Seduced by a Fantasy

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I married my high school sweetheart shortly after we graduated. Things were good for a while, but a few years after our son was born we started to have trouble in the marriage. We stayed together for the sake of our son, which is a bad idea, I know. The marriage became loveless and sexless so when our son turned 14 years old, we divorced. I was now a single, working mother.

Spending my time working and raising my son made my social life was nonexistent. I’m not a bad looking woman and I get plenty attention from men, but I just never seemed to find the time, or the energy to date, and raising a son made thoughts of a serious relationship almost impossible. I think I went out on 3 dates over the next 4 years. My sex life was confined to my fingers, various vibrators and other toys. Occasionally I’d load a porn video on my laptop and finger myself to orgasm while watching some woman getting laid. I worked, raised my son and somewhere along the line my son became a very handsome 18 year old, intelligent, considerate, young man.

One evening, last summer, as I sat on the couch watching a movie I heard the water running in his bathroom so I assumed that he was taking a shower. Pretty soon the water shut off but I didn’t hear him moving about. Not really thinking anything about it I just thought he’d gone to bed after showering. I finished up watching the movie and decided to grab a quick shower myself and go to bed. When I got up to the top of the stairs I noticed the door to his bathroom was opened just a little bit and the light was still on. I started walking towards the bathroom, thinking to turn off the light and save some money on the electric bill, when I heard some soft moans coming from inside the room. I quietly walked up to the door and peeked inside. I don’t know what I was expecting to see or why I even did that, but I did, and I was a little shocked and surprised at what I saw, and heard. My son was laid back in the bathtub, stroking his erect cock with a soapy hand and half moaning, half whispering, “Oh, Mom. Oh, Mom.”

My mind went blank and I just froze; not really thinking anything at all, just watching. In just a couple of seconds he arched his back a little, moaned my name again just as a long stream of cum spurted from his cock. I watched as he continued to stroke himself as a second, smaller stream, followed by yet another smaller stream of cum gushed from his cock. I quietly backed away from the doorway and headed for my bedroom, the image of what I’d just seen burned in to my mind. I closed my bedroom door behind me and begin undressing as I walked to the bathroom that’s attached to my room. As I slid my panties down I realized that my pussy was swollen and completely wet. I was ashamed and embarrassed at that. I was sexually excited to the point that my panties had become wet, and what had excited me so was seeing my son masturbate while fantasizing about me! This was wrong, yes, but for some reason it was also incredibly erotic and exciting. I put it out of my mind as best as I could while I showered. I thought about other things; work, bills, things like that. Everything was fine until I slipped on one of my nightgowns and crawled in to my bed. As soon as I closed my eyes I saw him stroking his cock. I heard him moaning and whispering my name. I saw the streams of cum flowing from his cock, shooting high up in the air then splashing back town on his slim stomach. I found myself guessing at the length of his young manhood and wondered if it was as big, or bigger than his father’s? I told myself that these thoughts were wrong and that I shouldn’t be having them, but no matter how much I tried to put them out of my mind, they remained. While trying to push them from my mind I was surprised, yet again, when I realized that unknowingly I was wet and had began to lightly rub and massage my swollen clit. I quickly pulled my hand out from between my legs, turned over on my side and closed my eyes. Sleep eventually came and soon, too soon, came the morning; and with the morning came the memory of what I had seen and heard last night.

Trying to concentrate on work the next day, while trying to forget the night before, what a little on the difficult side. I was distracted, just going through the motions at work while my mind replayed the events of the last evening. I didn’t realize how much of what I’d witnessed was affecting me until Pam, my friend and co-worker, stopped by my desk and said asked, “Pleasant thoughts?”, while smiling.


“Are you having pleasant thoughts?”, she asked, while gazing down at my breasts.

I was extremely embarrassed when I became aware that my nipples were hard as diamonds and the outline of them clearly visible through my blouse.

“No, it’s just one of those things.”

That brought me back to reality for the rest of the day. For good I hoped. That hope lasted until I got home.

