Seducing Anya Ch. 04

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After a long hiatus, finally had a chance to write more of this ongoing three-way incest/bisexual romance. To recap: Valerie, a twentysomething bisexual girl, is in a happy and kinky relationship with her well-hung boyfriend Cal. However, when Cal’s beautiful younger sister Anya comes to visit, Valerie quickly falls in love with her. Valerie drunkenly seduces Anya, who reveals that she has been in love with her own brother for years. After a tense confrontation, Valerie manages to convince Cal to make love to Anya, as a form of sexual healing.

This chapter resumes the story a couple of weeks later, when the three of them have become lovers. It’s a longer and gentler chapter than the previous ones, showing the development of their sexual relationship, and setting the scene for major events to come.

Be aware, this story has strong lesbian/bisexual elements and a lot of pissing, as well as the brother-sister romance. There is also a backstory involving abusive relationships, but the main story does not feature any kind of abuse.

Tags: Bisexual/Lesbian, Piss, Brother/Sister Incest, Big Cock

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged over 18.


Valerie was woken from a rather sexual dream by the creak of the bedsprings and the rustle of the duvet being moved aside. She opened her eyes, confused, and squinted in the dimness. Her boyfriend had risen from the bed and was padding naked towards the ensuite bathroom. The curtains were drawn over the picture windows, allowing in only a few shafts of steel-grey morning light, which softly illuminated his tall, leanly muscled body as he walked.

“Cal?” Valerie murmured.

“Hey, babe. Don’t get up. I’m going to the gym.” Cal half-turned to look at her, a tired smile crossing his boyishly handsome face. “You and Anni can sleep in.” He spoke softly, and Valerie realised Anya was still asleep. The younger girl’s nude body was pressed comfortably against her own beneath the sprawling, disordered duvet, which had covered all three of them.

As her man disappeared into the bathroom, Valerie turned over in bed to admire Cal’s little sister. God, she was a sight to see. Anya’s face was flawless in the pale morning light, faint shadows outlining her superbly elegant cheekbones, her sharp little nose, her sweet pink lips like tiny, kissable petals. Her long raven-black hair haloed her sleeping face, unruly strands adorning her smooth, finely sculpted shoulders. She was the picture of innocence, looking even younger than her twenty-one years.

That innocent image was slightly marred by the fact that Anya was completely naked. Her side of the big duvet had become tangled around her as she slept, and both of her pale breasts were exposed. Valerie drank in the sight of them – high, pert, and beautifully symmetrical, with nipples the soft pink of a spring rose. Anya’s smooth, toned midriff and thighs were still covered by the duvet, but her long, slender legs emerged from beneath it. Anya had danced ballet with dedication from a young age, and her legs were as gracefully athletic as a gazelle’s. Just looking at them made Valerie’s heart flutter happily in her chest.

Valerie had been openly bisexual since her teens. Partly this was due to her genuine lust for other women, and partly because she simply had a ravenous sex drive, which she was eager to satisfy with anyone that took her fancy. She’d been with more girls than she could remember, both as one-night stands and longer flings, in addition to the numerous men she’d bedded before she met Cal. But in all her life, she had never met anyone she found quite as beautiful as Anya. She’d been fiercely in love from the moment that tall, shy girl first walked through the door. It made her almost giddy with joy to think that Anya was now hers.

The air in the bedroom was autumn-cool, which made the warmth of Anya’s body all the more cosy. Valerie smiled to herself as she listened to Anya’s tranquil breathing. It was a heavenly way to start the day. The only discomfort was the familiar morning ache of her full bladder, but even that came with a subtly sexual pleasure. She loved the relief of pissing in the morning, especially in front of her lovers. By the time Cal returned from the bathroom, his dick swinging hugely in front of him, Valerie’s pussy was tingling with arousal.

To Valerie’s eye, Cal was almost as gorgeous as his little sister. He stood at six-foot-three, with the lean but iron-hard muscles of a lifelong athlete, rather than the excessive bulges of a bodybuilder. His abs and pectorals were as smoothly defined as a classical statue; Valerie loved resting her head on his chest after they made love. His close-cropped hair was as black as Anya’s, and he shared her pale Nordic skin, though his was noticeably more tanned, even this far into the autumn. His face was at once youthful and manly, strong-jawed and quick to smile. Like his sister, he had deep sea-blue eyes, and they were always loving when they met Valerie’s gaze. They had been together nearly six months now. Six of the best public agent porno months of her life.

