She’s Still Hot Ch. 02

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Three fucking weeks! The man that had taken Tammy to long-forgotten sexual heights was going to be gone for three whole weeks. The first week, she moped around and felt sorry for herself; the second, she ratcheted up her gym routine, and spent the time pushing herself, knowing that he would love her increased flexibility and the added lift of her ass. The third week, she began to devise a plan for the upcoming reunion.

When he walked into the airport terminal, he had no trouble picking her out of the crowd. A voluptuous blonde, wearing only a black leather vest, a matching microskirt, six-inch stilettos, and holding a sign that read “Sexiest Man in the World!” naturally caught his attention. She was holding the sign above her head, threatening to expose her pussy from under the short skirt, and release her unfettered breasts from the confines of the vest. Coolly, she walked to his side and kissed his ear, whispering, “Ready to make up lost time, Lover?”

“More than you know,” he whispered back, as they walked to the baggage claim. She managed to stand in front of him to get one of his bags, and, when she bent over, gave him a private view of her exposed pussy and asscheeks. He could see that her thong had slipped between her very wet cuntlips. They walked out of the terminal hand-in-hand, smiling and holding each other close, enjoying the body contact.

Arriving at her new, sporty red convertible, he whistled softly. “Now that’s a sexy fucking car,” he said.

Tammy laughed lightly and said, “You just wait!”

They got in the car, and much to his surprise, instead of moving towards the exit, Tammy drove into the depths of the parking deck, moving up towards the top level. When they broke into the sunshine on the top level of the parking area, she drove to the farthest corner and parked. Leaning over to kiss him deeply, she said, “Lay your seat back and pull down your pants. I need that cock.”

As he wiggled his pants and underwear over his now-raging hardon, she stood in front of the car and slid her skirt over her hips, exposing her pussy and thong to him. As he lay the seat back and reclined, she opened the door and straddled his cock, and, pulling the thong to the side, slid down the length of his thick cock in one motion. The heat of her cunt was intense as she humped slowly and unfastened the one button holding her vest closed. As her breasts came into view, he began to fuck upwards into her scalding cavern of lust, which caused her heavy tits to bounce sexily.

“Let me have them,” he demanded.

Tammy leaned down, her breasts hanging pendulously within his reach. When he grabbed them, it was with an urgency she had not expected. He grabbed them roughly and immediately pulled her nipples. Electricity coursed through her body and centered in her stuffed pussy. She increased her speed, and he responded just as she wanted. He used her tits as handles and thrust into her, increasing his speed and intensity. She felt his cock swell and when he came, she shuddered with her own small climax.

Smiling down at him radiantly, she said, “Welcome back Lover. Let’s get to the beach and finish what we’ve started.”

After cleaning up, they left the parking deck, with Tammy not bothering to fasten her vest, and giving the attendant his best day on the job. Traffic was horrible, and when they arrived on the island, it was after ten that night. They undressed and fell into bed in each others’ arms.

Tammy awoke to the heavenly sensation of her lover’s tongue caressing the sides of her pussy, her legs draped over his shoulders, and his hands gently massaging her breasts. Knowing he would take his time and give her a great orgasm, she relaxed and let him have his glorious way with her cunt. He gave her nipples a loving tug and moved his hands down her abdomen to hold her outer lips apart, giving him better access to her vaginal walls. Using his tongue as a brush, he “painted” the inside of her cunt walls lovingly, finally spearing the depths urgently.

Tammy locked her fingers in his hair and held his tongue in place as she crested the first orgasmic wave of the day. She spasmed quietly, and he began again, this time licking upwards towards her clit. As he neared his prize, she began to moan loudly. “Oh, yes, yes, yes! Lick my clit! That’s where the big one is!”

He reached the protruding nub and mashed it with his tongue. Tammy’s cunt erupted with a torrent of feeling and liquid. He could barely keep his face in place, so he drove two fingers into her cunt, allowing him to continue his assault on her overexcited clitoris. As she continued to come, he worked his fingers upward to her g-spot and kept her at the peak of pleasure for a full minute.

Tammy, finally exhausted, said, “You are fucking incredible.”

“Why, thank you my dear. You seem to enjoy my attention. I look forward to catching up on what we missed for the last three weeks,” he said, working his fingers in and out gently. By now her juices had coated his hand, and were running down to her ass. He naturally followed their progress and was soon massaging güvenilir bahis her rosebud, slipping first one and then both fingers into her anus. He was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which he slid past her sphincter and told her so.

