Seattle Sunday

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It’s a typical wet and rainy dreary Seattle Sunday. The clouds are a uniform grey. The rain is just thick enough that the trees are obscured by its fall. Light is diffused and soft, seems as though your eyes are just slightly out of focus. The blinds are open just enough to let enough light into the living room that there’s no need to turn on a light.

I let myself in, but you’re waiting in the entry, a soft exclamation of surprise; an intake of breath through the nose at the same time as a startled sigh escapes my lips and you laugh and you take me in your arms and with a kiss warmth envelopes me from head to toe. Your thumb reaches to that spot behind my ear and a giggle, sigh and moan escapes my lips all at once. My hand moves to the small of your back and your left hand moves to the small of mine, your fingers working the spaces in my spine.

Your right hand wraps from chin to the back of my neck and as you squeeze, my knees go weak, and I feel the warmth of juices beginning to flow from between my legs. My left hand grabs your side to keep me from falling and my right works its way to your hip, holding on and caressing.

You sense my unbalance and move me so my back is against the wall, your left leg between mine, your knee beginning to play against me. Your right hand still clutching my neck, holding me in place and up as my knees continue to buckle against the waves of heat, pleasure and excitement that course through me. Your left hand grabs my right hip and you begin to caress and work your thumb into the cavity of my hip.

My right hand moves from your hip, to inside the pocket of your pants, teasing through the thin cotton between me and your skin. Your hand moves close enough to feel the heat coming from between my legs and a small moan escapes your lips, you move to kiss my neck and I giggle, sigh and break away from you. You grab me by the wrist and the back of the neck and in one motion sweep me into your arms as our lips lock and tongues talk to each other through whispered sighs and moans.

You carry me to the couch, deciding at the last moment against it and move down the hallway to the bedroom. The door, partially open, swings easily and after a playful bite of my lower lip, you lightly toss me on the bed. I laugh and quickly scramble a little closer to the head of it before you drop next to me, again cupping my chin in your hand, your thumb tracing that spot behind my ear. A sighing moan escapes my lips and my head sways with the rush and waves of desire that float through me.

I lay on my left side, with my left arm under me. You on your right with your right arm under my head, bostancı escort bayan your right hand reaches up to grab the back of my neck. Instantly immobilized I moan and my left hand searches for you. Finding your pants pocket, again my fingers tease the area around your cock, searching for the head to play with.

Your mouth drops to my neck and kisses and small bites illicit moans and giggles from me. Your left hand moves to my hip and wanders its way up my side and under my sweater, over my breast, grabbing at my left breast through the cup of my bra; your fingers slide their way into the cup quickly pinching at my nipple on its way past; I giggle and your hand works its way back out under my sweater and traces its way back up to the hollow behind my ear it likes so much.

Our lips find each other again and our tongues intertwine and continue a conversation we can’t hear but can certainly feel.

My right hand moves across your back and to the small of it and to your hip and round the front to your inner thigh, my fingers trailing with just enough pressure to feel under your khaki pants. I trace a route from the top of your inner thigh as far down as I can reach without our lips detaching from one another.

My hand moves to the front of your pants and I play with the waistband, fingers moving along the just inside rim of pants and underwear. My left hand still in your pocket, fingers playing against near skin.

Your hand moves off my neck and down the front of my sweater, pushing me away just enough to give my right breast a squeeze through sweater and bra. Your hand moves to the waistband of my jeans and the buckle of my belt. Echoing my movements, your fingers play just inside the waistband of my jeans, until they reach the buckle of my belt.

Undoing the buckle and with one quick yank, as I raise my hips off the bed, slightly towards you, you pull the belt off and let it drop somewhere nearby.

I take this moment detach from the kiss, sit up, remove the sweater, dropping it somewhere to the left of the bed and fall back into your arms. Belt off, no sweater, bra and jeans. Our lips find each other again and you moan softly as your left hand finds the skin of my bare back. Caressing, your fingers play softly over my skin. Your mouth moves away from mine and you roll me to my stomach. Kisses cover my exposed skin. Soft and light. It’s hard to tell kiss from the feather touch of your fingers. Your right hand reaches to play with that spot behind my ear and as you squeeze the back of my neck and moaning sigh begins to emerge at exactly that moment your teeth close in on ümraniye escort my neck and the moaning sigh increases in pitch.

