Seduction of an Innocent Ch. 01

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How delicious it is to lead a beautiful young lady astray…

It had been about six months since I moved into the suburban town of Brentwood, New Jersey, near where my brother lived with his wife and two daughters. I worked for a large real estate firm in the area. I was a high-flyer, a go-getter and I had made the position of vice-president inside of three years. Not bad for a small town girl with no real qualifications. I was ambitious and ruthless. I would not allow men to walk over me. It was hard work, but I loved my job and it had made my life very comfortable indeed. For that at least, I was extremely grateful. I was single, young in spirit, and my life motto was: Work hard, play hard, sleep like a baby. But boy, did I really like to play hard when I got the chance.

After a recent visit to my brother’s home, I had found myself fantasizing about my two nieces, Becky and Liz. Both girls were absolute beauties. Becky was particularly feminine and had recently turned eighteen. I just loved her innocence; it really did something to me. She seemed to bring out my naughty side so easily. She had long blond hair, big brown eyes and a little button nose. She was petite, but had blossomed into a lovely young woman, with flared hips, firm bosom, and tiny waist.

Liz, her elder sister by three years, was also very attractive, but in a more sophisticated way. She was a little taller with long dark auburn hair. She worked for a law firm and was very much the ‘get-ahead-career-woman’ in her expensively-cut suits and designer specs. But I’d really had my eye on the lovely Becky for quite a while now. She was so much the sweet little-girl-next-door type that always appealed to me — I find innocence in another such a turn-on and a challenge. We’d always gotten along very well together. She and I had sometimes engaged in occasional eye flirting. It was just an innocent game to begin with, but I detected an undercurrent of mutual attraction.

My brother’s family was quite conventional and straight-laced. To me they all seemed rather sexually repressed. I considered how delicious it might be to weaken the barriers created by Becky’s conservative upbringing and welcome her into my world. In fact, that was all I’d been thinking about. It had become an obsession with me. I’m sure my brother and his wife would’ve been shocked if they’d known what naughty thoughts I, a mature woman of 39, had been courting about their youngest girl.

A while ago I finally managed to break the ice between Becky and me — not that there was much ice to break. But we’d always kept our distance and acted in an appropriate manner towards each other as befits an aunt and her niece. Our relationship moved up a notch when we found ourselves unexpectedly alone on a park bench during one of our little ‘walk-and-talk’ sessions.

We were resting after a particularly long stroll in the hot sunshine. While we sat and got our breath back I became overwhelmed by the terrible urge to kiss her. I couldn’t resist it. I took a chance and moved on her. I had it in mind that as a ‘get-out’ – that is, if she turned her head away, I would make some excuse like, “I thought I saw a little mark on your face that needed wiping off,” or suchlike. But to my pleasant surprise she didn’t flinch and allowed me to kiss her softly on the lips. It was quite sweet and innocent really, although I got the impression she may have been prepared to go further – had we not been interrupted, that is. A man walking his dog happened to come along at that moment and that, for the time being at least, was that. The spell had been temporarily broken. I would have to wait for another opportunity. Thus far our relationship hadn’t progressed beyond that first kiss.

The thought of possessing Becky’s sweet youthful body, making her all hot and worked-up really turned me on. The process of seduction followed by corruption is a powerful drug to me.

The summer had finally arrived. It had been a long time coming. Our extended families were due to go on a trip to the beach for a few days on New Jersey’s South Shore. My sister-in-law, Becky’s mum, was with us, along with a gang of our cousins. We had rented a number of holiday apartments for the few days we were on vacation.

It was plain crazy when we were altogether on the beach, kids everywhere, screaming for suntan lotion, snacks and all kinds of stuff that kids love. Becky and I had always enjoyed chatting with each other. I guess she found me easy to talk to and a welcome change from her parent’s staid attitude to life, particularly her mother who had had a strict catholic upbringing, so we kept our towels together, but slightly apart from the rest.

I was wearing a one-piece bathing suit underneath a top-shirt of cheesecloth and when I took my top off I noticed Becky’s eyes almost popping out much to my amusement. I’m rightly proud of my bust and on this occasion I was fully aware that my nipples were firm and poking through the snug lycra swimsuit. I milked the attention tecavüz porno for all it was worth, accentuating my bust by breathing deeply and steadily. I kept my eyes on her as she blushed deliciously, highlighting the one or two freckles on her nose.