As Cal paced to the full-length wardrobe and started hunting for his gym clothes, Valerie gazed in deep satisfaction at the enormous uncut cock that hung between her boyfriend’s thighs. She always liked watching it swing when he walked. Cal was, by a wide margin, the most well-endowed man she had ever slept with. She’d been scared he would split her open the first time they fucked, but she’d gradually gotten used to sheathing that monster inside her. Now she loved feeling him thrust hard up against her cervix until the hot rush of his come filled her pussy. She enjoyed teasing his foreskin with her fingers and tongue, and taking as much of his gloriously thick shaft into her mouth as she could fit. And – though it still made her a little jealous – she definitely liked watching him stick that giant dick inside Anya.

Retrieving his black gym shorts from the unruly pile of clothes in the wardrobe, Cal saw where she was looking and paused. “Can’t keep your eyes off, hey, Vali?” he said with an easy grin.

“Mmm. Just remembering,” Valerie grinned back.

“Remembering what?”

“What you did with it.”

“To you or to her?” Cal nodded in the direction of his sleeping sister.

“Both,” Valerie said, fondly recalling the way her cunt had strained around his long, deep thrusts the night before, as he fucked her to happy exhaustion. He’d still had enough stamina afterwards to take Anya as well. That sweet girl had gasped and moaned and contorted with pleasure beneath her big brother, digging her nails into his muscular back and twining her long legs around him, her climax drenching the bedsheets. Both girls had gone to sleep very sore and very satisfied, with Cal’s come still warm inside their pussies.

“You two sure kept me busy,” Cal said, tugging on his gym shorts. Even worn long and loose, they couldn’t hide the elongated bulge of his manhood.

“I’d say you rose to the challenge.”

“Did my best.” Cal pulled a tight grey gym shirt over his head, the fabric stretching impressively over the hard curves of his shoulders and pectorals. He grabbed a pair of battered trainers from beside the bathroom door and laced his feet into them. “I’ll be back in a couple hours. Be nice to Anya. Make her some breakfast.”

“Does my pussy count as breakfast?” Valerie asked him sweetly.

Cal chuckled. “I guess she wouldn’t complain.” He picked up his gym bag from the corner and headed for the corridor.

“Hey, where’s my goodbye kiss?” she said, still trying to keep her voice soft so as not to disturb Anya.

“I don’t know if you earned one.”

“Shut up and kiss me, you asshole,” Valerie pouted. Cal relented with a smile, coming back over to the bed to plant a firm, loving kiss on Valerie’s waiting lips. She took the opportunity to reach out with one hand and mischievously squeeze the thick shaft of his manhood through his gym shorts. He grunted with annoyance, though she could tell he enjoyed her touch.

“Come on, Vali. Do you want me to have a boner at the gym?” he complained.

“I want you to have one now.” Valerie did find it quite titillating that Cal’s erections were too big to easily hide. She liked to subtly tease him when they were out and about, stroking his cock through his trousers until he was obviously struggling to keep the big hard thing under control. Often, he’d have to blow off steam as soon as they got home, usually by fucking her – or, more recently, Anya.

Cal gave her a half-annoyed, half-amused look. “Alright, babe, you got your kiss,” he said. “I’m gonna get out of here before you make my life any more difficult. See you later.” He strode out of the bedroom with his gym bag over his shoulder.

Valerie blew a kiss at his departing back, and relaxed beneath the duvet once more. It had been a fairly mild autumn so far, but the sky outside was overcast and the air chilly, and she saw no pressing need to go out today. It was Saturday morning, and she had her beautiful girl sleeping naked beside her. And there were so many thoroughly indecent things they could do together.


Sweet memories played through Valerie’s mind as she lay there in the dim light. She turned her head on the pillow to marvel at Anya once more. Had it really been two weeks? That first wonderful night burned brightly in her mind’s eye – getting drunk together at the wine bar, the walk home on that dark secluded road, Anya pissing gloriously in front of her. Their first forbidden kiss, alcohol and lust getting the better of them both. And when they got home, that first hot drunken fuck, Valerie finally claiming the girl of her dreams. She trembled with silent delight as she remembered the warm sweetness of Anya’s pussy, her moans of ecstasy. A seduction to be proud of.

She was secretly pleased that Cal had gone to the gym, as it meant she had Anya to herself for the morning. Wonderful though it was to make love to both of the siblings, Valerie reality kings porno was especially besotted with Anya – like a kid with her new toy, she supposed. She simply couldn’t get enough of that tall, slender, deceptively strong body, those superbly pert young breasts, that soft, wet, fragrant pussy. She loved watching Cal fuck his little sister, but it was frustrating having to wait her turn. This morning, she had all the time she needed.

