She Became My Lover

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This is a quick story that I wrote from a fleeting thought and started on a Friday afternoon as I started drinking until I was… as drunk as I would get on a Friday night. Either way, it’s a quick story that will satisfy some, but not be enough for others. I hope you like it,


It had been weeks since I fucked my sister, Brooke. We had to sneak around since her husband had no idea about us. We hid our fucking by saying we were having a “sibling day” or some bullshit. We would lie and say we were going to the movies together or going to see our parents who conveniently lived a couple hours away. Whatever the excuse we used; it would always allow us several hours to be together in a hotel room fucking our brains out. We spent time during our last time together reminiscing about how it all began.

I had just buried my cock into her tight pussy when I asked her, “Do you remember the first time we fucked?”

She had her legs wrapped around my back and her arms around my neck, “Of course I do! It was your wife who set us up!”

At the time, her friend Haley was of no relation to me at all. Yeah, I wanted to fuck her, but she was only my sister’s friend. We were all in our senior year of high school and I knew she wanted me because every time my sister had her over, I would catch Haley staring at me. More specifically, I would catch her staring at my dick. It was easily seen through the sweatpants I always wore.

I started high school wanting to join the football team but was not picked for the junior varsity team. I resented the program from that point forward. I took up weightlifting and running and became the most desirable person for the varsity team when I was eligible. Regrettably, I allowed my resentment to take hold of me and I snuffed their invitations. I ended up graduating without ever participating in my school’s football program.

I digress. In our senior year, I was as fit as I could remember. Many of the girls stared at me with lust in their eyes, but Haley was the one who caught my attention. I would say it was because she was the one in my own house all the time which I equated to her being more readily available than all the other girls. It was with that mentality that we fucked for the first time.

I had seduced Haley while Brook ran a “quick” errand. She was in my sister’s room and I sauntered in with just my sweatpants on and took advantage of her carnal desire for me. I knew she wanted my dick as I went into my sister’s room to give it to her. I bent her over the bed and plowed her pussy until we heard the front door open.

“Oh, shit! Get out!” she grunted loudly at me.

I slid into her a few more times before pulling my soaked cock out of her pussy and telling her, “I want to finish this.”

“The very next moment we have alone, I’ll be dropping my panties for you,” she said as she pulled said panties and shorts back where they belonged.

Our affair started at that moment and lasted a couple years until the unimaginable happened. Halley had been invited to a family vacation when we were both nineteen, much to our surprise. It included a mid-travel stay in a hotel. Mom and Dad got one room, Haley and Brooke got another and I got a third.

Haley invited me over to their room and we played cards most of the night. We talked about high school and I felt like something was off with Haley, but I dismissed it as me just feeling different about being in a strange place. It was late at night and Brooke had fallen asleep on one of the twin beds in their room. Haley and I got hot and heavy in her bed despite my sister sleeping right next to us.

I stripped Haley down to her birthday suite and ate her out while she took off the rest of my clothes and blew me on the bed. In hindsight, we probably could have done all that while simply shifting clothing around, but we got full-on naked. I should have known Brooke would wake up. In the moment, though, all I could think of was burying my cock in Haley’s pussy.

Haley laid flat on her stomach as I pushed my cock in and out of her pussy. I was being pretty quiet about it, but Haley wouldn’t shut up. Her squeaks and moans could have woken the dead. Eventually, though, it woke up Brooke.

“What are you guys doing?” Brooke said in a raspy voice.

I shoved my cock into her friend, amatör porno “Go back to sleep, Brooke, it’s nothing!”

She rubbed her eyes and focused more on what we were doing.

“Are you two fucking!?” she loudly whispered.

She got up off the bed and stood next to our bed berating us for what we were doing. She asked all the questions you would expect someone to ask in that situation. I tolerated it for as long as I could until I felt my dick begin to shrink. I began to push in and out of my sister’s friend as unnoticeably as I could, but Brooke noticed.

“I’m standing right here and you’re going to keep fucking her! Haley, what are you doing? That’s my brother!” she said louder than I liked.

I gave up trying to be inconspicuous about it and resumed full on fucking my sister’s friend. Haley’s eyes were ok Brooke.

“We’ve been doing this for a while, Brooke. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to be mad!”

Brooke got upset, “Mad? Why would I be mad that you’ve let my brother fuck you!” she said sarcastically.

Haley grunted and moaned as I continued to fuck her. Brooke looked at me in anger, “I’m standing right here, and you have no problem fucking her right here?”

I was about to answer her when I noticed her eyes shifted between my face and the point where my cock entered her friend.

“It’s not like I’m fucking you, Brooke. You were asleep. You can either go back asleep or you can watch. I’m not stopping,” I told her as I continued to push my cock in and out of Haley’s pussy.

