Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 05

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My step-brother and I, after that wild night in my little cottage, had agreed, or rather he had insisted, that there should be no further sexual contact between us. We were about to embark upon the honeymoon of Richard’s cancelled wedding. To the Caribbean! Our agreement was to be short-lived!

Chapter 5 – Making new friends on a moonlit beach

It was mid July and Richard and I were heading southwest 40,000 feet somewhere above a very blue Atlantic ocean. We had agreed before leaving home that, while we were about to share the same room, the very same honeymoon suite originally reserved for him and Clare, there would be no sexual contact between us in what turned out to be an invitingly large king-size bed, reserved specifically for newlyweds! My brother wanted the holiday as a break from both work and the memory of his cheating fiancée and, after two years of near celibacy, I presumed I could manage another couple of weeks without sex. Ha ha, so I thought. I barely survived three days!

Young Island was gorgeous, it truly was paradise. Unlike most Caribbean resorts it was less of a hotel, more like a club with a half-circle of little chalets hidden amongst the tall palm trees and masses of bougainvillea, and all centred on a large fresh water pool. The combination of the heat and the sight of near-naked bodies cavorting in the inviting cool water instantly stirred my sexual senses. I knew I was in trouble from the outset. In addition to the conventional beach chairs the hotel sported hammocks all in one line at the rear of the golden sandy beach.

Richard has an exploration streak and had booked up for every excursion available, mountain cycling, paragliding, fishing, diving, even visits to other nearby islands. You name it, if it was available, Rich was on it. I suspected that he really didn’t want to take any time out to stop and dwell on what might have been with Clare. All the sports events were on the main island of St Vincent just over on the ferry, and I accompanied him on some scuba dives and cycling, but was otherwise content to lie on the beach and wait for the first available hunk to drift into my life.

Although that was more of a dream than reality, one actually did, on the second day. Unfortunately he was attached to a very beautiful middle-aged lady clearly many years older than himself. They were both Scottish and visiting our tiny island on a day trip and we invited them to join us for lunch. After a few rum punches they let their hair down and advised us they were swingers and we would be welcome anytime at their hotel on Grenada for drinks, dinner and pastimes of a sexual nature. Despite my immediate attraction to the hunk Richard declined, advising that our sex lives were at present completely fulfilled. If only they knew!

The sight of other couples kissing and discreetly touching each other in the dozen or so hammocks, others quite clearly fondling in the water, sometimes got too much to bear and during the course of the day I made several trips back to our hut for a quick finger jobby. Richard assumed I was going to the loo and more than once suggested that the sea was much nearer! That drunken night back in my cottage with my brother had fully re-awakened my sexual needs and I now needed a man, I had some serious catching up to do. On the very next day, while Richard and I were accepting an invite to lunch with the resort manager Vaughan, my prayers were being answered. An available fat cock attached to a rather nice body was winging its way to me courtesy of Virgin Atlantic Airlines and due to land at four.

Vaughan was divorced and clearly a ladies man. He enjoyed entertaining and ran a fine ship, and even with Richard on my arm he came on to me quite heavily. Unfortunately he was not my type! I learned much later that the hotel was secretly a meeting place for swinging couples, thus explaining the attitude yesterday of the Scottish couple and the raunchy behaviour of some of the guests.

The lunch was delicious and the drinks were free flowing all afternoon and inevitably we both got a little inebriated. As usual in this condition I was feeling randy as hell and was just considering going off and getting off so to speak, when Rich suggested we go to the beach and lie in the shade, he wanted to point out a new single female arrival who had aroused his interest. Unfortunately she looked barely out of her teens, but I guess in my brother’s situation a pussy was a pussy, he had a lot of lost years to make up for. And so did I, I smiled resignedly to myself!

It had been raining and the sand was wet so we climbed together into one of the hammocks. Not your usual garden type you tie between two trees, but much wider and more robust in order to accommodate two persons, with a wooden beam at each end to spread the canvas wide. For a while Richard kept a lookout for his prospective female, but soon fell asleep. I laid awake reading a Patricia Cornwell and watching the sun go down, eventually drifting off myself.

