Seven Sins Ch. 01: Sloth

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It had been a difficult few months for Jennie, ever since she’d walked in from work to find her husband and best friend fucking like wild animals on the living room couch. She hadn’t waited for explanations or excuses, simply packed her bags and moved out that night.

After that she’d spent an embarrassing couple of weeks lodging with friends and family, staying in motels and desperately trying not to get fired but eventually she’d finally managed to find herself a comfortable little apartment not too far from work and with neighbours who while not exactly friendly at least respected her privacy and were polite enough when passing in the hallway.

Now that she was settled in as a technically single girl once more, while awaiting her divorce papers to be processed, Jennie found herself at a loose end. Work was just busy enough to keep her occupied during the day and tired enough not to be able to socialise at night. Not that many of her friends wanted to socialise at the moment, caught in that difficult middle ground between the betrayer and the betrayed and unsure which of the couple they should now be supporting. Most nights Jennie simply curled up in front of the television and let herself drift off to sleep.

The fateful night that changed her life began just that way, with a quiet doze in from of the tube.

It was late, very late, when Jennie shocked herself awake. She was laid back in her recliner, tucked in with a blanket and an empty ice cream tub, the flicking television screen still antalya escort flashing up images across from her. For a few seconds she tried to remember what it was she was watching before attempting to reconcile the recollections with the story unfolding on the screen now. She thought she’d been watching a re-run of a period-based drama series but now the show appeared to have two modern women arguing about something, and she had to admit that she’d obviously been asleep far longer than she’d thought.

As she reached for the remote to turn the set off something happened on screen she wasn’t expecting, the two girls kissed. Not just a friendly peck on the cheek or a polite greeting but a passionate, all-encompassing embrace which had their bodies pressed tightly against each other. Jennie was mesmerised.

She of course knew about homosexuality, and had even met gay couples on social occasions, but she’d never actually seen how intimate the act of two women who were truly in love with each other kissing so deeply could be. She watched as the women’s hands began to explore each other’s bodies, slowly moving up each other’s backs and into their hair while at the same time moving down to stroke their asses. For Jennie it was an amazing sight, something she’d never really given too much thought to but now seemed so right.

It wasn’t until the girls began to slowly peel each other’s clothes off that Jennie realised that the show she was watching was a late night soft-core porno, but by then she didn’t fethiye escort care. The sight of the two girls’ naked bodies moving together as one had her captivated, and more than a little excited.

As the performers got into their act Jennie felt her hand move down her own body, slipping beneath her pajama bottoms and between her legs where her fingers found the moist patch of fur almost too easily. Watching the actresses on screen Jennie’s fingers copied their movements, touching her self in just the same way as they touched each other, gently stimulating her sensitive folds as her rose bloomed.

Before long Jennie found herself unable to hold back any longer. Tossing aside her blanket, and ice cream tub, she quickly pulled off her pajamas bottoms, leaving herself bare from the waist down. Laying down on her back with her legs spread wide she began to use both hands to massage her labia, tenderly tracing every fold and contour while trying to keep clear of her engorged and pulsing clit. She wanted to savour this moment for as long as she could and knew that if she even touched her magic button the moment would be gone.

On the screen the two girls had moved to a shower and were now soaping each other’s naked bodies, exploring each other intimately and completely as Jennie watched. She began to imagine another woman’s hands on her body, her fingers tracing their way down her sternum before moving to cup her breast. A fingertip stroking oh so softly across a nipple kaş escort before tweaking it and pinching it just hard enough to let her feel the sting of pain.

Jennie inhaled sharply as her nail dug into the sensitive tissue, her back arching involuntarily. She was close now, and the pleasure building inside her was beginning to crest. With an effort she pulled back, relaxing and letting the feeling subside just a little to prolong the sensation.

Between her legs her fingers had unfolded her flower and were now teasing her entry gently, each stroke sending a pulse of pleasure up her spine. Jennie knew what was coming but still fought against it, tensing and relaxing in waves to build the pleasure as much as she could bear.

After a few minutes of gentle teasing her fingers were shaking as they moved up into her dripping passage, barely under her control anymore. With her other hand Jennie gripped her clit, squeezing it hard as her fingers plunged deeper up into herself. With a loud cry of ultimate release Jennie screamed out her orgasm as a flow of juices splashed out over her hand, splattering onto the television screen just as the actresses came together.

For what seemed like hours Jennie simply lay there, her body exhausted and drained in ways she’d never imagined were possible, even after years of marriage. Was this how sex was supposed to be, she wondered as the afterglow filled her body and soul with a rich, welcoming warmth.

The television had changed again when she dared look at it again, her juices now adorning the face of a late-night salesman as he tried to sell haircare products for a new low low price. Stabbing the remote she switched it off before crawling out of the recliner and rising to unsteady legs to find something to clean up with.

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