Getting through the evening was a little stressful. In spite of my best attempts I found myself masaj porno remembering the night before. Several times throughout the evening I found myself staring at his crotch. Thankfully, he never saw me doing so. Later in the evening he came over, kissed me good-night and told me he was going up to take a shower then go to bed. As I watched him going up the stairs I couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to masturbate while thinking about me again. For some reason the thought of him doing so turned me on so much. No sooner had that thought crossed my mind and I felt my nipples beginning to get hard. I felt my pussy beginning to swell. By the time I’d made it up the stairs an to my room, my pussy was getting very wet. I stripped off my clothes and stepped in to the shower. My mind was racing, wondering if he was stroking his cock, thinking of me. I finished my shower and slipped in to my bed, naked. I lay there wondering, listening, hoping I would hear him jacking off. My nipples were hard, my pussy soaking wet. I slipped my hand between my legs and begin fingering myself while massaging my swollen nipples with my other hand. The memory of him stroking his cock with his soapy hand, the cum gushing from his cock, brought me to orgasm in just a couple of minutes. It was one of the most intense, most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had. I felt ashamed afterwards but I couldn’t deny the intense pleasure I’d just experienced. Every night when he’d go upstairs to take a shower, or bath, I’d wonder if he was thinking of me, fantasizing of filling my pussy with his cum. I was becoming obsessed, but the pleasure I’d feel when I’d touch myself was undeniably seductive and addictive. Seductive and addictive enough to the point that I began to fantasize about having an orgasm while his cock was buried deep inside of me. It was dangerous and it was wrong, but it was so good. I had told myself I’d never act upon my fantasies and I had no plan of doing so. The summer begin to fade, fall arrived and the leaves fell; and unknowingly, so did my resolve not to make both of our fantasies become a reality.

That Saturday was one of our typical “Indian Summer” days. It was hot and humid. Just like summer. The trees had dropped almost all of their leaves and my front and back lawns were covered. I had planned on raking and bagging them up then setting them out for curbside pickup. So after a quick breakfast I slipped on some old shorts, and old t-shirt, grabbed the rake and got busy. Since it was so hot and sticky I didn’t get in a big hurry, but rather took my time and took plenty of breaks to cool off, sit in the garage and drink something cold. Even though my son had made plans with some of his friends, he still offered to help me clean up the yard. Our yard isn’t that big so I thanked him for the offer and told him to go enjoy his day. By the end of the day I was filthy. Covered in dust that had mixed with the sweat and turned to mud, pieces of leaves and grass. Tired, I needed a long hot shower or a long hot bath. Either one would suit me just fine. I decided that a shower would be better so I went inside, stripped down and got in my shower. The hot water felt so good running over my body. The muscles that were tense and aching relaxed, and if it were possible to sleep standing up I would have taken a nap right there. I finished washing up then slipped on a clean pair of shorts and another t-shirt. Since I was just going to lazy around the house the rest of the evening I didn’t bother putting on any panties. My breasts aren’t huge, a little more than a handful actually so I didn’t bother putting on a bra. After wearing one all day, and sweating to death it felt good not to have one of those things wrapped all around me. I got some quick dinner then sat down on the couch to watch some television. Around 7:00PM or so my son came home. We talked a little about our respective days then he got something to eat and went upstairs to take a shower. After he finished doing that he came back down and sat down on the couch with me where we finished watching one movie then started another. By now it was getting late and I was tired so I decided to go to bed. I was tired, in a good way, but while I had been sitting on the couch my leg muscles, which weren’t used to that kind of workout, had tightened up. My son saw me kind of limp a little and asked me if I was alright. I told him that I was fine but that my leg muscles were tired and tightened up. He asked me if I wanted him to put some of that sports cream stuff on them but I told him no, I didn’t want that because I don’t like the way it smells, but I could use just a straight muscle massage for a few minutes if he didn’t mind.

We went up to my room and I laid down on my tummy and told him that the calf muscles were the ones that ached the most. His hands running up and down the backs of my legs, massaging the tired muscles, felt fabulous. As he continued massaging me I couldn’t help but remember what I’d heard and seen him do. I couldn’t meet suck and fuck porno help but remember the intense orgasms I’d had, touching myself and remembering seeing him stroking his cock. I tried not to think about those things but I couldn’t help myself, and soon I felt my nipples beginning to harden and noticed a slight moisture between my legs.

