairs?”

“Oh my goodness, no!” she answered.

“But surely you have wondered about other men,” I asked her. “You are such a beautiful woman, and you always have been. Your beauty has only grown more as you’ve aged.” Then I added, “Even when I was a Boy Scout, I used to think of you as I played with my cock, and I think most of the boys did.”

Her end of the phone was silent. I sensed that she was becoming aroused and wanted me to say more.

“I’ve dreamed about you in your underwear many times, and touching your panties the other day was a dream come true.”

She was still silent, so I continued, “I used to wonder what you and Mr. McIntosh did in bed. I wondered if you had a satisfying sex life or if you had a boring sex life. I used to wonder what your pussy looked like.”

Still silence. So I added, “And as I thought about your pussy, my cock would get hard and long and thick, and the more I thought about you little drops of my cum would bubble to the surface. Before long, I would be entirely juiced by my own cum while I imagined you naked.”

At that point, I heard Mrs. McIntosh breathing hard and sighing. She was starting to convulse from my little phone sex experiment.

“Back to our arrangement,” I said, “if you can’t discuss this with your husband, I’d be glad to come tomorrow and explain the situation to him and ask for his permission to fuck you.”

Whether it was under the pressure of her rising libido or in response to my offer, Mrs. McIntosh agreed. I was to come the next bostancı escort bayan evening after dinner. Until then, I was a good boy and did not touch myself or otherwise lose my concentration on the job ahead.

The next evening, I arrived and rang the bell.

Mrs. McIntosh came to the door, and she had dressed for the occasion. She wore a lovely dress with a full skirt, jewelry, and heels. Her hair looed fabulous, and her nails were perfectly done. But, she was shaking with nervous worry.

I embraced her and said, “There’s nothing to worry about.” And we kissed. As we kissed, my hands stroked her back and rested on the curve of her cheeks. She went up on tiptoe just a bit to allow my hands better access to her derriere.

“I don’t understand how this can work,” she said to me.

“You don’t need to do a thing. Leave it to me,” I answered.

She led me into the living room where Mr. McIntosh was in his wheelchair facing the sofa. The room was neat and clean, well decorated with lots of expensive furnishings. Mrs. McIntosh and I sat on the sofa facing her husband.

Mr. McIntosh could not walk or get out of his chair, but he would speak with difficulty. I had empathy for him, and as I’ve mentioned before he was a kindly scoutmaster to me when I was young. I had nothing but good feelings for him. But I also had to take account of the desires of his extraordinary wife, who had been the subject of my fantasies for so long. Surely, we could work out a mutually satisfactory solution.

I began, “Mr. McIntosh, we’ve known each other for a long time.”

He nodded.

“I have great memories of those years of scouting.”

He nodded again.

“Now, of course, I’m a grown man, and you and Mrs. McIntosh are that much older, too. I’m so sorry about your condition, but isn’t it wonderful that you have such a lovely wife to take care of you?”

He nodded again and tried to speak.

“That’s okay,” I said.

I looked at Mrs. McIntosh who was sitting immediately next to me and smiled. I took her hand in mine.

“Mr. McIntosh, when you led the troop of scouts, one of the things I liked best were those camping trips when Mrs. McIntosh came long.”

He smiled and nodded.

“But I need to make an admission to you,” I said. “The reason that I liked her on trips isn’t what most people would call polite.”

Mr. McIntosh just stared at me.

“Like many boys, I was entranced by the sight of mature and beautiful women, and your wife was all of that and more. She was the most beautiful woman I knew, and I must admit that I had fantasies about her.”

Mr. McIntosh was able to speak a few words, “You were like me when I was young.”

We all laughed at what he said, and he smiled.

At that moment, I knew that there was a high possibility of success that night. I smiled at Mrs. McIntosh and drew her hand into my lap so she could feel the progress of my erection as I talked to her husband.

“In fact, with your permission,” I said to him, “I’d like to be more specific and show you what I used to dream about.”

With her husband looking straight at us, I turned to Mrs. McIntosh and said, “Let’s show your husband what we did the other night.”

She looked startled, and without warning I told her, “Mrs. McIntosh, would you please raise your dress over your knees a bit so your husband can see your lovely legs?”

She was reluctant but complied.

“Let Mr. McIntosh see the color of your panties tonight.”

She was facing him directly, so all she had to do was part her legs a bit to allow him to see between her legs. I, of course, did not have that view.

I looked over at Mr. McIntosh and asked him, “What color are your wife’s panties?”

