Sex Education

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I am Sunil. I am 19 and live in a village. I am 5’8″ in height and have a eight inch tool. We have got vast farms and so working on them have made me very sturdy and muscular. I live in our village home with my mom as my father works in the nearby city and comes home only twice a month. In villages girls get married at an early age so my mom is just 35. There are no houses near our house and the next house is fifteen minutes walk from our house. There is a perimeter wall around our house and so no one can see from outside what is happening inside the premises.

My mom is about 5’5″ in height. She is not fat but she has got some fat at her waist that makes her ass heavy and very sexy. Also her boobs are heavy with a little sag. My mom’s usual dress is a saree and blouse since women in villages do not wear any bra or panty. When she moves her boobs sway about in her blouse. While working on the fields I wear a kacchha which is a kind of underwear that covers the private parts only. At home I wear a lungi usually, but in summer I prefer to wear the kacchha only as it is more comfortable.

Since there are no males in our house other than me my mom always takes her bath in the open near our well. While bathing she takes off her blouse and wraps her saree around her boobs and pours water over her head. Often she calls me while bathing and tells me to put soap on her back. She always keeps her back towards me and clutches her saree to her chest and I put soap on her back.. On such occasions I always feel thrilled and the tool between my thighs stands up. Since I have not seen too many women or girls I do not know why I feel that way.

In the night mom always sleeps with only her saree on and I always get to see the big globes she has got. They look so nice to me. On such occasions also my tool stands up and I donot understand why.

A few months ago mom called me while bathing. She was holding her saree to her breasts and told me to soap her back. As I had just returned from the fields I was in my kacchha. I took the soap and started to put it on her back. As I did so I noticed that mom’s saree had slipped below her ass and I saw the curve of her ass for the first time. I was thrilled and my dick stood up. I moved my hand a little down towards her ass and slightly touched it. She said,

“Sunil amar pode saban lagiye de to” (Sunil put soap on my ass too).

Saying this she let go of the back of her saree and I saw her bulky sexy ass. I immediately started to rub soap on her ass. It was so nice looking and felt so nice to touch.

Mom said,

“Sunil amar pod take phank kore poder phuto ta te saban laga to. Bhalo kore porishkar kore de amake.” (Sunil pull out my ass cheeks and put some soap on my ass hole and clean me well dear son).

I didn’t quite understand what she was asking and so pulled apart her ass cheks and inserted one finger inside her ass hole.

She almost jumped up and said “Ah shona poder phutoe aangool ta puro dukhiye de aar age piche kore porishkar kor. Erom kore onek din porishkar kora hoe na.” (Yes sweety put your whole finger inside and move it back and forth to clean my insides. I need this type of cleaning for a long time.)

I continued my finger cleaning her ass hole for sometime and she said ,” Shona khoob bhalo porishkar korechis. Ebar tor angul ta ektu saamner dike niye aye amar poder tola theke.” (Sweety you have cleaned my ass hole very nicely. Now bring your finger towards my front from under my ass).

I slowly did as told and to my surprise I found that my finger was touching something very soft and hairy. I thought that this must be the place from where she pees and mom too is having hair just as I have hair there. Mom, by now, had widened her legs and was moaning. I asked her if she was ok and if I was doing it wrong. She said that I was doing fine and that I should continue doing it till she told me to stop. Saying this she took hold of my hand and took one finger and put it inside a wet, warm hole. I thought that this must be the hole from where she pees and started to move my finger in and out. As I was doing this my tool was straining under my kacchha and as mom pulled my hand more pressing my palm against her muff my stiffness touched her bottom and got lodged in her ass. She again jumped up a bit and reached her hand behind her back and took hold of my dick and pressing it a bit she asked innocently,

” eta shokto shokto amar pode ki dhokachhis re?” ( what is this stiff thing that you are inserting in my ass?)

I kept quiet and continued my work on her cunt and she squeezed my dick a bit more and czech first video porno then leaving it she just pulled my finger more inside her so that my erection was now deeply lodged inside her ass crack. I could feel the quivering of her ass cheeks on my tool and she was squeezing and releasing it alternatively. At the same time she was now moaning loudly. Her pressure on my tool was wreaking havoc on me and suddenly I felt something warm rise from the depths of my sack and start flowing out from the little hole at the tip of my dick. Simultaneously I felt something sticky warm fluid drip out of mom’s pee hole and trickle on to my hand.

