She Needed That

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Bob Hardin lay on the old couch in his sister’s apartment, pretending to be asleep. In fact, he was wide-awake, and had been since someone slipped quietly into the living room. They had then knelt beside the couch and gently unsnapped the waistband of his shorts, exposing his semi-erect dick.

It had to be Leigh; there was no one else in the apartment. But what the hell was all this about? She’d been asleep a few minutes ago when he got up for the obligatory morning piss. As he walked past her bedroom, he’d heard a moan and peaked in the half-open door to see if she was okay. What he saw in the light from the hallway made his piss-hard throb with pain.

She was on her back with her eyes closed and her head moving slowly from side-to-side as she smacked her lips. From many a night spent together as kids, Bob knew that meant she was having a dream. The old football jersey of his she used for a nightshirt was bunched around her waist.

Like everyone else in their family, Leigh was tall, nearly six-foot, and had the legs to match. They were slightly parted and seemed to draw his gaze up to a muff that was only slightly darker than her long, honey-blonde hair.

Unlike all his buddies back in high school, he’d never had the hots for his twin sister. Oh, they’d teased and picked at one another while growing up, even practiced kissing a bit. But he liked short, cute girls. Besides, Leigh was his sister.

There was another soft moan and Leigh rolled over. Bob stepped back, but didn’t move away. She now lay bent at the waist in such a way her bare bottom was thrust toward the ceiling. Bob almost moaned himself at the sight. Talk about your earthly delights. Sister or no sister, that was one incredible ass.

Why in the hell would any guy, even that weirdo ex-husband of hers, blow such a sweet deal? But that’s just what he did six months ago.

Bob had been overseas at the time. When he came home last week, Leigh drove up from college. It’d been obvious to everyone in the crowded house that she was still shaky. When she urged him to make the three-hour drive to her place for the Earth Day rally, he resisted until something convinced him she really wanted to talk.

He’d been right. They talked for hours last night. Amid a lot of tears, he learned why the Leigh’s husband had walked. When he started beating her for the second time, Leigh pulled out the snub nose .38 Special Bob had taught her to use and started counting down from ten. By the count of three, she was alone.

Bob had wanted to go find the guy and pound him soft. But Leigh said, no, that it would only make her feel worse. She was right, and he agreed. Still. He sighed, took one last look, and then, at the insistence of that aching piss-hard, forced himself to head for the bathroom.

He’d almost dozed back off when he heard the soft movement. Now fingertips touched his shaft and he almost jumped off the couch. Moments later, his erection was no longer semi. Long, thick, silky hair began caressing his skin, then soft lips encircled the head of his stiff cock. They slid down the shaft until the entire length was enveloped in a moist, perfect warmth. He moaned with pleasure and opened his eyes.

The lips were making slow, sensuous trips up and down his shaft. Bob didn’t move and wasn’t sure he could. This was so unexpected, so fantastic, so unreal. His sister was waking him with a blowjob. And what a blowjob.

“You really know how to get a guy up in the morning.”

Leigh said nothing, just nodded and continued bobbing her head up and down the length of his cock. Bob found the strength to move one hand and gently stroked her hair.

As great as this felt, he wanted more, and he wanted to share. It took a second, but he managed to stop Leigh and then pull her to him for a kiss. This one was no childhood practice drill. Tongues, lips, teeth all played their part. When they parted, Bob looked into Leigh’s blue-eyes. “Climb on board. Let’s have each other for breakfast in bed.”

“What a lovely way to start the day,” said Leigh. Their bodies molded without effort into a comfortable 69 position. Leigh resumed her work on Bob’s cock while he buried his face into those dark-blonde curls he’d admired earlier that morning, and then, for the first time, tasted his sister’s sweet pussy.

To Bob, oral sex was a natural, enjoyable extension of lovemaking. He’d “gone down” on several girls. For when it came to oral sex, he got almost as big a charge out of giving as receiving. So now, as he savored the aroma and taste of Leigh’s pussy and the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her warm mouth, he knew from experience this was the finest kind of oral sex.

When it came to great tasting pussy, Leigh was in a class by herself. No other pussy even came close to equaling her almost sweet, feminine flavor. From this moment on, he’d be more than willing to eat her anytime and anywhere she wanted, and do so until his tongue wore out.

That was not to say she didn’t give anime porno good head herself. In fact, Bob feel himself beginning to build toward a climax. To get Leigh to come when he did, he began to concentrate on her swollen, sensitive clit.