If he were angry or worried or upset, it didn’t show, and it took him a few moments to say, “white.”

I turned slightly and let my left hand move along the inside of her right leg. Mr. McIntosh watched as his former Boy Scout put his hand up his wife’s dress. For her part, Mrs. McIntosh was a bit tense and cooperated only because she need so badly to be fucked.

Farther and farther, I let my hand move along her leg, while her husband watched, until I once again had the tips of my fingers on her panties, directly over her pussy lips.

“I must apologize to you Mr. McIntosh,” I said, “because just the other evening I did this same thing to your wife, and she let me touch her like this.” He looked intently but did not try to speak.

As my fingers gently bounced over her panties, gaining a sense of her anatomy down there, feeling the trace of inner lips and the swelling of her mons, Mrs. McIntosh began ümraniye escort to relax and let her legs part further, even though her husband was watching every move of my fingers.

“So,” I said to him, “tonight I wanted to apologize to you for what I did and what I am doing now.”

As I spoke works like that, Mrs. McIntosh allowed herself to release, and her breath came in deep sighs. I carefully worked her panties until I knew that I was in control and could, with a few flicks of my finger, bring her to an orgasm in front of her husband.

“As personal as this is,” I said to Mr. McIntosh, “it got even more passionate when we came into your home that night and kissed.” As I said that, I leaned onto Mrs. McIntosh and kissed her deeply while still enjoying the silky feel of her panties.

I knew from prior experience that if I were Mr. McIntosh watching his wife be ravished like this in front of him, he probably had a hardon himself. So I asked Mrs. McIntosh, “Why don’t you show me Mr. McIntosh’s dick?”

She drew back and stared at me as if I were crazy.

“I’m serious,” I told her, “Go over there and let his cock out so he can enjoy this as much as we are.”

She walked to him and released his cock through is pajama bottoms. Sure enough, his little pecker was hard as a nail and about as skinny. He had a little pee-pee that might have been four inches long. But it was excited and happy to be out.

I explained to him, “We were careful not to violate your marriage, but we were naughty, don’t you think?”

Mr. McIntosh was in a state of excitement and didn’t try to respond.

“But now that you’re watching us, and we’re right here in front of you, I think it’s okay if your wife and I finish what we started.”

“Undress,” I told Mrs. McIntosh.

Standing between me and her husband, the beautiful and elegant Mrs. McIntosh started to unclothe herself. Somehow she removed her dress and other items until she stood in only her heels, bra and panties, and a pearl necklace.

“Wait,” I called out. And then I undressed. When I was down to my briefs, I teased them a bit by slowly lowering that last barrier to allow them to take in the scope of the tool that would soon be fucking Mrs. McIntosh.

My dick had never been harder or longer or thicker. Well, maybe I exaggerate, but it sure felt bigger than ever. All nine inches were now on display, thick and meaty, with a heart-shaped mushroom cap that was pinker than the long white shaft. Already soaked, a thread of cum dropped to their living room carpet. Both Mr. McIntosh and Mrs. McIntosh’s eyes were wide.

I returned to my place on the sofa and said, “Mr. McIntosh, I bet every one of the scouts in our troop dreamed of a moment like this.”

Mrs. McIntosh reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She faced me as her bra fell away from her breasts. My dream come true! They were perfect, even though aging. Her nipples were erect and perky even at her age.

“Isn’t this fun?” I asked her. She did not reply, but I looked at her husband and repeated the questing, “Isn’t this fun?” And he nodded.

Mrs. McIntosh reached her panties to slide them down, but I stopped her, “Now, isn’t it more satisfying for you to show me you pussy while your husband watches you?”

Again, she didn’t respond, but she slid them down. Soon, she stood upright, only in her heels and necklace. Between her legs was a furry tangle of black hair that concealed the details underneath. She looked very much as I had imagined from my fingerings of her pussy.

I rose, and with both of us naked, I embraced her and kissed her. She was more than on fire, and she was in a mood of complete surrender. With my hardon in between us, the only way to press our bodies together was to poke my cock between her legs. It rested against her cunt fur and extended out between her butt cheeks, with the threads of cum continuing to fall to the carpet.

As we kissed I considered lifting her up in my arms and starting the penetration right then and there. It would provide a good view for Mr. McIntosh.

I began the movement, lifting her off the ground and pulling her legs apart. As I elevated her, she could feel my cock against her pussy lips. The head of my dick was ready to enter her right at that moment.

“I could fuck you right now just like this,” I said. “But it would be too easy.”

