Seducing Sheila Pt. 01

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This is the first time I’ve written a collaborative story. Thank you to AlohaSheila who helped hone and perfect it. Yes, of course she is Sheila in our story. If there is any interest in it we will work on part two.


It was Tuesday morning and I had decided to go to my favourite cafe for a coffee and a slice of their delicious carrot cake. I’d taken my laptop with me in the hopes that the change of scene would help me get closer to completing my current book. My fiancée, Jodie, was out of town, away giving one of her seminars again. She’d left the previous morning and wouldn’t be back until later that evening. Sitting alone in my home office would have just highlighted how much I was missing her, and just added to the guilt about not finishing the last section of the book I was writing…

I was sitting there, looking at three lines, each a variation of the same sentence. Over and over, I tried to phrase and rephrase it so that it felt right and worked well as part of the conclusion to the surrounding story.

The line in question was either going to be:

“I shuddered as she took my nipple into her mouth.”

“As she took my nipple into her mouth a surge flooded through me.”

Or “I was suddenly aware of a flood of lust running through me as she took my nipple into her mouth.”

An odd thing to be worrying about, I know, but I really needed to complete this section to my satisfaction and have it ready for submission to my Agent, Karen, as quickly as possible. I sat there, staring at all three sentences on my screen, trying to make sure I picked one that I felt worked best with the mood I had struggled to create.

The reason for my feeling of urgency was fuelled by events earlier that morning. I’d just showered and was slipping into my grey silk dressing gown when I heard my mobile ringing in the kitchen. Hoping it was Jodie, I hurried through and my heart sank when I saw that the caller ID said ‘Karen.’ Not that I don’t love my Agent to bits, I really do, but I knew what she was calling about and didn’t want to talk to her about my rapidly approaching deadline – again. But I knew I couldn’t keep putting this off for too much longer.

I swiped to answer.

“Karen! How are things?”

I heard a sigh on the other end, “You haven’t finished it have you?”

I swallowed. She always makes me feel a little like a naughty schoolgirl.

“I’m close babe. Really close. End of the week.”

I heard another sigh. I was disappointing her again.

“Anna, darling.” she slowly began,” It’s been going to be the third month of ‘end of the week’. I’ve got the publishers phoning me every day. I’m trying to keep them off your back. You do know that, don’t you? But I’ve been promising them a completed manuscript of ‘Olivia’ for so long now. I just can’t keep them at bay forever.

“Look, you know they loved those three chapters and the synopsis. They’re being incredibly patient, but babe I really need you to do this for me.”

I felt guilty. I always feel guilty when I have to be reminded of deadlines to be met. When I started writing I thought it would all be cheese and wine parties and I would have all the time in the world. It’s really not that easy.

“I know Karen. I know. I’m sorry. It’s just that Jodie’s away and…”

“Well that’s perfect then isn’t it?” she interrupted, “It stops you from being distracted.” I could almost see the small smile on her lips as she spoke, “Be honest Anna. How much is left?”

I thought about lying, but decided that if I was honest I might be able to buy more time.

“It’s really just the last chapter. I keep getting stuck when I go back over the rest of the book. I keep wanting to change little details, and that means…”

She interrupted me again. “Anna, we’ve been over this. Stop tweaking. Finish the last chapter. They have editors for all that kind of thing.”

The thought of someone touching my own words made me feel physically sick. They are me, my thoughts, my ideas. They are intimate. Personal.

“I just don’t want them to butcher it, Karen…”

“I know. They won’t. You will have ultimate editorial control. I promise. Just, please, write the last chapter and send it to me. How many more words do you think?”

“About eight thousand or so,” I said. This was pretty much true, I knew exactly where the story was heading and how long it would take to get there. The problem was that the last chapter was going to be the most emotionally heart rending to write, which was why I was sort of scared of it.

“Anna, I know you can write eight thousand words in less than a day. Please honey. For me? And you? Once it’s done and sent out you will feel so much better. When you send it to me, I’m coming down there and I’m taking you and Jodie out for a big celebration dinner. Anything and anywhere you want.”

I swallowed and did something I thought I might regret. I made a promise.

“Okay. I promise. I’ll write it today and proof it tomorrow morning. You’ll have it by lunchtime.”

“Pinkie antalya escort promise?”

Karen is American, hence the odd way to get me to commit.

“Pinkie promise.”

“Okay. I’ll call tomorrow at two if I haven’t got it.”

