Seven Sins Ch. 03: Lust

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As the cab pulled up outside the front gate Jennie could only stare in awe at the house before her. Nestled on the hillside overlooking the city with its own private gardens and what looked like a tennis court at the side the place was a mansion.

“Are you sure this is it?” She asked the cab driver tentatively.

The driver stared back at her impatiently as he checked the handful of bills she’d passed him. “This is the address you gave me, now are you getting out or what?”

Taking a deep breath and running her hand over her hair, which she’d pulled back into a ponytail and tied with a black ribbon for the evening, Jennie opened the door and stepped out onto the driveway. Her stiletto heels wobbled slightly as she found her feet and Jennie straightened up her strapless little black dress before stepping up to the intercom. After an anxious moment she reached out and pressed the button, which buzzed loudly in the darkness as the cab pulled away behind her.

A bright light flashed into life above her and a security camera panned around to look at her. Jennie wasn’t sure what to do and so just stood there smiling timidly as she clutched her purse in front of her.

After what seemed like forever with nothing happening Jennie cleared her throat loudly and waved up at the camera. “Hi..? It’s Jennie Marx… from the nightclub..?”

“Yeah, I recognise you.” Came a sultry voice behind her, making Jennie jump as she turned back towards the gate to see the dark skinned woman standing just the other side. “Good to see you again Jennie.”

With the press of a button the gates opening just wide enough for Jennie to step through, and as she did she glanced at her host, unsure what she should say. She’d met Sara Blakemore in a nightclub a couple of nights before, or more accurately in the alleyway behind a nightclub, and after an unusual introduction the two had made plans to meet at Sara’s place for the night.

Sara was dressed simply; a pair of tight yoga pants and a loose t-shirt which let her body do all the work. Not that it had too, Sara’s athletic build and ample chest were certainly enough to carry themselves in any company. Coupled with her mahogany skin, shocking bleached white hair and wide, beautiful eyes Sara would’ve been welcomed pretty much anywhere.

After a moment’s uncomfortable silence Sara smiled and gestured towards the house. “This way,” She said in a warm, friendly tone. “Let me show you the place.”

Jennie didn’t know what else to do but fall in behind the strange girl, even now unsure exactly what she was doing there. “It’s a beautiful house, I mean, really beautiful. When I first saw it I was like ‘Wow’… and the gardens, they look so…”

Turning around sharply Sara grabbed Jennie’s hand and pulled her close, her mouth quickly finding Jennie’s as she pulled her visitor in for a long, passionate kiss. As Jennie felt Sara’s tongue moving over her own she started to melt, closing her eyes she felt the tension and anxiety drifting away as she simply enjoyed the moment.

When it was over Sara pulled back a few inches, still holding Jennie close as she reached up and tucked a loose lock of hair behind Jennie’s ear. “Relax, babe.” She purred, “No need for small talk, we both know why you’re here.”

Leading Jennie by the hand Sara made her way around to the back of the house and out onto a wooden terrace which hung out over the edge of the hillside, scenically suspended over the city as the lights danced below. Letting go of Jennie Sara stepped over to an illuminated glass bar and reached for a cocktail shaker which seemed to be waiting for her.

“Actually…” Jennie started, her voice still a little dry, “I’ve never really done anything like… this before.” She said, trying to keep her nervousness under control as she rested her hands on the bar top, still clutching her purse tightly.

Sara raised an eyebrow and looked over at Jennie with a smile as she filled two martini glasses. “Like this?” She asked with a smirk as she took a sip from her drink.

Jennie felt like she’d been placed under a spotlight, unsure exactly what it is she was saying or doing. “Met up with… someone. Like this…”

“You mean for sex?” Sara said with a self-assured tone as she picked up the two glasses and slinked back around the bar, towards Jennie.

“…yes…” Jennie almost whispered in reply, her heart racing in her chest as she tried to keep herself calm.

Handing her one of the glasses Sara smiled that warm, friendly smile which never seemed to leave her face. “It’s okay, just relax and enjoy yourself.” She said, gently stroking her hand down Jennie’s arm.

If felt good, that simple touch, and smiling back at her host Jennie took a sip from her cocktail. The flavour was delicious, dancing on her tongue and Ankara escort soothing her throat as she swallowed. “Mmm, that’s delicious. What’s it called?”

