Second Summer Sex Party

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Chapter 1 – Sex Parties


It was just last summer that I first became involved with the local sex party scene. My best friend Beth was responsible for this as she was the one with a “lifetime membership” and had invited me along as her guest. In all, I attended four of these extremely private affairs last summer before returning to college. While overall I found them to be fun and arousing, from an emotional perspective they left me with a rather empty feeling. I mean, in most cases I didn’t even know the guy’s name yet I gladly allowed him to fuck me and even let most of them cum inside of me.

Even though Beth all but begged me to attend more of them, I decided to limit myself to these few. They were more for the occasional “fun” factor than anything else. Sort of a “been there, done that” type of thing.

This summer I had no sooner returned home from college for summer break than Beth was already urging me to join in again. I put her off at first but finally gave in around the beginning of July. As before, the party itself was fun while it lasted and while I’m definitely not sorry that I did it, it wasn’t exactly an emotional roller coaster. As far as I knew, Beth was aware of my true feelings about the parties and so in the past she had always waited for a “cooling off” period before she invited me to the next one. Knowing that, I was a bit surprised when barely two weeks later she was on the phone trying to convince me to join her yet again.

“Oh c’mon Kelly,” she implored me, “You had such a great time at the last time… oh admit it you slutty girl, you know you did!”

“I don’t know Beth,” I answered, trying to stall for time while I debated it inside my head, “It’s not like I’m hurting for sex or anything. I’m pretty satisfied I guess.”

Indeed, so far this had been the best summer in my life so far as sex went. Even better, much of it had been something new or unusual which always turns me on. Included in the middle of it all was the first sex party of the summer, just a couple of weeks earlier.

“Don’t even TRY to pull THAT one on me, sister,” Beth chastised me with a hint of laughter in her voice, “Like, I’ve never seen you ‘satisfied’… not ever.”

Well, she had me there so what could I say? It’s not like I am a drug addict or anything, I just happen to enjoy sex – a LOT. Some people have accused me of being a nymphomaniac but I honestly take exception to that characterization. Like, I don’t HAVE to have sex, I just enjoy having it as often as possible. Personally, I think most people would have it more often if they could and so they look at people like me and get jealous which leads them to criticizing my lifestyle when it’s their own that’s the problem.

The next party wasn’t until Friday night which left me a couple of days to ponder it. About all the wait did was give me time to imagine what MIGHT happen. Every one of these I’d been to was unique in its own way. I can still remember my first party vividly, like it happened yesterday. You can imagine my surprise when I learn that I had to be “initiated”. Actually, it wasn’t all that bad so far as initiations go. All I had to do was let the host fuck me in front of everyone to start off the party. In the end, it turned out to be a great way to let everyone get to know me right off the bat, and I really mean “know” me!

Chapter 2 – The Week Before the Party


Thursday night before the party I was watching TV with my parents in the family room. There wasn’t anything on that interested me so I was just lying back on the couch, daydreaming about nothing in particular when my thoughts turned to the upcoming party.

Probably one of the craziest things I’ve done at one was last summer. There were twelve guys there and I let them fuck me one after the other, almost like an assembly line. A guy would fuck me until he was ready to cum and then I suck his cock until he came while the next guy in line had a go at my pussy.

It was the most guys I had ever been fucked by right in a row like that. None of them fucked me all that long so I wasn’t sore afterwards, but my stomach churned a bit which I guess was a result of all the cum I swallowed. As if I needed to be told, I was sure that I never wanted to be porn star! Even though I probably will never do such a thing again, it’s still gets me off to think back about it.

Being it was after supper and I wouldn’t be going anywhere else that night, I had already changed into my standard evening wear – one of my dad’s clean and pressed dress shirts stolen straight from his closet. It was a pale blue with long sleeves and tails that that hung down to my knees when I stood up. Usually I would fasten a few of the buttons in the middle just to keep it from flying around and then roll up the sleeves.

