Serendipity Ch. 43

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 43 – Francis overload

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Acup


43 – Francis overload

Francis was sucking me down nicely, working the tip of my cock into her throat, and Brittany was up beside me her nipple just beyond my lips.

“Good morning Master,” Nicole said as she slipped her tube dress on, strumming her nipples, standing out from pastel pink rings today, when she knew I was watching. “Don’t have too much fun today…” slipping her jacket on and blowing me a kiss as she went out the door.

Shower noises told me that Sam and Maria were cleaning up from last night.

Francis knee walked up beside me and threw her leg over to settle on my now hard cock, “Mmmmmmm…” twisting and working herself down on me, giving her huge chest the nicest wiggle as she did.

She began working her pussy up and down a little, just enjoying herself with me filling her, leaning forward enough to let her nipples move in my chest hair. She was starting to get a little more motion into it when she leaned forward a bit more then turned sideways a bit to Brittany.

Watching a soft and yet passionate kiss above me was doing wonders for my hard cock, when Francis’ eyes flashed open and she squeaked into the kiss.

“Ask…” Brittany said slowly, Francis’ mouth moved but nothing came out.

“Ask…” she said again a bit more forcefully, and I felt something against my cock but not in Francis’ pussy… BRITTANY HAD A FINGER IN FRANCIS’ ASS!!

Francis closed her eyes and dropped her head with a hiss as the finger gained some momentum.

“Master…” Francis said softly.

“Yes?” I responded before leaning up and lightly nipping at the top of her tit.

“Would you…FUUUUUCK!” the finger was really gaining speed, and the ripples in her pussy were getting me close.

“Would you fuck my ass toniiiiii…” that’s as far as we got. Francis collapsed, spasming on me and I began driving up into her filling her with everything I had. Those huge nipples were trying to penetrate my chest and her squirting pussy flooded my cock while Brittany’s finger was giving her ass a wild fuck…

… I smelled BACON!

I started to roll over and had to stop and grin. Francis laid back cupping her tits and rolling her nipples while Brittany made sure EVERY last bit of cum was cleaned out of her pussy. She saw me, winked, then leaned way down and licked Francis from rosebud to clit, resulting in a groan and nipple pulling. DAMN THAT GIRL WAS ORNERY.

And for as good as the bacon smelled, I NEEDED A SHOWER.

Showering alone was a novel sensation after the last few months, but I had to grin at Francis and Brittany needing another shower as I was coming out.

Now this is more like it! All my girls naked around the island, plus Cathy and Tiffany, “You two playing hooky today?” giving them each a nice squeeze.

“YUP!” Cathy chimed, “I’m going to wear her out and make her call in sick tomorrow too!” pulling her in for a serious kiss. “As soon as I fill her up for the next round.”

Maria had just finished pumping and slid my plate of bacon and eggs along with one of her freshly pumped bottles. And like usual I took a sip of her warm milk before anything… and Cathy was coughing.

I sat the bottle down and turned to her, “You okay?”

After a bit of back slapping she settled down and gave me a weird look, “You just…” looking between me and the bottle.

Brittany grinned and took a sip from the same bottle, “He just what?”

Cathy AND Tiffany’s jaw dropped.

Sam and then Francis took a sip, “You girls didn’t leave me much…”

“There’s the second bottle Master. Then again,” lifting her tit a bit and rolling her nipple between her fingers, “You could always come get it direct from the source,” letting a drop form and catch on her finger.

Maria held that finger to my lips for me to enjoy, “Mmmmm, that brings such wonderful memories to mind. Those deliciously full tits, way beyond time to pump. Watching you settle down on my aching cock, working me in deep in just the right spot. Leaning over feeling your milk wanting to burst from your nipples. feeling them swell from the pressure. Grinding down all the way on my cock. Working your clit against my pubic hair as you lean forward.”

“Oh yesss, feeling your nipples pull and stretch from your milk wanting to escape to my waiting mouth. Leaning over you can feel my breath on them, and even though you can’t see it, you can feel a drop forming on the tip.”

“I’m slowly working my cock in your aching pussy as you lean forward the last little bit. You feel my lips around your güvenilir bahis nipple as your milk blasts through, spraying like a fire hose into my waiting mouth.”