“A Screaming Orgasm,” Sara replied with a snigger as she dropped herself onto a lounger. Raising her glass in a toast she called out, “Here’s to the first of many!” before emptying her glass with one gulp.

Not to be outdone Jennie followed suit, draining her drink with one long sip as Sara watched her languidly. A wave of dizziness washed over her for and a second Jennie could almost feel the alcohol dancing in her veins. Stumbling she clutched at the bar to keep herself steady as Sara laughed out loud.

“Best to be sitting when you try that, babe. A good Orgasm should always leave you a little shaken.” Sara chuckled, gesturing over towards the loungers scattered around the terrace.

Taking the invitation Jennie slowly lowered herself down onto the chair, leaning back with a hand on her forehead. “It’s got quite a kick.” She sighed, feeling her body relaxing as she admired the fabulous panorama before her.

For a few minutes both women simply lay there, enjoying the view and the feeling of intoxicating chemicals bubbling in their brains, before Sara finally broke the silence. “So how do you want to do this?”

Jennie pulled her attention away from the starlit city, looking back over at her host uncertainly. “How do you usually do it?”

Sara laughed out loud, “You almost make it sounds like this is something I do all the time, pick up women in nightclubs and invite them back to my place.”

“Isn’t it?” Jennie asked, slightly confused. “I mean, there was that girl in the alley…”

Sara slowly stood up, walking back over to the bar as if considering her answer. As she leaned over to grab the cocktail shaker Jennie couldn’t help but admire the tightness of her host’s yoga pants as they stretched over her well-tined buttocks.

“I wouldn’t say this is my first time, or my tenth to be honest, but it’s not exactly something I do every time I see a beautiful woman.” Sara said as she refilled her glass and placed the shaker back on the bar top with exaggerated care.

“Don’t get me wrong,” She continued, sweeping her glass with a flourish as she turned back towards Jennie, “I’m a total slut when it comes to beautiful women, as you’ve seen, and I usually like to take my time to really enjoy them.”

Stepping closer to Jennie Sara sat herself down on the end of her lounger, “And I still have to make you pay for ruining my little rendezvous in that alleyway. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been trying to get a girl to do that with me?” Sara said playfully before draining her glass.

Jennie’s mouth was half open, about to reply, as Sara pressed her lips against it. Suddenly Jennie’s mouth was filled with alcohol and tongue as Sara shared the cocktail in what Jennie later thought was an inspired move.

As their tongues moved together, lips pressed tightly to stop the drink escaping, Sara slowly moved her hands up Jennie’s side, her fingers stroking over the thin fabric of her guest’s dress until they reached the hem just beneath her arms.

Pulling back Sara tilted her head just enough to stop her share of the cocktail from leaking out. Swallowing it she looked down at Jennie with smouldering eyes. “It tastes better like that, doesn’t it?”

Swallowing her own drink Jennie returned the dark woman’s gaze. Without speaking she reached up, hooked her hand around the back of Sara’s neck and pulled the other woman down into another passionate kiss.

Jennie could feel Sara moaning with delight as their tongues clashed, the lingering flavour of the cocktail on their lips. For a moment Jennie forgot where she was, simply enjoying the sensation of Sara’s soft lips as they brushed against hers. It was only when those lips pulled away that she opened her eyes with a moment’s regret.

“You really are beautiful,” Sara said with a smile, “Even more beautiful than some women I’ve worked with.”

“Women you’ve worked with?” Jennie asked, slightly confused.

Tilting her head with a raised eyebrow Sara grinned down at Jennie. “Nothing like that, pervert.” She said jokingly, “I’m a photographer and deal with beautiful women every day. Although, to be honest, most of them are vapid, arrogant bitches who really need to get flogged. And not in a sexy fun way.”

Jennie wasn’t sure what to make of her host’s last comment and before she really had time to think of anything to say Sara was bouncing to her feet. “That’s a great idea though.”

“Flogging?” Jennie asked worriedly.

“No silly,” Sara replied, making her way towards the house and waving her hand to invite Jennie to join her. “I just want to take a few pictures of you. Perhaps we can get to the flogging later, if we have time.”

Jennie quickly followed the intriguing woman into the house, every corner of which was decorated in very modern, tasteful fashion. Every wall had photographs Ankara escort bayan displayed on them, some with landscapes, others portraits, and although there seemed to be some sort of order to them Jennie couldn’t quite see it.

