She Wanted More Pt. 02: Another Fling

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Another Fling

It had started snowing even before she departed. No stranger to inclement weather, particularly frozen precipitation, Allison had set out with no travel concerns. Halfway home, she found herself in a full-blown snowstorm. Of course, she slowed down, but even that proved to be somewhat daunting. However, the real scare came when she abruptly encountered a tall wall of snow blocking the road.

She considered getting out to examine the obstacle, but the snow was falling heavily, so she wisely and carefully turned her car around. She drove several miles at a crawl before nearly colliding with another vehicle. She had to swerve to avoid a hit, almost running off the road. Coming to an abrupt stop and catching her breath, she was suddenly shocked by someone beating on her driver’s window. She could barely see out because the window was covered in ice, so the gloved hand wiped enough away for her to see a handsome man’s face.

“Are you alright?” she vaguely hard him ask.

Allison rolled her window down an inch. “Yes,” she shouted.

“See if you can back out. We need to get out of here.”

Putting her car in reverse and gently pressing the gas pedal, Allison’s car slowly moved back onto the road.

“There’s a motel a few miles back in the last little town,” the man said. He returned to his vehicle as she drove off with him following.

They made it to the motel safely, and he followed her into the office.

“Sorry about that,” the man offered. “Once I saw you, I tried to slow, but skidded. Fortunately, I didn’t hit you.”

“Yes, fortunately.”

“I’m Trevor, by the way.”

“Hi, Trevor by the way. I’m Allison.”

Trevor chuckled at her greeting.

“Can I help you?” The desk clerk asked, apparently patiently waiting for them to finish.

“Where did this weather come from?” Trevor asked.

“Oh, you know, usually a cold front comes through.”

Trevor shot the desk clerk a look at his flippant reply. “I meant—”

“I know what you meant,” the clerk added with a grin. “Just messing with you. Yeah, it wasn’t forecast to be this bad, but that’s how it can be with these early storms. This one’s good for all night. You two need a room?”

“Oh, we’re not together,” Allison was quick to say.

“Well, if you want a room, you better be. I only have one left.”

“I don’t mind sharing,” Trevor offered.

“Share a motel room?” Allison repeated with incredulity. “I don’t even know you.”

“Then shall we flip for it?”

“Are you kidding?”

“You have a better solution?”

Allison shook her head. “Is there another hotel or motel nearby?” she asked the clerk.

“About thirty miles back the way you came,” he answered pointing in that direction. “But I wouldn’t attempt it in this weather.”

“I’ll just wait until it slacks up,” Allison said. “Is there a restaurant close by?”

“Next door. And the weather is not supposed to let up until morning.”

“Let me buy you dinner and we can get to know one another,” Trevor offered.

“What are you after?” Allison asked in exasperation.

“Not a thing. I’m just trying to help. If you don’t want it, that’s your choice.”

“Well, I guess if I go to the restaurant, you’ll just follow, so let’s go.”

As they were about to leave, the desk clerk asked, “What about the room?”

“I’ll take it,” Trevor said, returning to the desk. He pulled out his wallet and handed the man his credit card.

“Dr. Trevor Miles,” the clerk read.

“At your service.”

The clerk ran the card, and then handed it back to the doctor.

“One keycard or two?”

Trevor glanced at Allison, who was merely shaking her head in stupefaction. “Two.”

Key cards in hand, Trevor escorted Allison to the restaurant. It was a casual chain restaurant, and not at all crowded, quite likely due to the storm. As a result, the hostess let them choose their own table. Allison selected a booth. These types of eateries generally had poor wine lists because the people that frequented them were usually not wine drinkers, but Allison ordered the one Cabernet they had. Trevor had the same.

“So. Dr. Trevor Miles, huh? What kind of doctor?”

“Medical. M.D.”

“Well, that’s impressive. Do you have a practice?”

“I’m actually on my way to a new job in Hartwell Falls.”

“Hartwell Falls?”

“You know it?”

“Yes.” But she didn’t want to mention it was her hometown just yet. “Are you starting your own practice?”

“No. The doctor there, Dr. Wilson, is up there in age and he wanted to bring someone in so he could gradually scale back and eventually retire.” He paused to sip his wine. “So, what’s your story?”

Allison stood. “Will you excuse me? I need to visit the restroom.”

Trevor very gentlemanly stood until she walked off.