“OH FUCK YES! Your squirting against my cock as your milk is squirting into my mouth…” and I had six moaning and groaning and squealing women. Then I had six panting women. Then Cathy was shaking a wet finger at me, I grabbed her hand and brought the wet finger to my lips to taste her juices.

“Mmmmm, just as sweet as I remember.”

Cathy gasped, Tiffany snickered, Cathy drug her to the bedroom giggling all the way before the door closed.

I turned back to my girls, “So did we have anything interesting planned today?”

There was a collective groan, and Maria threw a napkin at me, then turned to get my plate.

“Well Mistresses plan was for us to visit some of the toy and lingerie stores to get an idea of what we did and did not want to do for ours.” Brittany said.

“Mmmmmm!” Sam smiled, “I could use another pair of Ben Wa balls, and I’d like to get a metal plug I can wear all night… a girl can never have too many toys right?”

Maria and Brittany giggled, Francis groaned and hung her head causing them to look at her.

“What?” she said raising it.

Brittany raised an eyebrow.

“It’s nothing… She said weakly.

“It didn’t sound like nothing…” coming up behind her and sliding her hands under supporting Francis’ huge chest with a bit of a bounce. “You know we’ll get it out of you…” Brittany continued before she nipped at the top of Francis’ shoulder.

“YOU EVEL WENCH!” Francis groaned and shuddered.

“Not always…” as she kissed her way up Francis’ neck to her ear.


I leaned over and cupped Francis’ tit above Brittany’s hand, rolling her nipple between my fingers, “You always have such hot stories…” and kissed her softly.

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this…mmmmmmm”

Brittany had plastered herself against Francis’ back using her grip on those monsters to do it.

“Tony and I had only been married about six months, and had barely unpacked all the boxes in the new house when we decided to try and have kids. It was also not long after he discovered how much I enjoyed having my ass fucked.”

Sam giggled at that.

“We had a thing of going out dancing on Saturday’s. Usually to a club, and sometimes out to one of the big dance halls. Tony announced on Monday that not only were we going to one of the big dance halls, he knew it was my favorite, but that by the end of the week I was going to be pregnant.”

“From when he got home in the evening to when he left for work I was to be accessible, if not naked, so that as soon as he was hard he was going to take me.”

Now it was Maria and Sam’s turn to groan.

“In addition to that he was going to take me as many times as possible on Saturday, even at the dance.” A snicker from Brittany, “I got laid more times that week than in all my years before. He was in me from behind when he woke up, and again bent over the kitchen counter before he walked out the door.”

“I was wet when I heard him pull in the drive and bent over like a little whore when he came in the door. On my back on the kitchen table after supper and on my knees on the bed, by Thursday I was sore and bow legged.”

“That sounds Sooooo terrible…” Sam snickered.

Francis tried to wag a finger at Sam, but Brittany squeezing and lifting her chest interrupted that.

“On Friday he announced we were taking a break… kind of. He only bent me over the counter before he left for work, and again when we went to bed. Of course I had to lay on the couch with his cock in my mouth and his fingers playing with my ass so I was randy as all hell by the time we went to bed.”

Maria was glassy eyed and Sam was panting.

“So then I was informed that I was to pick out a dress that the neck line could be pulled down or open and my skirt lifted easily, Tony would be picking my lingerie.”

“A man after my own heart.” The girls all glared at me.

“I woke Saturday morning to Tony sliding into me as he cupped my chest. ‘You like being my little slut don’t you?’ he asked as he pinched my nipples. I could only agree and hump back into him. ‘We’re going to be naked all day, and I’m going to take you as many times as I can as my wife, but tonight you’re going to be my trussed up little sex slave.’ I came around his cock right then and there.”

“‘By the end of the night every orifice you have will be filled with my cum and your cleavage will be soaked.’ And he unloaded into me for the first of many that day. True to his word I was his trussed up slave that night. He picked out one of my old corsets that was a bit small. I could barely breathe when he tightened it up, and it didn’t cover my nipples anymore so they were standing out just above the cups.”

“Then he laid out one of my long legged girdles and held up a plug and a bottle of lube.”

“OH FUCK!” Sam groaned.