Without slowing her step Sara made her way into a back room, with Jennie hurrying to follow. As she stepped through the doorway the first thing she saw was the two women kissing passionately, their bodies so intertwined it was impossible to tell where one ended and the other began. The sight stopped her dead in her tracks.

“I can see you have an eye for this too.” Sara’s voice called out, cutting into Jennie’s reverie and pulling her back to reality. “That one won me my first award.” She continued as she fiddled with a camera already set up in the middle of the room.

Pulling her eyes away from the picture, Jennie felt herself blushing hard. The simple sight of two women together had been enough to moisten her panties and here she was with a very attractive woman who had already made her intentions clear.

“Where do you want me?” Jennie asked, trying to change the subject before realising the unintended double meaning in her words. Her face grew warm again and she quickly turned away, pretending to fuss with her hair as the diminishing blush began to spread again.

Either missing or choosing to ignore the slip Sara waved towards a wicker chair padded with cushions that had been placed against a crimson backdrop in one corner of the room. “How about we start simply, with the chair?” She asked, her tone sounding more focused and professional than before.

Moving over to it Jennie sat down, her hands in her lap and feet together. Sara laughed, “Very prim and proper of you. Let’s try something more relaxed though.”

Leaving the camera where it was, the lens staring at Jennie, Sara moved up behind her. Taking hold of Jennie’s arms she moved them down, hanging them over the sides of the chair to either side. As her fingers brushed their way over her skin Jennie became acutely aware that from where she was standing Sara must have a good view down the front of her little black dress, and by now must’ve realised that there was nothing under it other than Jennie herself.

As Sara’s hands lingered for a moment Jennie felt her heart quicken, and between her thighs her pussy began to throb. She wanted this woman, in ways she’d never wanted anything in her life before, not even her ex-husband.

The moment passed and Sara stepped back to the camera, quickly taking a rapid-fire series of shots before standing and looking at Jennie critically, trying to decide what was next.

“I think we need to do something about your legs.” She said in a very matter-of-fact tone. It was almost as if she wasn’t there, a passenger in her own body which was being used as a prop to fulfil this stranger’s whims. The sensation sent a shiver down Jennie’s spine, she was Sara’s plaything, and that made her feel wanted and protected even as Sara grabbed her knees gently and eased them apart.

There was nothing sexual in Sara’s motions, more a professional detachment as she posed Jennie how she wanted. Her eyes slowly made their way up Jennie’s thighs, glancing at the suspender belt hidden beneath the skirt and the pale white panties which now were beginning to turn transparent with the juices leaking onto them.

Licking her lips Sara turned away, but not before Jennie spotted the two hard bumps which had appeared on the front of her t-shirt. As Sara leaned over her camera to take the next shots Jennie couldn’t help but peer over, catching a brief flash of the dark flesh hidden beneath the shirt as her host’s top hung low from her neckline.

Jennie pictured those breasts in her hands, her fingers stroking and moulding them to her touch, and her mouth on the dark, black nipples as they become swollen from her touch. Licking her own lips at the thought Jennie felt her panties moisten a little more and as her eyes darted to Sara’s face she knew that her host had seen her expression and could almost read what was going through her mind.

“Let’s free up those breasts a little.” Sara said suddenly, shocking Jennie as they echoed her own thoughts. It took her a second to realise that Sara was talking about Jennie’s breasts and not her own.

Stepping behind her Sara rested her hands on Jennie’s shoulders, guiding her forwards a little before reaching down and unfastening the back of her dress a little, just enough to let the front slide down to reveal the pale flesh beneath. The hem stopped just as it reached Jennie’s nipples, the edges of her areole flashing just enough to tease, which Jennie knew Sara meant to do.

It dawned on Jennie that this was a game the two of them were playing, testing each other to see just how far they could push the shoot before they finally gave in to each other. Now she knew that Jennie was ready to make sure she wasn’t the first to give in.

As Sara pulled Jennie back, Escort Ankara pushing her down in the chair so her legs spread even wider and her breasts rose from her chest, Jennie tilted her head, rubbing her hair against Sara’s hand just enough to provoke her. As she heard the almost breathless sigh in her ear she knew it had worked, leaving a playful smirk on her face as Sara moved back to take the next shots.