It was dark, and Richard’s erection was pressed czech couples porno into my back as consciousness returned. I wondered who he was thinking about in his sleep. Clare? Even my cousin Frances? Or maybe just the young girl he had seen on the beach. I fantasised it was really me that had got him hard, with the memory of that delicious fuck in my cottage bed. But more likely it was my schoolfriend Helen, he was on to a good thing there, if she could get her life sorted that is. He had visited her once more in her little bed-sit in Earls Court shortly before we left, and to all account resumed his sexual relationship with her in no uncertain fashion. She was separated from her husband, awaiting divorce. The next day I met her for coffee, our first meeting in years, and we had publicly hugged and kissed, a little more affectionately than appropriate for two ex school friends. But then in Earls Court anything goes! In those missing years she confirmed she had become bisexual, Frances being one of her lovers, and I suspected that with a night alone with her I could easily have become another of her conquests. Not that way inclined at the time, but definitely getting interested, I would have been desperate to substitute cock for pussy, especially after recently being on the receiving end of Richard’s monster! With a possible relationship in the budding for her and my brother and, even though she knew about our previous juvenile cavortings I had kept the details of our recent incestuous shag to myself.

For a moment or two I was disorientated, then I remembered we had, in a semi drunken daze, fallen asleep side-by-side, and because of the shape of the hammock we were pressed together in the middle of the canvas. The heat of his cock permeated through his bathers onto my skin. If I didn’t get out of the hammock right now I knew I would break our promise, right there and then in the dark.

Just as I was about to ease away from that highly tempting prospect I detected movement in the water. The moon had come out briefly to reveal a couple who, if they weren’t making love, they were clearly soon about to do so. The moon disappeared again but not before I saw them start to wade ashore, hand in hand, in quiet conversation, and heading our way. Lying low, I watched them approach.

She was nearly as tall as him, and the erection in his trunks was clearly outlined against the pale sand. It was obvious they were about to fuck, but where? They certainly weren’t heading for the chalets. I was soon to find out. Another flash of moonlight momentarily revealed their faces. I hadn’t seen them before and since there were only about ten couples here I assumed they were new arrivals. They were both attractive, about our age and she had vivid red curly hair bunched up in a bun.

“No, not here, over there.” I heard her murmur. She had grabbed his hand and was pulling him towards the hammocks.

“What’s wrong with our room?” he replied equally softly, clearly worried their proposed antics might be observed. From my point of view they were about to be!

“We are all wet and I want it now, right now, here on this beach, I have been waiting so long to do it somewhere like this, Tom. Come on babe, don’t tell me you’re shy?”

They adjusted their swimsuits and, picking up their towels, headed straight for the hammock next to ours. I was about to politely announce our presence when the moon once more conveniently disappeared and the thought crossed my mind that they, like the visiting Scots, might be swingers too, and wouldn’t give a damn if they were watched. My pussy dribbled a little with the thought.

As if I wasn’t feeling horny enough with my brother’s lump prodding me from behind, the newcomers clambered into their hammock, removed their swimsuits and without further ado, started to fuck. Too much to bear any longer I carefully turned over, pulled down the front of Richard’s Speedos and reached for his stiff cock and, sighing deeply in his sleep he turned on to his back, his huge erection pointing to the dark sky. Careful not to attract attention from our copulating neighbours I pulled my bikini crotch to one side and eased my hungry pussy on to him. Of course he awoke with a start as I started to draw him inside me, and being underneath me he was unaware of the similar horny interlude being acted out only a few feet away. Suddenly I didn’t care if we were seen and I had a weird suspicion the others wouldn’t mind either. Lust had totally consumed my sense of propriety.

As my hips moved up and down on Rich I watched the other couple make love, she was hardly visible apart from the arms around his neck and, with their mouths locked together and his ass clearly in sight, he pounded up and down into her body. I grinned to myself as I timed my movements on my brother with the male stranger. Richard, who had quickly responded, was surprisingly thrusting back at me, his long cock now fully inside my eager pussy, assisted by one hand holding my ass and the other grabbing at my tits. All czech estrogenolit porno too soon I heard the stranger reach his climax, and Richard muttered something in surprise when he heard the nearby orgasmic groan.

“Shush,” I whispered. “It was nothing, just a dog. Fuck me Rich.”

