Served in the Supermarket

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Living in a rural town with a population of around 8,000 there are little options for groceries – just two small supermarkets, one is a national chain and the other an independent shop. I used to share my loyalty between them until last month.

It was a Saturday evening when I dashed off to get some supplies, I didn’t need much but if I didn’t make it, it was going to be meal made of leftovers with a side of baked beans. Not that this mattered as I was home alone, the ex having moved out a year before after a bitter divorce. In the last year I’d pretty much divided my time between advancing my career by working to beat every target given and regular trips to the gym to make up for being a desk jockey. I was in the best shape of my life, standing 6’1″ with broad shoulders and good muscle tone all over – my dark hair a contrast to my pale skin, having not spent any time in the sun for several weeks, in fact maybe months.

I sped round the shop grabbing supplies and with the “we’re closing” announcement playing out I hit the checkouts. After unloading my basket onto the conveyor I looked up, taken slightly by surprise as the checkout girl was not wearing the chain’s anonymous corporate uniform but standing there in a little black dress. My eyes were drawn to her slim tanned legs and the hemline that was dangerously close to being level with her hips. The image was enticing and for a second I just stared, my attention focused on fantasizing what was a mere inch above the hem.

I dragged my eyes up following her hourglass figure and trying to not stare at her cleavage, revealed by a deep V neck. The firm full curves look unreal and I wondered if they were enhanced via a surgeon or some magical lingerie. I heard a voice, then suddenly realized that she’d finished up the previous sale and was talking to me.

I raised my eyes to look into her bright blue ones and could tell from her expression she’d clocked me ogling, I glanced back down to her name badge, clipped wonderfully close to her exquisite chest display. She clocked my second take and there was a flirty smile as she stretched her shoulders back, pushing her tits forward and almost daring me to look some more. I resisted and trying to not to sound flustered said ‘Hi Ruby, I’ve heard of dress down days but not dress up days?’

Ruby giggled and explained that the store manager had invited all the staff out to celebrate his recent promotion. She’d changed in her break so that she had time to do her hair and makeup before departing. My items bagged I handed over a couple of twenties and she handed back the change with both hands, forcing me to pick the coins up individually. As I picked the final quarter I saw that she’d brought her elbows together closing the inner mounds of her boobs together. A truly magnificent sight that caused my dick to stir as she thanked me, again with that flirty smile. I walked out trying to quell my half mast erection.

As I closed the trunk of my car I realized I’d missed an item on my list. By the time I was back at the store the shutters were coming down on the main door. I yelled out and ducked under and came up to see Ruby operating the shutter. I groveled about forgetting an item and with a twinkle in her ocean blue eyes she told me that if I hurried she’d serve me.

I rushed round the corner to the drug store aisle and as I was crouching, looking for the sports tape Ruby followed and stood next to me and asked if I had found what I was looking for. Grabbing my preferred brand I swiveled to face her as I began to stand. As I rose up, with my eyes drinking in each inch of the perfect pins I reached the hemline, bahis siteleri perilously close to her crotch. By the time I was fully erect my dick was also well on the way. Ruby glanced at my choice and brand and bent down picking up a rival and said ‘you should try this brand – its much bet…ter’ the pause was caused as she’d noticed my crotch and the now hard to hide bulge in my boxers.

She recovered quickly and turned to face away from me and said ‘You should also get some of these’ as she bent over at the waist to the bottom shelf. As I looked down her black dress slid up and over her butt, revealing no panties and a peach of a pussy. Her puffy outer lips hiding all but a tantalizing glimpse of her labia and the slit between glistening with her juices. As Ruby bent further the dress rode higher and higher and I could feel my throbbing cock taking control of my mind. I was frozen to the spot, it felt that my world had gone into slo-mo as I watched the hemline slide ever higher. There was to be no grand-reveal of Ruby’s puckered asshole despite the fabric slipping upwards. In its place there was instead the sparkling head of a crystal ended butt plug embedded in Ruby’s ring.