“Yeah, I promised you the last time we were together that I would let you fuck my ass, but we never got around to it. This weekend’s gonna be different. Wanna give it a go right now?” she asked, squeezing his fingers with her asshole.

“No, I’m famished.”

“But you just ate!” she laughed.

He laughed at her attempted humor and rolled off the bed. “I need nourishment, Woman! Why don’t you prepare that exquisite ass while I’m gone? I’ll be quick, I assure you!’ he said, putting on shorts and a t-shirt.

While he was gone, Tammy showered and began to put her plan into action. When he came back, she was sitting on the counter, a pair of nipple clamps pulling her nipples towards each other. The chain was stretched taut, really putting pressure on her breasts. The butt of a clear plastic dildo protruded from her cunt, and she was sliding another one in and out of her mouth.

“Welcome home assfucker,” she said seductively. “I hope you brought plenty, ’cause once just isn’t enough for this girl’s ass.”

“Patience, my dear,” he replied.

She took the dildo from her mouth as he offered her a bite of food and then took some for himself. Tammy rubbed her erect nipples with the dildo, then began to massage his nipples. They stood out immediately, and she smiled.

“Like a little teasing?” she asked coyly.

“Oh, yes, just as long as it doesn’t get in the way of our intended purpose,” he answered, as they continued to devour the food. When they had finished eating, he took the dildo from her pussy and licked it clean. “I am infatuated with the taste of your delicious cunt. Your ass had better be great for me to leave this honey pot!” he said, pulling her off the counter and leading her to the bed.

Tammy helped him undress and stroked his stiff cock, saying, “Tell you what. At the end of the night, if you have any energy left, you can eat me as long as you want. Right now, I want that dick in my ass!” She crawled onto the bed, lifting her ass up and spreading her cheeks. He drank in the most erotic sight he had ever seen.

Taking his thick cock in his hand, he edged closer to her, rubbing the head around her rosebud. His precum was the only lubricant he wanted and there was plenty of it. Finally holding her by the hips, he eased the head into her ass. Waiting till she urged him on, he massaged her hips, then the perfect globes of her ass. Suddenly, she pushed back and his entire cock slid into her ass.

“See how easy that was?” she asked coyly. “Now get ready, Fucker. I’m gonna show you how a real woman assfucks!”

Spreading her knees, she put exquisite pressure on his cock, seeming to know just when to stop pressing and start humping. Starting slowly, she caressed every ridge, bump, and vein along the length of his thick shaft. She leaned forward until just his cockhead was imbedded in her sphincter, then easing back, ever so slowly until his abdomen touched her ass.

“Like that Fucker? I can tell your dick does. I need to get off, and then I’ll give you the fucking of your life. Play with my titties and help me get there,” she murmured, still taking her time, knowing just what she wanted and needed.

He used one hand to hold her hip and snaked the other to her swaying breasts. Feeling their fullness, he cupped them in turn and bounced them against his palm. Her groans spurred him on, and suddenly, he pinched her nipple.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” she moaned, beginning to rotate her ass and create new sensations along the length of his cock. Suddenly, he pulled her tit by the nipple and let it bounce.

“Goddamn, you. You’re getting me off too soon. Feel my fucking pussy! The juice is running down my legs! Oh fu-u-u-u-ck!” she screamed, rocketing into one of those mind-blowing, breath-grabbing orgasms that almost pulled her off his dick.

She caught herself and, breathing heavily, said, “I told you I was ready. Give me just a minute and I’ll pull the cum from the root of that thick fucking cock.”

He held her hips, gently massaging them and holding his dick perfectly still. When she had regained her breath, Tammy asked, “You ready, Stud?”

“You bet your ass!” he said, laughing as he drove into her ass, slowly, but relentlessly. When she had fully recovered, she began to hump back onto his cock as he stroked back and forth, his dick filling her ass completely, and his balls slapping against her dripping slit.

She adjusted her knees so that he was sliding in and out easily and increased the speed of her movements. She said, “Just hold it there.” When he stopped moving, she burst into a fit of motion, shaking her ass and fucking his cock relentlessly. She squeezed her ass closed and fucked as if her life depended on it. Finally slowing down, she began to gyrate on his cock, rubbing the head with her entire rectum. She felt his cockhead begin to türkçe bahis swell, and slowed her sexy movements slightly,

“Fuck me now,” she said, still humping against his dick, waiting for his impending climax. When he came, he grabbed her lush hips and pulled her to him, emptying a massive load in her asshole and remaining there until the last twitches subsided. He pulled out with a “plop” and turned her around.

