Seeing Red

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At the end of second year of college, I got a job as an in-home therapist for kids with developmental issues. It was perfect for my child psychology major. One of my clients was a small family with the cutest boy you could imagine. Part of my job was to play with him and teach him life’s basics.

During my first week working with him, his dad came home during therapy. It was difficult to hide my attraction, but this being my job, I was able to stay professional. I found out he’s only a few years older than me because he started a family before going back to get his college degree. He’s got brown hair, green eyes, not overly muscular, tall, trim and very handsome. He also has a goatee with streaks of prematurely white hair in it. Let’s just say I was a bit damp between the legs — very awkward when working with children. He was always a gentleman, even the few times I accidentally flashed my panties by bending over a little too far.

One time his son accidentally hooked my top as he was climbing me. I was bent over and I’m almost positive dad saw all the way down my shirt to my pierced navel. Lots of girls have pierced belly buttons nowadays, but my mind went wild thinking dad had slutty thoughts about me, wondering where else I might have body art. I was scared he might get me fired for indecency, but at the same time I came hard that night dreaming he was thinking of me while drilling his wife.

It was a shame I could never act on my feelings. I loved my job too much. I also respected the wife too much. After all, the last thing she needed after raising a special needs child was a two-timing bitch wrecking her marriage. So, I was resigned to petting the kitty until I got a boyfriend to distract me. Nonetheless, I held a special place in my fantasies for “sweetheart daddy” as I secretly called him. I dreamt about his facial hair tickling my sun-kissed thighs, tongue buried deep in my snatch. I rubbed myself raw to this naughty image more than a few times in those days.

After a while, the boy aged out of the program, so I lost contact with that family for a few years. I had gotten my first serious boyfriend, but had to move on because he was getting a roving eye if you know what I mean. Good riddance to that bastard anyway. His package wasn’t all that big, but he had confidence. That made all the difference in the bedroom. He said he loved me then turned around and started screwing this bimbo a few units over. I did all kinds of nasty things in the bedroom I otherwise wouldn’t dream of to show my love. We even did it with the windows open a few times. Like I said, his confidence got me to comply and after a while I realized I craved the degrading acts just to please him.

Now that was over, I had my life to figure out and hadn’t been with enough guys to know other forms of love.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, so I’d gone to the park and was catching up on my reading when I got a text.

It was from the wife and read,


“Hey Kimberly. It’s Mrs Downing. Well Ms Lancaster now. Anyway David and I broke up. He’s got no one else. Can you check on him?”


I was stunned to say the least. Come to find out, they divorced because of differences in how to handle their son. She was worried because he had taken it pretty hard. He hadn’t shown up to work in a few days and very few people thought to check up on him. She thought of me because I was a familiar face, but removed enough from the situation to feel like a genuine friend to him.

I responded with my acceptance of the mission. I hurried home, freshened up and was on my way in just over an hour.

He kept the house after the divorce, so finding him was no problem. Instead of the family car, I pulled up to find a sports car in the driveway. ‘That’s different,’ I thought.

I smoothed my peach-colored floral summer dress around me as I stepped out onto the pavement. My red hair, in a single braid as it had been for years, draped across one freckled shoulder and down my chest. At 5′ 8″, I’m pretty tall for a girl. My long legs are quite distracting, so I generally wear long skirts when working. I love how silky skirts feel on my silky legs. I’m not particularly fond of how small my B-cup breasts are, but they fit my slender frame. As a busty girlfriend once told me, “At least they won’t sag so much when we’re old!” They are quite perky and capped with long, round nipples, which were hardening at the thought of the handsome older gentleman waiting through these doors.

My nose is rather prominent, more than I would like, but at least it helps me breathe when giving oral. So maybe I can’t do much with my tits, but I can make up for it with a deep blow- or rimjob. Yet another thing my boyfriend made me do. After I got used to the taste, I could make him blow his wad with just my tongue.

There was a nostalgic dampness building between my thighs that I dismissed as sweat from the ride over. But, honestly, being alone with this stud was getting escort bostancı me excited. Good thing my dress allowed my fiery bush-covered pussy to air out a bit!

‘Kimmie,’ I reminded myself, ‘you’re here to help this man, who’s possibly depressed, possibly suicidal. Don’t make this about you!’