We settled down on the warm sand. She had a fashion magazine, and I, a steamy Jackie Collins novel. But my mind was more concerned with my niece’s naughty bits than with Collins’s naughty prose. I asked her to rub some sun-bloc into my shoulders. She was only too pleased to oblige. I lay face down on the towel and she slipped off my shoulder straps.

“You’ve got a lovely tan already, Aunt Kate,” she said squirting some lotion into her hand. “How do you manage it when you work all the time?”

“Well, I guess I’m lucky to work close to a health gym. I sometimes ‘top-up’ on the sun-bed during lunchtime. It helps maintain my tan all the year round.”

She had a nice, firm yet sensitive touch and seemed to enjoy massaging the lotion right into my skin. I was disappointed when she’d finished, it had almost sent me off to sleep with a wet pussy.

“Would you like me to do you now?” I said, looking at her sideways and raising my sun-glasses.

“Oh, yes please. Great!”

“Lie down, then.”

I unhooked her yellow bikini top and squirted the Sunbloc across her shoulders and back. She shuddered as the cold lotion made contact with her hot skin which was a gorgeous honey colour. Becky was a true beauty in every sense of the word.

As I worked the lotion in she moaned inwardly and I tried to imagine what she would look like tied to my bed with black silk ribbon, her legs spread and defenceless. The wonderful liberties I could then take with her as she lay helpless, yet perhaps begging for more. I wondered what her face would look like flushed with orgasm after I had mercilessly teased her to it.

My fantasizing had got me wet. I hoped to god it wasn’t obvious.

“Say Becky? How about you and I going for a walk down the beach later on? You know, when we’ve both had enough sun.”

“Oh yes, Aunt Kate! That would be marvellous. Maybe we could visit the lighthouse.”

She smiled, showing the braces she now wore. These were a late addition as far as her orthodontist was concerned, her parents finally persuading her she’d look so much better with her teeth straightened. They made her look so much younger, kind of ‘little-girl’ cute, and that suited me fine. It made her so appealing, and me… feel so deliciously wicked.

An hour later I mentioned to Judy (Becky’s mum – my sister-in-law) that we were going for a walk so she wouldn’t suddenly miss us. She looked relieved to have one less to worry about. Judy was overly protective, I felt.

Becky and I started off down the beach. The sun was high without a cloud in the sky, although it wasn’t unbearably hot because it was still early in the season, and the sand felt wonderfully cool squeezing between my toes. There was a sensuality about it. It got me thinking about things – about my life. Becky was right, I really did seem to be working all the time. All this sea and sand and fresh air and gorgeous company reminded me that there was much more to life than selling real estate.

The crashing waves seemed to have an hypnotic effect as we left the crowded beach near the parking lot and headed towards the old lighthouse. Becky smiled radiantly at me, then looked out to sea, and back to me again, still smiling. It was nice to know she was happy and comfortable in my presence. If she only knew the truth about my intentions? Perhaps then she wouldn’t feel so relaxed? She was so delightfully innocent I almost had an attack of guilt — almost but not quite. I had to keep reminding myself that she was 18 now, a young woman, not a little girl. Although, I could pretend she still was…

I soon gathered myself, the delicious anticipation of what was to come washing away any pre-occupation with guilt. She’d never in a million years guess what her sweet aunt had in store for her later that day.

We chatted about how boring it was to live in New Jersey in general, and Brentwood in particular; about her classes at college, and how she couldn’t wait to get back there in the fall.

We went around a curve in the beach and the hubbub of the madding crowd receded in the distance. The lighthouse stood against the clear blue sky like a giant white candle. Each step seemed to get us no nearer. It was obviously further away than we thought. I became concerned. I didn’t want to waste too much time getting there and investigating. There were important issues to attend to. I had to make my move soon.

“Becky sweetie,” I smiled, sweetly yet at the same time wickedly. “Do you know why I invited you out here on this little walk?”

“Umm, I — I don’t think so.” She looked tentative – and fantastically innocent.

“But you must have some idea?” I said, teasingly. “Well, I suppose we like each other’s company, don’t travesti porno we?”

“We surely do, honey…Well… you remember that little kiss I gave you when we were in the park?”