“Exactly. türkçe bahis He lubed me up and fucked my ass until I couldn’t stand, I lost count of the orgasms after the first four.” Maria gasped. “And once he’d filled my ass he slipped that plug in me and then made me stand enough to put that girdle on, again a bit too small keeping that plug up deep in my ass.”

“Every bump and pothole on the drive to the dance hall went straight through that plug. By the time we got there I was ready to go again… and Tony knew it. He parked out at the end of the lot and bent me over the hood, popped the snaps on my girdle and gave me another filling, I did my best not to scream…”

“Every break we took it was back out to the car for another filling. At least at the mid session break I got a reprieve of sorts. Tony allowed me to suck him off instead of bending me over the car, but he made me let some of his cum dribble down my cleavage before I could swallow it.”

Fingers were making a LOT of noise in some very juicy pussies…

“Tony took me four more times that night. The last time he stripped my dress off and laid me back on the passenger seat in my corset and girdle and fucked me until I passed out. I woke up on the front seat beside him driving home. I just laid down and fished his cock out and sucked on it like the little sex slave I was.”

The apartment was smelling delicious.

“We didn’t have all the pregnancy tests they have now, but I would say with ninety nine percent certainty that Tony Jr. was conceived that night.

The girls were on the edge, and hell I was about ready to pop from that story. “So you’ve always been a bit of a sex slave have you?” taking her nipple between my teeth and nipping it lightly making Francis gasp.

“I’m going to slide my hand down your belly and put my finger on your clit. You’re not going to come until I touch your clit are you?”

“No Master…” she hissed more than said.

I placed my hand on her belly feeling the tension. “I can almost picture you out at the dance, ass filled with that plug, corset so tight you’re experiencing a bit of hypoxia all the time. And yet Tony is bending you over and stuffing your pussy when ever he got the chance.”

“His cum sloshing around in your plug filled ass, your pussy filled to overflowing and running down your thighs, in part because of being trussed up in the corset and girdle. Mmmm, looking down at those magnificent tits as you swallow him down balls deep before he unloads in your throat and mouth.”

“Looking him right in the eye as his sex slave lets his cum dribble from her mouth and into her cleavage, feeling it ooze its way between those monsters.” My hand was down just above her bush playing with her landing strip, her body quivering in anticipation.

“You know somebody saw you that night, maybe even a few somebody’s, but you were there for Tony. And then he stripped you down to your underwear and took you again before taking you home, you screamed to anyone that could hear you before you passed out didn’t you?”

“…yes…” she said softly.

“But there’s something you didn’t tell us isn’t there?” she made a little noise but not loudly. “When you laid over and took Tony in to suck on him, he reached around and cupped your ass didn’t he?”

“Yes Master,” she barely breathed out, my finger almost touching her clit.

“And when you took him in your mouth, he did it didn’t he?”

Francis let out the cutest whine.

“When you took him in your mouth, feeling him slide down your throat he did it, he pushed that plug as far into you as he could and then you came didn’t you?” I pressed her clit and set her off. “Trapped between Tony’s cock in your throat and his plug being forced into your ass as you dribbled down your thighs. His sex slave came again and again…”

I was popping her clit from side to side as Francis clamped her hand on top of my but not stopping me, her and Brittany were a mass of quivering orgasms. Sam was strangling her nipples and trying not to slide off the stool.

Maria had luckily put Maya in her carrier, one hand was clamped on her pussy and the other was lifting and squeezing her tit making it squirt milk onto the counter in time with her screams.

I kept Francis and Brittany going a bit and then let them collapse to the floor, Sam flopping forward against the counter and Maria dropping to her knees.

I licked Francis’ juices from my finger as I walked around the island to help Maria up. She turned to me still on the floor and took my cock in so nicely… and then she took a page from Brittany. She slid her hands around my ass and put a finger against and then in my ass!

I grabbed her head and just detonated in her, I have no idea if it was in her mouth or down her throat, but it was between her lips until I collapsed beside her.

“Brittany’s been teaching you bad habits…”

I heard a cackle from the other side of the island. “All’s fair in love and orgasms…” I would regret saying those words güvenilir bahis siteleri for years to come.