“Great. Thanks Karen. Love you to bits, you know that.”

I heard a rueful chuckle, “You sometimes have an odd way of showing it, babe. Okay, bye until tomorrow. And say ‘Hi’ to Jodie for me when you see her.”

“I will. Thanks again babe.”

With that I cut the call and put the phone back down on the counter.

‘Right,’ I thought to myself, ‘Get on with it Anna.’

I went through to our bedroom, removed my dressing gown, hanging it on the hook at the back of the door, and now naked, opened the wardrobe to find something to wear. I decided on my V-neck, grey shift blouse. It has dark pink and green flower embroidery down the front and is a little translucent with half length sleeves. I love it because it’s comfortable and slightly revealing, without showing too much. I picked out my plaid skirt which is blocks of blue, red and a grey that matches the top.. It’s cut just above mid-thigh, which Jodie says she prefers on me, usually saying something like, “Gotta show your pins, Posh. One of your best features.”

Posh is short for ‘Posh Bird,’ her pet nickname for me. Mine for her is ‘Cockney Sparrow’ because of her slight London accent.

I smiled at the thought of her as I gathered the clothing and placing the clothes on the bed, I went to my underwear drawer and picked out a matching bra and pantie set in a dark grey that I knew would work perfectly under the blouse.

I had to write my last chapter, which was going to have an erotic culmination for Olivia, so I took a moment to sit on the edge of the bed, closed my eyes and walked through the main scene in my head. As I did this I felt familiar stirrings between my legs. I lay back and let my hand wander down my body, picturing the scene in my head and lightly stroked my clit, which was already quite proudly pushing against its hood.

As my excitement grew I started pressing and rubbing harder and I could feel my orgasm building. I sped up and felt the surge start in my pussy, the warmth spreading from there until suddenly I was cumming, that wonderful feeling of release and lightheadedness whirling around me. I moaned out loud as it ran through me. I love little quickies like that and I knew it would set me up properly for the writing to come.

Once I was rested, I dressed, fixed my hair and makeup, grabbed my laptop and shoulder bag and headed down to the coffee shop.

Three hours later, after more coffee than was probably good for me, I had actually written most of the last chapter, sans editing, which was a wonderful feeling. I was now going through my obsessive over analysis of my wording and was now stuck on this weird choice of three sentences

As I’d been writing I’d been aware of an attractive blonde woman who had come in and was sitting at the next table to mine. She was in a bright, multi-coloured summer dress with a predominantly pale orange and green theme. It was about mid-thigh in length I guessed, but since she was sitting it could have ridden up. She looked to be maybe a little younger than my forty years.

After so much coffee I needed the loo so I turned to her and noticed her head turn away quickly in a way that hinted at her being caught watching me.

“Hi,” I said, “Um, look I need to run to the loo. I don’t suppose you could keep an eye on my laptop while I’m away for a few minutes, could you?”

She smiled at me, and I noticed her hazel eyes. I was a little mesmerised for a few seconds as she said, “Sure, go. I’ll keep it safe.”

She had a soft generic American accent. For a horrible, brief, paranoid moment I thought she could be a spy sent by Karen to make sure I was working. I quickly dismissed this and just said, “Thanks. I’ll be right back.”

I got up and went through to the Ladies, ducked into the cubicle, lifted my skirt and dropped my knickers. The after effects of my writing, which always turns me on, was evident. I was wet and tingly, but I really didn’t want to risk doing anything about it right there, so I refocused my thoughts, finished my ablutions, sorted myself out and headed back to my table.

As I approached my seat my heart sank as I realised, with horror, that I’d left my laptop open with those sentences sitting on the screen and this woman, who had only to move her head slightly to see the contents of the screen, was indeed concentrating on the words on the display. I announced my arrival with a quiet cough and she looked up, a blush rushing up her face. I slid as casually but as quickly as I could between the tables and sat back down, hurriedly and probably futilely, closing the laptop lid.

“Thanks.” I said, trying to steer her focus from the laptop.

She smiled, “My pleasure… I, um… I couldn’t help noticing that you’re reading something a little… salacious?”

She ‘couldn’t help alanya escort noticing’? She was reading it! I decided not to make a fuss and just go with the flow.

“Um, yes. Well. Not reading, as such. Writing.”

“You’re writing an erotic story?” she asked in a voice that was a little louder than we both expected.