Kissing her savagely, he covered her body with his, as if trying to absorb her seductive heat through his skin. “You are the hottest woman on earth. Did you know that?”

“Well, the sexiest man on earth deserves a hot woman, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know what I deserve, but I know what I’ve got,” he said, cuddling her and falling into a deep restful sleep. A text alert on his phone awakened them a few hours later. He got up to read the message and Tammy lusted after his taut ass.

“You remember the hot bitch next door?” he asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Yeah. The one with no clothes and plenty of lovers,” she replied.

“Her name is Susan and she happens to be my real estate developer. She’s the one who made this island into what it is now. She has sold the house across the street and wants us to get together to go over the details.”

” ‘Us’, as in you and her, or ‘us’ as in the three of us?” asked Tammy.

Laughing, he said, “Us, as in all three of us getting together. She thinks you are hot, and, if you’re willing, would like to join us for dinner; maybe even a nightcap. Are you OK with that?”

Thinking for a minute, Tammy said, “Look. I come here to enjoy sex. Laani was great the last time. I don’t see why another nympho can hurt! We may even learn something new!”

He called Susan and told her they would meet her at the restaurant where Laani worked. After showering together, they dressed, and were soon on their way. When they got to the restaurant, they were greeted by the same beautiful woman as before, and seated quickly in Laani’s serving area. They were enjoying their wine when he looked up and said, “Here she comes.”

Tammy turned to see an absolute vision of sultriness gliding across the room towards them. Susan, taller than she appeared from her balcony, carried her sexy body effortlessly, appearing to see no one in the room but Tammy and her lover. The fact that she was wearing what amounted to a series of ribbons, fastened at strategic places that allowed anyone to see parts of her breasts, hips, and gloriously long legs at any given glance was lost on her. Men and women stopped what they were doing to lust after the vision floating before them.

When she got to their table, she bent to kiss his cheeks, and Tammy noticed that her sizeable breasts nearly slipped from behind their covering. Tammy found herself looking at the graceful curve of, not only Susan’s breasts, but her svelte hips also. She was suddenly tempted to reach out and caress Susan’s smooth flesh, but thought better of it.

“Maybe later,” she thought.

Susan sat down and introductions were made. “Oh, I remember you! You are one hot woman. I can see why he’s attracted to you.”

Tammy reveled in the compliment from such a sexy woman, smiled demurely, and said, “You’re pretty hot yourself. We thought we might learn something from you!”

“We’ll just have to see about that. Let us close this deal and then we’ll get serious about fun and games!”

Laani had brought champagne for the event, and when they signed everything, a toast was in order. Susan took over and said, “To money and the pleasures it can bring. Let the celebration begin!”

He ordered his “special poi” again, but this time ordered a regular serving for Tammy. When it arrived, he mixed a little of the potent concoction in Tammy’s bowl, hoping that she would get the effect, but not repeat the last episode. Leaning in, he said “I want you even hotter, sexier than ever, if that’s possible.”

Susan noticed the exchange and quipped, “OK, you two. No funny business until we get back home. After all, you don’t want to leave me out of the festivities, do you?” As they ate, Tammy noticed that Susan flirted with both of them, letting a breast “slip” out, or letting her hand linger a little longer than necessary.

Tammy could feel a warm sensation creeping from her throat to her stomach, and down to her pussy. The poi’s effect was causing her to squirm on her seat, which Susan noticed immediately. Suddenly, she became more suggestive in her flirting, and before Tammy knew what was happening, Susan stood and leaned down, whispering in her ear, “Follow me to the Ladies’ room,” before turning and walking away quickly.

Tammy told him what was going on, and, with his kiss and wink, she followed the swaying, barely covered ass into the restroom. Susan was waiting for her, and when the door closed behind Tammy, she embraced her with an urgent, body-grinding hug. Her kiss was demanding and when she slid her tongue into Tammy’s mouth, she met no resistance at all.

Tammy slid her hand inside to her breast and tweaked güvenilir bahis siteleri the nipple with the special touch of a woman.

“Umm, that feels good,” murmured Susan, as she pulled back and opened Tammy’s vest. “Your breasts are fucking fabulous. I wish mine were this large,” she said, holding them as if weighing each tit against its twin. She began to thumb the nipples as Tammy slid her hands to Susan’s navel, then down to her cunt.