I think I might have gasped out loud as Ruby looked back over her shoulder at me, her face wanton as she held an already opened pack of condoms towards me. My cock had never been harder as I slipped my shorts down to my ankles freeing the mighty beast and covering him in a ribbed raincoat. I reached out and touched her pussy, I slipped my index finger between Ruby’s moist lips, feeling them part as I found and penetrated her pussy.

A small tidal wave of juice erupted as I pumped my finger in and out a few times, her pussy muscle gripping around my finger in time with the low moan now coming from Ruby. About two knuckles deep I could feel the firm bulge of her butt plug intruding into her cunt. I finger fucked her roughly before using my soaked finger to lubricate her engorged clit. A spasm ran through Ruby’s body and elicited three urgent words from her lips:

“Fuck me now”.

With Ruby bracing herself against the racking I lined up behind, positioning the head of my dick in line with her divine pussy. I nudged the tip in and out a few times to lube up the rubber with her fluid and began pumping deeper with each stroke. I knew I wouldn’t last long and was relieved that Ruby’s low moans quickly changed to more guttural shriek – she was close too. After 10 or so strokes I’d bottomed out, balls deep, splaying Ruby’s lips apart.

Gripping an ass cheek firmly in each hand I stayed deep and started fucking her with rapid short thrusts. I could feel the tension rising in her body as Ruby became more vocal as I banged away letting the slap of our bodies echo around the silent supermarket. I switched my grip to her hips, pulling Ruby back towards me for extra penetration of her sex with each stroke.

I was perilously close to busting my nut so I pulled back until just the tip was inside then pushed back and forth past the butt plug bulge. A minute later, with a quickening pace I put my thumb on the crystal and pushed the butt plug a little deeper into her ass. This was the trigger that released Ruby’s almighty orgasm, one that that flowed through her body like an unstoppable raging river. Every muscle in her body tightened, and quivered before she came with a noise that passers by must have heard. I was spent and plunged deep into her clenched pussy for the last time before blowing my load.

Ruby’s slim 20 year old body recovered quickly and she regained her composure – well her wickedly wanton expression at least. canlı bahis siteleri She pulled the rubber from my dick and bent over and licked the remaining drips of cum from my cock, before taking just my hyper-sensitive glans into her mouth. Although I’d blown a load my penis was still in control of my body and as Ruby sucked harder and deeper she started to restore the rigidity. She disengaged her lips but continued pumping with her hand, flushing away the ache of the lactic acid.

Throwing some packs of cotton wool to the floor she knelt in front of me and looking straight into my eyes Ruby wrapped her arms round my thighs, and ran her tongue from my balls, along the smooth seam underneath my shaft before taking me into her open mouth. Keeping her eyes on me she worked magic, restoring me to fully erect status by sliding her wet lips up and down my length. Whilst bobbing she flicked her tongue rapidly across the underside of my shaft, swirled it around my swollen head as waves of ball tingling ecstasy ran through me. All the time this pleasure was performed whilst holding a steady gaze into my eyes. Heaven lasted a few minutes before she took me as deep as she could one final time and pulled off with a smacking of her lips and saliva dribbling down her chin.

Standing she took hold of my attentive member and lead me up the aisle to the freezer section still pumping away to keep me hard. At a bank of chest freezers she stopped, indicated for me to unzip her dress and then stepped out of the little back number. Wearing just her heels and bra she turned to face me again.

Without the dress the full wonder of her cleavage was revealed, the push up bra holding her tanned orbs in almost supernatural suspension and capturing my attention. She reached behind and released the support revealing two perfect C cup baps with pink nipples jutting upwards, firmer than the head of nail. I reached out and took both tits in my hands, forming a ring around her nipples with my thumb and forefinger. Squeezing the soft flesh, causing her areola to pucker and a sudden inhalation of breath by Ruby.

Leaning in I touched my tongue on her left nipple, feeling the Ruby’s rapid exhalation of breath on my back I continued to work on her. I switched back and forth between nipples, nibbling then sucking then biting and flicking with my tongue. I feasted on her miraculous mounds and the growing murmurs of appreciation let me know that Ruby was enjoying this too.