“Higher”, I told him. “The backs of my thighs ache too.”

His hands slid up past the back of my knees.

“A little higher.”

I kept having him go higher and higher until his hands were just below the curve of my ass. By now I was completely wet and wanting to feel something more than just a leg massage.

“A little to the inside.” I said.

I moaned softly as his hands slid to the inside of my thighs.

“Just a little farther in. Yes, right there.”

God, it felt so good. My nipples were rock hard now and my pussy was beginning to throb and ache. I spread my legs open just a little bit and told him, “A little more inside and a little higher.”

By now his hands were traveling up the inside of my thighs from the my knees to just inches from my pussy. I spread my legs a little wider. In my shorts with no panties I’m sure he could see my pussy. Or at least part of it.

“That feels so good.” I told him.

I think at this point, he began to wonder just how far I was going to let him go because his hands stopped traveling down to my knees and stayed very close to my pussy. With each little movement of his hands he was getting closer and closer to the place I was going to let him touch. Slowly, hesitantly, his hand slipped up over the curve of my ass then back down. Not saying anything to him bolstered his daring and soon both of his hands were massaging my entire ass, and occasionally sliding as close to my pussy as possible without actually touching it. As his hand slid back down between my legs I spread them open as far as I could. Through the material of my shorts I felt the edge of his finger brush my pussy. I said nothing at all. He slid his hands back and then back between my legs again. This time he let his finger stay pressed up against my shorts covered pussy just a little bit longer before removing it. The next time he slid his hand between my legs and against me, I pushed back against his hand just a little bit. Now he was sure that touching me there was allowed. He begin moving his finger up and down the outside of my shorts. Following the slit between my lips. After just a few minutes I felt his fingertips slip inside my shorts and softly touch my wet and aching pussy lips. I laid completely still as I continued to touch me. He continued touching me this way for several minutes. Was he hoping for more? Wondering if he could have more? I don’t know. I didn’t say anything. I thought I would just let him do what he wanted when he wanted. I felt him pull at the crotch of my panties slightly; opening up some room so he could slip his hand all the way inside of them. I gasp slightly as one of his fingers slowly slipped inside of me, penetrating me like a tiny cock.

“Take them off.” I said to him as I arched my hips so he could slide them down.

“Mom, I…”

“Take them off.”

He slid my panties down past my hips and I moved again so he could take them off completely. As he turned to toss them on the floor I rolled over on my back. His eyes immediately locked upon my hardened nipples.

“Now my shirt,” I told him.

Without a word he lifted my shirt up over my head and tossed it on the floor as well.

I laid back down on the bed, breathless, scared. I felt like a virgin again. I was so nervous and so hot all at the same time.

“Come here.” I told him.

As he leaned down towards me I put my hands on his head and guided his mouth towards my nipples. I sighed deeply as I felt his warm mouth close over my left nipple, his tongue circling the tiny mountain of hot flesh while his hand massaged my right breast. I could feel his body trembling as he slid his other hand down my body and between my legs. Slowly, softly, he slipped two of his fingers inside my pussy and begin fucking me with them while he sucked and massaged my breast. I could feel the very beginnings of an orgasm starting deep inside my body. I didn’t want to cum yet so I told him to stop. He looked at me, a puzzled look on his face. I know he was wondering if I was changing my mind as I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed.

“Come over here.” I told him.

As he got up I could see his erect cock pushing the material of his shorts out. When he got over in front of me I told him to take his shirt off. As he was pulling his shirt up over his head I reached up and slowly slid his shorts down. His cock immediately stood straight out, pointed directly at my face. God, it was so beautiful. It was hard, throbbing. I could see some of the veins just beneath the skin. From the tip of his cock I could see the milf porno little drops of clear semen seeping out. I wanted to taste them so bad. I wanted to feel that hard, warm cock in my mouth more than anything else in the world. Looking up at him I reached out and took him in my hand and begin slowly stroking him.