It caught Allison by surprise when he said he was moving to her hometown. She didn’t know Doc Wilson was bringing another doctor in. It was exactly what his brother, her new boss was doing. Was it a bostancı escort concerted effort? She pulled out her cell to call the physician.

He answered after a minute. “Allison, how are you? Glad to hear you’re coming home.”

“Thanks, doc. I’m excited.”

“Glad that old coot of a brother came to his senses and is bringing you in.”

“Sounds like you’re doing the same.”

“How did you know that? My brother is the only one who knows. Did he tell you?”

Allison told him what had happened.

“You can trust him, Allison. He’s a good guy. Comes highly recommended. Excellent doctor.”

“If he’s so good, why is he coming to work in our little town? No offense, doc, but he doesn’t sound like someone who would be suited to Hartwell Falls.”

“That was actually my first question. He said he just wanted to work in a small town to actually help people, not to work for a big clinic or big hospital where everything was about dollars and cents.”

“Hmm. That sounds noble.”

“Allison, it sounds like you’ll be stuck with him overnight. You know the people of Hartwell Falls. I’d be interested in your assessment. Will they like him? Will he fit in? That sort of thing.”

“Will do. Thanks, doc. Oh, one more thing. Can you describe what he looks like, so I make certain he’s the real deal?”

“I can do one better. I’ll email you a photo. Hang on.” Several seconds later, the email came through. Allison quickly looked at it. “Yeah. That’s him. See you soon, doc.” She hurriedly used the facilities, washed her hands, and returned to their table.

As soon as Allison sat, the waitress appeared to take their order. “So, the storm is getting worse and the manager wants to shut down and let everyone go home. But he said we can grill you a couple of burgers and fries and make them to go, if you like.”

“That works for me,” Trevor said, glancing at Allison.

“Guess we have no choice,” was her response. She didn’t want to seem like she was giving in just yet.

“Can you add a couple of bottles of this wine and a corkscrew?” Trevor asked.

“Sure can.”

After the waitress walked off, Allison questioned, “Are you going to try to get me drunk?”

He took her seriously. “Oh, no, no, I wouldn’t do that. As a physician, I can’t condone consuming too much alcohol. On the other hand, you put alcohol on the radiator of your car to keep it warm, so . . .” Trevor trailed off, then quickly changed the subject. “Well, it was your turn to tell me your story, but first, I have to ask what changed your mind?”

With a grin, Allison said, “Well, that’s actually part of my story. I’m actually from Hartwell Falls. I know Doc Wilson. I’m moving back home to work for his brother. As doc is the only physician in town, so Mr. Wilson is the only CPA in town. I’m a CPA also. I called doc while I was in the restroom to ask him about you. He said I could trust you.”

“Well, that is very wise.”

“Trusting you?”

“Well, that, too. But contacting Doc Wilson.”

Allison smiled and shrugged. “A man nearly runs into me on an icy road and then offers to share a motel room with me?”

“When you put it like that, it does sound pretty shady.”

They both laughed and changed both of their moods. Allison could now look at him as a very handsome man. And she had to admit to herself, he had been very polite and gentlemanly from their first encounter. The waitress brought their food, they bickered over who would pay, but he snagged the bill. Finally, they headed to “their” room.

It was a typical motel room, bathroom to the left as one entered, the room big enough for a king-size bed against one side wall, dresser/desk combination with TV against the other side wall, and small table and with two chairs at the window. It was chilly, so Allison upped the thermostat.

Then they sat to eat. The restaurant had provided a very cheap corkscrew and it took Trevor a few minutes to master it. There were only two plastic glasses wrapped in plastic next to an ice bucket on the dresser, which was all they could use to drink the wine. By their second glass, the plastic taste disappeared.

“Doc said you come highly recommended,” Allison noted. “I’m curious why you would want to come work in a small town like Hartwell Falls?”

“Yeah, I get that a lot,” Trevor admitted. “The truth is, I didn’t like living or working in a big city. I’m from a small town myself, but there are already two doctors there and no need for a third. I want to help people and I remember how our doctor was growing up. He was more than just a physician. He was a family friend and a member of the community. And he was accessible. That’s what I want to be.”

“Well, if you always remember those goals, I think you’ll do well in Hartwell Falls. That’s the kind of doctor they want.” The room was warming up, so Allison finally removed her coat.