There was no need to wear panties around the house and it felt good anyway to be bare-ass under the loose-fitting material. bostancı escort bayan Actually, I normally only wear panties when I’m having a heavy flow or wearing an outfit that is too short to get away without them. About the only exception is when I’m out on a date and I want to tease the guy a bit by flashing him my panties. The same principle applies to bras. Unless the outfit and circumstances demand that I wear one, they are more for show and teasing than anything else.

The more I recalled the memories of that night, the deeper my concentration became and the more I tuned out what was on the TV, not to mention my parents who were kicked back in their matching Lazy-Boys. I wiggled my bare butt a bit to settle into the couch better and next thing I knew my hand was between my smooth thighs. Honestly, I couldn’t even remember putting it there; it was just an instinctive reaction. The shirt tails parted and fell to the sides of my hips, leaving me with easy access to my shaved pussy.

At first, I just held my crotch in the palm of my hand, pulling upwards on it to put a little pressure on me. Damn I was warm! A tingle ran through me raising goose bumps all over my body in its wake causing me to tighten my legs together to further squeeze my hand up into my crotch. Mmmmmmm, I could tell my naughty pussy was hungry from the way I felt it throbbing under my hand and fingers. My middle finger pressed in harder and worked its way between my pussy lips until it was just inside of my pussy hole, which was getting wetter by the second. My finger then pulled out, dragging the wetness up along my pussy slit. I repeated the process until my entire pussy and clit were covered with my pussy juices.

My head was filled with memories of anonymous cocks slipping in me, of hard dicks attached to guys I didn’t know and never would. I moaned softly to myself as my finger pressed itself into me further, reminding me of how their cocks felt as they slid into my swollen cunt one after the other. Once again I shifted my ass around to try to get more comfortable and finally I just gave up and draped my inner leg up onto the top of the couch, exposing myself even more to make it easier to masturbate. Mmmmmmm, this was MUCH better!

With my free hand I quickly undid the few buttons that were done which allowed the shirt to fall to my sides, exposing my breasts and nipples which had already hardened into bullets. One at a time, I caressed each with my hand, pulling gently on the nipples and then letting them slip between my fingertips until they suddenly let loose and snapped back. God I loved to play with my boobs, especially my nipples which were easily aroused and so sensitive once they were.

My eyes were shut all this time and in my mind the guy fucking me was about to cum so he pulled out from me and immediately shoved his swelling cock in my open mouth. I took my finger from my pussy and started to suck on it, savoring my pussy the same as I had on his cock that day. Damn it tasted so good!

Of course, the one thing my finger couldn’t do was cum like their cocks had cum in my mouth. Instead, I put my finger back into my pussy, reminding myself of the next guy in line who was now entering me and getting himself off by violating my body. My tongue wet my lips which I then unconsciously licked as I remembered how good it felt and tasted when the cock in my mouth exploded with sperm. The gooey mixture would fill my mouth and cover my tongue, sometimes even spilling out over my chin and cheeks.

Of course, everyone was watching us and I loved the look in the other girls’ eyes when they saw each guy take his turn in my mouth and then cumming in my mouth. By the time I was done, my face was covered in cum, despite my best efforts to keep it in my mouth as much as possible.

By now, one finger in my pussy wasn’t enough so I pushed a second in alongside the first. I slowly pumped my fingers in and out of me, as deep as I could press them inside my cunt. God I wanted to be fucked so badly – but with a real cock! Gradually at first, and then faster as it seemed to gain momentum like a snowball rolling down a hill, I felt my orgasm building in me.

Sometime when I came, it was out of the blue, like stepping in front of a Greyhound bus and suddenly being smacked hard from out of nowhere. In those case it was generally incredibly intense, like fireworks that rose quickly and then flared brightly in the sky. Just as the fireworks display dies away quickly, so usually did those type of orgasms making them extremely intense but relatively brief and fast to fade away. I would say these types of orgasms were the most common for me given the forms of sex I tend to have. When a guy fucks you there isn’t a lot of time to savor a long orgasm and a quick, intense one works out best in most cases.

