Sex With Mother-in-Law

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My name is Sunny and I am from Punjab(India). I am posting my real life experience.

One of my father’s cousin used to live near us since I was a very small boy. I used to get attracted towards her ever since I was a boy. She was pretty and good-looking. When I became a ten year old she was in her 20s and already married. She had very good body features- an attractive face, she was not very fair but not dark also, very long hairs, tall, sensual lips and with good body curves. She did not have a very big breast, but very attractive one but she really had a good and sensual buttocks. She soon delivered a baby girl, a cute little one like her.

After delivery she became little fat but that made her more desirable and sensual. I used to see her almost everyday since she used to stay near us and I used to fantasize her and masturbate and she was my main image to masturbate at that time. To be honest if I masturbate 10 times those days mostly 7 to 8 times it would be fantasizing her. This was because I see her and she come to our house often and I used to talk to her also. If I got a slightest opportunity I used to glance at her buttocks and belly and stare at her face. On a couple of occasions I accidentally touched her also which used to arouse me a lot. She was a teacher in the school. To be very frank I have seen very few sensual ladies like her.

Suddenly I don’t know what transpired she got divorced and it was a shock to me how her husband could divorce her. She never married again in spite of repeated persuasion by her family members. She was hardly 30 at that time. She used to stay with her brother and parents and she once told she did not want her daughter to suffer if she remarries. She was well off financially and she decided to live as a single parent. That made me fantasize her more and I used to think all sorts of situations for fantasizing. But I never got a chance to interact with her more closely because I never got her alone.

Years passed and I went out of my town for higher studies and I used to see her sometimes when I used to come for vacation. I got the job also outside our town and my contacts with her became very little. But whenever I used to come home I used to see her. By the time I was in my late 20s her daughter has become a pretty girl of 20, but not like her mother. She was slim but beautiful and with a lovely face. To my greatest surprise my mother asked me whether I mind marrying her? I was taken aback but I felt czech taxi porno nothing was wrong in doing so. But my only doubt how will I face her mother whom I fantasized a lot and ever I used to desire her at that age also. She was in her 40s at that time. They had made a bungalow at that time and she and her daughter shifted to that house. Her brother used to come and stay with them in the night. Also their bungalow was in the same compound where her brother and parents stayed.

Our marriage was fixed soon and we got married. By that time I got a job in our town and I started to live with my wife and her mother. Since her mother was alone it was decided I stay there and more over it was very near to our house. Our honeymoon went on well and I enjoyed it well she was very active and open in sex. We enjoyed sex very much and many a times she was more dominant than I was and she used to ask and initiate sex when we go to bed and many times we had sex in daytime after lunch even though her mother used to be in the house. I enjoyed all those. But slowly my old memories of her mother started to creep into my mind. She was still desirable and sensual in her 40s and her smile used to make me uneasy sexually. She really had a good smile. Also since we stay together we used to interact more closely and many time we used to make body contacts. I tried to control my feelings.

Then my wife’s final exam started and I was on leave at that time for two weeks. Her exam was there for 8 days. It was rainy season and it was raining very heavily. So I used to drop her for exam in the morning and used to pick her up in the evening since it was a little far. This made her mother and me alone in the house during daytime. Her school was having summer vacation and she was also at home at that time. First day my mind got out of control when she started talking to me sitting near me. We were alone and all doors and windows were closed since it was raining heavily with strong wind. I got aroused and thought like reaching for her. But I controlled thinking of the consequences. Next day when I came back after dropping her she had gone out and she came totally drenched in rain. She went inside and removed her sari and came out with blouse and petty coat after she had a wash.

It was raining cat and dogs with strong wind and we had closed all the doors and wind. So I had put the light inside and when she stood against the light I was really aroused seeing defloration porno the shadow of her thighs and buttocks and I was shocked she was not wearing the panty. She then bent to pick up something from the floor and I saw her cleavage clear and so close. I told no in my mind but I was so aroused. She was talking to me but I was not hearing anything. I decided to go from that room but she went on talking and she was looking for the sari she has to wear from the cupboard with her back to me. She had leaned a little to front, which made her buttocks so pronounced. I could not control, all my teenage fantasies came to my mind and to be honest she was the one I had fantasized most as a girl and lady. I could not control I just moved to her and embraced her pushing my full erection to her buttocks.

She was shell-shocked and for a moment she did not utter anything and when she came to senses she shouted what I am doing. I held her tight with my erection strongly pressed against her buttock cleavage. I told her I know I am doing wrong but I told her I had desired her since a boy and I want her once. I begged her not to resist and please allow once. I also told her she is also living with out sex for long and none will know about this and only it will be our secret. But I told her whatever I do I want to do with her full consent. I told her I like her daughter very much and also sexually. I begged holding her hand. I told everything about my feeling for her since I was a boy and don’t see me as a bad character. Also this will not have any impact on my relation with my wife(her daughter). She told what will happen if her daughter or someone come to know. I was greatly relieved. That means she is afraid about her daughter knowing not she is fully against. I told her it is raining so heavy with strong wind and everything is closed and there is no chance anyone will know nor anyone will hear we making love because of the sound of rain. I told her don’t worry about it.

Then without asking for her permission I kissed her rather sucked her lips passionately. She wanted to resist but slowly she just melted down and I could hear she breathing heavily. I wasted no time and I squeezed her breast then I lost my control and I went mad. She told to check once again that all doors and window s are closed which I did. I then unhooked her blouse and bra in no time but she told not to remove it but I told my greatest desire is to see her fully naked fake agents porno and please don’t resist. I made her fully naked in no time and I was wearing only a lucky, which fell down in commotion. I then pulled her to me, she was a sensual beauty and then I realised her daughter is no where near to her sexuality. She was so sensual in her 40’s and I told what she should have been in her teens and 20’s. I don’t remember what I did to her. I licked and sucked her from top to bottom, I held her from behind, I squeezed and caressed her I kissed her whereever I can and finally I made love to her.

I had doggie pose with her which both of us enjoyed a lot because of her height and sensual and big buttocks. She co-operated well and she was in tears with joy telling she never thought in her life she would get this pleasure. I told her now onwards she will not starve anymore. She told not to do anything when her daughter is at home. I promised I will not do and also it will not affect my sexual passion for her daughter. Next one week we made passionate love once or twice a day when her daughter went for exam. It was great I feel greater then the honeymoon with her daughter. Soon my wife got the job and she was having Saturday working day while I used to have Saturday off day and we used to make love on Saturday during the daytime. She was satisfied with that and if she want more either I will go late to office or I will come early from office during weekdays and will have sex.

This arrangement went on well and now she is in her 60’s but occasionally we make love at least once or twice in a month. But I never neglected my wife, she was good in her own way. I felt I am the luckiest man sexually because I could enjoy the slim and sensual daughter and at the same time the little plum and sexy mother. Both are live wires in bed in their on way. She then shelled all her shyness and guilt and she so many times made love to me as if she was raping me in bed. She can be so dominating in sex and she sometimes do it as if she is possessed and so violently and talking so erotically which my wife never does or hesitates. Her blow jobs are out of the world and one of the thing mostly I enjoyed is making love using her so well projected but well shaped and sensual buttocks cleavage (not anal sex) I spill in between her buttocks cleavage and she holds it tight when I pump.

My wife was good at making posed in sex because of her thin frame and I could lift her easily for any poses and her body could be bent easily. She can do unthinkable poses sitting on chairs and bed or sofa, which I could not do with her mother because she was a little fat and hence I always had urge for sex with my wife also.

If anyone wants to correspond please mail me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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