Trevor’s eyes widened at the sight of her tight knit shirt with a V-neck büyükçekmece escort that revealed an alluring cleavage to her medium-sized breasts. In the comfort of the room with better lighting than the restaurant, he really saw that she was a beautiful woman. He told her so.

“Thank you. Is that a prelude to seduction now that you have me in your room?”

He seemed taken aback by her question and she actually judged it to be genuine. “No, no, you have it all wrong. I wouldn’t do that. I didn’t offer to share the room because—”

“What’s the matter? Am I not good enough?” The wine was kicking in and she felt playful. And she did find him very attractive. And her little romp with her neighbors a few weeks ago was like a sexual awakening for her. And she could see a slight bulge in his pants.

“Uh, what? Uh, no, you’re, you’re . . . of course, you’re good enough . . . what I mean is—”

Allison started giggling. “Relax. I’m just messing with you.”

“Oh.” He sat back and took a big gulp of wine, emptying his glass. He refilled it and offered her more, which she accepted, finishing off the first bottle.

“So, what are you going to do if a really attractive woman, a lonely housewife, comes into the doctor’s office and tries to, you know, seduce you? We probably have a couple like that in Hartwell Falls.”

“Handling a patient is different,” Trevor quickly responded. “I’ve had that happen before. I’ve never had a situation like this in the past.”

“A situation like this?”

He squirmed in his seat. “Meeting a beautiful woman in a non-casual, non-social situation and, you know, being . . . close. You’re a very attractive and desirable woman, so why wouldn’t I want to, you know, do something. But I swear that is not why I offered to share the room. Honest. I would have been devastated if you had attempted to continue driving and something happened.”

“Or you could have just let me have the room.”

“I would have,” he admitted, “if you hadn’t changed your mind.”

She found that endearing, and sincere.

“But to be honest, there’s a part of me that thinks you might not have been entirely kidding. But then, we’re going to be living in the same small town and I don’t want to, you know, make a wrong move . . . I mean, in the short time I’ve known you I’d probably like to maybe, you know, see you again and . . .”

“Maybe I wasn’t entirely kidding.” She held out her glass for more. But the bottle was empty.

While Trevor struggled to nervously open the second bottle, Allison stood, grabbed one of her bags and disappeared into the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later with only a top that looked like a man’s sleeveless undershirt—no bra, her breasts clearly visible through the thin material and her pointed nipples making their imprints—and tight leggings. She sat on the bed propped up against the headboard and was looking at her phone. She phoned home to let her expectant parents know what had happened, where she was, and advising only that she had gotten a motel room.

“Guess I should call Dr. Wilson and let him know I will be late tomorrow,” Trevor somewhat mumbled, his eyes widening at her new attire. He did, both acknowledging their interaction with Allison, and from what she could hear, Trevor was given the next day off. Afterward, he approached the bed with the bottle of wine. “Still want this?” She nodded, so he filled her glass, handed it to her, and topped off his own. “May I?” he asked, gesturing to the other side of the bed.

“Of course. You paid for it.”

Uncomfortably, sitting with his back also against the headboard, he mumbled, “What a day.”

“Yeah. I never expected to be driving in a blizzard. I’ve driven in some pretty treacherous weather, but today was really scary. Particularly not knowing it was going to happen. I’m really tense. Thought the wine would help.”

“I found it frightening, also. I’m from further south and haven’t had to deal with snow much.”

“Better get used to it. The winters in Hartwell Falls can be pretty harsh.”

“I’ll adjust.”

Allison put her phone down and rotated her neck in a stretching motion. “I’m really stiff.”

So, am I, Trevor wryly thought, wishing he could unobtrusively adjust his cock in his pants. “I’d offer to massage you, but I wouldn’t want you think it was a—what did you call it—prelude to seduction?”

“Are you any good?”

“I am a doctor.”

“So, it would be very clinical?”


“Okay, then, let’s see what you can do.”

They both sat up, Allison turning her back to him. He kneaded her shoulders for a minute.

“You actually are pretty good,” she noted.

“Thanks.” He squirmed a bit closer to move down her back.

“Mmmm, exactly what I needed.”

As he worked on her back, his hands moved between her arms, and without thinking about it, his fingers touched the sides of her breasts. When he realized it, he quickly said, “Oops. çekmeköy escort Sorry.”

“No worries,” she said softly. “That was actually nice, too.” She leaned her arms forward.