I rapped on the door, probably too meekly to be heard. Nerves were getting the better of me.

No answer.

I knocked a bit louder.


Now, normally I wouldn’t do this, but this man could be a danger to himself in his unstable state, so I attempted the doorknob. It popped right open and its own weight creaked it halfway open.

“Hello?” I called out as I slipped past and rested my 110-pound frame against the latching oak door. Still nothing.

‘Maybe he’s not home,’ I thought.

Considering my options, to venture further into someone else’s home or give up and leave, I couldn’t bear the thought of being this close to helping this poor man but leaving him to wallow or worse.

With renewed determination, I puffed my chest and pushed on. I felt a jolt in my nipples when they rubbed the padding of my bra which made me realize they were noticeably rock hard. Guess it had been a while since I had a man. I pushed my horniness down to focus on the task at hand.

As I rounded the corner into the next room, all was quiet and dark. Calling his name, I came to the master bedroom. What I saw was shocking, but given the circumstances, I had to play it cool.

“Sweetheart Daddy” was lying naked on the bed. He was passed out in a landscape littered with beer bottles. He had not shaved for at least a week. One arm rested on his belly with one leg tucked underneath in a figure-four. There he was in all his circumcised glory. His man-meat hanging and curving left over his heaving ballsack. He wasn’t particularly hairy for a guy. I dreamed of seeing him naked, but seeing him this way also broke my heart.

I turned to leave the room to consider how to handle the situation when I heard him call out. Without turning, I responded, “Hi. I came to check on you…”

He was groggy and apologized for his condition, but also didn’t cover up. I spun and looked him dead in the eyes. “You have nothing to apologize for.”

He chuckled. “Oh, Kimmy. That’s what I love about you. Always positive and encouraging. Even when you find a man alone with nothing left to lose.”

He seemed to remember his modesty when he recapped the situation aloud. He looked around for anything to cover himself.

Before he could, I placed my hands on either side of him at the foot of the bed. His eyes darted to my cleavage. “Don’t bother. I’ve already seen it. Besides, this is your house. I should be apologizing for intruding.”

“I should get dressed,” he stammered.

“You know what?” I asked.

He looked at me dumbfounded.

“Let me cheer you up.”

“Just go. I’m not worth the time. My wife, er, ex-wife doesn’t like how I raise my children. My job is going nowhere. I’m going to shit. I’m a failure and I don’t want to do this anymore,” he confessed. “Thank you, but I’m right where I deserve.”

The situation was worse than I thought. Sadness welled up inside me. But when I looked at the beautiful man before me, and despite a bit of a gut he was beautiful, I swallowed it into anger, which morphed into lust out of the love I had for this man. Besides, he had a thick cockhead and a hefty pair displayed right now. God, had my ex turned me into such a slut?

I crawled the rest of the way onto the bed, my skirt flowing over him. He straightened his legs to allow me access. I hovered over him a moment, scared of losing control. What was I scared of? He was single. So was I. It was hard to shake the feelings from the professional relationship we once had. I moved in before regret could settle in.

Our lips met, awkwardly at first, but we both warmed to the idea. This was the first kiss for either of us since our respective breakups.

Had I come with the intention of bedding this man? No, of course not. But this was an opportunity to express my love for him. Not to mention, I knew nothing made a man feel better than a woman devoting her body to him. And I wanted to devote every inch. I began to see him in a new light.

As I pulled away, saliva falling away from our parting lips, I admitted, “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“What? Kiss a man?” He teased.

“No, you goof. I’ve wanted to kiss you since I first saw you.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

The question wasn’t what I was expecting.

“No, I’m just saying that,” I drenched as much sarcasm as I could muster into those words. “Yes! You’re gorgeous.” He was blushing by this point. It was actually pretty adorable. My hand traced his bare chest where one of his covered mine. I noticed his cock flip itself over to rest against his belly and pulsed as it continued to grow.

“Kimmy, I don’t know that I can be with a woman right now.”

“Oh, don’t tell ümraniye escort me you’re going gay on me,” I deflected. “I mean it’s cool as long as you let me watch.” I winked then giggled as I fell into him.

