Sexual Summer Camp with Daughter’s Mates[02]

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Read part [01] to get the full effect

That evening, my daughter, Lynn and me had some time together and we made some casual talk. I asked her what was her plans for the night and she told me that she had a date with her boyfriend, John and his friend. Well, not exactly closed boyfriend but just her regular fuck buddy who had taken her cherry. She asked me to tag along as she playfully whispered that her daddy would never get to know it, which of cause was referring to my husband!

Since I got nothing better to do and at the same time wanted to see who those guys were as I had not met her boyfriend before, I happily went along. When they reached the outside of the female dorm, she went out to meet them alone since I happened to be in the restroom changing. I put on a simple summer dress with totally nothing beneath. No bra and panties as I was well prepared to get laid as I knew my daughter was planing something fun for both of us. I went out and saw them from a distance as they were hanging around one of the guy’s car. At once, I knew it was them! Shit! Of all the guys, it had to be them! One was white while the other was black and from their voices, I instantly recognized it was the same two guys whom I had sucked and fucked that afternoon!

I got cold feet and feared that they might know who I was. My daughter waved to me and asked me to hurry. I hesitated and dragged my feet along. All eyes seemed to be on me and she told them I was her mum and they were kind of taken aback. I feared for the worse too until the black guy said, “Wow! Why didn’t you tell us that your mum is such a sexy lady!” The two guys seemed to be undressing me by their obvious look. Luckily, neither of them realised who I was as I did not say a single word during our afternoon glory hole session. Not even my moaning as I had covered my mouth when I was being fucked by them as I did not to give myself away.

I felt relieved and glad and hopped onto the car, sitting behind with the white guy, Tom while my daughter and her so-called boyfriend in front. They did not seem to be able to wait as the moment he started the car, she was already grabbing and playing with his cock as my she whispered back to me, “Mum, you wanna see John’s cock? Isn’t he beautiful?”

I leaned forward to see it and his cock was already exposed and growing in her hand. And yes, that was the same black cock that made me came several times earlier on! It made me flashed back and I felt so guilty and funny that I had fucked my daughter’s boyfriend without knowing it.

As I was leaning forward to see his cock, my ass was lifted off the back seat slightly and suddenly, I felt a hand groping my bare ass. I lifted my bum higher to give him a better access and at once, he got the signal and pushed one finger inside me. Oh no, I could not control it as it felt good to be touch like this. I was being finger-fucked by him while looking at my daughter popping her head up and down, sucking on her boyfriend’s cock.

Since Tom found out that I did not wear any panties, he knew I was gamed for it too. so he just whipped his cock out, pulled me back and pressed my head down to his cock and on reflex, I just took his cock into mouth and sucked it good. John quickly drove to a deserted park and stopped his car. The guys could not control any longer and wanted more action. They were pretty direct and crude in their teenage way of slang conversations.

John said to my daughter, “I would love to fuck your mum first and my friend will fuck you, ok?”

Lynn said, “Sure, that will be great since he have not fucked me before and I’m sure my mum would be dying to try you too!”

I did not say a word but just to watch them arranged whatever that was fine by me too. Anyway, I had already fucked both of them, so it did not matter who was gonna be first. John came behind to be with me while they both went outside and fucked beside the car. Since I was wearing a dress, it was easy. He had both my legs spread backwards till both my knees were touching my cheeks while my high heel shoes were hitting on the side windows! He went down on me and had me cum with his tongue. He made me so wet till I wanted be fucked on and on!

The next moment, he said, “I’m sure you will be a good fuck, just like your daughter!” And I felt his cock entering me without any delay and kept pumping me with his hard, long cock!

Well, since I could not beat them, I just joined them! And I replied, “I will be a great fuck. Better than my daughter!” And we both had a good laugh! John pushed the door opened, where my head was. I could hear the loud moan of my daughter being fucked from behind. I tilted my head back and I could see so clearly of Tom’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy as they were situated just next to the door. This two guys were literally taking us as their mum and daughter team playmates but not that I care nor mind.

While I was in such a heated passion from being fucked by John, Tom suddenly pulled his cock out of her pussy and shafted it into my mouth. I was taken aback and it was totally unexpected! I heard my daughter urging him on. She said, “Mum, suck his cock too. You look so cute now1 Hehe! Love to see you enjoying yourself!”