I looked around. Luckily there weren’t many people close enough to overhear us.

“Yes. Well a book, really. I have to finish it and get it to my Agent by tomorrow or she’s promised to personally come down here and use medieval torture equipment on me until I finish.”

She laughed at that, she had a delightful tinkling laugh, “Wow, you’re an author?”

I shrugged. “Guilty as charged. This is my second book and the publishers are keen to get it out. So am I, but sometimes I have a problem focussing.”

She smiled and blushed slightly, “I’m sorry for being so nosey, it’s a terrible fault but… well, if what I read is anything to go by I can understand why they want you to finish.”

I relaxed a little. She wasn’t judging me.

I realised I’d forgotten my manners, “I’m Anna, by the way,” I held my hand out to shake.

She held hers out, smiled and took my hand in hers. She had a wonderful soft touch that sent a little thrill through me. My nipples crinkled and my pussy tingled a little more.

“I’m Sheila,” she looked me in the eyes. “Nice to meet you Anna. Would I have maybe read or seen your first book in the shops?”

I blushed, “Probably not, at least not here. It’s called ‘Living by Example’ and was only recently published in the U.S. by a small publisher. I presume that’s where you’re from?”

She smiled again, “Also, as you say, guilty as charged, and no I haven’t read it. Yet. I now intend to. I’m from Hawaii and have been here for the past week so I haven’t had the opportunity to see it. Hawaii’s a little different than what you may imagine the U.S. to be.”

“Oh! How wonderful. I’ve never been but it’s a place I would love to visit.” I decided to change the topic, “Can I get you a coffee or something, Sheila? As a ‘thank you’ for looking after my laptop.”

“No, really. Thank you. It was my pleasure, and really I should probably buy you something as an apology for invading your privacy,” and here I was sure there was a very subtle wink, “and besides I’ve had two cups of tea while I’ve been here. More than enough caffeine for me.”

“Well, since I finished writing the last chapter I was thinking about wandering down the road to a little pub for a small celebratory drink. May I buy you one of those?”

“Really? You’ve finished? It looked like you were agonising over something, but yes. I would be honoured to join a famous author to celebrate her completing her second novel.”

It was my turn to laugh, “Hardly famous, but come on. Let’s go.”

I packed up my laptop and Sheila picked up her handbag. We both stood and did the cafe table shuffle to get out. I realised that she was several inches shorter than me, probably about the same height as Jodie.

We both paid our tabs at the till and I led her down the street to Brannigan’s, a regular haunt for Jodie and me on many Friday nights after she finishes work.

We walked in and Dot, a happy fixture behind the bar, greeted me, “Hi Anna. How are you? How’s the book going?”

Everyone here knows about the book.

Dot is in her twenties and from Poland. She has a classic Polish beauty and a wonderful accent that makes both Jodie and I melt when we speak with her. We’ve often said, “If only she wasn’t straight.”

“Believe it or not I just finished and I’ve come here with my new friend Sheila to celebrate.”

Dot got a curious look on her face that I noticed but Sheila may have missed, “Nice to meet you Sheila. What can I get you girls?”

I wasn’t deliberately hiding Jodie’s existence, but I didn’t want to frighten off this beautiful woman only minutes after we’d met so I was a little relieved that Dot hadn’t mentioned her. I wanted to be the one to tell her.

“A large Chardonnay for me, please Dot,” I looked at Sheila, “what would you like?”

“A Chardonnay sounds lovely. The same for me please.”

Dot poured two glasses which I paid for and led Sheila to the slightly raised seating area off to the side of the room where Jodie and I usually gather with our friends.

We sat next to each other on the comfortable soft ring seat at a large round table. Sheila held up her glass, “Here’s to you completing your book. Congratulations, Anna.”

I lifted my glass and the glasses chimed softly in celebration., “Thank you Sheila. It’s nice to have someone to celebrate with.”

We sipped and, after a moment’s hesitation flashed across her face and her eyes darted to my face and to the tables around us, she asked, “May I ask you a personal question?”

Uh oh. She was going ask about what she’d read.

“Uh. Sure. Ask away.”

“I obviously read that little snippet in your book and I wondered if that alanya rus escort was you?”

I was confused, “How do you mean?”

“In the scene I was reading.”

“Um. No. It’s the heroine of the book. Olivia.”

“And Olivia is a lesbian?”

I swallowed, “Yes. She is.”