Jennie simply watched, her eyes dancing over Sara’s fine body as she bent over her camera again. She let her mind wander, remembering what she’d seen on the television and the brief flashes of action in the club alleyway and tried to picture herself doing those things. Of having those things done to her by Sara.

As she let the fantasy fill her thoughts suddenly an image of Sam, her best friend, sprang to mind and for an instant Jennie felt her heart race at the thought of Sam’s cheeky smile looking up at her from between her legs. Jennie hardly even noticed as Sara knelt between her legs.

“Let’s make things a bit more intimate, shall we?” Sara asked as Jennie drifted back to reality, confused for a moment to see Sara and not Sam looking up at her.

Without waiting for a reply Sara slipped her hands up Jennie’s thighs, fingers deftly unfastening her suspenders before continuing up to take hold of the moist panties. It must’ve been an accident that Sara’s thumbs trailed down between her subject’s legs, gently teasing their way over her crotch to ret a moment on Jennie’s engorged clit, causing her to shudder with pleasure.

As Sara peeled back the sodden cotton Jennie caught a whiff of her own musky scent, the smell of sex hanging in the air for a moment. Looking down she knew from Sara’s expression that she smelt it too, and licking her lips the photographer leaned in closer for a moment, quickly running her tongue up Jennie’s plump lips before flicking the throbbing clit with the tip of her tongue.

‘That’s cheating!’ Jennie thought to herself as she gripped the arms of the chair with both hands, willing herself not to move as Sara stood up and stepped away. The temptation to grab the woman, force her own onto her back and straddle that cheeky, grinning face of hers was almost too much to bear, but Jennie was adamant she wouldn’t be the one to lose the game.

Instead she simply sat there, feeling the night’s air breezing up between her thighs and over her exposed sex. She could feel her juices slowly seeping from between her lips as Sara quickly snapped off a series of shots, and as Sara reached down, her hand brushing over her own crotch for a moment, Jennie knew she was getting to her.

Not waiting for a command Jennie jumped in, “How about we take things a little further this time?” She asked, pulling her top down to leave her erect nipples on full display. Cupping her breast with one hand she moved the other up under her skirt, pulling the fabric back just enough for her fingers to graze against her lips.

“Dammit, you win.” Sara said with a smile, quickly stepping over to her guest. Before Jennie could react Sara was already on her knees and moving her hand away. A moment later Sara’s tongue was all over her crotch, licking and sucking at her hungrily.

It was all Jennie could do not to spontaneously orgasm after the build-up was finally over. Not that she needed to wait too long, Sara’s talented tongue seemed to know exactly where to touch her to cause the greatest pleasure and as her host pressed her mouth tightly against her Jennie let out a loud moan of delight, and a spray of juices.

Sara seemed surprised for a moment, her eyes widening as her mouth filled, but she soon recovered. Gulping down Jennie’s flow Sara didn’t stop, instead intensifying her attack on her guest’s pussy, pushing her tongue harder and burrowing deeper inside.

With her hips jerking uncontrollably Jennie thought she was going to fall from the chair until she felt Sara’s hands gripping her thighs hard, pinning her in place as Sara wormed her tongue inside her cunt. The orgasm wouldn’t stop and Jennie dropped her hands onto Sara’s head, fingers clawing at her hair trying to pull her away as wave after wave of unbearable pleasure burst inside her.

Ignoring the pain Sara kept going, moving her tongue up to work its way over Jennie’s clit. Slowly she drew circles first one way and then the other around the throbbing bud before sucking it into her mouth and grasping it between her teeth.

Jennie’s back arched, her toes curled and her eyes rolled back in their sockets. She’d never felt so good in her life. As her body shook uncontrollably all she could do was pant and moan like a beast, unable to beg Sara to stop, unable to beg her not to.

She had no idea how long was before Sara finally pulled her mouth away, wiping her juice coated chin with the back of one hand while gently trailing her fingers over Jennie’s swollen pussy with the other, causing Jennie’s hips to jerk once more.

“Damn girl, you didn’t tell me you could squirt so hard.” Sara said with a smile as she licked her fingers clean.

“I… I’m sorry…” Jennie moaned, her mind still flustered and disconnected as she tried to make sense of what had just happened to her.

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