Seduction in the Sand

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Female Friendly

We were two days and two nights into our week at the beach house, and I was frustrated. The trip hadn’t been exactly as my friends advertised when they talked me into it. We had yet to play volleyball on the beach in the light of the evening sun, had yet to peruse the cute little shops in town. So far, I’d been watching from the sidelines as my girlfriends went out each night, got drunk, brought strange guys home with them, and then woke up late the next morning, with none of my enthusiasm for seizing the day.

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m a prude, it’s just that fucking three or four random guys in the course of a week isn’t my idea of the best way to enjoy a trip to the beach. And to make it worse, the walls in this particular beach house were painfully thin. So my frustration over the way the trip was going was paired with that other type of frustration – having to listen to the sounds of sex from two different bedrooms while I was alone in my bed.

So, that third morning, I showered and ate alone, choosing not to wait once again for my friends to wake up hungover, but instead to go out on my own and explore the beach and the town. Since it was the middle of August, it was already hot even at 9am, and I dressed accordingly. I put on my favorite bikini – pink with white polka-dots – then tied the matching wrap around my waist and slipped on my sandals. Knowing that I’d get warm in the heat of the day, I also decided to put up my long wavy blonde hair, and I decided on two pigtails, each one tied with a pink ribbon to match my outfit.

I glanced in the mirror, then lingered for a longer look, on my way out of the house. As I looked at my perfectly perky C-cup tits, my tight ass under the flowing wrap, my long, lean, perfectly tanned legs, and then back up into my big beautiful blue eyes, I thought about my ongoing argument with my best friend, Veronica. She was the one who had talked me into this trip with some of our other friends. We had been best friends ever since we were little girls, through our tumultuous high school years, where we’d competed together in volleyball and track, and up to the present, when we were college roommates who still shared everything with each other.

But we had one ongoing battle. She thought I had too high a standard for the ‘perfect guy’, and I thought she was too easy and would later regret sleeping around so much. She was always telling me that she was jealous of my body and that I could get twice as many guys as she did if I just weren’t so picky. I was always telling her that she had more to offer the world than just T that’s what a day at the beach is all about! I walked down the rocky path to the beach, and as soon as I reached the sand, took off my sandals, relishing the warmth as it squeezed between my toes with each step.

For the next hour or so, I enjoyed the quiet tranquility as I strolled along the beach, dropping down to the water line to let the water splash against my legs whenever I began to get a little too warm in the morning sun. As I approached the spot where the beach came to an end as rocky cliffs jutted out into the ocean, I found a particularly sandy spot to sit down for a while and soak up the sun before walking into town.

I leaned back on my elbows, closing my eyes and letting my head fall back as I listened to the sounds around me: the waves, of course, but also the many different types of birds and the occasional distant sound of a child playing or a dog barking on the opposite end of the beach. What I didn’t hear was the approach of the man whose voice I now heard.

“Good morning! Lovely day, isn’t it?”

I jumped slightly, surprised by the sudden presence of another person. My eyes took a moment to adjust to the light as I opened them, so that the man was at first just a silhouette. As I sat up and blinked a few times, I could finally see him clearly. Wow, he’s handsome, I thought to myself.

“Um, yes, beautiful.”

“What brings you to this beach, are you a local, or vacationing?”

I was struck by the man’s natural charm and ease in conversation, and so answered him freely, without thinking about the fact that I was talking to a total stranger.

“I’m staying at a house down at the opposite end of the beach with some friends of mine. We’re students at State U, and one of their uncles owns the place.”

“Ah, so a girls’ road trip, then. Sounds like fun. And what’s your name?” I started to stand up, and he offered me a gentlemanly hand.

“I’m Katie. Thanks,” I said, looking up into his eyes as I took his hand and blushing as I realized just how attractive he was. “And yours?”

“Jacob. Pleasure to meet you, Katie.”

I couldn’t think of what to say next, embarrassed that I had blushed, and still unable to take my eyes off of him. He was probably in his mid 40s, tan and very fit, and wearing just a t-shirt and running shorts. He luckily spoke next, breaking the somewhat awkward silence.

“So, izmir escort you’re here with your friends but walking the beach alone?”