As it turned out, the “fireworks” version of my orgasm was NOT on the menu today. Instead, I could tell this one was going to of the more ümraniye escort rare “smolder and burn” styles. The best way I can describe it is to compare it to starting a fire with flint. A spark starts ignites a small flame that has to be nurtured and then gradually builds and becomes a strong fire. Like a fire compared to a firecracker, this orgasm burns in me much longer and then gradually dies away, leaving its embers to smolder long afterwards.

Most of the times when I make myself feel this way is when I masturbate as it is then that I have the time and patience to touch myself in just the right way to trigger things. Other than masturbating, the vast majority of these are associated with my mom and aunt, two older women who know how to treat me the way a woman loves to be treated.

It was like a fire was now in my pussy, spreading out across my entire body until every pore on my skin seemed to be dripping flames. I was driven to drop my leg down from the top of the couch and then turned on my side until I was facing the couch, in practically a fetal position, with my hand still between my legs. During the whole time, I never stopped rubbing my hardened clit and fingering my wet pussy.

My thighs were now pressed tightly together with my hand squeezed between them, my fingers doing all the moving between them. The sexual pleasure within me was becoming so intense I wanted to cry out to tell the whole world how I felt. Instead I bit my lower lip and moaned so softly that I doubt anyone could hear me more than a few feet away. My free hand was soon on top of my first, pressing the inside hand even tighter against my crotch.

The sheer bliss of my orgasm at this point was almost unbearable. It was one thing to run up the mountainside, hit the peak, stay there briefly and enjoy the view, and then quickly climb back down again. It was another thing to ride the slow chairlift up, and then spend the afternoon at the high altitude before a leisurely paced trip back down. Just as a person can get lightheaded if they remain at the mountain peak too long, so it was with an extended orgasm. For a moment I thought I might even pass out as my vision narrowed and things went out of focus.

It was like fighting the devil and angel in each shoulder. My little devil was forcing my hand to keep touching myself, prolonging the agony of such incredible pleasure. At the same time, what was left of my consciousness, as represented by my angel, was screaming at the top of her lungs at me to stop before I blacked out – or worse.

What made it more interesting was that anyone watching me probably would have thought that I had fallen asleep. I was laying on my side, curled up tightly like a baby, with my head tucked in against the back of the couch. The only clue would have been the way I periodically jerked reflexively as a spike of pleasure nailed me and then quickly ebbed away. Perhaps if they were close enough they might hear the almost constant low moan that was coming from somewhere deep down inside of me. If they were REALLY observant, they might even see the small but steady flow of pussy cum that was draining from me and down the back of my ass onto the couch.

Slowly, ever so slowly, such that it took me a bit to even realize it was happening, the fire in me began to consume its fuel and gradually died down. At this point I wasn’t even moving, holding my head steady against my pussy, peeling the rapid pulse of my heart as it pounded inside my chest. It was like I was floating down from the peak on a balloon with a slow leak, gradually descending until finally I was back safely on the ground.

Back on earth once again, I heaved a heavy sigh and then turned onto my back. I stretched my arms and legs out straight in front of me and shook off the last feelings of the incredible orgasm I had just had. God I felt so damn good! My nasty pussy was still throbbing and pulsing, even without me touching it. Trust me on this one, had a guy been there with a real cock to fuck me, I probably would have hit the ceiling at the first feel of his cock pushing itself inside of me.

Eventually I opened my eyes and from the TV I could tell that I must have been at it for longer than I thought. The show we had been watching was long over – as well as the one after that! Damn, it hadn’t seemed that much time had passed when I was masturbating but there was no disputing the evidence. I turned onto my side such that I now facing away from the couch and saw my parents were still in their chairs. It may seem odd to some people, but the thought never crossed my mind the entire time that they might be watching me.

My dad was the first to notice that I was looking at him and he just flashed a grin back at me. With his leg rest up and laying back the way he was, I couldn’t see his crotch which meant I couldn’t see whether he was hard or not. Somehow I suspected he was and in fact, I would have been more than a little disappointed if he wasn’t.