His reward was a muffled gasp and the feel of Leigh’s smooth thighs squeezing his head. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pressed his face against her savory pussy and swirled his tongue into its warm depths.

Moments later, his load raced up his cock and exploded into Leigh’s waiting mouth. Through the haze of his own orgasm, he felt her tense, then press down against him as warm, pussy juice began flooding over his face.

Their climaxes seemed to last forever. Every time Leigh’s body began to relax, Bob would lick her clit and she’d jerk and shiver with pleasure. Meanwhile, she kept her lips locked around his cock-head, swallowing all it produced and trying to milk out more.

Eventually, their passion ebbed away. Leigh released Bob’s cock, then turned around and kissed him deeply, running her cum coated tongue past his pussy juice covered lips. For the next few minutes they kissed and hugged, enjoying the after-glow of their loving.

Leigh lay across Bob, and they felt the beating of their heats slowing. When he started to say something, she lifted her head and put a finger to his lips, hushing him. “Let me talk,” she said. Bob nodded.

After a moment, she kissed him and smiled. “Thanks big brother. I needed that.”

“Well, after all, you are five minutes younger than me. It’s my job to look after my kid sister.”

“And you always have. But I’m serious. After what happened, you know, I felt dead, like nothing mattered. I kept wondering how I could have ever thought I loved that bastard. Since he left, it’s been all I can do just to make it to classes. I sleep too much, don’t go out, and I’ve gained weight.”

Bob ran his hands down Leigh’s back and gave her soft bottom a gentle squeeze. “Believe me, if you’ve put on a few pounds, they’ve all gone to all the right places. No bullshit little sister, you have a body to die for. And this fanny of–.”

Leigh didn’t let him finish. “You’re sweet. But I haven’t even wanted to be with anybody, much less make love. But last night, I dreamed about you and me, doing this. And when I woke, I just had to make it happen, even if it meant holding my .38 on you.”

“I much prefer the method you picked.”

They both smiled. Then Leigh looked serious. “Do you think what we did, you know, incest, do you think it’s a sin? I’m not sure. But if it is, I don’t know, maybe just oral sex isn’t quite so bad.”

“Oh, my poor messed-up little Sunday School star. Like you said before, you needed this. If our making love is a sin, then believe me, I’ve committed many far worse.”

“Don’t tease me, Bob. I’m serious.”

“Hey kid, I am serious. I don’t believe it’s a sin. But you know what, in case it is, I’m such an old reprobate, we better do a lot more, and in a lot of other ways, so you can catch-up. That way, we’ll suffer whatever punishment we deserve, together.”

They laughed, kissed, then got up. While Leigh went to the bathroom, Bob got coffee and toast started. After breakfast, neither one mentioned the bedroom. Leigh turned on the stereo and they went back to the over-stuffed couch that had once belonged to their grandmother.

Their bodies seemed to mesh perfectly on the soft, plump cushions. While the foreplay was good, both wanted more. They watched, spellbound, as Bob’s cock-head moved between the lips of Leigh’s well-lubricated labia. For just a moment they looked up at one another, sensing the special meaning of what was about to happen.

In a low, husky voice tinged with excitement, Leigh said, “Okay, let’s do it, oh….” The thick shaft began to disappear into her body and her words turned into a long, pleased moan.

They quickly got into an almost effortless rhythm with Bob’s cock gently stroking into Leigh as she raised her hips to meet each downward thrust. They kissed and she nibbled on Bob’s ear while gently stroking his back. A series of small, exquisite orgasm began racing through her body. Each time one struck, she would pull Bob close.

When the passion passed, he would slow his pace to the point where he was barely rocking back and forth in her inflamed, sensitive pussy. When she began to recover, he would return to his previous, measured pace.

After Leigh had experienced yet another orgasm, Bob started building toward his own climax. “Must be my turn. I’m about to come.” He sounded almost casual.

Leigh gave him a deep kiss followed by a mischievous smile. “Tell me how it feels.”

“That might not be easy. But I’ll try.”

For a moment, Bob paused to collect his thoughts. “My groin, my nuts, they’re getting tense. My cock feels like it’s going to, oh that’s nice, pop any second. It’s, it’s coming. Oh shit. Now! Oh shit, yes! Deep inside you. It’s pumping. Oh shit! asyalı porno You’re squeezing it. Oh, oh, ah! Damn this is great.”