The moon chose that very moment to reappear and the couple finally spotted us, or rather he did at first. Too far gone to care, I grinned and carried on humping my brother and to my surprise they both sat up to watch! When I saw them openly fondle each other’s genitals, clearly turned on by our exhibition, I flipped and went for it big time and fucked Richard as hard as I could, rapidly rubbing my clit to make sure we both came together. And that result was achieved pretty violently.

For a breathless minute or two I sat motionless on his cock, my pussy oozing his cream, and smiled again at our sexy neighbours who were still sat up stroking and fingering each other in a post-fuck daze. Rich soon sensed however that something was going on and, sitting up quickly, spotted the sexy scene being enacted only a few feet away from us.

“What the fuck?”

Before I could say anything, he pulled up his bathers and, without a thought for me, grabbed a towel to hide his erection and dashed off toward the hotel. The other two, still naked, were grinning as I too rearranged my bikini bottom and followed him more leisurely, acutely aware of the cum dribbling out of my pussy. I managed a smile and a brief ‘Hi’ as I passed. The reader will, as I did, hastily conclude that, from their actions, this new couple were fully-fledged swingers. As it eventually turned out, I couldn’t have been further from the truth. They, similar to us, were both as horny as hell after four weeks of agreed celibacy, and were too far-gone to give a shit. The sexy location simply added to the scenario.

“What the fuck was that all about?” my brother asked me angrily back at our chalet as he headed for the bathroom.

I shrugged my shoulders, “That was so hot Rich. Like us they were just a normal horny couple. I saw them getting it on in the water and when they got in the next hammock to fuck, I just knew I had to have some too. They saw us, we saw them, so where’s the problem?”

“I don’t mean them, I mean us. We agreed we wouldn’t have sex again, ever.”

I had removed my bikini and laughed as I patted my crotch with a tissue, he was still oozing out of me.

“I didn’t notice you trying to stop me.”

“I was asleep,” he replied sheepishly.

“Bollocks, you had a hard-on, and you can’t fuck and sleep at the same time.”

“Well, whatever. We did make an agreement.”

I grinned at him slyly, “We agreed nothing would happen in this room, we said nothing about outside it.”

He didn’t reply.

“Okay, so what’s the real reason you’re angry? I know you enjoyed that quickie as much as I did. I have the proof of it in here.” I pointed to my crotch.

Despite his attempted anger his gaze followed my finger, “It was wrong to watch them like that, they must have thought we were peeping toms.”

“Rich, they watched us too. And they were getting off on it.”

He turned to me, his face reddened, I hadn’t seen him like this in ages, but I knew his anger was really pointed inward, he was unable to admit his willingness to let down his guard.

“Well, I think it was dirty, that’s all. Sex should be private between two people, not in the open like that. Suppose someone had else had come on the beach.”

He made to move towards the shower, but I grabbed his arm and the towel fell from his body, revealing his long pink cock, still glistening from our coupling and, as ever, deliciously erect.

“I think all four of us came on the beach if you must know,” I smiled cheekily, staring pointedly at his groin.

“So, dear brother, if you disapprove, why have you still got a hard-on?”

He looked down in embarrassment as if surprised at his aroused condition.

“Fuck off.” He strutted into the shower, slamming the door.

In the palm-covered restaurant next to the pool we picked at our dinner in a cold silence, my outrageously priced Lobster Thermidor going down in indigestible lumps. I resolved there was no way we could continue like this for another ten days in this atmosphere, and I was truly afraid matters might take a turn for the worse when the couple from the beach passed by our table, but thankfully Richard didn’t appear to notice them. The attractive red-haired girl did give me a wink though, I wondered fleetingly if she was bisexual. Like me she was dressed in red, but she was nowhere as slim. Bitch! Her boyfriend looked a similar age as us, about 30, and was tall, fair skinned and handsome. God, I needed a man! I idly wondered if she would lend me hers? When we eventually departed our table the waiter passed me a note.

“Nice meeting you guys!! Lunch tomorrow? Les & Tom xx.”

“What’s that?” asked a curious Richard.

I folded up czech experiment porno the note, “Oh, just a recipe I asked the chef for.”

Back in our room we sat down together on the bed. I was excited that the couple had made contact, I had a strong suspicion it was their first move towards some form of sexual companionship, but for that to happen I knew I had a lot of work to do on my brother first.