Valerie lay naked beside Anya and watched her sleep for a long while. She looked so divinely peaceful and untroubled that Valerie almost felt guilty to finally lean in and kiss her on the lips. Anya’s eyes fluttered open, blue and tranquil as a tropical sea. Valerie gazed into their depths, and her heart soared with an intense, almost possessive love.

“Hey,” she said, reaching up with one hand and brushing a long strand of hair away from Anya’s face.

“Hey,” Anya said back, her voice husky and soft. A drowsy smile came to her lips as she blinked the sleep from her eyes.

That smile was too much for Valerie to resist. She nuzzled in for another kiss, and this time it wasn’t a gentle press on the lips, but deep, intense, and breathless, her tongue and Anya’s lustfully seeking each other. Almost by reflex, Valerie’s hands stroked through the silky mane of Anya’s hair as she kissed her. She felt Anya caress her mussed ash-blonde hair in return. Every fibre of her being sang with joy at that delicate touch.

The kiss went on and on, neither of them wanting to end it. When their lips finally parted, they gazed at each other almost worshipfully. Anya bit her lower lip shyly, and Valerie had to kiss her again, albeit more lightly this time.

“Did you sleep okay?” Valerie asked when the kiss ended.

Anya nodded contentedly. “This bed is amazing.”

“Plus, it has me in it.” Valerie’s smile grew broader as she looked into the enchanting blue of Anya’s eyes. Drowsy as she was, she could almost have jumped for joy. Waking up next to that girl never got old.

“That’s definitely the best thing,” Anya agreed. She raised her head off the pillow and looked around sleepily, her black hair cascading over her smooth shoulders. “Is Cal at the gym?”

“Yeah, he went while you were sleeping. It’s his chest day,” Valerie said.

“I love his chest,” Anya replied wistfully.

“Yours is pretty good, too.” Valerie let her eyes rove lecherously over Anya’s naked breasts. They really were superb, so smooth and firm, unblemished and perfectly round. Those large pale pink nipples cried out for her touch, and her tongue.

Anya smiled, a faint blush colouring her cheeks. She didn’t resist as Valerie’s hand crept up to her breasts, fingertips stroking lightly over first one, then the other. Valerie took one lovely nipple between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a playful squeeze, eliciting a little gasp from the younger girl. Valerie knew well how sensitive Anya’s breasts were, having licked and fondled and suckled them so much lately, and she was always happy to advantage of it.

Valerie leaned in to kiss Anya’s elegant cheek. As she did so, her hand slid down from Anya’s breasts, tracing over her smooth, toned belly. She toyed momentarily with Anya’s navel, probing it curiously with her neat, varnished fingernail. She was just beginning to stroke even further down beneath the warm duvet, towards the precious folds of Anya’s pussy, when she felt a slight swelling in Anya’s lower belly. Surprised, she squinted at her naked lover, and then smiled wickedly.

“Oh, does my Anni have a full bladder this morning?” she asked in her sweetest voice. Valerie gently patted Anya’s belly, compressing the small swelling. Anya groaned with discomfort, looking at Valerie with hurt and confusion. Valerie laughed. “She does! Poor Anni. Her bladder is so full. Looks like it hurts.”

“I had too much water last night,” Anya complained. “I’m bursting.”

“Mm, I bet my Anni would like to pee now,” Valerie cooed, as if Anya hadn’t spoken. “I bet she’d like to take a lovely long piss. Wouldn’t that be a relief for her?” She stroked the tiny swelling over Anya’s bladder again, and suckled lightly on one of her breasts, nibbling the nipple playfully. Then she casually pushed aside the duvet, fully exposing the younger girl’s nakedness. Anya’s pretty young cunt, neat pink lips nestled in the snow-white mound of her vulva, lay bared to the cool air. Valerie’s own pussy, already tingling with arousal and tender from last night’s fucking, was soaking wet at the sight of it. “I wonder if I should let her up so she can pee.”

This was another pleasurable morning ritual that had developed since Anya had joined the household. Valerie had made it clear to Anya that she wanted to watch her piss every morning – and not just delicate little tinkles, but long, powerful torrents. Anya had initially been slightly hesitant doing so, but it hadn’t taken her long to get used to it. Now, after two weeks, she was a happy exhibitionist, parting her shapely rus porno legs wide as she sat on the toilet so Valerie could marvel at her golden flow. The last night, before bed, both girls had drunk tall glasses of water, and bravely resisted the urge to urinate, so that they could both piss prodigiously when they woke up. They’d both managed to hold it even while being fucked raw by Cal – though it certainly hadn’t been easy.