She was wild eyed with passion, and only wanted that dick inside her soon. I set her down, and we kissed again as we spun around and I laid her down on the sofa.

Her legs fell to the side, spread wide in anticipation.

After teasing her for days and making her wait so long, I escort kartal said, “Not so fast. These things must be done delicately.”

I got on my knees, at an angle so that her husband could watch, and leaned forward to begin a methodical licking of Mrs. McIntosh’s very ready pussy. If she had been ready three days ago, and was ready ever since, I was going to make her wait a bit longer while I enjoyed her reactions to being tongued. And her reactions were a delight. I had never heard such squealing and felt such wiggling attempts satisfy herself.

For some time, I avoided her clitoris and licked and lapped her gently everywhere else, letting my tongue dive into her vaginal opening as I drew my tongue from her anal zone to the top of her mons, sliding to the left or the right of her clitoral area. She tried to thwart me and force my tongue onto her clit, and we wrestled a little to see who could control when she had pleasure and when it was a near miss.

Of course, one can’t be too mean for too long, and I let my tongue slide over her clitoral spot. At that moment, she went off like a rocket. She had become so sensitive that she screamed and shouted as she bucked and flailed. I had to hold on for dear life to keep my position and maintain control. As soon as she settled down, I would unleash another tongue thrashing that lit her fuse.

Finally, I was ready. She was more than ready. But at that moment, I wanted Mr. McIntosh to give his final approval.

With Mrs. McIntosh on the sofa with her legs spread wide and her entire being in a lather of pleasure, I turned to her husband and asked, “With your permission, Mr. McIntosh, this old scout would like to use this cock, and I pointed to my dick, to fuck Mrs. McIntosh.”

I think I could see that Mr. McIntosh’s peter looked sauced and puny, so I futured that he either could handle himself or he had an auto-erotic flow of cum.

I waited for him to respond, and I finally took his smile and look of utter contentment as his approval.

I raised myself to my knees so that my dick was level with Mrs. McIntosh’s pussy. She looked down as I arched my back to let my cock kiss her pussy lips. I was careful to be sure that Mr. McIntosh could also see the upcoming dicking of his wife.

“You’ve never had a dick like this, have you?” I asked.

I didn’t wait for an answer but leaned forward and added, “Well, now you will be fucked by a real dick.” And I entered her.

As usual in these circumstances, I pushed my cockhead into her pussy just a few inches and stopped, watching her facial response. She bit her lower lip as I pressed a little deeper, my balls dangling down and bouncing off the sofa cushion. Mrs. McIntosh moaned with pleasure as I dove deeper. I’d never felt such a tight pussy, and it was a surprise on an older woman. More and more, I could go deeper and deeper, but her tightness required me to wait from time to time for her to relax and allow for my size.

I alternated pressing for depth with pistoning strokes to lubricate her and to consolidate my inch-by-inch gains. I looked around at Mr. McIntosh, and I could see more cum pulsing from his dick, as if he were ejaculating without being touched. That made me smile.

Returning to my work, I pulled Mrs. McIntosh to my breast while I had most of my cock buried inside her. With her two legs spread and hanging over my legs, I took her by the waist and lifted her to a standing position, my cock still in her cunt cave.

We were now standing with her legs entwined around my waist and her arms around my neck and her pussy filled with my cock. I walked with her over to Mr. McIntosh so he could see up close as my cock poked upward into his wife’s pussy. Then I let her weight drop down for maximum penetration. She let out a little shout, then she shuddered.

With her in my arms, I walked her into their bedroom and laid her down. I returned to roll Mr. McIntosh into the room with us. Then I lay with her and began a gentle love making that lasted another hour or more. She took turns bouncing on top of my cock, then we tired the old fashioned positions looking for the best ways for Mrs. McIntosh to feel like a new woman.

It was quite a night, and I didn’t’ want it to end. My own ejaculation came when I didn’t expect it, and I filled her pussy with my spew. But to my surprise, the buildup to this wife fucking has been so intense that my erection didn’t go away. I remained hard even thought I had jettisoned a big load. This rarely happens, but I was glad for the ability to keep her satisfied through the night.

Finally, we were all tired and spent. Naked, I helped her get Mr. McIntosh into bed, and they two of them cuddled before sleeping. I rested on the sofa until daylight. The next morning, Mrs. McIntosh and I stayed naked and made coffee and got Mr. McIntosh up and ready for his day, a day that began with him watching his wife being fucked again after breakfast.

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