“Are you? I couldn’t help noticing your wedding ring, so I am a little confused.” She saw the look on my face and attempted to backtrack from her query, “Oh god. I’m sorry. I’m being too personal and too nosey again. Please ignore me.”

“No, no. It’s fine. Really. I’m just not used to people being quite so direct.” I smiled, “and yes. I am.”

“And the wedding ring?”

“Isn’t. It’s an engagement ring.”

“Oh. Okay. You’re engaged.”

I was getting a little uncomfortable. It wasn’t clear to me what her position was.

“Um. Yes. To my fiancée. Another woman. Is that a problem?”

She smiled in a half hearted way and looked straight into my eyes, “Yes. It is for me.”

I was captivated and horrified, “You have a problem with lesbians, Sheila? Because if you do…”

She put her hand on my wrist, “No Anna. I don’t. Not the way you may think. I said it was a problem because I am attracted to you.”

The world turned on its head.

“You… you are?”

“Yes, I am. But I know you are in a ‘no go’ area for me and I intend to respect that.”

I needed to say and discover so many things. I started with, “So, you’re what, bi?”

“No Anna. I’m also a lesbian.”

I suppose I should have been paying more attention to pick up on any sign or indication that she may have been interested in me. I flashed back to her turning quickly away when I looked in her direction, smiling and actually staying around after reading a portion of my story, but I was so preoccupied with my book that I wasn’t looking for them.

“You… okay. So let me tell you a little more about myself…”

She smiled, “You can tell me anything you like. I love listening to you.”

I smiled back, “Well. Thank you. You have a delicious accent, by the way. So, I am engaged to a wonderful woman named Jodie. She is away at the moment giving a seminar. She teaches beauty therapy and also owns her own salon. We are a very devoted couple and we love each other very much.”

I saw a little sadness in her eyes when she said, “That is so sweet. I…”

It was my turn to stop her, “There is something else you need to know. We are not against the idea of having someone else in our lives.”

Her beautiful, golden eyebrows shot up, “Oh? In a sort of open relationship sort of way” her curiosity was peaked. “Is this something you’ve done before?”

“No. We haven’t. But we’ve talked about it. A lot.”

She placed her hand back on my wrist, “There is no way I want to come between you and your fiancée Anna. I would never do that.”

I looked at her, wondering if she really could be the one that Jodie and I had been searching for to join us in expanding our lives..

“You would never come between us. Well, unless it was part of a delicious Sheila sandwich.”

I was relieved when she giggled. All the tension disappeared out of the air and we both took a sip of our wines. She looked over at me and I met her eyes again.

I wanted to make one thing clear, I began, “I don’t want you to think that this would be on anything but an equal level. I hate the idea of one person feeling like they’re the gooseberry.”

She raised one of those beautiful eyebrows again, “I take it Gooseberry is like an outsider or unwanted third wheel sort of thing.”

I nodded.

“And Jodie would be okay with this?”, she asked, her hand tightening on mine and looking directly into my eyes for any trace of deception.

“I know her. She will adore you.” there was no deception. Jodie and I had indeed discussed this.

There was a silence for a moment. We both took a sip of our wine, all the while staring into each other’s eyes. I was feeling those tingles doubling and trebling.

Sheila finally broke the silence and in a slightly husky voice asked, “So, Anna. Where do we go from here?”

I smiled. Happy that this woman had come into my life, “How about our house?”

“I would love that. When will Jodie be home?”

I checked the time on my phone, “In about four hours. You’re sure about this? You want to meet her?”

“If she is half as lovely as you, yes I do.” I smiled and leaned forward to place a soft kiss on her lips. We enjoyed a very brief delicate encounter which only hinted at a touch of tongue between us.

It was at this moment that Dot came up and asked if we’d like any more drinks. She also pointedly asked how Jodie was. She’d obviously seen what we were doing and was looking out for her friend. Sheila blushed and her eyes dipped away from Dot.

“She’s great, thank you, Dot. She’ll be back this evening. I can’t wait. Sheila, would you like another drink?”

She smiled and slightly cleared her throat as she returned her eyes back to me and the young waitress at our table, “No, I think one is enough for now, thank you, Anna. I still have a little left.”

“Thanks Dot, we’re good for now.”

Dot smiled curiously and said, “Okay. Well have a great rest of the day you two, and say ‘Hi’ to Jodie for me.” She cocked her head and left.

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