We did manage to get standing and finish our now lukewarm breakfast, the girls setting my clothes out for me. A white linen suit and shoes with a white silk shirt. I looked like the predecessor to Alex Cord in Airwolf!

The girls on the other hand were also in white, what there was of it. White collars, bikini tops, short skirts, and for Sam and Brittany, nipple jewelry. All covered in decent weight white long coats… oh and don’t forget the white knee length go-go boots!

With the furnace, the little RV was toasty in no time, and being able to leave it on made for a decent day all around.

Our first stop was one of the places we were trying not to emulate. It was a bit gaudy on the outside, and even though Brittany said it had been in place for several years, it gave the impression of being thrown together last week.

The second place we walked in the door, and I escorted the girls right back out. It was a fairly plain building on the exterior, but the inside looked like last weeks remnants of a bikers fight.

Our next stop was an early lunch at the mall… man that was sooo terrible. Walking in with four babes, excuse me, four and a half, was sooo excruciating. While they got several looks walking in with their coats open, dropping them on chairs and getting things at the food court, they were certainly the center of attention.

I had to chuckle at a few of the young men almost breaking their necks following them, and then the total disappointment at them sitting with me. Francis was a bit apprehensive, but pulled it off nicely. She reacted a bit to one of the older women saying something, not sure what, but Brittany’s response almost made her fall down laughing.

“Don’t sweat it Francis, only the homely ones are intimidated by your beauty.”

They turned back to us walking with hips swinging while the high maintenance woman stood there with her mouth open.

And the fun didn’t stop there, once we were done with the meal the girls had to get ice cream for desert. Me standing there paying for four ice cream cones while the girls made a production of licking them up and down. The kid behind the counter looked like he creamed his pants watching them.

Brittany was enjoying the stroll through the mall, the real estate kiosk was long since closed, and the jewelry kiosk she had worked at was having a going out of business sale. The blond air head working the booth confided in Brittany that some bimbo ran off with the boss’s client list and he was having to close the booth.

I couldn’t tell from the look if Brittany was going to explode laughing or rip the blond a new one, but either way we got her out of there. Once around the corner I figured out it was laughter when she couldn’t hold it in any more, “Serves the asshole right…” she managed to get out.

A quick stop by to say high to Grace and Melody, with a bit of fawning over Maya and some not so quick kisses between Brittany and Grace. Seems there was a bit of an ‘attraction’ between the girls. Each one lightly touching the others collar and grinning, then leaning in for one of those smoldering feather kisses, each licking the others lips when they broke apart.

And we were off to Nicole’s old store.

The girls admired the things on display, and I admired the nipples poking out on both the mannequins and the store employees. But it seems the girls neglected to tell Francis she was getting a set of nipple bands today.

They steered her down towards the end of the counter near the display when one of the lovely sales girls came up, LOW cut top and nipples standing out nicely just below the neck line. “What ya’ looking for today Brittany?”

Brittany winked at the sales girl, then came up behind Francis. “Francis is looking for some nipple bands like Nicole has,” and reached around and pulled her bikini top wide open.

“Oh those look absolutely delicious,” staring at Francis’ nipples while Francis was trying to cover back up. She tore her eyes away to look at Brittany, “any particular color or size?”

“Well the widest ones you have in white to start with, and then see what else looks good.”

She looked back to Francis, “What sizes do you wear?”

“I… um…”

Brittany lowered her hands and cupped Francis’ chest jiggling them nicely, “She’s never been fitted.”

“OH GOODIE!” the sales girl exclaimed. She grabbed a little case and Francis’ hand and led her around the corner.

I looked at Brittany.

“Sasha REALLY enjoys fitting new customers with nipple bands.”

“OH FUCK!” we heard Francis exclaim.

“She feels the nipple needs to be ‘wetted’ properly for a good nipple band fitting,” snickering as we heard more interesting noises from Francis in the fitting room.

Over the next few minutes we heard a nice assortment of moans, groans, hisses and other interesting sounds, finalized with an intense but subdued screech of an orgasm.

Francis reappeared with a glow on her face, her hair slightly out of place, and her lipstick smudged but grinning. She walked up to me still grinning, “How do they look?” pulling her bikini top well clear beside her tits.

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