“Rich, we have to talk.”

“God, that sounds like a pair of lovers about to break up.”

“It’s not, and we are hardly lovers. Well, only twice. First of all I apologise for jumping on you like that, but I was so horny and you were after all very hard.” I teased him further, “I assumed you were dreaming about me, our night at the cottage?”

He grinned, the wine at dinner had relaxed him considerably, “Sorry to disappoint you, it was Helen actually!” My earlier guess had been correct.

“Perhaps you two are right for each other. You know, opposites attract. Anyway, sorry again for earlier.”

“Okay, apology accepted. But we did agree not to. And in front of that other couple too, complete strangers.”

“We could change that, and meet up with them?” I looked at him hopefully as I started to remove my make-up. “I saw them again in the restaurant, they seem to be a nice normal healthy couple, and they weren’t wearing any rings or things. Just because they like to screw in the open doesn’t make them bad people, Rich. We both need to make some friends darling, or this holiday is going to do my fucking head in.”

Richard remained annoyingly silent.

“Look, you came out here since you had already paid for it, and I agreed to come along to keep you company, and hopefully have a bit of fun myself. I want that bit of fun now.”


“I know you wish it was Helen instead of me, or even that bitch Clare, but you can’t just mope around all day. Lets meet some people, make some friends and have some fun, yeah? Even the couple from the beach, it doesn’t have to be about sex.” Oh God, who am I kidding, I asked myself?

“And if I do meet someone I fancy,” I added with a smirk, patting his groin, “It will take the pressure off me wanting to jump on you next time I see you with a hard-on.”

He looked up and smiled. “Alright Sis, I’m sorry too for being selfish. I have no intention of spoiling it for you, you deserve to meet someone new after so long.”

As we settled down on the enormous bed he remarked, “By the way, did you notice that girl’s breasts, the one in the hammock I mean?” This was better, at last he was warming to the idea.

I laughed, kissing him affectionately on the neck, “You mean you actually looked above Les’s waist?”

His head turned to me, his eyes suspicious, catching me off guard.

“How do you know her name?”

“I err, I heard him say it when they were screwing.”

“Oh. Funny name for a girl. Perhaps she is a les.”

“No darling, not from what I saw them doing!”

Richard laughed and turned over on his side with his back to me.

“I think I might check them out tomorrow and say hello. Will you come along?”

“I’ll see. Nite-nite Sis.”

I went to sleep with memories of the time I first met my late husband Jim at a disco. I was at the bar with Helen at the time and he bought us both drinks. Two hours later, after Helen had gone home with a lad I vaguely knew, we were parked at the back of the local football club screwing our brains out. I got pregnant that night and six months later we were married. At times like this I missed him immensely and often wept and prayed that his death in Afghanistan was quick and painless. Alone at night, even with my brother for company, I still miss him.

Next morning I got up early for a swim, there were just a couple of local people in the water, a guy raking the leaves from the beach, and a few joggers unseeingly spoiling the curved patterns he had created in the sand. In the water I looked back at the hammocks, recalling with a tingle last night’s erotic events. I idly wondered how many other couples had put them to use for beach sports of the sexual kind.

From the brief moonlit glances and the later glimpse in the restaurant, Les and Tom didn’t appear to be a couple deeply in love, they almost resembled, just like us, brother and sister. Could they be incestuous lovers too? I felt a twinge of excitement at their willingness last night to share their sexuality so openly with us. Their note was wide open to speculation and, as I absentmindedly stroked my sensitive clit underwater, I wondered if they were seeking more than just a casual friendship, and whether Les really was bisexual. On this island nothing would surprise me. As each day of this holiday passed I had got hornier and hornier, and I knew that before long I would be up for anything, even sex with a female for the very first time.

The problem would be Richard, and as much as my body was demanding sexual contact I was not prepared to leave him alone to mope about Clare, the bitch didn’t deserve his remorse. I laughed to myself as I irreverently hoped she would get herpes from the reunion with her ex boyfriend! My thoughts returned to Tom and Les and a vision of all four of us screwing again in the hammocks, but this time with opposite partners. I brought myself to a quick orgasm and waded back inshore.

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