“Well, um, we haven’t quite seen eye to eye on how to spend our time here.”

“Let me guess, they’ve spent most of their time at the bar, picking up guys.”

“How did you know?”

“I was in college once too, Katie,” he said, revealing a devilish grin.

“Oh. Right.” I smiled back. “Well, nice to meet you, Jacob. I think I’ll get back to my walk. I was thinking of checking out the shops in town.”

I thought I’d leave it open-ended. If he wanted to invite himself to join me, I certainly wouldn’t turn him down, but I’d let him make the first move.

“Well, Katie, enjoy your day. I hope your beach vacation is more satisfying from this point on. I’m going to continue my beach run. Perhaps I’ll run into you again.”

I watched him disappear into the distance, admiring his lean, athletic body as he ran, and laughed out loud as I imagined how Veronica would scold me for letting him get away. I then turned and walked up the path off the beach and into the quaint town. I strolled through a few shops, passing from one which sold locally-made jewelry to another with its postcards and cheesy souvenirs.

As I came to the end of the chain of adorable beach-town storefronts, I realized two things: I was getting hungry, and the only restaurants I’d seen were the type that college students on a budget couldn’t exactly justify. A shrimp cocktail for $18.95? I don’t think so! I settled for an ice cream cone on my way back to the beach. Not exactly the most nutritious lunch, but the cold on my tongue as the day was continuing to heat up was amazingly refreshing.

The ice cream – two scoops of vanilla – was delicious, and did help to cool me down. The only problem was that it was starting to melt faster than I could eat it. By the time I had walked back down to the beach, there was a stream of creamy white goo working its way down my forearm. By the time it reached my elbow, I had no choice but to do something I hadn’t done since I was a little girl – lift my arm up in the air and lick it off.

“That’s not very ladylike, Katie.”

I recognized the voice immediately. Just as he had done earlier in the day, Jacob had managed to approach me so quietly that I didn’t hear him coming. I was embarrassed, but decided the best way to respond would be with humor.

“Hmm, should I let you lick it off instead, then?”

“I’d be honored, Katie,” he replied without dropping a beat.

I assumed he was kidding, and laughed, but before I could respond, he took a quick few steps towards me and was actually licking the last of the ice cream from my skin, tracing it from the middle of my forearm up to my wrist, and then stealing a bite from the scoop still left on the cone. It was a combination of comical and erotic, and I laughed again, partly to cover up the fact that his tongue on my skin was quickly turning me on.

“Hey, that’s mine,” I teased in response to his bite of ice cream. I reached out with my other hand and gave him a playful slug. Unfortunately, he moved at the same time such that I managed to drip more of the melting ice cream, this time onto his chest.

I blushed hotly as I realized what would happen next.

“I scratched your back…”

My eyes dropped from his eyes to his chest, and I blushed again, pausing before gathering up the courage to lean in and lick the ice cream from his skin. There were four large drops, each quickly sliding down his skin, impeded only by his chest hair. I eagerly licked each one, the last tantalizingly close to his nipple. We’d left comical way behind at this point – except for the fact that I was still awkwardly holding the melting ice cream cone – and had reached full-on erotic. The taste of the ice cream mixed with the salty taste of his sweat, and reminded me a little too much of another flavor that I might fantasize about licking from his skin.

“So, Katie, what shall we do next?”

“I can only think of one thing, Jacob. But we can’t do it here.” I was surprised by, but not ashamed of, my bluntness.

“Why not?”


He reached out and took my hand, and we walked towards the end of the beach that was bordered by the rocky cliff, ice cream still dripping down my arm as we walked. The sand was so hot from the midday sun that it was almost too much for my bare feet, except that it still felt so good to feel the grains push between my toes with each step. When we reached the large boulders and could walk no further, we went down to the water line and let the cold waves splash onto our legs.

The tide had gone out significantly since earlier in the morning, so there was now an area of cool wet sand close to the water line, and this is where Jacob sat down and pulled me down next to him.

“Can I have some ice cream?”

