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Ass Squirt

“I want to suck your cock.”


“I want to suck your cock.”

“Julie, you’re a very attractive girl. But you know that Brenda and me are sort of serious with each other right now.”

“I don’t want to break up you and Brenda, Peter, even though I think you could do better. I don’t want you to fuck me or eat me. I just want to suck your cock. Or maybe I’m saying this wrong. I need to suck your cock.”

He looked at me for a moment. “Is this some sort of sorority thing?”

We’re standing on campus, out in the open, people moving around but not paying any attention to two people talking. “No. I guess in a way it’s a medical thing. I’m not sure how to explain it. I don’t really understand it myself. But here goes. You know how people claim marijuana helps with a number of illnesses but the official medical profession doesn’t agree? Well this is sort of like that. My brother, Brian, and I were with our parents in Romania when they died in a weird hot air balloon accident and we were in this little village for several days. A dirty little village with no real hotel. Ever since, it’s like we’ve both lost our vitality.

“We’ve been to doctors and they claim there’s nothing wrong with either of us. It’s all psychological. But we both know it’s more than that. We’ve had our immune systems checked out. Even tried gamma globulin. We’re both just tired all the time, not interested in things. But it’s serious. Maybe not deadly but there’s something actually wrong with us. Then I discovered that after I gave my boyfriend a blow job, I perked up. It’s like there’s some sort of life force that I managed to suck out of his penis. I don’t think I even need the semen, although I swallow it because maybe that’s what’s doing it.

“But hours later, it starts going away and I get all listless again. I’ve tried several times, even propositioned a complete stranger, and there’s no doubt that sucking a cock clears up my problem. I think I need to do at least two cocks a day to stay at the level I’m used to. In fact, what I’d like to do is arrange to do you regularly. Every day maybe, every other day? I’d just as soon not keep propositioning strangers, it’s a little scary.

“Oh, and from what I can understand, it doesn’t affect you much. Maybe you feel drained for a little while but guys seem to recover quickly. And I really don’t want you to do any quid pro quo, I mean if you ate me, you might suck the life force or whatever it is back out of me. Because Brian has learned that the same thing works for him. After he eats out a girl he’s got his pep back. I told him my experience so he’s tried it and it works with him getting something from the girl just like I do from a guy.

“So, how about it? We can just walk over to the woods and it’ll only take a few minutes. I can tell by the bulge in your trousers that you want to.”

I didn’t realize Peter had such a big cock. I have to really stretch to get my mouth around him and I’ll never get all of him in me. But maybe bigger means even more of whatever it is for me, which is what I want. Umm. It helps that I actually like this, always have, ever since the first time back in high school. He starts pumping his hips. Boys do that a lot, seem to want to fuck my mouth. I want to suck and suck hard, get everything I can out of him. I hope he doesn’t cum too quick, I want to suck all the life out of him that I can.

He’s moaning, I can hear him. His big thing actually gets a little stiffer and then here it cums. Lots and lots. I swallow as quickly as I can, almost choking. It’s hard to get enough air in through my nose to handle it all. This is the part I don’t like so much. Feeling and sucking a really nice cock is sexy. Handling his load means it’s almost over. I get a little more out of him, sucking and licking, sort of cleaning him up.

“Thanks,” I tell him as I stand back up. I bend over to brush the dirt and leaves off my knees. “I feel a lot stronger all ready.”

“Any time.” he says back, grinning.

“How about again tomorrow, every day, huh?”He agrees and we decide to meet at this time every day.

I should back up and explain some things. I’m a junior in college, my brother. Brian, is a freshman. My first sex was two years ago when I was a senior in high school. My boy friend at the time and I slowly worked our way through feeling each other to having oral sex then, eventually, real sex, fucking. Once we started we did it a lot, as often as we could manage. Then we broke up. We both found other people. Then more other people. So, up to three months ago, I had had sex with five guys.

