Sexy Long Legs

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Double Penetration

It is a Friday evening and you are out of town on business. You are down in the hotel bar having a nightcap, listening to some wonderful music, trying to relax after a terrible meeting. As you sip your vodka and watch the people in the bar you see this tall, brunette enter the bar, alone. She is 5’6″, you think, she is wearing three inch red stilettos, and her dress ends just below her panty line.

She is in this red, tight leather number that hugs all her curves. The dress dips low to show her cleavage, it is not too much, but just right. You can imagine the size of her breasts just fitting into the palm of your hand and imagine running your tongue around the nipples making them hard. As she comes through the door she makes eye contact with you and smiles, you melt. She has a smile that lights up her eyes; they look green from where you are. Her hair is long and flowing down her back to her waist, it is a deep brown with a hint of red, her make-up is perfect, not too much and not to little. As you look at her hands you notice that she has long red nails, you can imagine those nails rubbing your balls and caressing your cock as you suck her perfect tits.

She approaches you at the bar and asks if the seat beside you is available. You gesture to the seat and offer her a drink. She accepts and asks for a daiquiri and you order vodka. As the two of you enjoy your drinks and listen to the music you strike up a casual conversation and find out that she too is in town on business. She is staying in the hotel as well and decided that she was lonely and asks what you are doing for the evening.

As you explain your situation she tells you that she has a hot tub in her room and that her job is paying for the mini-bar. She asks if you would like to take your drinks upstairs. Without hesitation you stand up from the bar and offer her your arm. She rises smoothly from her seat and takes your arm. As she steps into your body and leans against you, you pick up the faint scent of citrus and fruit.

She takes you up to her room and points to the bathroom. She tells you that there is an extra robe behind the door and that she is going to get the hot tub started and then she will change. You go into the bathroom and remove all your clothing; you loosely tie the robe belt around your waist and exit the bathroom. She is bent over the edge of the tub, her dress straining against her hips and the heels accentuating her long firm legs. As you step closer you realize that she is not wearing nylons and it appears as though she has nothing on under that short dress.

Hearing you behind her she straightens and smiles. She runs one nail along the open area of your robe, lightly making circles on your chest. Then she smiles and walks toward the bathroom. At the door she tells you that the hot tub is ready and that you can slip in. She will get drinks when she is done changing. As she closes the door, you remove your robe and slide into the hot tub, enjoying the warm water and letting your head lean back you start to relax.

Just as you start to drift off, you hear the bathroom door open and the brunette steps out. She is wearing a silk robe that brushes the top of her thighs, with these bedroom heels, that accent her long legs and firm calves. She asks what you would like to drink and for your name. You tell her that your name is Jim; you like vodka, and ask for her name. She smiles and tells you that she is Beth as she pours two drinks and moves to the hot tub. She hands you your drink and sits hers on the other edge of the tub, then she unties the belt of her robe and lets it fall in a pool of soft fabric around her feet. You stare in stunned approval.

Her body is more escort kartal than you imagined. Her breasts would just fill the palm of your hand, firm, and perky. The nipples are hard from the cool fabric that was just against them and stick straight out, her stomach is flat and has muscular tone along the sides and down into her hips, which are the perfect shape and set off her small waist. Her pussy is fully shaved, she is completely smooth and you can see the pout of her soft pussy lips and she steps toward the tub, taking off her heels.

She smiles at you and steps into the tub, and then slowly sinks into the water. Once she is seated opposite of you, her foot starts to rub your leg, finding its way to your cock that is floating in the water, hard and anticipating the feel of that tight pussy. She smiles at you and takes a long sip off of her drink, then motions for you to sit beside her. As you slide over beside her, she turns slightly to face you and leans in, sliding her tongue along the lower edge of your lip, then around the top of your mouth, as she comes back around the bottom, she slides the tip of her tongue between your lips and takes the same slow trip around the inside of your mouth. She pushes forward with her tongue, meeting yours in that familiar dance and you can feel the ball of a tongue ring slide across your tongue. As she continues the kiss she sucks your tongue into her mouth and lightly nibbles your lip. You are thinking that if she can do this with her mouth against mine, imagine what else she can tantalize and stimulate with her expert mouth.