Brooke stood there shocked that I would say that to her. I’d never been so bold or commanding toward her and, to be honest, it shook me as much as it did her. I kept fucking her friend regardless. Brooke stood there for a moment longer before going back to her own bed and getting under her covers. She eventually turned and watched us until I pulled out and came all over her friends’ ass. I got dressed and left the room.

Months had gone by and while I continued fucking Haley as often as I could, I didn’t realize that they had spent the rest of that vacation talking about what had happened. I guess I could have figured that would happen, but what I never would have imagined was what would come the next time my sister was involved.

We both still lived with Mom and Dad and they had gone away for the weekend. I expected Haley to stay over so we could fuck day and night as we had for a long while. My expectations came too be reality but what I didn’t expect was Brooke to be a part of it. That Saturday, Haley had mounted me as I sat on the couch in the family room. She was riding my cock fast and hard when Brooke unexpectedly, to me, came into the room.

“What the fuck!” I announced as she walked in, “I thought you were going out?”

Haley impaled herself fully on me, “No, I just told you she was. She wants to watch.”

That announcement froze me in place. I looked at Haley, then to Brooke, then back to Haley.

Haley grabbed my jaw and forced my gaze to meet hers, “I told her how good your dick is. She wants to watch.”

I didn’t believe my de-facto girlfriend, so I looked at my sister and she stood sheepishly in the middle of the room and nodded slowly. I was conflicted at first but advised her to go ahead and watch if she wanted. I expected some performance difficulty but found I had no problem fucking Haley while my sister watched us. As the minutes went on, Haley and I both found ourselves watching Brooke’s reaction to us fucking. We suspect our lustful eyes on her influenced her to respond to our coupling the way she did.

She watched for a while without reaction, then began to let her hand roam her body. Eventually, we noticed her getting herself worked up by squeezing her tits and clenching her legs together. Halley offered her the invitation that eventually led to our current situation.

“You can masturbate if you want,” Haley said.

Brooke didn’t visually respond to the invitation. Instead, she grew brave in her personal experimentation. Her hands dipped into her shorts and under her shirt. It was clear she was trying to get herself off but was too shy to just get with the program and get naked with us. In my head, it begged the question, “do I mind my sister being naked and being sexual around me?” The answer anal porno was a resounding “no.” Even with her being my sister, Brooke was attractive. I would not have made a move on her on my own, but given the situation, I would not have minded watching her rub her pussy while I fucked her friend.

“Take your clothes off,” Haley told her.

Brooke looked surprised she would suggest such a thing. I noticed her reaction and followed it up with additional support for the idea.

“It’s ok, Brooke,” I told her, “I don’t mind if you get naked with us.”

She protested, “But you’re my brother!”

“It’s not like I’m shoving my cock in your pussy,” I reminded her.

I felt Haley’s eyes shoot up at mine. I looked at her and a wicked smile took hold of her lips. I knew she wanted to say something to me so, I fucked her faster and harder as I pressed my body against hers while she whispered in my ear.

“What if you were shoving your cock in her pussy?” she grunted.

I couldn’t respond. Her words took me to a dark place where I was fucking my sister and my body betrayed me.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” I told my girlfriend as my sister listened.

“Cum in my pussy!” she told me for the first time.

I was lost in lust as my sister masturbated in the bed next to me while my girlfriend accepted my sperm into her pussy for the first time. Spurt after spurt of my cum was readily accepted. She even lifted her legs, ensuring it stayed inside her. I was naïve at the time and didn’t realize she was attempting to get pregnant by me by doing that. Had I known then, I would have been mad, but having three children by her since, I would never have changed a thing.

As I finished cumming in Haley, I turned to look at my sister who didn’t appear close to finishing. I felt bad because I felt like I was done for the night. Haley had no such intention. She was a true friend. She went over to Brooke and began whispering in her ear. I couldn’t hear what was being said, but my girlfriend was clearly working her magic because I saw my sister’s fingers speeding up as they worked her clit.

After a few moments, Haley got up and stood by me. One hand reached behind me and planted softly on my back while the other wrapped itself around my cock and began stroking it.

“She needs some dick,” she whispered into my ear.

I never thought of fucking my sister. As soon as Haley informed me of my sister’s needs, I looked at Brooke and considered what was happening. She was a proponent of me fucking my sister and I was leaning toward doing it. I just needed some additional pushing.

“I can feel you getting hard, babe,” Haley told me, “Thinking about you fucking her is making me wet as fuck!”

I dismissed her assertion that I fuck my sister. I made a motion to pull her back to the bed we shared not long before, but she stopped me.

“I know she’s your sister, but can you show her you care and bring her some happiness?” Haley said.

