Seducing My Niece Ch. 01

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As usual Katherine was running late for her bus.

Oh well, luckily her boss didn’t care if she was late, as long as she met her deadlines. Her work as a newspaper reporter meant she spent a lot of time out of the office anyway.

She checked her email one last time before heading out. Once glance at the message told her she was going to miss her bus:

“Aunty Kathy, I need to talk to you”

It was from her favourite niece, Becky.

Becky was a lost soul, of sorts.

Two years ago, at 19, Becky had confided to her that she was struggling with her sexuality, and like her aunty, was attracted to women.

Katherine and Becky’s prim and proper mother, Joanne, had thought it a phase Becky would grow out of. She would meet a boy, fall in love and be miserable like the rest of us!

But that didn’t happen, and now Becky wanted to talk.

“Can I come and visit you this summer?” The email read, so things were clearly not working out at home, thought Katherine.

Katherine hadn’t seen her niece for nearly 12 months and in that time she had blossomed into a lovely looking young woman; not yet in her prime but heading towards it she thought.

The two women were very different, physically. Katherine thought of herself as a very plain 40 something girl next door type. Attractive enough in a homely way, but not the sort of woman men lined up to date. She preferred women anyway.

But her niece always referred to her as the “hot” aunty and had a massive türbanlı porno crush on her.

The photos that Becky sent always showed her in a happy carefree way. Her dark flowing hair falling onto her shoulders nicely distracting from what looked like a fully developed bosom and attractive figure.

But Katherine had misgivings about her niece coming to visit.

To start with, the spare room was being redecorated and there would only be Katherine’s bed to sleep in for the first week.

But, more importantly, Katherine had been fighting for a long time a growing physical attraction towards her niece.

She wouldn’t label it a sexual attraction, more a sensual one; she just wanted the opportunity to look at Becky, touch her hair and caress her face. But now and then, she did wonder about her niece; those fresh, sweet lips, and perky breasts.

Katherine, as Becky’s Aunt, knew she would never act on those erotic thoughts, as much as she might like to.

She had emailed Becky back and explained the problem with the sleeping arrangements:

“Niece, there is a problem. The spare room is out of action and we’d have to bunk in together, so it might not be a good time.”

Becky’s email response left Katherine with more unanswered questions.

“Yummy, that’s ok Aunty, we can top and tail. (giggles)”

Katherine’s vivid imagination was taking over. Yummy, top and tail, and giggles?

Every word in the sentence seemed to türk porno be a flirtation.

She had heard from her sister that Becky was mildly sexually active. She had walked past Becky’s bedroom one day and saw her daughter kissing her friend, Betty Jo, who was in a state of undress, as Joanne put it.

And now her “mildly” sexually active niece was going to be sleeping in her bed?

Darn, those feelings about her niece were coming back again. Not a good idea to have her in my bed, she thought and smiled.

She typed up a message to her niece.

“Well, ok. I’ll have to get out my old pajamas out. Put away my sexy night wear. (giggles)”

She paused, her finger hovering over the send button. Was she flirting with her niece? She sent the message.

Katherine didn’t have to wait long for a reply.

“That’s ok Aunty. You can cover up, but I’ve only got my sexy nightwear. Can you cope?”

On reading her nieces reply, Katherine could only smile. How would she cope, indeed! Lying next to a nubile young body, someone she cared for. And yes, wanting to touch and explore.

Oh my gosh, Katherine gasped. Becky’s mother would so not approve of the sleeping arrangements!

Quickly she fired off another message to her niece.

“Niece, this is a bit difficult. But it might be best NOT to let your mom know about the sleeping arrangements?”

Was she asking Becky to lie to her mom, or at least not tell her the truth? And Katherine türkçe porno knew once you kept secrets it was easier to give in to temptation.

Almost straight away a message came in from her niece:

“Of course, Aunty. It can be our secret, ok? But only if you wear the sexy nightwear (crush)”

Katherine closed her eyes briefly. As if when she opened them, this wasn’t happening.

Our secret? It was a bonding moment Katherine knew. And although her niece was joking about the nightwear, and having a crush on her aunty, was she really kidding, or just testing the waters?

With feelings of both alarm and arousal, Katherine sensed the flirtation was moving to some kind of mutual seduction. But where to from here?

“Ok then I will haul out the sexy nightwear, it doesn’t get a lot of use you know. It will be nice to have some company. Do you still give those nice shoulder rubs, niece? I could do with some of that, my neck is playing up.”

This was heading into dangerous ground, Katherine knew. The last time she saw her niece, a 19 year old Becky had given her a neck rub.

And it was so nice that Katherine found that she was getting aroused which her niece had noticed.

“Oh, am I turning you on, Aunty?” giggled Becky. At the time it was a big joke between them but an awkward moment at the same time.

The message that came back from her niece was as flirtatious as ever:

“Yes I can give you shoulder rubs. But no extras, ok!”

What to make of that, Katherine thought. Shoulder rubs; plural. And how to reply?

Time to end the flirtation, for now at least.

“Ok, my girl. Well I will see you on Saturday; sorry I can’t pick you up. Just give the taxi driver the address and knock on the door.”

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