Happy to be rid of what was now just a sticky mess, I handed over the bayındır escort cone, which had just a bit of ice cream still left in it. Jacob scooped what was left of the ice cream into his hand, tossed the cone aside, and held his hand over my chest, letting the white creamy treat drizzle down onto my tits, sliding down into my bikini top. I started to protest, but Jacob stopped me by thrusting his ice cream-covered fingers into my mouth, so that I had no choice but to stop talking and lick him clean.

As I did this, he leaned in and began licking off my chest, first discreetly outside of the bikini top, and then gradually removing it to give himself full access to my tits. As I realized what was happening – namely, that I was now topless on a public beach in full view of anyone who might walk by, I pulled away from him and protested once again, pulling my arms around my chest to hide my exposed breasts.

“Do you want me to stop, Katie?”

“Oh, god, no, Jacob, it’s just…. it’s just that, well, what if someone sees us?”

“Why don’t you let me worry about that, Katie. From where I’m sitting, I can see the whole beach, and if someone gets close enough to see us, I’ll have time to make sure you’re decent, promise.”

I looked deep into his eyes as he talked. My heart was pounding and the warmth was already growing between my legs, but I was trying to be smart. After all, I’d just met this guy, could I really trust him? Once again, Veronica appeared in my thoughts. What the hell was I so worried about? It’s not like I was bringing home a different random dude each night. Go for it, I told myself.

I dropped my arms, exposing my breasts once again, and my bikini top fell to the sand next to me. Jacob quickly took my invitation and leaned in once again, licking and kissing, moving his attention first to one breast and then the other, as he untied the wrap from around my waist. As that fabric fell away from my body, he slid a hand into my bikini bottoms, and began rubbing my clit gently.

With all this attention to my tits and clit, I lost the will to continue sitting upright, and allowed myself to fall back into the sand. My hair, still in pigtails, fell against the hot dry sand, while I could feel the cooler wet sand against the small of my back as I allowed my legs to open, providing him more access. He slowly moved down, his tongue tracing lines down to my belly, and then exploring my inner thighs, before he finally positioned himself between my legs.

He pushed my legs together just long enough to slide my bikini bottoms down and toss them aside, and I felt a pang of vulnerability as I realized that I was now completely naked. Did I still trust this guy enough to let him continue? Did I have the willpower to make any other decision, now that he pushed my legs apart again and began licking back and forth, up and down? Nope.

I sighed, writhing beneath him, and enjoying the feeling of the rough wet sand as it scraped against my ass. As he stroked against my pussy lips with his tongue, I became aware of the sound of the waves getting closer, and soon I felt the water begin to reach my toes, the tide obviously beginning to come in once again. I was amazed at the erotic nature of the movement of the waves, as they created a rhythm with Jacob’s motions on my body.

Just as I began to approach climax, Jacob stopped, and I groaned. “Don’t worry, Katie,” he said, acknowledging my disappointment. I have other plans for you.”

He stood up, pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it aside, and then, after a quick glance down the beach, pulled down his shorts and stepped out of them. I smiled as I watched his hard cock spring free from the fabric and stand at attention. He smiled back at me, walked over so that he was standing just to my right, and dropped to his knees next to me.

Needing no further direction, I pulled myself up on one elbow and began taking his cock into my mouth, slowly, inch by inch, until I had his full length buried in my throat. I then used my other hand to begin massaging his balls as I gradually started moving faster up and down on his cock. From his position, he could watch down the beach for anyone coming towards us, so I let go of that worry and gave him my full attention. Before long, he was pounding in and out of my mouth, and it was all I could do to keep up with his quick, firm movements.

I was certain that I would bring him to climax and be rewarded with a mouthful of cum, but clearly he once again had other plans, as he gradually slowed his motions now and pulled out of my mouth. He stood up and walked the few feet so that he was once again between my legs, and dropped to his knees again. Taking one of my ankles in each hand, he spread my legs wide apart, positioned his hard cock against me, and plunged into me in one firm motion. Just as he did this, a wave reached all the way to my ass, providing a shocking blast of cold to accompany bayraklı escort the pleasure of being filled so completely.