My animal instinct to fuck again couldn’t be suppressed for long and I lifted Ruby onto the convex clear Perspex freezer cover. She positioned herself with her legs spread wide with her heels wedged against the cover slide rail. Her all over tanned body was a divine sight; her long blonde hair spread out, her eyes sparkling in anticipation of what was next, the mounds of her tits rising and falling with each rapid breath.

With this horny animal in front of me I knelt to pay attention to Ruby’s pussy, the pink folds of her flower were reddened slightly around her fuck hole from my earlier exertions. Pushing my tongue into her vagina released a trickle of love juices down my chin that was resting against the crystal. I lapped up as much as I could, tasting the sweet musk as I headed towards the now swollen hood covering her clitoris but Ruby grabbed my hair and pulled me upwards.

“I need you in my ass right now,” said as a command not a request whilst holding out her hand with another condom and a tube of lube taken from the drugstore section. I’d had a college girlfriend who’d enjoyed anal so I knew the basics, but it has been while since I’d plowed canlı bahis this particular furrow. As I put on the protection Ruby’s right hand reached down to the butt plug. With her other hand pulling one ass cheek to stretch her anus she popped out the clear glass plug. It was no more than an inch and a half long but equal in girth to me and for a brief moment her ass gaped at me invitingly.

Squeezing most of the lube onto my hand I smothered the rubber all over before lubing all around her puckered ring-piece. Ruby’s finger was starting to work her pussy, dipping in to lubricate her fingers before starting to rub her clit.

I eased a slippery finger into her bottom, pushing as much lube in as possible. Her sphincter clamped involuntarily around my knuckle, but relaxed again as Ruby frigged away at her clit. Suitably prepared I positioned my throbbing cock against her brown hole, applying pressure to open up her sphincter and allow my bulging bell end into her dark delight. With a gasp, Ruby’s involuntary tightening started again, restricting the blood flowing through my cock and inflating the tip to bursting point. I couldn’t have moved a mil as her ass was clamping down and I was on the point of cumming hard.

A few moments passed as Ruby’s finger was a blur on her clit and the pressure released. Ruby’s other hand, against my stomach to check my pace relaxed and I moved forward another half inch into her shit hole. Her ass clamped down again, but only for a second or so as I eased back an inch before pushing forward a little deeper. I kept to this slow rhythm, pulling back then slipping deeper, occasionally adding more lube to grease the passage through her stretched anus. Ruby’s eyes were screwed shut with her mouth slightly open breathing heavily, every withdrawal softening her expression and every fresh penetration resulting in a brief flash of pain and a slight whimper.

Five minutes of gentle strokes and I had bottomed out. I took a moment to savor the sight of my cock buried to the ball sack in Ruby’s rectum, her wet pussy spread open by her own hand, her amazing rack displayed for my appreciation and her gorgeous face expressing her sexual desire. Never had I had the pleasure of fucking such a beauty and now I was about to double down on her ass.

Ruby shifted her position, sliding down the curved surface a little making her ass more accessible to me. It was the cue for me to build momentum and I started pumping her ass full bore, plunging the depths of her tight tunnel every stroke. The discomfort stage had passed for Ruby and now each penetration resulted in a throaty moan timed with the smack of our bodies meeting. I continued smashing her ass, watching her face contort with ecstasy as my cock drilled into her asshole again and again.

I thrust as hard and deep as I could, bouncing off her firm ass cheeks before driving back down deep. Occasionally I pulled all the way out before ramming in hard through her gaping sphincter. Each poke was now making Ruby shriek and I knew the end was near.

With a final flourish on her clit Ruby’s orgasm boiled over, spasms ripped through every fiber, her whole body quivering and shaking. My eyes were drawn to her boobs wobbling like jello with her rock hard nipples standing proud and this visual tipped me over the edge. I felt my cum flowing from my balls, through my shaft and pump deep inside her ass. It was an intense orgasm for me and as my cock twitched with each discharge Ruby’s whole body spasmed again.

We cooled down and cleaned up both ourselves and the shelves then true to her word Ruby served me through the checkout for my sports tape, the remains of a 12 pack of condoms and a couple of tubes of lube – plus her phone number written on the end of the receipt. We shared a parting deep french kiss as she, quite appropriately, let me out through the back door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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