Valerie was delighted at how quickly Anya had come around to her little peeing kink. So far, however, she had stopped short of getting Anya to actually piss on her like Cal did. She’d been wary of going too fast and pushing Anya out of her comfort zone before she was ready. This morning, she no longer had any such qualms.

Valerie was in no hurry, though, despite the building pressure in her own bladder. Pressing up close to Anya, she took her nipple gently between her teeth and toyed with it, caressing it with the tip of her tongue. She glanced up at Anya and looked into those sleepy blue eyes. Her fingers traced an idle pattern over the smooth, soft skin of Anya’s lower belly as they made their way down to her hairless vulva. Anya murmured with pleasure when Valerie’s fingertips found her labia. Those silky, delicate folds were already slippery-wet to the touch. Valerie grinned to feel the younger girl’s arousal. For all her shyness, Anya was quite a sexual creature when she was given the chance, and Valerie and Cal had been giving her plenty of chances lately.

“Vali…I really need to pee now,” Anya said after a moment. Valerie could hear the urgency in her voice, and smiled, even though her own bladder was now crying out for relief.

“You can in a minute,” she told Anya, releasing her nipple and daintily kissing the corner of her mouth. She deliberately took her time planting soft little kisses on Anya’s pale cheek and neck, nuzzling her collarbone, making the smooth flesh of her breasts gleam as she ran her tongue over them. Her fingers toyed lightly with Anya’s labia, a fingertip slipping smoothly into her sopping-wet vagina. Anya’s reluctant moan of pleasure was all the encouragement Valerie needed to keep going.

“Please, Vali,” Anya protested. Having her pussy stimulated like this obviously wasn’t helping the pressure in her bladder. “I can’t wait any more.”

“Just a minute,” Valerie hushed her. “I’m having fun, aren’t you?” She slid another questing finger inside Anya, feeling the tight walls of her lover’s vagina pulse warmly with arousal. That sensation brought back happy, slutty memories of her teenage years, experimentally finger-banging her high school girlfriends, and being finger-banged in return. From those first furtive encounters, so many wonderful hot nights had followed. Valerie idly wondered if those girls, most of them now married and starting families, still dreamed of her pussy as she sometimes dreamed of theirs.

Despite her desperation, Anya lay there unresisting as Valerie fingered and kissed and caressed her. When Valerie’s thumb stroked over her clit, she trembled and gave a soft gasp. “Oh…that’s…that’s good, but…Vali…”

“Shhh, baby,” Valerie said, kissing Anya on the lips. She raised herself up so her free hand could knead one of those perfect breasts while her other continued to play with Anya’s pussy. She was quite enjoying Anya’s submissiveness. Over the past two weeks, she had learned a lot about her new lover’s sexuality, her curiosity and eagerness to please. She knew she could keep that sweet girl here in her arms for as long as she liked.

It was only when the ache in Valerie’s own bladder became too much to bear that she relented. She gave Anya one more extended kiss, savouring the warm taste of her lips and the sensation of their tongues stroking together. Then she sat up and turned away, feeling her fingertips drip with the juices of Anya’s cunt. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, stretching languorously. The deep-pile carpet was wonderfully soft under her bare toes.

She padded to the windows and half-opened the drawn curtains, letting in the morning light. She squinted briefly against the glare, and looked out at the lake, the dark waters encircled by the sprawling forest of towering pines. It had a distant, austere beauty, despite the grey autumn chill.

Valerie turned back to see Anya rise drowsily from the bed. She was a very tall girl, close to six feet, long-limbed and willowy. Her raven hair fell majestically almost to her hips. Valerie knew that Anya’s slender appearance belied her impressive strength and balance, honed by years of dancing. Like her brother, she could easily lift Valerie off the ground.

“You look good enough to eat, honey,” Valerie told her. In the autumn sunlight, Anya’s pale skin had an almost ethereal glow, her features softly radiant.

“So do you,” Anya replied shyly. She stood there naked and eyed Valerie across the room for a long, loving moment, before Valerie walked over to her and stood on tiptoes to embrace and kiss her. Their breasts pressed together, and Valerie’s hands stroked lazily through Anya’s hair and down her smooth back, caressing her shoulderblades, her hips, her lovely firm ass. As the kiss went on, Valerie felt the soft mound of Anya’s vulva brush against her own wet pussy lips. She savoured the warm, wordless intimacy of it.

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