I asked mom , ” Ma tumi ki amar hathe hishi korle?” (Mom did you just pee on my hand?)

Mom smiled sweetly and said,”Na shona ota hishi na ota onno jinish. Ne ebar hath ta shora ar amake snan sesh korte de.” (No love that was not my pee that was something else. Now take out your hand and let me complete my bath.)

I moved away and mom washed off the soap from her body and completed bathing. She then wrapped the wet gamcha (an Indian towel) around her body and went to her room. I wanted to quickly take my bath as I was feeling sticky inside my kacchha due to the cum. I wrapped a gamcha (an Indian towel) around my waist and took off the kacchha. I then parted the gamcha and looked at the white goo all over my bush. I looked at the window of mom’s room. There was no one. So I quickly removed my gamcha and cleaned my bush and tool. Suddenly from the corner of my eyes I thought I had seen mom peeking at me from her window. I looked towards the window but found no one there. So I thought that I was imagining things.

After this two days went by and nothing new happened. But during the day when I took my bath I felt as if my mom was watching me but I never saw her watching. At nights I heard mom groaning in her bed. I asked her if she was ok and she said she was fine. I did not inquire any further.

On the third day after our dinner I went to the bathroom to pee. As I came out I saw that mom was bathing near the well. As it was summer we took baths in the afternoon and before going to bed. What struck me as odd was that instead of just the saree mom was bathing with her petticoat and blouse on. I was in my kacchha. Mom called me to her and told me to soap her. I took the soap and soaped her back and said,

“Ma tomar pith to blouse e Dhaka saban ki kore lagabo?” (Mom your back is covered by your blouse so how will I soap it?).

Mom replied, ” Tui amar saya take tule diye amar pode saban laga shediner moto kore” (Just pull up my petticoat and soap my ass just like that day.)

I was thrilled to hear it and quickly pulled up her petticoat. As the place near the well was dimly lit I could not properly see her ass but I could distinctly make out the outline of her sexy ass. I started to soap it. I parted the ass cheeks and put my finger inside her ass hole and started to push it in and out. A minute later she turned towards me and said,

“Now shona ebar amar pete saban lagao to dekhi.” (Now honey soap my belly well).

Now my eyes fell to her blouse which was half open and her big titties peeked out. My eyes were stuck to her titties and she noticed it and said,

“ki holo shona amar mai gulor dike erom kore takie keno. Mar mai er dike erom kore takate nei dushtu chele.” (what happened dear why are you staring at my tits. You should not look at your mom’s tits like that you naughty boy.)

I was embarrassed and quickly put soap on her belly. By now I was having a tent pole in my kacchha and it did not escape my mom’s eyes. Next mom took my hand and said,

” Ebar hath take amar sayar bhetor niye giye saban laga to” (Now put your hand under my petticoat and soap my inside).

She just pulled me nearer and taking my hand guided it to her muff under the petticoat. She spread her legs and put my finger inside her warm hole. As I moved my finger on her cunt my tool poked at her petticoat and she quickly grabbed it and said ,

“Baap re eta abar ki tor pa dutor majh khane shokto shokto ki jinish dicchhis?” ( oh what is this stiff thing between your thighs which you are pushing at me?) she asked me again about the stiff thing and I said embarrassedly, ” Ota amar nunu ma” (that is my pee pee mom).

Mom said ,” tor nunu take eto shokto korli ki kore? Eta ki shob samay erom shokto thake naki? ( how did you make your pee pee so stiff? Do you always have such a stiff thing here?)

I said ,” Na ma ei tumi chaan korcho dekhlei na nunu ta nije theke shokto hoe jae” ( czech game porno No mom whenever I see you bathing my pee pee stiffens.)

Mom laughed and said,” Dushtu chele nijer make snan korte dekhe tomar nunu shokto hoe jae keno? Tui otake aram diye dish na keno?” (You naughty boy why does your pee pee stand up when you see your own mom bathing? Don’t you give relief to your thing?)