Bob’s description of his climax pushed Leigh to another one of her own. As a long, satisfying orgasm rolled through her writhing body, she wrapped her legs around his butt and tried to pull him even deeper into her churning pussy.

They remained together kissing, talking, feeling one another. After one especially passionate kiss, Bob began a slow hunching motion. “You’re an optimist,” said Leigh.

“Hey, you never can tell what might turn up.” Before long, it became obvious the answer was Bob’s cock. This time the lovemaking was slow and sensuous. At one point, they kissed and slipped tongues in and out of each other’s mouths in time to Bob’s thrusts. Later, Leigh nibbled on his neck and ran her tongue inside his ear.

That moved things into a higher gear. Bob positioned Leigh’s legs on his shoulders and began using faster, deeper strokes. The new position seemed to push all the right buttons for Leigh. The orgasm that followed took over her existence, filling her with a bliss that wiped away everything else. The only reality she knew was Bob and the unyielding cock inside her body. She clutched at him, at that reality, as the orgasm crested and warm fluid flooded from her pussy.

The feel of Leigh’s body shaking with passion and the incredible sensation of her juices soaking his balls, pushed Bob over the edge. Like her, his climax seemed to last forever. Load after load of cum blasted from his cock-head deep inside her body as they clung together, savoring the storm of their emotions.

Afterward, they lay motionless and felt the passion ebb from their bodies. Neither was anxious to break the physical contact and end what had been very special loving. Then Leigh glanced at the clock on her TV. “Oh, my God. Do you realize what time it is? We’ve better get a move on.”

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” said Bob.

“Yes, it does. But I promised some friends I’d help run an information booth at the rally. Come on, Earth Day calls.”

“I’m having a fine celebration right here. Just give me a few minutes and I’ll show you a rally. Honest.”

“I’m sure you would. And I’m counting on that. But later, honest. I promised my friends I’d be there. Besides, some good bands will be at the concert and I’m hungry.” Having wiggled out from under Bob, she stood and looked down at him. “I just realized, this is the first time since, you know, since he left, that I’ve wanted to do anything. Believe me, big brother, we’re not finished for the day.”


The rally proved to be fun. There were more than enough people at the Clean Air booth, so Leigh and Bob went off exploring. The concert started in the late afternoon. They had staked out a shady spot near the edge of the crowd and settled down on a plaid blanket Leigh brought to listen to music and drink wine.

It began growing dark with the concert about half over. Bob turned to say something to Leigh, and discovered she was staring at him. Neither said a word, but knew by some genetic chemistry they both wanted the same thing.

When Bob did speak, it was one word. “Where?”

Leigh stood and tugged on the blanket. “Bring the wine and follow me. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work in this park and know a place we can be alone.”

Minutes later they were in a small, leaf-covered clearing behind thick shrubs but still within sound of the concert. Slowly, almost tentatively, Bob put his hand under Leigh’s chin, pulled her gently to him, and kissed her soft lips. With a sigh, she molded her body against his and opened her lips. As they kissed, Bob stroked her long, thick hair with one hand. With the other, he began unbuttoning her cotton work shirt.

When he finished, Leigh pulled them down onto the blanket. As they kissed, Bob stroked and kneaded one of her soft, creamy breasts and toyed with its sensitive nipple.

After pulling the shirt open, he leaned over and locked his lips around that hard, tasty bud. Leigh gasped and placed her hands on the back of his head. As he sucked, licked and nibbled, the nipple seemed to swell in his mouth. He began massaging the other breast until its nipple had also become stiff with excitement.

He gave the erect nipple a gentle squeeze, then slid his hand down to unsnap and unzip Leigh’s jeans. The moment he finished, she shifted, making it easier to pull them past her full, round bottom.

When the undressing was finished, Bob sat back and admired the voluptuous, nude body stretched out before him in the pale moonlight. The crowd at the concert was cheering. “If they could see what I’m looking at now, they’d really short,” he said.

“That’s bullshit,” said Leigh, reaching up for him, “but I love to hear you say it.”

He came to her, placed his lips on one of her full breasts and sucked its swollen nipple deep into his mouth. His hand worked down her body, until his fingers backroom casting porno began filling her sensitive pussy.