Despite my obvious opposition, my cock began to spring to life once again. I turned my body so Haley wouldn’t notice but it was too late.

“You’re getting hard, my love. I know it’s unusual, but I’d love to see you bring my best friend some love and affection,” she whispered to me.

She made a play on words to me and it worked. She turned my sister into a best friend who needed love and I fell for it. I wandered slowly toward the bed my sister was furiously masturbating on and reached out my hand to pull hers from her pussy.

She looked up at me in shock and I opened her legs as I crawled between them. My cock was hard the entire time, betraying what I thought fucking my own sister would be like. She stripped the remainder of her clothes off and welcomed me between her legs.

“Brooke,” I whispered to her softly and submissively.

“I want you to,” she whispered back.

My hard cock and her wet pussy came together without any shame from either of us. I slid into my sister easily and she held onto me like I was her long-time lover. When I was buried inside her, I stopped to ensure she was ok.

“Brooke, tell me you’re ok. I love you.”

She moaned loudly as I bottomed out in her, “I love you, too! Please fuck me. I need a good man to fuck me and you’re the best I’ll ever meet!”

It bothered me that she thought anal breakers porno I was the best she could imagine, but there was a connection between Brooke and I that I never could have imagined and I remained buried inside her while we both coped with what was happening. She eventually brought us back to reality.

“Are you going to fuck me or just fill me up?” she said, smiling up at me.

I felt a love different than I did for Haley. It was deeper and more involved. I wanted Haley still, but I could never discard Brooke’s sexual side ever again. She would always need to be there for me. I fucked my sister that night until she took me into her mouth and swallowed my cum. The following morning, I carefully explained to Haley that I need to be with my sister alone to figure out what the fuck was going on and she kissed me softly and told me she expected it.

“Call me later, whether you’re done or not, ok?” she asked.

My heart pounded for her knowing she knew it would not be a short discussion. I kissed her lips softly and told her I would always love her. The smile the delivered to me after that made me want to get the same smile from my sister. I wanted both of them the same way.

Fast forward a few years, Haley and I got married while Brooke was the Maid of Honor. Nobody knew that the three of us would spend our honeymoon together fucking and sucking each other. Brooke and Haley learned how to turn me on by performing sexual acts on each other while we were on our honeymoon. I ended up impregnating my new wife on our honeymoon. I was surprised I didn’t end up putting a baby in both her and my sister, but life has a way to make sure you get your just rewards.

It was simply a month later that Brooke found a man she wanted to date exclusively and cut me off. I was angry at her for not warning me that it was even a possibility that she would do that. Tell me that we were fucking simply until she found something else would have been one thing, but we fucked -passionately, leading me to believe she was into me in every way. I was sadly wrong.

She ended up marrying the dickhead and I never got along with him. That issue alone is what took so long for me to fuck my sister again. It was nearly four years before I was between her bare legs again. I had since married Haley and we had three kids in short order. As it turned out, I loved cumming in my wife’s pussy too much.

“I’ve missed you so much!” she said as she guided my cock inside her.

“Haley has been looking forward to me fucking you, babe,” I told her.

“Damnit! When can I have both of you!?” she begged as my cock slid in and out of her pussy.

“When can you get away for a weekend?” I asked, knowing her husband was a controlling asshole.

She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me to a stop. My cock was buried deep inside my sister.

“I don’t think I can,” she informed me.

“Well, lets be happy we can do this, then,” I told her.

“I’d like your wife to be a part of us again,” she begged. “I miss sex just being the three of us!”

I nodded and resumed fucking her as best I could, “for a moment, I’d like to be everything you want.”

She began to cry as I fucked her. I stopped and asked her what’s wrong thinking she instantly regretted having her brother’s cock inside her.

She put her hands on my cheeks, “You’re everything I want! Haley is a missing piece is all!”

I smiled and told her everything would be ok. I told her that Haley would never miss out on what we do, but I would like us to be an exclusive thing from time to time.

“When I want your cock in me,” she said as she thrust her hip into mine, taking my cock deeper, “I’ll get it!”

I snorted in laughter at her presumption, “So, this is a done deal. My wife and I can fuck all we want, but when you want some dick, I have to come running?”

She smiled and nodded without a word. I kissed her lips and fucked her until I came deep inside her pussy.

“When you get married, will you still come to me?” I asked as I pulled my softening cock out of her pussy.

“My pussy is yours, brother,” she said, emphasizing “brother.”

I knew then she was mine. She stopped being my sister and became my lover along with my wife, Haley. Since then, I watched the two girls get with each other and get each other ready for my dick. Both of them championed each other’s pussy for my cock.

“Fuck her pussy!” I would hear from each of them.

That got to be the norm for me and I enjoyed it. It was only until this moment were Brooke asked me about the first time we fucked.

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