She Loved Her Fiance, But…

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Adam and Liz had been together since they were 14 and just 3 months ago Adam proposed to her at sunset on a beach in Mexico. Liz of course said yes, she knew Adam was the one. They had always done everything together, hand in hand, and now they were starting college together and settling in nicely.

Adam was the workaholic, studying chemistry, determined to achieve, Liz was clever too but could just never motivate herself in the same way as Adam, but that’s one reason she admired him so much. They were due to get married in 6 months time and she was so busy and excited with the wedding plans that she sometimes got a little sidetracked from her studies.

They were sat in Adam’s room one afternoon, chilling out and talking. Adam worshipped Liz and everything she did. Adam was always a bit of a geek, quite short and skinny with scruffy hair. He wasn’t bad looking at all but his self esteem had always been fairly low, well, at least until he met Liz. Liz was gorgeous. She was very short, quite slim but had large breasts for her size, which is why every guy at school had a fascination with her for a while. She was very pretty as well, with dazzling green eyes and amazing smile, with short brown hair to her shoulders. Despite all the attention she got at school, there was never anybody else but Adam and it was actually her that asked him out first.

Sitting in Adam’s room, with the sunlight streaming in through the blinds, holding each other as they talked, they both felt so comfortable and happy. Liz was so glad she’d found a guy she could talk openly with, a guy who understood her and looked after her, someone who always put her first.

“Oh no!” Adam suddenly said.

“What is it hunny?” Liz asked, suddenly worried.

“I just realised it’s Thursday today, for some reason I thought it was Wednesday. I’m meant to have got some reading done for tomorrow.”

“That’s ok Adam, just do it later…” Liz thought for a second, “Oh, of course, we’re going to see that movie tonight.”

“Yeah, I should probably just run down to the library and do it now, won’t take long anyway. Do you want to stay here?”

“Sure, if you’re quick. Is your roommate going to come back while you’re gone?”

“Dan?” Adam mulled it over for a second, “No, I doubt it, he only makes the odd cameo appearance so I wouldn’t worry. He’s not going to bother you if he does come back anyway, he’s a bit weird but he’s alright really.”

Liz hadn’t met Adam’s roommate yet, he rarely seemed to be in. Adam and Dan didn’t really have a lot in common so usually if bahçelievler escort one was in the other would go out. Dan was into his sports and the gym, a foreign world to Adam.

“OK, I love you, see you later,” Adam said as he left his room.

“Love you baby!” Shouted Liz as he closed the door behind him.

Liz turned on the TV and started to flick channels.

Barely 2 minutes had passed when she heard a key in the lock. She jumped at the sound and saw the door open and a guy standing in the doorway. Dan walked in and saw Liz sat on her own.

“Hi, I’m Liz, Adam’s fiancé.” She said, offering her hand.

“Dan,” he replied nonchalantly, but shook her hand firmly. “No fiancé then?” He asked.

“Oh no, he’s just gone to the library for a little while, he won’t be long.”

“Yeah? How long do you reckon? Asked Dan.

“I don’t know, maybe 45 minutes, replied Liz.

“That’s cool, that’s enough time.”

Liz didn’t ask what it was enough time for, she just lay on Adam’s bed and watched the TV.

There was something about Dan she really didn’t like and she immediately understood why he didn’t really get on with Adam. He seemed arrogant and sleazy and she felt awkward being in the same room as him, she felt like he was watching her. She heard some sounds behind her and eventually looked around to see what it was. It was Dan getting changed and he was now stood just in his boxer shorts.

“Oh sorry,” said Liz, “I didn’t mean to look.” She got flustered and looked back at the TV. Dan didn’t say a word. Liz thought about what she had seen for a second. She knew Dan was sporty but he had a body to die for. Tall, handsome, big muscles all over him, it was like her ideal man’s body. Such a shame, she thought, that guys like that are more than often arrogant and nasty.

“Different to your fiancé’s?” Asked Dan from nowhere.

Liz looked around in surprise and saw Dan still standing there in his boxers, fiddling with his mobile phone.

“Is what different?” She replied.

He looked up at her, walked over intently and grabbed her hand. He pressed her hand to his neck and ran Liz’s soft fingers and long red nails over his chest and down to his firm six pack stomach. He held her hand there for a moment and let go of her. She just kept her hand on his muscular stomach, frozen.

“Is THAT different? He said.

“Yes,” she whispered nervously.

“Good different?

“Good different.”