“Oh yes, Aunt Kate, how could I forget? You really did take me by surprise,”

“Well, I’m sorry if I frightened you-“

“Oh, don’t be sorry. You didn’t frighten me. I thought it was sweet of you. To be honest, I sort of wanted it to happen.”

“You did?”

“Uh-huh. I can’t begin to tell you how I really feel about you. I’m afraid of what you might think.”

“There’s no need to be afraid, sweetheart. As long as you’re happy.”

“Are we going to kiss some more?”

“Of course, if that’s what you want?”

“I would like that very much. I love having you around. You make me feel important and nice.”

“Thank you. You too.” I took Becky’s hand and squeezed. She reciprocated.

We walked over toward some dunes. The beach looked sheltered there, we would be out of sight. Not that it mattered, there was no one around anyway. The lighthouse seemed just as far away as ever, standing in the bright white sunlight, beckoning us, yet remaining tantalizingly out of reach. A gust of wind suddenly whipped gritty sand against my cheek and into my eye, blinding me for a second. That gave me an opportunity…

“Oops…Something in my eye…. Just sand, probably. I’ll have to stop for a moment. I can’t see!”

“Look… Come on, over here!” urged Becky, leading me by the hand. “There’s a place we can sit, a large dune, we’ll be sheltered. No one will see us. I’ll have a look for you.”

We walked a few steps through the loose sand. I slipped my arm round Becky’s tiny waist, hanging on to her. We reached the dune and sat down. I sat cross-legged as Becky inspected my watering eye.

“I can’t see anything,” she said. “It’s probably just a tiny grain. Pull your eyelid over. That sometimes does it.” She was fussing like Mother Hen now. I’d really sold her.

“But what about the lighthouse.?” I said, feigning disappointment, knowing we weren’t going to make it now.

“I think we may well have to forget about it today, I reckon it’s still a good half-hour away. I guess we should have started out earlier.”

“Oh, rats! You’re right, though.” I pulled my eyelid down and allowed my eye to water. “Trust me to foul things up…”

Becky aired some light-hearted disappointment, but like myself, I think she had other more important things on her mind. “Oh, Aunt Kate, it’s not your fault. We can always go tomorrow.”

“Of course we can, sweetie… Ah… That’s better!” Becky’s face was still close as I wiped my eye. She leaned forward and kissed my forehead. “I thought that would clear it,” she said. I could sense the mounting tension between us, Becky’s unfulfilled curiosity, my juicing pussy. My seduction of her was well underway.

“Becky, sweetheart, we can kiss a while, get to know each other a bit more. But then I want to teach you some other things — nice things.”

“Like what, Aunt Kate?”

“About love. Let you in on some secrets – secrets only a special kind of woman knows. Don’t be frightened. I promise it’ll be all right.”

“Oh, I’m not frightened, Aunt Kate. Not when I’m with you. You make me feel happy… and special.”

“Good. Nice to know I’m good at something, anyway. Now let’s lie down and make ourselves comfortable. You can tell me all about high school – see if things have changed much since I was there.”

“High school’s great. But let’s not talk about that anymore today.”

“What then?”

“I don’t really feel like talking at all… I just fe…”

“That’s fine, honey. No talking — we’ll just lie here in the sun and rest awhile.”

“And maybe kiss some more?”

“Sure honey, anytime you’re ready. But I hope we’re going to do a lot more than just kiss. Have you ever gone further, I mean with the boys at High School?” I teased her silky hair between my thumb and forefinger as she lay with her head on my shoulder. “Or another girl, perhaps?”

Becky turned to me as she took the bait. The gentle breeze blew wisps of straw-coloured hair across her blushing face “Sometimes I think about boys, sure. But I also think about girls quite a lot, too…” She stopped suddenly and brushed some grains of sand off her thigh. She seemed troubled, lost in a memory. “I did go out with a guy for a while. He was a total jerk though. It didn’t work out and…Well, if you want the truth, Aunt Kate – I did kiss a girl once, but only once. And there was nothing in it. She was a friend of mine and it happened during a sleep-over. It was just a laugh, kids’ stuff, nothing more. We’d been drinking and it didn’t lead to anything – only sleep.” Oh, Aunt Kate, do you think there’s something wrong with me?”

“Not a thing, honey.” I took Becky’s hand and put her fingers to my lips. I could feel her trembling. “It’s never wrong for a woman to love a woman. It’s one of the tumblr porno most natural things in the world.”