I did not know how to give relief to it and said so. Hearing this mom smiled and said, ” Thik ache aami toke dekhiye debo kemon kore aram dite hoe otake. Ne ebar amar phuto take bhalo kore porishkar kore de. Angul take aro dokha.” (ok I will show you how to give relief to your thing. Now clean my hole well by putting your finger deeper.).

Saying this mom held my hand and guided it deeper inside her and I kept rubbing her inside thinking that I was cleaning her. I could see that mom had closed her eyes and was panting and her tits were rising and falling rapidly. All the while she was holding my dick. Suddenly she grabbed my shoulder and gave out a cry. I asked her if I had hurt her. She smiled and said, ” No my dear son you just gave your mom a nice cleaning. Now sit beside me and let me complete my bath. After I finish my bath you take yours and then come to my room. I have a lot to teach you.”

I sat down and watched her finish her bath and then go to her room. I took my own bath and wearing a kacchha went to mom’s room. By now my tool had fallen down.

Mom was lying on her bed wearing only her petticoat and blouse. The blouse was half open at the top and her tits peeked out. Seeing me come inside she got up with a jerk that made her one tit spill out of her blouse. I just stared at it. The globe was a big white one with a nice brown aureole at the centre and a peak adorned her titty. As I stared at it mom looked at herself and seeing that her tit had come out of the blouse laughed and said,” off aajke khoob garam aache, blouse ta ke khule rakhle hoe. Amar mai gulo chaiche blouse theke barie jete. Dekh kamon kore amar mai gulo blouse theke unki marche.” (Oh today it is so hot that I can keep my blouse off my body. Even my boobs seem to want to stay out of the blouse. Look how they are peeking out).

Saying this without any warning mom shed her blouse in front of my eyes. She smiled at me and said,” Tui to amar chele aar tui to amar mai theke dudu khechis tai tor samne lajja nei amar blouse khulte. Orkom kore ki takiye aachis amar mai er dike. Aaye amar paashe eshe bosh.” (you are my own son and you have sucked at my titties and drunk my milk as a child so there is nothing wrong in opening my blouse and letting you see my naked bobs. You naughty boy why are you staring at your mom’s boobs? Come near me and sit down.)

I was again getting a hard on and it was difficult to conceal it in front of mom so I sat down beside her. Mom lovingly put her hand over my broad shoulders and said,” tui khoob sundor ek jowan chele hoechis. Amar khoob garbo hocche je tui amar chele ar ami toke amar pete kore rekhechilam. Kintu shona tumi ekhon baro hoecho aar tomar besh kichu jinish jana darker tai ami tomake kichu shihikkha debo jate tumi jekono meye ke khoob aaram dite parbe. Ae jinish gulo shikhte tor khoob aram lagbe.” ( You have grown up into a very handsome man and I feel proud that you are my son and that I have carried you in my womb. But honey now that you have grown up into a young man you need to know a few things that will help you satisfy any woman so I will teach you a few things. I hope you will love what I am going to teach.)

I did not know what she was going to teach me but was very excited. Mom said,” Amar mai dekhe tor nunu shokto hoe jae tai na? Amar mai dekhte tor bhalo lage? Ekdam lajja pabi na sotti kore bol.” (your little cock stands up seeing my boobs doesn’t it? Do you like my boobs? Donot feel ashamed and tell me.).

I said yes because that was the truth. Mom lovingly placed her hands over my thighs and said,” tui amar mai niye khela korte parish. Amar mai e hath de amar khoob bhalo lagbe. Ae ne”. ( You can play with my boobs. Take my boobs in your hands. Take this.)

Saying this mom took my hands and put them on her tits and said,” oder ektu aste aste tep aar ador kor dekhbi kirakhom shokto hoe jabe. Ei je duto dekhchis ae gulo holo mai er bonta ba kooch. Ekhan theke tui choto belae dudu khetish. Egulo ke ektu tep dekhbi erao shikto hoe jabe.” (press them a bit and see that they will stand up like your tool. And these two small nubs that you see are my nipples or nips. You used to suck milk out of these as a child. Take them in your czech gangbang porno fingers and press them they wil also stand up.)