Liz didn’t know what had come over her. Touching that body had done something balgat escort to her. The arrogance of the guy was insulting but she just wanted him. She needed him. What was she thinking? She slowly withdrew her hand from Dan’s stomach and looked up into Dan’s deep brown eyes. They looked lustful and knowing and she just couldn’t break eye contact with him.

“Stand up,” Dan commanded.

Liz did what he said, she was under his spell. She was far shorter than him but he leant down a little, put his hand to her face and kissed her deeply on her lips. She didn’t even try to resist, she just got swept up in the moment and kissed him back. When he offered his tongue, she offered hers and the kiss turned passionate and sexy. She started to caress his body as they kissed and he began to slide her t-shirt over her head. The kiss broke for a moment as he took it off her and tossed it aside, then they kissed again as he fondled at her large breasts through her bra. He wanted to get at them so he unclipped her bra and took it off her arms. Suddenly he put his arms under her thighs and picked her up mid kiss, holding her fully off the ground as if she weighed nothing. He attacked her bare breasts with his lips and tongue, teasing her hardened nipples.

Dan put Liz down. “We don’t have long,” he said. That’s all he needed to say. Liz quickly slide off her shorts and underwear and climbed onto Adam’s bed and lay on her back. She watched as Dan slid off his boxers, revealing a now full length, gigantic dick. Liz genuinely gasped when she saw it. The only dick she had ever seen was Adam’s and she had just always supposed it was normal, but Dan’s dick dwarfed it and she was desperate to have it inside her.

Dan climbed on top of Liz back to front and began licking her warm, soft pussy. It tasted so good to him and he couldn’t help himself from attacking it with his tongue. Liz wrapped her lips around Dan’s dick and started sucking him off. She tried to concentrate but she lost concentration as she felt herself cumming with what Dan’s tongue was doing to her. She just sucked him faster and faster before she stopped, dick in mouth, and groaned in ecstasy.

Dan took his tongue away from Liz’s pussy and despite her protests for him to continue he turned himself around on top of her.

“Next time I will, but we don’t have long and I want to fuck you,” he said.

Dan slowly pressed his dick against Liz’s soft pussy and she started in pain at first, but he cautiously began to open her up with deeper and deeper thrusts until his ankara escort dick was totally submerged within her. She caressed his back and hair with her fingers as he thrust slowly in and out of her, her pussy soaking wet with excitement. She suddenly thought to herself and realised what she was doing. Being fucked by her fiancé’s roommate, on her fiancé’s bed, and her loving it. She tried to resist the pleasure and whispered into Dan’s ear, “I can’t Dan, I’m sorry, we need to stop.”

But Dan said nothing and just started pounding her harder on hearing the words. Liz felt an extra rush of pleasure within her.

“No Dan, please.”

But he thrust deeper and harder.

“We have to stop.”

He pounded her harder still.

“Oh god Dan,” she cried and placed her hands on Dan’s muscular butt and forced him in and out her pussy faster. She dugs her nails into his skin and lost all control of herself again. His sweaty body pounding hers. Dan wrapped his arms around Liz’s neck and brought himself closer on top of her and she held him firmly in place by his butt. He kissed her through her groans and she wrapped her feet and legs around his.

Locked in a tight, lustful embrace Dan let out a small groan and kissed Liz more deeply. He was getting close and Liz knew it.

“Not inside me Dan.”

Again it just made Dan more determined to fuck her harder.

“No Dan, please Dan.”

He didn’t respond, but he groaned louder and suddenly Liz felt a pleasure beyond anything she had ever felt before.

“Oh Dan, do it, DO IT!”

Dan unleashed load after load of warm cum deep, deep inside her pussy and her body tingled with every shot. She gripped his body tightly and didn’t loosen her grip for a full 30 seconds, holding his huge, muscular body close to her own.

His body finally relaxed, he kissed her tenderly on the lips and then got up off her naked, sweaty body. She just laid back, glad for the cool breeze on her skin and savouring the warm cum inside her.

When she came to her senses she saw that Dan was dressing.

“What have you done to me?” She asked lovingly.

“Get dressed,” Dan replied without emotion. “He’ll be back soon.”

“You expect me to just get dressed after that?”

“You should get out of here and get cleaned up.”

It dawned on Liz that, although this was the best feeling she had ever had, the most incredible pleasure she had ever experienced, for Dan, this was just what he did. He fucked girls, then he left. She was just another girl that he had fucked, another story to tell his mates about.

Liz cleaned herself up and Dan had gone. She didn’t wait around for Adam, she just left and sent him a text about meeting him later. She lay on her bed and realised that Adam was the love of her life, but he could never give her what she had just had. She had a huge dilemma.

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