“I had this awful feeling at school that I’d be found out and become the butt of everyone’s jokes, that they would be laughing behind my back. In the showers with the other girls after games I would feel so shy, embarrassed to look at the others, ashamed of my feelings – that my body would betray me.”

I put my arm around Becky and drew her to me, kissing her cheek as I did so. I could taste the salty teardrop that had trickled down her face.

“Hush now, honey. I don’t want you to worry about anything. There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, you will soon realise there is much right about you and that your feelings shouldn’t be denied. In fact, your feelings should be embraced, not feared. Now trust me. I will look after you.”

“You are so nice, Aunt Kate. And such a good friend.”

Hmm, she was soon to find out just how good a friend I wanted to be. I wondered how she would react to finding out her favourite aunt, as well as showing her affection, would equally love to have naughty sex with her.

“I’ll always be here for you, Becky honey.”

At this Becky broke down and sobbed against me. I wasted no time in lowering my straps and freeing my boobs. I felt her heart beating against my chest, heard the sharp intake of breath as she took a nipple between her waiting lips. She felt like a little nibbling bird at my breast, a suckling babe in arms and an electric tingle of desire fluttered inside me.

“Becky, I’m really hot for you…I fancy you like mad if you want to know the truth. I hope we can become more than just good friends, I really do. Do you understand what that means?” With my free hand I very gently stroked the inside of her thigh, down towards her knee, and up again. “Would you like to learn about love from an older woman, to discover the secrets of Sapphic desires? How would you feel about making it with me? I know that’s going to sound a bit kinky, me being your aunt. But it sort of adds a bit of spice to it all, don’t you agree?”

I watched her face turn a full-bloom blush.

“Oh God.” She gulped, “I don’t believe this is happening! This is what I’ve wanted for so long.”

“Well, honey, now you can have it.”

“What do I have to do?” Becky asked. She sounded nervous, but intrigued.

I hugged her reassuringly. “Nothing really, you just follow your instincts and let things take their course. You’re doing just fine already.”

It is then that I kissed her, full on and passionately. Her lips were delightfully yielding, her tongue darting, alive and eager. Her hands gripped me feverishly. I had to draw away to get my breath, such was the ferocity of her embrace. I stroked down her neck and back praying she wouldn’t get cold feet at the last moment.

“Oh, this is so crazy! I can’t believe this is happening to me. It’s what I’d wished for a long time and now the opportunity has arrived I’m almost too nervous to take it.”

I kissed her again, this time squeezing her pert breasts inside her yellow bikini top. I could feel the pellet-like nipples, so begging to be clamped and pinched. Those beauties would have to wait their turn. There was plenty of work to do yet.

I kissed her neck and flicked my tongue across her ear. She squealed, saying she was ticklish. Her hair smelled of fresh lemon, her body, an intoxicating mix of musk and suntan lotion. She smelt so good, it made my whole body ache with desire. I could’ve eaten her right then and there. But all in good time.

Far off I heard the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach and predatory gulls on the wind. Finally, after many late nights of wicked fantasies, it seemed one of my wildest was about to become a reality. I could sense my niece trembling in anticipation of the door I was about to open.

A light wind stirred the sands, a chill, or was it a thrill, ran up my back. I kissed Becky again, running the tip of my tongue along her fleshy lips. I pulled back to look into her eyes for a moment. They were swimming with desire. I once again kissed her, working my tongue inside her mouth, tasting the metal wire of her braces as I ran it across her front teeth. It was just like kissing a child, so sweet and innocent. Becky closed her eyes and moaned inwardly as I eased my fingers inside her bikini bottoms. It was difficult not to rush things with time against us. “Becky darling, I do believe you have something nice for me down here, don’t you?”

Her breath was coming in short gasps now. I caressed her pubes inside the flimsy material. Her body responded.

“Ooh, Oh my God.” Becky moaned and trembled in my clasp, looking into my eyes.

“Hmm, baby. That’s a nice warm pussy you have there.”

Becky arched her back beneath me, her head lolling from side to side as I began massaging her.

I carefully slid my fingers inside her slippery pussy and watched her face.

“Why yes! What have we here?” I brushed her clitoris with my thumb. Her body shuddered with pleasure.


“My, oh my. I think we just found the key to your secret door, honey”

I put my arm around behind her as her back arched in ecstasy, resting my hand in the small of her back.

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