I quickly started to press her tits with one hand while with the other I started to tweak one of her nipples. I felt them getting erect under my fondling. At the same time I felt mom’s hand creep to my crotch and start feeling my hardness. She was pressing my tool and fondling my balls. I was feeling very very excited and started to press her tits more enthusiastically. Mom smiled and said,” Baap re kauto jore chapchis amar mai ke phatiye dibi naki ektu aste kor.” ( Why are you pressing my tits so much go a bit slow or you will burst my tits.)

She was now pressing my tool with abundance and asked,” eta thigh dutor majhkhane jeta ache eta ke ki bole janish etake bole bara ba dhon ba danda. Eta ke nunu bolbi na.” (this stiffie that you have between your thighs donot call it pee pee call it dick or tool or rod.)

Now I felt mom slipping her hand inside my kacchha and grab hold of my stiffness. She said,” Shona ebar ektu dariye poro aar mar shamne langto hoe jao to. Ami dekhbo tor bara ta koto boro hoeche. Tor holebichi takeo dekhte hobe thik thak maal banachhe kina. Ne langto hoe ja. Accha thak tui uthe dara ami toke langto kore dobo.” ( honey now stand up and drop your clothes and get naked and let mom see what you have got between your thighs and whether it has grown properly and how big it is. I have to see if your eggs are making enough cream. Quick get naked. Ok you just stand up and mom will make you naked. Come honey stand up.)

I stood up and mom eagerly pulled down my kacchha. My hard on plopped out and started to dance in front of her eyes. Mom kept staring at it for full two minutes before she took it in her hands. She carefully peeled back the foreskin and smiled at the big purple head that emerged out. My pee hole was already leaking pre cum and she smiled at it. She was awed at my size and girth. She put her fingers around it and tried to measure it. Her fingers could not encircle my whole girth. She then started to weigh my balls. She spread my legs and grabbed my sack and took it in her fist. She pressed my balls and fondled them and she smiled and said,” Shona tomar bara ta khoob mota aar boro. Tor baba kakader theke tor bara ta boro aar shundor. Tor holbichi tao khoob boro onek maal ache.” (honey your tool is very big and fat. It is bigger than your dad and uncles too. Your balls are also beautiful and seem to be heavy with cream.)

Saying this mom started to rub the foreskin of my tool back and forth and with the other hand fondled my sack. Shivers were running down my whole body and I grabbed hold of mom’s shoulders to support myself. Mom said,” erkhom kore nijer bara take ghoshbi tahole dekhbi aram pabi. Aar tor ghoshar dorkar nei tor kakhon icche hob etui amake bolbi ami toke aram dobo.” (you should rub your tool like this to get enjoyment. In fact you need not rub it yourself and whenever you want you just tell me and I will give you all the pleasure you want.)

Mom continued,” amar mai gulo ke dhore tep shona aar or bonta gulo niye khel.” (press my boobs honey and play with my nipples.)

I did as said. Now mom was going very fast on my tool and was staring at it intently. She told me to lie down on the bed and I quickly complied. Now to my surprise mom placed herself between my thighs and smiled at me and then slowly lowered her mouth on my tool. Now it was really awesome and I moaned loudly. Mom looked up at me and kept lowering her head on my tool. With her free hand she was massaging my sack. I felt the warmth of her mouth descend on my tool and engulf it totally. She was moving her head fast and I felt a warm feeling slowly come up from inside my balls and then suddenly I groaned loudly and started to spurt my cum in mom’s throat. Mom kept sucking my tool till the last drop of cum had come out and flowed down her throat.

As she let go of my dick and came up I could see a few drops of cum leaking out of her mouth. Mom smiled at me and said,” baap re baap koto maal dhelechis amar mukhe. Tor maal ta khoob bhalo khete. Ebar theke roj amar mukhe tor maal phelbi.. tor maal ta ekdom tor kakader maaler moto khete.” (Oh so much cum you had in your balls. Your cum is really very tasty and I will drink your cum everyday from now. Your cum tastes just like that of your uncles.)

I could not understand how she had tasted my uncles’ cum and I did not want to know that either at that moment as I was too exhausted from all the exercise. Mom came up to me and asked me to go to my room. But before I went to sleep she told me to bring her one big banana. I asked her why she needed a banana at night and she smiled and said,” I will tell you tomorrow in your next lesson why I need the banana. “

I was glad that my education was not over and my next lesson will be on the next day. I gave her the banana and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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