Sliding a finger into the folds of a very wet pussy, Tammy said, “Damn girl! You’re fucking dripping.”

“I know,” replied Susan breathlessly. “Could you rub one out for me? My clit’s on fucking fire. You two are so hot! That’s it, right there. Oh! Oh! O-o-o-o-h, fuck that’s so good! Here I come!!” And come she did, slumping against Tammy and humping her cunt on Tammy’s talented fingers. Breathless, she looked into Tammy’s eyes, she simply murmured, “Thank you.”

As they held each other, Susan got her breathing under control and finally said, “Look. I want to repay you both for this. I’ll do anything you two want me to do-anything. Just let me make it up to you.” Her hands had gravitated to Tammy’s breasts again, and she was rolling the nipples gently.

Tammy’s devious mind was working overtime and she said, “Give me five minutes to ‘sell’ him on the idea.” Laughing aloud, she said, “As if that cunthound will have any problem!”

When Susan returned from the restroom, she found Tammy and her lover standing at the table. “We’re ready to start the party,” said Tammy as she leaned in to kiss Susan and take her by the arm, pressing her breast to her and patting her ass. “I’ll ride with you, just so you don’t lose interest and back out.”

Each of them gave Laani a deep kiss as they left and Tammy slid into the passenger’s seat of Susan’s car. Before Susan had gotten in, Tammy had her skirt hiked up over her hips and was beginning to finger her pussy. Susan couldn’t help herself and leaned over to give Tammy’s swollen lips a kiss. The moisture and fragrance lingered on her lips as she backed the car out and got on the highway.

Tammy was stroking her pussy deliberately and said, “You know you did say we could do anything we want, right?”

Susan nodded and said, “I trust you implicitly. I know you wouldn’t hurt me. I want to experience the same level of lust that you two enjoy.”

“No prob!” said Tammy, visions of debauchery filling her lust-filled mind.

When they arrived at the house, both Tammy and Susan got out of the car and stripped, waiting naked in his headlights when he arrived. Getting out, he smiled and said, “So, do you two have something in mind?”

Tammy walked over to him, wrapped herself around him, and said, “You and I are going to fuck your neighbor senseless. Look at her. She was so fucking hot in the restaurant that I barely touched her and got her off. Now, she’s stroking that hot box with one thing in mind, and that’s getting fucked every way. Then, if you’re ‘up’ for it, I owe you one more assfucking! Think you can handle it, Stud?”

“Well, I don’t know. I may have to do you first, then worry about our little tart,” he said, laughing and grabbing Tammy’s ass.

“No, no, Mr.Supercock. I promised her the best night of her life, and we are going to deliver on that promise. Look at her; she’s almost got her hand buried in her cunt. I’m telling you, she’s ripe for ravaging, and I’m not going to disappoint her. Let’s get this party started!” said Tammy, as they entered the elevator, and ascended to the bedroom.

When the doors opened, Susan went straight to the bed and fell backwards on it. “I’m so fucking hot, if you two don’t get over here and do something to this pussy, I’m gonna fucking explode!”

Smiling at each other, Tammy and her lover approached both sides of the bed. Tammy had a silk scarf and held Susan’s hands in place while tying them to the headboard.

“Just what do you have in mind?” he asked Tammy, who had crawled onto the bed and begun kissing the insides of Susan’s calves. Moving determinedly up to her knees, then her thighs, she increased the pressure of her lips. As she approached Susan’s dripping cunt, she could smell the musky odor of arousal, which only turned her on more.

He had watched the progression as he tore off his clothes and found his cock already stiff. When he knelt on the bed at her head, Susan turned and smiled, saying, “I always wanted to see that dick. I hope it’s as good as it looks. May I taste it now?”

Without a word, he leaned down and kissed her passionately, his hand finding her breast and massaging it gently. As her tongue slid into his mouth, they both moaned and he pulled her nipple, and allowing it to bounce back into place.

Tammy had achieved her prize by this time and was within licking distance of Susan’s distended clit. When she struck it with her tongue, the moan became a groan of ecstasy. He stood up on his knees and put his cockhead at her mouth. She engulfed it and began to suck just the tip, her movements being limited by the position of her arms. He slid the underside of the shaft along her lips, giving her time to lick and coat it with saliva, then moved it to her nipples. Her spit, along with his precum made the contact slippery, and he said, “I hope your cunt is that slick when I get ready to fuck you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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