My escort kartal mom was working on some new crocheting project but she must have heard me stir as she was looking over at me as well. Unlike my dad, she didn’t really seem all that interested in what I had been doing. I guess over the years such a thing becomes less newsworthy the more you see it done and this wasn’t by any means the first time she had seen me masturbate. Heck, she was the first one to teach me!

“My, looks like someone’s pretty worked up tonight. So what’s the story miss horny?” my mom asked.

I was speechless for a second as I hadn’t really expected her to say anything since she typically didn’t under such circumstances. Usually it was my dad who was the one making the sly comments with the sexual innuendos mixed in.

I told them both about the party I was going to the next night and my mom just rolled her eyes and went back to her project. That didn’t bother me as I knew she would be first in line when I got home tomorrow night to hear all about my adventures.

My dad, on the other hand, had his interest peaked and he asked me a number of questions about the party, none of which I really could answer. How many people would be there? No idea. What was the theme? No idea. How many guys did I plan to let fuck me? Again, no idea.

My dad looked at me with a questioning gaze and I could almost hear him asking me, “Well, what DO you know about it?”

The truth was, like all of the previous parties, I had absolutely no idea what was waiting for me. Actually, that was what was part of the appeal for me, the suspense and thrill of the unknown. Would I be fucked by just one guy or twenty? Would they fuck me alone or in a group – or both? Would I just be with guys or would maybe some girls want me as well? Well, there was only one way to find out – go!

In the end I just shrugged my shoulders with a blank look on my face. My dad looked over at my mom who shrugged her shoulders as well. He seemed to give up on the subject and went back to the TV program he was watching, leaving me alone to my own devices (literally) on the couch.

My pussy was still throbbing like crazy. In a way, I was a little disappointed as usually when I would masturbate like this in front of my dad he would get hot and horny, providing me with a great opportunity to satisfy him. Evidently, whatever he was watching on TV must have been more important than fucking me so I decided to go upstairs and take care of myself in private so I wouldn’t distract him from his precious TV program. I guess when you’re not in the mood, you’re not in the mood and this was one of those rare times when my dad wasn’t.

I gathered up my dad’s shirt around me and announced I was heading up to take a shower. Neither of them even bothered to respond so I just rolled my eyes and huffed dramatically before walking up the stairs. Outside the bathroom I let the shirt slide from my shoulders and I gathered it up in a ball and dropped it in the laundry chute which emptied out in the basement by the wash machine. Now that I was nude, I stepped in the bathroom and turned on the light over the sink along with the overhead fan.

The loud rustle of the fan always annoyed me and this time it seemed especially loud and squeaky for some reason. As much as it was a pain in the ass, my dad was a stickler for using it as he claimed the damp air would damage the wallpaper unless the fan was running to take it out. Well, maybe someday he would replace this old clunker and then my mom and I wouldn’t mind running it as much.

I slid the door aside on the shower and reached in to turned the knob to HOT. Our water heater must have been in the next county or something because it always took ages for the water to heat up and then when it did, you could have cooked lobsters with it if you weren’t careful. The instant the water started to heat up, I quickly dialed back the temperature until it was nice and hot, but not TOO hot.

Gingerly I stepped over the edge of the tub and carefully planted my feet on the bottom of the slippery porcelain. Sliding the glass door closed behind me, I turned and let the water cascade down from my head, over my shoulders and down my back and butt.

One of my favorite household “appliances” has got to be our shower massager. With more settings than anyone could possibly ever need, it was attached to a long stainless steel clad hose that allowed it to be detached and pointed anywhere you wanted – and I do mean anywhere. When we were in the store looking to buy our latest version, my dad was teasing me about never getting out of the shower if we bought this one.

My pussy still hadn’t completely calmed down from my earlier adventures and I could almost hear it calling out to me, “Kelly… I want a massage!” Well, who was I to say no to my own pussy? After all, it never tells me no when I want something from it! Turning around, I reached up and pulled the massager from its holder. It was still set on a steady stream, like any normal shower head would provide, and I directed the stream down between my legs. The hot water struck my crotch with a firm but gentle force and almost instantly I could feel that familiar tingle returning.

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