Regarding that as something of an invitation, Trevor was hesitant to purposely touch the side of her breasts again. However, when his hands were just behind that area, she leaned back forcing his fingers along her boobs.

“Mmmm,” she purred.

But he didn’t linger there, returning his hands to her back. Yet his next glide under her armpits was not accidental. This time, she leaned all the way back against him causing his hands to completely cup her tits.

“Mmmm-hmmm. I think that area needs attention also,” she said sensually.

“Do you? Now, who’s seducing who?”

“It’s not a contest,” she moaned.

Trevor gently kneaded her breasts to her steady moaning. He saw her hand casually move between her legs to rub her pussy. She then twisted her head and aimed her lips to his. Despite anything they may have said so far, he could not resist, and the kiss was divine.

“I . . . I—”

“Shhhh. You’re doing so good; I can’t help myself.” She kissed him again, and then she pulled the straps off her shoulders, stretching the material to pull it down to expose her breasts. “Don’t be shy.”

So, he cupped her boobs again, reflecting on the unusual turn in events. A part of him thought he should be more cautious, but it was difficult being here with such a beautiful woman who obviously wanted him. He gently turned her head to kiss her again. She was good and he enjoyed their mouths together. He let his hand drop between her legs and took over rubbing her pussy for her through the thin material. He could tell she wore no panties, and he knew she had to feel his cock pulse against her butt.

After another mouth-watering kiss, Allison sat back up and struggled to remove the tight leggings, proving his belief that she wore nothing underneath. Her delightfully shaved pussy glistened with moisture. Once again, his dick expanded. With it finally off, she tossed the garment on the floor.

Sliding from behind him, Allison laid completely down. “Why do you still have all of those clothes on?”

Quickly easing off the bed, Trevor rapidly stripped leaving his clothes in a heap at his feet. Stepping out of them, he eased back onto the bed on his knees, Allison immediately reaching for his hard cock.

It wasn’t as large as the last dick she’d had, but it was big enough to be satisfying. She took it in her mouth, sucking just the tip as he reached down to rub her pussy. He then awkwardly bent over with his tool still in her mouth to attempt to lick her snatch. He got a few swipes in, but the position was not conducive to proper cunnilingus, so he knelt back up.

Allison was on her side now, relishing the penis that was just the right size for her mouth. Suddenly, she developed an enjoyment of fellatio she never had before. But she also wanted to feel this delicious piece of meat between her legs, so she pulled him on top of her. He rubbed the length of his shaft up and down between her pussy lips until she could stand it no more. She reached down and pressed his cock until it slid into her warm, wet, and waiting canal.

Trevor couldn’t remember the last time he’d had sex, so busy had he been with work in a busy hospital. There had been the occasional play with co-workers, mostly nurses, but those had been more like just quickies to give each person relief. This, now, seemed more than that.

He fucked her steadily, enjoyably. She couldn’t stop moaning and cooing and purring. And if the expression on her face was any clue, she was really into this. That made it all the nicer that this wasn’t just some activity for each person to merely get off. Her pussy was just tight enough to caress his cock, and even though he could explain it medically, it never ceased to amaze him how soft the inside of a woman’s vagina was.

There was no question in Allison’s mind that Trevor was good. He was satisfying her more than any man had, except maybe Jerry. But that had been something altogether different. This cock was just so soothing, so fulfilling, so much of what she’d needed that she had time to enjoy the slow buildup of her orgasm and the all-encompassing emotion that came with it and the completely warm feelings that engulfed her. It was absolutely amazing. She even came down slowly, still able to have some enjoyment as her body slowly relaxed.

Trevor even amazed himself that he was able to bring this woman to such a seemingly satisfying climax. When he was certain she was done, he pulled out, thinking it was over, and was surprised when she rotated around and inhaled his cock, basically cleaning herself off him. Then she pushed him on his back and guided his dick back in so she could ride him cowgirl. He knew it was a stereotypically conceived notion and not very fair, but he never thought an accountant could fuck like this. She rode him much harder than he had fucked her.

After a few minutes of this, she remembered Amy and Jerry and how they liked to change positions often, so she decided to give that a try. She moved onto her hands and knees and he picked up on the idea to fuck her doggy-style. But she was becoming fatigued, and it was an effort to hold herself up, so she rolled back to their original missionary position.

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