As she continues her kiss her hands start to move over your body. They stop at your nipples and gently squeeze them, making them hard. Then she continues to softly run her nails down your stomach, teasing your sides and belly button as she continues lower, she stops at your hard cock and runs a single finger from the base of your shaft all the way to the tip, around the end and back down along the underside, before wrapping her fingers around your hardness and slowly stroking you, while cupping your balls in the other hand. She has taken her long, sexy legs and wrapped them around yours so that you are unable to move, you can only sit back and enjoy the sensations that she is creating within your body. While she continues to stroke you and kiss you, your hands are running sensually over her body, gently massaging her breasts, and teasing the nipples, as you tweak each nipple between your fingers you can feel her moan softly into your mouth.

Not wanting to desert the perfect breasts, you take one hand and continue your decent down her body; caressing her soft spots along her sides, stomach, navel, and along her pubic bone. She moves in closer, arching her body against you hands and continues to stroke your hardness. You lightly touch her pussy lips, running a finger down one side then the other, softly stroking the outer sides of her lips, teasing her. She moans again and presses herself into your hand. You slowly insert one finger between those soft, pink lips, and seek her clitoris, softly touching and circling her love button. She has increased her strokes along your hard cock and deepened her kisses. As you use your thumb to stimulate her clit, you insert a finger into her tight hole, gently finger-fucking her, causing her hips to buck against your hand and her legs to tighten around yours. You can feel her body tensing and building against your hand as you continue to fuck her with your hand, as you feel her nearing her orgasm you pull your mouth from hers and lower your head to her breasts and take one into your mouth, swirling your tongue around the nipple and gently nipping maltepe escort on the end, while playing your hand against the other one. As you bite onto her nipple you can feel her cum as her muscles clamp around your fingers and hold your hand tightly in place.

She smiles at you then and asks if you are ready to move from the tub. You agree and release your hold on her. She exits from the tub first, wrapping her silk robe around her body and sliding her feet into her bedroom slippers. She then turns and holds your robe for you as you exit the tub, you slide your arms into the robe and before you can wrap it closed she steps into the folds and wraps her arms around you to start another long kiss. As she kisses you she walks you back a little ways, then moves toward the couch in the sitting area, once you feel her bump up against the couch, she breaks off the kiss and begins to trail her tongue down your neck, across your chest, and down your stomach as she takes a seat on the couch. Now she is at face level with you rock hard cock, and she begins to gently lick your pubic bone, running her tongue along one side, then the other, down toward your balls, then along your balls, cupping them with her hands, she sucks one into her mouth, then releases it and sucks in the other. She continues to cup your balls and slowly runs her tongue along your hard shaft.

First, she thoroughly licks the tip of your cock, then she runs her tongue from the tip all the way along the bottom, swirls her tongue to the top and moves back to the tip, where she opens her mouth and slowly takes your length down her throat. On her first pass she takes about ¾ of your length into her mouth, wetting your cock with that marvelous tongue, then she slowly pulls back to the tip, teasing it and causing your cock to jump. Then she moves back down your cock, taking the full length into her mouth and deep throating you. She holds you there for a period of time, sucking, causing her tongue, and throat to constrict around your shaft like her pussy walls would. She is now stroking your balls with her nails and runs a single finger down to that sensitive spot between you balls and your anus, she slowly circles the sensitive area and then moves back to your balls. Her motions on your cock are varying between fast and slow, she is giving you the best blowjob you have ever experienced. Not wanting the evening to end early though, you pull back from her and pull her up the length of your body, kissing her deeply and running your hands over her body.