You undo my bra and work it out from under me and cup both breasts in your hands, kneading softly yet with some force as you hold me in place with the bite on the back of my neck. I cannot move; your bite is enough to keep me right where I am and as you straddle me from behind I simply let the waves of heat and lust wash over me. I can smell my own musk and as it mixes with yours desire wafts from the room and down the hall. Your hands run along my back and to my butt, they trace the outline of each buttocks and squeeze playfully.

I roll over. Now in classic missionary position, I’m on my back, breasts exposed and you’re above me. I reach for the front of you and you grab both of my hands, extending my arms above my head, pining me again as you kiss and softly nibble on my breasts and neck. Taking a nipple between your teeth you bite firmly but gently, rolling your tongue over the nipple, blowing on it slightly to remove the heat. An “oh my goodness” fills the room.

Your free hand reaches the front of my jeans, pops the button and pulls so the zipper drops on its own. As you move off of me you allow a small moan to escape your lips at the sight of the open jeans and the peak of panties beneath. Your begin to work the jeans off me and I oblige by lifting my hips off the bed towards you. I wiggle out of my jeans and they fall to the foot of the bed.

You have me pinned. Still.

I lay on my back in a pair of light purple panties. You are fully dressed. You begin to kiss again, starting at my neck. Kisses and light, lovely nibbles that extract moans and sharp intakes of breathe from me. My hips rise to meet you. You push them back to the bed, your fingers playing with the hip bone. Your fingers move to my inner thigh and I cry out, not a moan or a sigh, but a cry of pleasure which has no wordy equivalent. Your fingers caress that space just above the top of my panties, slipping just under and then out again. Teasing.

I want to reach down and take your cock in my hands. I want to tear my panties off. I am so hot and wet and the desire comes in waves that rack my body and cause my brain to short circuit.

Your fingers move my panties and as your lips move back to my mouth and our tongues start to talk again, your fingers play with my lower lips. Your middle finger plays with my clit. My clit so hard and standing up desires to be rubbed and pinched and it wants to be bitten like you bit the nipples. Your index and ring fingers play with each of the lips on either escort kartal side of my vagina. They are swollen and wet, my juices flowing hot.

My cunt wants to feel your tongue in it. It wants your cock in it. It wants your fingers in it. It wants to be filled by you. Any part of you it can get.

I pull my hands out from yours and start to help you with your shirt and your pants. As your underwear comes off, I take your cock in my hands. I play with your balls with one hand and grab the shaft of your penis in the other. I move so that I can take your head in my mouth and as I do I feel your fingers inside my vagina.

I moan with the feel of you in me; mouth and cunt. My lips around the head of penis. My tongue plays with the rim around the edge of the head and my hand moves up and down the shaft. I giggle a little as you play with my lips and my clit and squirm as your fingers play inside my pussy. Eventually my jaw hurts a little (your head is larger than most) and we move again.

I put you on your back and straddle you. Your cock enters me with resistance at first, with slow rocking motions we are able to eventually get it all in and I am able to sit back on my knees, with you under me, hands holding my hips and helping to guide the pace of my up and down motion; I lean forward and as we kiss, the sliding of your cock into me slows and as I sit back up we rock together faster and faster. I can feel you all the way in me, filling me up and the walls of my cunt grab hold of your cock as I cum.

Lightning bolts and waves of energy and desire and warmth as my cunt squeezes your cock and sit back and let the waves take me. You grab my hips to keep me on you as I’m bouncing up and down on you, completely out of control, if we’re not careful I’ll bounce right off. Moans of ‘oh my goodness,’ ‘dear god,’ and ‘oh,’ fill the room. You reach up with one hand and grab a breast and the other reaches to play with my clit. Which prompts a giggle and I move your hand back to my hip.

In mid orgasm, you move me off you. I’m lying on my back and you’re on your knees. You roll me to my stomach and pull me onto my hands and knees and you enter me from behind. Your hand holds my lower back in place. The other pulls my hips towards you. I can feel your balls slap against my inner thigh as you slide in and out of me. You tease me a bit with the head of your cock and then grab both my hips and thrust so I can feel the head all the way up my cunt. You grab my ass and give a light spank and part of me whispers to myself, harder.

And you do.

You push and thrust and I rotate my hips and you reach forward and pull at my nipples and you bite my back and we are simply in lust.

You roll me back to my back and push my left leg as high up as it will go and your cock enters my hot wet, slick cunt and we cum together and as we do the world stops and it’s just you and me and this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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