Between Bob’s mouth and his fingers, Leigh was soon approaching a climax. As she neared the brink of ecstasy, Bob relaxed the pressure on her pussy and boob. Leigh started to complain when Bob flicked his thumb on her clit, sending her racing back towards ecstasy.

This happened two or three more times, until Leigh was almost frantic with the need to come. She unbuttoned Bob’s shirt, then began working on his jeans. But when she tried to pull him down on top her, he resisted. With a groan of frustration, she collapsed back on the blanket.

“Come on Bob. I can’t take much more of this.” She was, half-begging, half-demanding.

Bob’s response was to swirl his fingers even deeper inside her churning cunt, stroke his thumb faster over her sensitive clit, and suck harder on her tender, aching nipple. When she was again on the verge of coming, he stopped and sat up.

As Leigh moaned with impatience, Bob removed his shirt, pushed his pants down over his hips, and began to slowly stroke his swollen cock. “You seem to be under a little stress. Is there anything I can do to relieve your tension?”

“You’re damn right there is. And if you don’t do it fast, I swear I’ll–.”

Before Leigh could hurl any family curses his way, Bob moved between her out-stretched legs and, with one swift stroke, plunged his hard cock deep into her tormented pussy. With a shriek of pleasure and relief, Leigh arched her hips up to meet him. Wrapping her arms and legs around his body, she met his every pounding stroke with an equally energetic upward thrust. Within seconds she was in the midst of a mind-blowing orgasm.

This time Bob didn’t slow down to let her savor the afterglow. He just kept hammering away. Leigh responded with another quick climax. The feel of his sister’s shapely body jerking and writhing under him was an incredible turn-on. He was determined to continue giving it to her hard and fast until she begged for mercy or he shot his last wad.

With a strangled cry, Leigh shuddered and went ridged as another orgasm shook her body, but Bob continued his merciless onslaught. By now, Leigh was wild with passion. Bob could tell she had lost track of everything but the feel of his cock plowing into her burning pussy.

Another orgasm struck. Leigh made a guttural sound and tossed her head from side-to-side. Then her body jerked and went stiff as she was hit by a tidal wave of passion.

Leigh’s vaginal muscles squeezed so hard, she almost forced Bob’s stiff cock out of her pussy. This intense sensation started him building toward an orgasm of his own. Changing his position and pace, he began slamming into Leigh with strokes that were even deeper and harder. She groaned, urging him on while trying to match his every thrust.

A giant surge of passion seemed to erupt inside Bob. From that moment on, he appreciated the old expression, “cracking his balls.” It felt like his testicles had shattered and begun pouring out their fourth load of semen that day. The cum came surging down his shaft then exploded into the depths of Leigh’s clutching pussy.

Bob liked to be still while he came. Feeling his seed blasting into a girl’s pussy was such a rush. But not with this girl. She was special. This was his sister, his best friend, and she’d been hurt while he was away and couldn’t help. Now, determined to give her as much pleasure as possible, he continued pumping into her trembling body.

Seconds later, Leigh let out a cry of unrestrained exaltation. Her body rose until it formed a stiff, lover’s arch. With one final deep, savage thrust, Bob emptied the last of his cum into his sister. The assault triggered a final, gut wrenching climax by Leigh.

It seemed like a long time before her body sagged back to the blanket and even longer before they began to recover. But they eventually disentangled and cleaned up with paper towels they’d brought in a small backpack. Bob poured wine while Leigh finished and put the used towels in a paper bag. “I know the paper can be recycled,” she motioned with the sack while taking the glass of wine, “but I wonder about all that juicy stuff?”

“It’s bio-degradable,” said Bob. He pointed in the general direction of the concert. “You want to go catch the end?”

“No. I’d rather stay here.”

They settled back down and listened while finishing off the wine. To Bob’s surprise, Leigh started acting like she was interested in another round. When she began stroking his thigh and nuzzling his ear, he shook his head in amazement. “Are you serious? We’ve been at this all day.”

“What can I tell you? I feel like I’ve been freed after a year in some dungeon. I just can’t get enough of making love and feeling joy of being lost in the loving and, well, just feeling anything beside depressed. Either that or I’m just a sex pig.”

“Well, my spirit is willing, but I’m not sure my flesh is,” responded Bob, referring to his shrunken penis.

“Let’s see if a change of scene will do the trick.” A few minutes later they were in his car, heading out of town. Bob relied on Leigh’s directions but began to have doubts when they left the main road and entered some deep woods.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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