He now began pounding in and out of me with such abandon that clumps of wet sand began to jump up from around us and land on my belly, even on my clit. The waves were coming more frequently now, and I closed my eyes, taking in the amazing new sensations: the sand gently roughing up the skin on my ass and back as he pressed me into it; the waves pounding in a slower, but related, tempo to his motions in and out of my wet, and now sandy, pussy.

It was then that I could no longer hold back the climax that had been building deep inside of me, and I rode it out as Jacob seemed eager to keep up his pace, pushing me to ever higher and higher levels of satisfaction. As soon as I had come down from my high, he pulled out of me and rather quickly and roughly flipped me over, so that I was facing the sand now, pressing me down so that my knees and forearms were a few inches deep in the sand, water rushing around them with each new wave. Grabbing me by the hips, he plunged into me once again, and with each stroke, held my ass up but pressed the rest of my body closer to the sand. I moaned as my hard nipples grazed the wet sand with each stroke, a delightful combination of pain and pleasure.

His hands left my hips, and he let his weight rest against mine as he reached up to intertwine his fingers with mine. This pressed my body completely into the sand, so that now the wonderful sensations I’d been feeling of the rough sand against my hot skin were happening everywhere – my tits, my belly, even my clit. I writhed in pleasure beneath him as Jacob gradually slowed his motions, then stopped and pulled out of me, rolling to one side. I guessed he was shifting to a new position, but then I heard his voice.

“Veronica, I presume?”

I whirled around, realizing that it had probably been twenty minutes since I’d even remembered to think about the possibility of someone seeing us, and indeed, it was Veronica standing over us, a shocked look on her face.

“Katie? Oh my god! Here I was, wondering where you went today, worried whether you were having a good time, when clearly, that’s all you’ve been doing!”

As she spoke, I became aware of the fact that I was, of course, completely naked, and I awkwardly tried to find something to cover myself, before giving up the futile effort. It wasn’t the first time she had seen me naked, of course. But it was, of course, the first time she’d walked down a beach to find me fucking a stranger. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

“Katie, would your friend like to join us?”

I smiled, relieved that Jacob didn’t want to stop our activities, and frankly intrigued with the idea of bringing Veronica into the mix. I looked up at her, admiring how good she looked. Veronica was a bit shorter than I – 5’4″ to my 5’7″ – but similarly fit, tan and lean. She had long, naturally red hair and green eyes. She was wearing a glittering silver bikini that looked fantastic against her skin.

“I don’t know, Jacob. Veronica, would you like to join us?” I grinned up to her, still on my back in the sand.

She smiled, and dropped to her knees next to me. “I don’t see why not, it certainly looks like you’re having a good time!”

I looked up at Jacob, assuming from his confidence throughout our encounter that he probably had an idea of how to turn our twosome into a threesome. I was right. He took my hand and pulled me up off my back onto my knees, and encouraged me to embrace Veronica. I had never thought of Veronica in this way before, but once Jacob had removed her bikini top, I didn’t need any further encouragement before I joined her in a passionate kiss and enjoyed the feeling of our tits rubbing together.

Her hand dropped to my pussy, and I quickly followed her lead, pushing my hand into her bikini bottoms, and before long we were moaning as we pleasured each other. I glanced over to Jacob after a few minutes of this, and he motioned for me to come closer to him. I straddled him and slowly lowered myself down onto his cock, while Veronica stood up just long enough to remove her bikini bottoms, then took Jacob’s hand as he led her to straddle his face so that he could pleasure her with his tongue.

As soon as we were both riding Jacob, I reached out and grabbed Veronica’s tits firmly, massaging them as she kissed me passionately, and I could feel her groan into my mouth as Jacob’s tongue probed her pussy. I had never had such an intimate experience with another woman before, and was amazed how much it turned me on to watch, to feel, to listen to her pleasure. We remained in this position for a few minutes more, before Jacob pushed us both up so that he could climb out from underneath us.

He now positioned me once again on my back, and Veronica climbed on top of me, our tits and clits once again grinding against each other. For a few moments, I was completely absorbed in Veronica’s presence, grabbing her beautiful tits, smelling her sweet skin. It wasn’t until she cried out in pleasure that I realized what Jacob was doing. He had positioned himself behind her and was now pounding her from behind.

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