You lead her to the bed and lay her back gently, as she makes to remove her shoes you ask her to leave them. She smiles her ascent and moves onto the bed. As she lays back you shed your robe and reach over to untie hers, letting it lay open at her sides. She removes her arms and leaves the fabric lay underneath her, you like the cool, smooth feeling of the silk against your legs and hands, it reminds you of the way her skin feels.

So that you can worship her legs, those long beautiful sexy legs, you move to her feet, where you gently kiss her ankles, and then run your hands first, then your tongue, followed by light kisses up one leg to the knee, then the other, then you move up further, to the junction at the top of her legs, first along one leg, then the other. She is quivering under your touch and moaning softly. You hover over her mound, blowing lightly on that sensitive skin, you can see her arousal in the puffiness of her lips and know that blowing is making her hotter, then you slowly spread her lips with your fingers, blowing on her clit, watching it twitch at the anticipation.

She has wrapped her fingers in your hair and is pendik escort bayan moaning softly; begging you for more; repeating, please over and over again. You extend your tongue and flick her clit with the tip several times, watching her response, she raises her hips toward you, grabbing at your hair. You lower your mouth fully onto her mound now and suck lightly on her clit, inserting your tongue into her wet hole; you nip at her clit and suck on her pussy lips. As you continue your sucking and licking on her pussy you can feel another orgasm building, so you reach up with your hands and take her nipples between your fingers and pinch them, making them hard, and you squeeze her breasts just as she begins to cum. You can feel her juices fill your mouth, and you eagerly suck down everything she releases, enjoying the sweet tangy taste of her desire.

As she floats back to reality, you move up alongside her on the bed, caressing her body with your fingers, running your toes along those legs. As you lean forward and kiss her deeply, letting her taste her own sex and feel the desire that you have for her body. The two of you twine your legs around one another and turn into each others arms, your bodies fit perfectly together, and your hard cock is pressing against her, seeking entry into that warm, wet softness. She parts her legs slightly and reaches down between your bodies to guide your hardness into that waiting warmth, as the tip of your cock enters between her lips; she moves her hips toward you, thrusting you deep within her folds. You moan softly and exclaim how tight she feels, she kisses you and the two of you move together wrapped around one another.

As the intensity of your movements build and your bodies meld together, you roll her onto her back, staying buried deep within, and rise up above her body. You take her legs and place her feet over your shoulders. Now you can kiss along her legs and move inside her, while reaching forward to feel her breasts. She is meeting you thrust for thrust, raising her hips to meet your movements. Soon, she is wrapping her legs around your waist and pulling you in deeper, demanding that you fuck her harder. So that you can oblige her request, you take her legs, holding them about knee level and push them back toward her body, using them as leverage and forcing her hips upward, you begin to move more deliberately, slowing your motion and making the strokes long and deep. Each time you pull out you pause at the edge of leaving her pussy, then with all your strength sink your self back into her, hitting your cock against the back of her pussy, then staying there while you rotate your hips a few times, rubbing against the back of her wall. She is panting now, and you can feel her muscles contracting around your cock as she has her third orgasm. She yells out with this one and tells you that she is cumming, that she wants you to fuck her harder. You comply and as her muscles continue to contract and pull at your cock, you feel yourself building to an awesome orgasm. Just as you think that she is about to come back from her release you feel her start another orgasm, this one stronger, her muscles are squeezing you hard and she begs you to cum with her. At her moaned request you feel your release and spill your hot semen into her depth, as her muscles milk your cock and take everything that you have to offer.

You slowly release her legs and hold yourself up on your extended arms as she wraps those luscious legs around yours and pulls your body toward hers. She kisses you deeply and runs her hands along your back. You roll to your side holding onto her as you both bask in the afterglow of glorious orgasms. As your breathing returns to normal she says thank you and rolls from the bed, wrapping her robe around her. She offers you a drink and a shower. Accepting both, the two of you head for the shower. Who knows the night is still young; maybe there are more experiences to be had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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