“It’s just so fresh that I- I just don’t-“

“Your friend says otherwise.” We both looked down. “Close your eyes.” My fingers led his eyelids as I interrupted him. “You don’t have to decide anything right now. This isn’t a commitment. Just relax and let Red make you feel good for a minute.”


“Shhh.” A finger over his mouth shushed him.

I began by kissing him again, then his cheek, then his chest. Then my mouth was at his stiffened manhood. I inhaled him. Its pungent odor drove me wild. My red nails scratched a path down his torso.

I opened wide to suck his balls into my hungry mouth. With the assistance of my tongue, I ever-so-gently swirled them around. There wasn’t much room because of their considerable size, but the sensation clearly drove him crazy. Each suck pressed his dick along the length of my face, tapping the engorged cap over the bridge of my nose along my forehead. His erection dotted a pre-cum trail across the top of my face. His dick was as long as my freckled face and I couldn’t wait to have it inside of me, but my ex-boyfriend’s training enlightened me how to build the intensity.

“Oh, Suze…” he murmured her pet name. I barely heard it.

The accidental name slip didn’t bother me. It didn’t matter who he thought was making him feel good as long as he did.

His balls popped out of my mouth. “Oh,” he exclaimed, “Suzy hasn’t done anything like that for a long time.”

“If she had, maybe the two of you would still be together.” I was full of regret as soon as I said it, but he laughed it off. We both laughed. Probably the first time he smiled since before the breakup.

My mouth returned to his. He could probably taste his balls on me as I dug my nails deep into his chest. His dick was pressed between our bodies, enticing me again to impale myself, but I resisted. Being fully clothed helped, but again, this dress gave easy access. My ex often took full advantage from the day I bought it.

Our eyes remained locked as my mouth returned below his waist. I licked the underbelly of his shaft then swallowed the head. He tensed and gasped with pleasure. After a moment bobbing on his cock, he squeezed my shoulders. My green eyes returned to lock on his. Our genitals both moistened as he watched me orally worship him and I loved him memorizing me doing it.

My hands replaced my lips for a while, so I could study his expressions better. Once I found the sweet spot beneath the frenulum, I twisted my fingers around it and watched his eyelids flutter in pure pleasure. I doubled down by encasing his balls with my mouth again, eyes locked on him so I could witness his building orgasm.

Next, I decided to enhance his experience by giving him more of what men really want… visual stimulation. My dress was fairly low cut, but my tits are not big enough to simply flop out. I lowered the straps, reached into my bra and pulled them out. The exposed air puckered my nipples, so I pinched them to send a shock of euphoria through my slim frame. I nearly orgasmed on the spot.

Daddy’s eyes suddenly came back into focus at the sight of my freckled, topless chest. Something came alive in him. He sat up to engulf me. Hands were all over me as he rammed his tongue down my throat. He clawed at my exposed back and kneaded my tits. His strong hands encircled my arms and squeezed my sides.

I had him at this point, now I needed to maintain control. I couldn’t let him dominate. That would end it too soon. I didn’t want this to be a moment, I wanted this to change his entire outlook on life.

His dick was slobbering all over my chest. I wriggled free. He fought for dominance, but without a word, I was able to convince him it would be worth letting me slip back down between his muscled thighs.

I placed his hardon between my breasts, spit on it, and buried it between them.

Well, it didn’t take long before I could tell it wasn’t going to work. Damn, these tiny titties! Times like these it pays to have a little prick. Daddy was too big for a proper tittyfuck from yours truly.

I wasn’t the only one who noticed. Daddy needed more. Again, he grabbed me. This time he lifted me clear above the bed on top of him. He tore my dress the rest of the way off by the straps and my bra went with it.

He sat up, intent on ravaging me, but I sat on his chest. I couldn’t let him take over. Not yet.

There I sat, in nothing but soggy, ruined panties. I slid them off and held them across his mouth. Laughing, I said “Hmm. You look so good gagged. Maybe I should tie you up to settle you down.”

Daddy responded, “Is that how you would cheer me up?”


I flung my ruined panties across the room.

It was time. I lifted my ass to guide his cock inside of me. Although it was big, I was kartal escort bayan more than ready. It slid in easily. I shuddered with its size. Daddy was bigger than my ex. His pubes were tickling my cunt as my ass came to rest on his balls. I looked down to see him disappear beneath my fiery triangle. I thought how pretty that pussy looked engulfing him as I rested my hands on his chest.