My brother and I always got along fairly well, so when he was a senior in high school and I was a sophomore in college, him eighteen and me twenty, .he talked to me about the problem he was having with girls. His problem was, he wanted to fuck and they didn’t. We had talked czech sharking porno before so he knew I was active sexually.

“Brian,” I told him, “you have to learn to eat pussy. Every girl loves having her pussy eaten. Even virgins must have heard about it from others and want to experience it. Your eating pussy will set you above the other guys and you’ll make out a lot better.”

We’re both pretty good looking physically. I’m 5’8″ tall, weigh 120 pounds, have all the right curves. He’s six foot one, weighs about 190 pounds, is in good physical shape from playing sports of all kinds. We’re both brown hair, blue to green eyes, even featured with good chins. Maybe not movie star quality but better than average. I’ve always had guys interested in me and Brian has never had a problem getting that first date.

So, anyway, he asks me a lot about eating a girl. How is the girl built, what does her pussy look like. How does he eat it anyway. So I try and explain it all but he’s still concerned that if he tries, he’ll just screw it up somehow.

Finally, I say “Brian, I’ll show you. Just show you so you’ll know. But remember, this is just to help you out, I’m still your sister.” I lift my butt off the couch and slide my panties down. I flip my skirt up, then lay back on the couch and spread my legs, bending my knees up a little so he can see my pussy. I spread myself open and then use my fingers to point out my vagina and my clit. I explain that he just licks everything inside, everything that he can. He can slide a finger into the vagina and also use his tongue and lips on the most sensitive thing, the clit. “And that’s how you do it, ” I said, starting to sit up and end the lesson.

Well, he’s way close, his face just inches from my pussy. He leans forward and starts licking me. I tell him ‘no’ but he doesn’t stop. It feels so great that I tell him ‘no’ again but move my knees up some to make it easier for him to get at me. Then I’m telling him to get a finger into me, then to slide it in and out while he keeps licking. Then put another finger in, spread me a little wider and move them faster in me. Now get your lips and tongue to my clit. Suck on it. Yeah. I’m holding my pussy lips open through a lot of this. He does everything I say and pretty soon I’m cumming. I push him away then and tell him that if I was his girl friend, that was the time he should shove his cock into her.

He unzips his trousers and pulls out his cock. It’s gorgeous. Good size, all red and full of blood. Curves up just a little. I’m really ready and for a moment I want that lovely thing in me. Then I jump away and remind him that I’m his sister. I was just trying to help him. He needed to save that thing of his for his girlfriend. I did tell him that he had a great cock though. His girlfriend should love it and that he had done a really good job licking me. His girlfriend should really love that. In my mind, I kept wondering why I was saying no to him, I was really ready to get fucked.

Well it apparently all worked. Over the next weeks he thanked me over and over for showing him how. He also told me that I was sexier than any of the girls in his class and that I actually tasted better than Myrna who was his girlfriend then.

Anyway, I continue to have sex with my boyfriend of the moment and Brian tells me he’s succeeded with a second girl. Then a third. He says they must talk to each other because another girl has come onto him. I think he’s actually getting more sex than me.

We both finish school, he graduates high school, I finish my sophomore year in college. My parents decide to take us on a trip to Europe, telling us how much we need to experience more. We visit Paris, then Prague, then down the Danube some, Vienna and then Budapest. It really is interesting. Then we go on a bus with a bunch of tourists like us and a guide and head across country to Romania. We’re going to Bucharest with one night somewhere along the way. I can’t even spell the name of the town where we have rooms that night, an industrial city I guess from all the factories we passed on our way in. We get there around two in the afternoon.

It turns out that for whatever combination of reasons, my brother and I are to share a room. A room with one bed. The other thing that happens is that there is a hot air balloon near town somewhere and when the guide offers a ride, my parents take him up on it. Brian and I stay at the hotel.

You have to understand that both Brian and I were used to lots and lots of regular sex and now neither of us had anything for almost four weeks on this long trip. Well, I need a shower. Brian needs a shower. I want to go first, he wants to go first. We both undress quickly, trying to beat the other one. Then we’re both naked pushing against one another to be first in the shower. Not fighting, actually laughing czech streets porno about it. The shower is above a drain in the floor with a cloth curtain on a ring that surrounds you as you wash. There’s hardly any space at all and we’re both up against one another as well as having the wet curtain sticking to us as we try and maneuver around.