And at that moment, I came again with two cocks in me! I knew I would not be satisfied gaziemir escort with only one cock anymore! I needed more! John kept up the pace and fucked me furiously and he finally pulled out and cum all over my face while Tom came over her face too. Both our faces were totally messed up with their sticky glue! We both looked at each other and have a good laugh over it. We all rested, smoked and talked, anything under the sky but mostly sexual anyway!

And all that sexy talk made them hard again in just a short while. Tom said, “Lynn, you are fantastic! He told me so much about you and all are true!”

She was amused and asked, “What about? Tell me! Nothing to hide!”

He looked at John and they both laughed and he said, “He told me that you are famous for being pass around! Haha!”

She stared at her boyfriend and scolded him but of cause nothing serious as the next moment, he shafted his cock into her mouth and she quietly and obediently sucked on it. He probably just wanted to shut her up! Tom who was standing next to me and all this while, he was happily groping my ass. He seemed to love my ass. On looking at them beginning their action, Tom followed suit too by asking me to bend over. With my hands on the floor, my ass was arched up in a obscene spread and with his hard cock ready to attention, he just plow inside my pussy. I looked up and my daughter’s face was right in front of me and John was fucking her from behind. We both looked into each other’s faces and we both knew that we were enjoying it. It was really, like mother, like daughter! We both loved to fuck, no doubt about it!

After a while, I heard my daughter’s reaction were slightly different as if she was in a mixture of pain and in pressure. and so I whispered to her to check whether she was alright. She looked at me in slight agony but smiled at the same time and said, “He is in my ass now!”

“Oh my gosh! how was it? I have never tried it before”

“I tell you, mum! It was simply out of this world! I could feel his cock going deep inside my ass. It feels funny and yet it is so intense! You must try it too, mum!”

John heard us and he moved his position till i could see his cock impeded deep inside her ass. He laughed as he said, See, your daughter love it in the ass!” And he proudly showed it to me and I saw his cock going in and out of her tiny ass as it expanded to accommodate his thick cock.

Tom overheard our conversation too and retorted, “Don’t worry, dear. You will open your virgin ass too!”

Without waiting for my reply onor consent, he used his fingers to get the lubricant from my wet pussy and stuck it up my asshole slowly till it disappeared inside my tiny puckered brown hole. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. It felt quite nice. And the moment of truth hit me as I felt my asshole being greatly expanded, as if welcoming his cock into my dark hole! And at that point, my ass was literally no longer a virgin! And he slowly invaded by pushing his dick in and out of my violated hole. The two guys gave each other a high-five as if saying they had conquered every of our available holes!

This time, my face expressions was in the same slight agony as hers a few minutes ago. We both looked at each other again and together, our moanings and voices broke the silence of the night in the quiet park! I could not help it and lost all control by becoming more verbal, screaming, “Fuck me! Yes, Fuck my ass hard!. I love it! Oh my gosh! Don’t ever stop!”

When he heard my dirty talk, he started to be vulgar too. “Yes, I’m gonna fuck your virgin ass on and on! Never expected you to be a bigger slut than your daughter!” Surprisingly, I was turned on by his comments on me being a bigger slut!

When they were about to cum, they both planned to cum inside our asses and so the next moment, their sticky cum came shooting inside us. We were all so spent and tired. Both of us stayed in our leapfrog positions and slowly let their cums dripping down from our asses. Both the guys were siting on the ground behind us, watching their own seeds leaking down from our used backside holes.

It was like a fuckathon night as after they had rested, they both fucked us again for the last time as John wanted a piece of my ass and Tom wanted her ass too! Hence, our poor asses were at their mercy for the second time in a row when we exchanged partners! I felt my ass seemed to have stretched so big and gaping and I felt so naughty at the same time! But this time, they both pulled out and came inside our mouths and we sucked them till the last drop down our bellies. Oh no! With their cocks just out of our asses, we were indirectly made to taste our own ass juice that probably stained on their cocks! It was really nasty and naughty!

My husband did not even want to go anywhere near my ass and so somebody else who loved my ass took it! Did not want myself to be depraved from enjoying ass-fucking just because he did not want it! And after that day, I was addicted to anal and made every chance to have it whenever possible!

And even though we both, mum and daughter are closed to each other and having fucked together and exchanging partners with each other often, we do not engage into lesbianism between us but we do with other girls and friends.

Hope you like it and I will write the part 3!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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