“It’s so big. You’re splitting me open,” I practically whispered, barely able to form words over the feeling of his cock massaging my swollen inner lips. I swear he grew another inch when I said that. He was stretching me, hitting all the right places and soon I would be a babbling pile of redheaded orgasm.

I lifted my arms above my head and ran my fingers through my hair as I rode him. My tits bobbled wildly with each thrust. His fingers dug into my sides, riding higher with each pounding until his hands palmed my breasts and squeezed. That was the first orgasm he gave me.

Because of my ex, I thought I needed it rough to orgasm, but with Daddy I only needed a touch.

When my tits bounced right out of his grip, his hands fell to my lightly tanned thighs that were straddling him where he traced lines inside to my gushing pussy and back to my knees. Then he switched to taking fistfuls of my ass, which slowed my pace, but I loved submitting to him.

Without warning, he pulled me into his chest and thrust his tongue down my throat. He took over pounding my pussy from underneath me. I became puddy when a second orgasm washed over me. He took control, but at least I made him work for it.

He rolled us over and I stared helplessly up at him. That’s when he flipped me over and grabbed my hips to lift my ass. I curled my legs beneath me for support.

He turned on the juice to hammer me relentlessly. His balls smacked my cunt audibly. They were faster than machine gun fire, so constant I could no longer feel time between thwacks. Then he spanked me, gently at first because I think his aim was off with how fast we were moving, then harder and more frequently and with two hands until he was drumming a sexy beat into my reddening ass cheeks. I was close to a third orgasm, but there was something else I knew would put me over the edge.

“Pull my hair,” I ordered.

“Huh?” He couldn’t hear over the whipping he was giving me, so he stopped the spanking, but not the hard fucking.

“Pull-my-hair-God-damn-it!” I shouted between thrusts. I needed to cum so bad.

He leaned over to grab my braid, which pressed his cock deep into my cervix. I moaned in pleasure.

“Oh, this little bitch likes her hair pulled?”


“Who’s a slut for this cock?”

“I am!”

“I can’t hear. Who’s a whore, whose only purpose in life is to satisfy this dick?”


“Say it!” He was pulling my braid, which craned my head back to allow my tits to swing wild and free.

“I’m a bitch-whore who needs your cock in me at all times! Please fill me up! Please! Oh God, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

“Fuck right you are! Who’s a whore?”

“M-m-m-me,” I stammered.



Smack! He smacked my ass.

“No, who? Who wants this dick?” He demanded.

“Red! Red is a whore for this big cock!”

He began grunting as he proclaimed, “I’m going to cum!”

My head had melted under the pillow he had drilled me into. I dropped onto the floor next to the bed. He had a confused look for a second until I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He took aim and pumped a gallon of semen onto my filthy, eager, cumbucket face. After his balls were drained he fed me his drippy cock and I happily sucked our cum off. He was sensitive from cumming, which meant he twitched and giggled as my mouth cleaned him.

When he was done creaming my face, still catching his breath, he contrasted, “Suzy never let me cum on her face.”

I smiled triumphantly and licked the cum from my lips.

“Maybe she’d still be here if she had.”

Unknown to him, my ex- made me take his cum on my face and clean his dick with my mouth or just swallow (something I never dreamed of and wasn’t fond of because his jizz tasted terrible). As I discovered today, not all semen is created equally.

It was my turn to pass out from the intense fuck session. As I drifted off to Daddy walking to the shower, I smiled at the difference I had made. His dirty talk was a sign his confidence was returning. Sometimes all a man needs is to feel alpha, even if only for a minute in the bedroom. Red was a happy girl.

A few days later, I received a text from “Sweetheart Daddy”:


“Thank you for the rescue. Dinner on Saturday?”


Attached was a picture of me sleeping naked on his bed, still plastered in cum, captioned “Angel” with angel emojis. He must have snapped it after getting out of the shower and finding me still sprawled across his bed. If I’m honest, that text coming from someone else would have flipped me out, but he needed motivation. I considered it a momento. As long as it kept him going or made him happy, that was all that mattered. Besides, a part of me got excited at the prospect of such a revealing pic of me out there.


“Saturday @ 7”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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