He starts washing my breasts, so I wash his chest. What ends up happening is probably all my fault because I then reach down and start washing his cock and balls. He gets really hard and just beautiful so I kiss the head of his cock while I’ve got my fingers wrapped around it. Then I realize what I’m doing and back off and stand up. Except there’s no room so my naked body is actually all against his naked body and I’m still holding on to his cock. He kisses me, puts his arms around me and pulls me even tighter and kisses me. I let go of his cock and hold him tight and kiss him back. I think we’re both realizing we’ve wanted to fuck each other for about a year, ever since I showed him how to eat pussy.

He moves his hands down onto my ass and holds me tight and then lifts me slightly by my butt. My feet leave the floor and I lift my legs to either side of him, sort of wrap them around his hip. His cock, that I’m now holding again, is right at my pussy. I think my moves were almost involuntary, sort of brought on by my strong need for sex, because in a second, his cock is moving up into me. Actually, I’m lowering myself onto it. He steps forward a little, the wet curtain is on my back and then I can feel my back against the wall. He’s leaning against me, pressing me to the wall and using his legs and hips to fuck me, pushing his gorgeous cock up into me over and over and over.

I’m amazed we didn’t rip the curtain off its ring but I wasn’t thinking of that as he fucked me. He didn’t last long and came, I could feel him shooting into me. I remember being glad that I’d continued taking my birth control pills all through the trip, out of habit more than out of need. At least until now. We came apart, my feet back on the floor. We actually washed a little bit but not much, turned off the water and toweled off. We never said a word, other than moaning and huffing as we fucked.

I think we then went into a sex frenzy, wanting each other so much. On the bed, I sucked him until he was hard again and we fucked again. I used the bidet and he watched me. We played around feeling each other, he seemed to love the taste of my nipples almost as much as the taste of my pussy, and we fucked again. Fucked for a long time. We lost all track of time. And then someone was pounding on our door. We got something on quickly. It was the guide. The balloon had crashed. Six people were dead, including our parents and another couple on our tour.

It ended up that we had to stay there while the government handled things. Meantime, our guide and the other tourists moved on. We got moved to a little village that was next to where the balloon crashed. We seemed to need to be in the legal area where the accident happened. We’re the only Americans there. A few days later some others arrived, relatives of the others that were killed. But we spent three days and nights in a private home, sharing a bedroom. I think they figured we were married, since we had the same last name.

They guy that owned the house spoke English. No one else did. He was apparently either our guide’s relative or an associate somehow. He helped us tremendously through some sort of court hearing and then getting all the paper work and legal stuff handled.

It was considered a nice home in that village but it was a very old place, low ceilings, small rooms. I think maybe the walls were mud, I didn’t touch them much if I could avoid it. The food was strange. The people were nice, they meant well. But we didn’t speak their language and they didn’t speak ours The bed clothes were clean, the clothing was clean but the whole little village was dirty. I think the toilet just fed into a tank or something. Some places still had outhouses.

Brian and I had nothing else to do but have sex a lot. I sucked him a lot, he ate me a lot and we fucked even more often. All night, mid morning, mid afternoon. Just a really lot of sex. Looking back, I think we were either hiding our grief or finding our own way of coping with it. Then the arrangements all got made, we got moved to Bucharest and finally flew back to the U.S. with our parents’ coffins.

When we got home we were both exhausted. We each went to our rooms and slept. When I woke up, I felt different. I could hardly drag myself out of bed. It took me a couple days to just unpack. Brian felt the same. We ate sandwiches or fast food, couldn’t bring ourselves to cook. We both went to doctors and tried to find out what was wrong. We certainly didn’t have the energy for sex.