“Last summer”, I said, “I saw you in the bath tub. I watched as you were stroking your cock and saying, “Oh mom.” I stood at the door and watched you cum while fantasizing about me; and even though I shouldn’t have, I’ve thought about that ever since then. I’ve also touched myself while remembering what I saw and heard that night. I never thought I would ever do anything like this and I didn’t plan on this happening tonight, but it has and it is.”

I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth. It was hard, pulsing and warm in my mouth. So smooth. I could taste the slight saltiness of his semen.

“Oh God,” I heard him say as I cupped his balls in my hand and gently massaged them. He put his hands on my head and begin to move his hips back and forth slightly. I wanted to suck him off; wanted to feel and taste his cum as he shot it in my mouth. Only the memory of seeing how much, and how powerful his cum flowed from his cock stopped me from doing so. I wanted to feel that inside of me. Deep inside of me.

I slowly slid my lips off of his cock and laid back down on the bed. I could see his cock throbbing with every rapid beat of his heart and I wanted him inside of me so bad. Whatever thoughts I’d had about how wrong it was, whatever inhibitions I’d had were gone. All I wanted was to feel the weight of his body on top of me and his cock sliding in and out of me. So I spread my legs all the open for him.

I think he must have been in some kind of shock because he just stood there beside the bed staring at my pussy. His eyes moved from my pussy to my nipples, then to my eyes, then back to my pussy. I was so hot I could feel the wetness running down the length of my pussy and on to the bedspread.

I motioned for him to come closer, which he did. I reached up and took his cock in my hand and stroked him slowly.

“It’s ok”, I told him; but still he just stood there.

He reached down and begin feeling my breast while I continued to stroke him.

“It’s ok. I want you to fuck me, but only if you really want to fuck me. Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes,” he said in a trembling voice that I could barely hear.

So I asked him again, “Do you want to fuck me?”

This time he’d found his voice. “Yes!”

I put my hand on his thigh and pushed him down toward the end of the bed.

“Then fuck me.” I said as I raised my legs up in the air.

He was so excited, so eager that he almost jumped on me.

“Wait,” I told him, “Put my legs up over your shoulder before you enter me.”

He reached down under my knees and placed my legs up over his shoulders just as I’d told him.

I looked up at him, “Now,” I said.

I could feel him shaking and trembling so bad. Part nerves, part disbelief, and a lot of lust, I’m sure.

I reached down between his legs and guided the tip of his cock to my pussy. I rubbed the tip of him up and down my wet slit. It felt so good that I could have cum in just a few minutes of that. I centered the tip of his cock against the opening of me and gently pulled him down until I felt the head of his cock start to slide inside of me. My heart was pounding. I could barely breathe. The farther he pushed himself inside of me the better it felt.

“Oh my God,” I said as I felt the last inch of his cock fully enter me.


“Nothing. It just feels so good. It’s ok. Don’t stop.”

He started to slid in and out of me, fucking me very slow and gentle while staring into my eyes.

“Does it feel good?” I asked him.

“Oh mom, I never thought I would ever get to do this to you.”

“I never thought you’d do this to me.

The want, the need to have him inside of me was so intense. I hadn’t had a cock inside of me for a little over four years.

“Fuck me.” I told him.

He begin to thrust inside of me a little faster and harder. Thinking of everything, remembering everything, all of the thoughts I’d had of him inside of me while I touched myself was pushing me towards an orgasm faster than I ever imagined. I started pushing up against him as he thrust inside of me.

“Fuck me. Yes, fuck me. You’re going to make me cum.”

He started to slow down then he stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Nothing, I’m just about to cum and I don’t want to do that yet.”

“It’s ok,” I told him. “I want you to cum and I’m almost about to cum myself.”

He started moving inside of me again. Slowly at first, the harder and deeper. Immediately I could feel my orgasm starting to build.

“Don’t stop!” I told him. “Please, don’t stop. I’m going to cum. Yes, keep going! Oh my God, you’re going to make me cum!”

I arched my back and pressed myself hard against him. I could feel the tip of his cock touching the bottom of my pussy as my orgasm begin to build. He slid his cock out of me until just the tip was still inside of me and when he pushed himself back in me my orgasm hit me, hard!

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