My czech super models porno father was an insurance agent. He had lots and lots of insurance of just about every type. It ended up our house got paid off and we have literally several million dollars to pay our way through college and live on. We even won a law suit against the travel company. But we’re just tired all the time, have no pep, can barely manage to get meals together and handle washing our clothes and going about living. We both go to doctors over and over and get several tests. Nothing wrong with us. We’re not having sex, just don’t have the energy. In fact, we finally have time to think about things and tell each other that we were probably fucking when our parents died.

The guy I was dating and fucking before we went on the trip came around a lot. He wanted to have more sex but I just wasn’t ever in the mood. Just to humor him, or put him off for a while, I finally gave him a blow job. Probably not the world’s best blow job, I was too tired. And as I was sucking his cock I started feeling better. In fact, after he came, I got him hard again and we fucked. I was alive again. The next morning I was back to being tired. So tired it was like life wasn’t worth living.

But my friend came back the next day and I sucked him off again. And got my life back again. I sucked him about ten in the morning and by six in the evening I was tired again. I had already wondered about sucking a cock and feeling better. So I dragged myself to a local bar. There was a guy there that looked pretty good, sort of a country kind of guy, a healthy farmer type. I got him out in the parking lot and sucked him off. He had a really good cock, better than my boy friends. And I felt better right away. I even arranged to meet him again the next day.

I told Brian about my experiences. I told him I hadn’t tried to suck him because I didn’t think he had any pep left to give me but perhaps he should see if eating a pussy could revive him like sucking cock does me. Well, he had a couple girls that had been calling him so he had one come over, took her into his room and ate her. He felt so good he fucked her. But an hour or so later he was tired again. We talked about it and I suggested that maybe he lost almost all his pep back to her when he fucked her, that he should stick to just eating the girls. He tried it and it worked. But like me, it only lasted several hours. For the same reason he’s not fucking, I haven’t had anyone eat me because I would probably just give back some of the pep that I’d gained by sucking cock.

So we’re both in the situation of needing to revive ourselves a couple times a day, three times if we’re going to try and stay up late. He seems to have an easier time of getting girls to let him eat them. I think it’s up to about six of them now that come around fairly regularly. One even comes over to give him pussy juice for breakfast. She’s a cute girl and Brian tells me she suggested that maybe he should also ‘suck my titties’ and perhaps get even more out of it.

Me, I got back to the farmer twice more but could never really bring myself to explain it all to him. My boy friend seems willing to let me suck him as often as I want. I also let him fuck me. I think maybe I actually get a little pep out of that, too. And then I have Peter that’s meeting me daily. I have to admit I love his cock. Not only larger than any other I’ve had but it seems tastier or something, too. I bet it would feel really good fucking me but then we’d have to meet somewhere other than a few feet into the woods. When bad weather hits we’ll have to find another place, too.

So, I go along for a couple weeks using my boy friend and Peter and going to the bar every once in a while and finding another stranger. Then Peter tells me he’s broken up with Brenda and wants me to go with him to his dorm room rather than just suck him in the woods. So I go. Fucking him really is terrific. The best I’ve had. We talk a while and he asks more about everything. I tell him that Brian and I had sex and that we’ve even decided we were probably fucking when our parents died. Peter says that might be a clue and that I needed to go the a psychiatrist at the school.

So, I’ve been to the psychiatrist three times. I feel enough better that I’ve had Brian start going, too. In fact, we have separate appointments and then both of us together seeing her. Yeah, the psychiatrist is a she. The way he looks at her I think Brian’s planning on eating her one of these days. He tells me that he suggested it to her and she told him that once he’s cured, she’ll let him as sort of a graduation gift. And it looks like we’re going to be cured. It’s all been in our minds rather than a virus or something. It’s apparently based on our parents dying and our feeling of being wrong by fucking each other. She tells us we need to get over both things, which likely means that Brian and I can eventually get back to fucking each other when we want to and not feeling guilty about it. It also looks like Peter, now at least twice a day Peter, and I are going to become something steady. At least for awhile. I mean, I’m young yet, there’s a lot of life ahead.

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