Short skirts

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I was just eighteen at the time, working nine to five for a real estate firm. It was a small business, just the boss and three agents, with me as the only office girl. My predecessor in the job, whom I met on my first day, was scathing about the boss, saying that he was a complete sleaze and the reason why she was leaving. It didn’t take me long to find out that this was true; after a few days he told me that he expected me to wear very short skirts, and to “tart myself up a bit.” I later on heard them laughing and the boss saying that “a slut in the office brings in the male clients.”
It was my first job, and I was keen to do well, so at home, I cut a good amount from two of my skirts, and then resewed the hems. Trying them on afterwards, I began to think that I’d gone a bit overboard and taken far too much off , they really were extremely short now. Anyway, when I wore one of them to work, and also wore more make-up, the boss was very approving and commented that I “looked great.”
I was happy with my life at that stage, and everything was fine, but then I found that my boy-friend of some months had been two-timing me, and that was the end of the relationship.
I was feeling a bit miserable, and was thinking over, for the umpteenth time, all of my personal problems as I stood waiting for the bus. Formerly I’d taken the train, but there was no way that I wanted to bump into Eddie and the new girlfriend.
“Hello, I heard a cheery voice. Looking up I saw an older guy probably in about his late forties, maybe even a touch older. I barely gave him more than just a fleeting smile, and was ready to lapse once more into my moody state, but the guy started chatting away as if we were friends. I now and then gave an answer, but was only half listening to what he was saying, and really I didn’t want to talk with this unknown man.
“I suppose that you have a boyfriend,” the pest was saying. “No,” I muttered. “No!” he exclaimed, “I’d have thought that a hot little thing like you would have at least one.
I glanced at him sharply in annoyance. It might be nice to have someone my own age to tell me that I was hot, but this guy had to be at least as old as my dad. He didn’t seem to notice my disapproval, and asked, “or is it that you prefer girls?”
“I had a boyfriend,” I almost snapped, “but we’ve just broken up.
The bus arrived just then and I got on, and even though there were empty seats, I sat next to a woman so that the guy couldn’t sit next to me, but when I looked around I found that he hadn’t boarded the bus, and I saw him walking off along the pavement.
The guy smiled as he walked off, “just broken up with the boyfriend eh, that’s good, she might be just right for picking – she certainly looks like she wants it, wearing a skirt like that, you can all but see her ass.”
It was only a couple of days later, when having walked to the bus stop, the same guy came along smiling at me amiably. “Hello Sexy,” he said.
I decided to ignore him, and I said nothing. He wasn’t put off though. “I love that little skirt,” he continued, “you look so hot.”
Feeling that I had to say something to get rid of this pest, I said to him coldly, “just because I wear a short skirt doesn’t mean that you can talk like that.”
“Well you wear a skirt like that for one reason only,” he said suggestively.
I tried to hide my embarrassment by rifling about in my handbag, pretending to look for something, and peering into it so as not to encounter his look.
Thankfully the bus was coming. The guy then thrust a large envelope at me, “here’s something you’ll like,” he said. I was so surprised, and the envelope was thrust at me so suddenly, that I took a hold of it. The guy then turned on his heel and walked off rapidly.
On the bus, I slid out the flap of the envelope and peered in, immediately recognizing the contents as a porno magazine. I could hardly contain my eagerness to look, but, although there was no one in the seat next to me, there were people opposite as well as behind. I contented myself with peering into the envelope and pushing on the sides so that the pages sprung apart slightly, just giving me a teasing glimpse at the contents.
“Well that went ok,” the guy thought to himself as he walked off. “I’ll just need to be careful in case she’s not the slut that she appears to be, and tells her father or someone. The next time will tell. If she takes the next lot of porn, she’s mine for the taking.”
I knew that I’d nearly die of shame if that guy should once more visit the bus stop while I was waiting, and initially I was half inclined to revert to taking the train home.
Anyway I decided on the bus, and no sooner had I arrived at the stop, than the guy came along. He obviously had been lurking about waiting for my arrival. I noticed that he held another large envelope.
“Hello Miss Hot-stuff,” he said smilingly.
I was so embarrassed having had the porno magazine from him. I felt my face flush and didn’t know quite what to do. I said nothing.
“I’ve got some more porno for you,” he said, holding out the envelope.
I looked at it. I wanted it, but to take it would be as good as telling this guy that I was a slut, and would encourage him to keep pestering me and worse.
He continued to hold it out to me, almost as if he knew the thoughts going through my mind.
The bus was pulling into the kerb. I grabbed the envelope and pushed past the guy without saying a word. I climbed on board the bus, my heart pounding and feeling hot and flushed.
“Yes!” the guy exclaimed out loud as he walked away, causing a passing man to look at him in wonder. He grinned broadly. “It might take a couple more times, but I’ve really got a grasp on her now.”
All day I knew that the guy would be waiting for me after work. “I’ll take the train,” I kept telling myself, but I knew that wouldn’t happen, and that I’d go to the bus stop. When the time came, I even found myself hurrying to get there.
He came just moments after I arrived. “Hello Sexy.”
I was almost shaking with apprehension.
“The pictures in those books make you want to do it, don’t they,” he said straight off.
I couldn’t bring myself to say anything in reply; indeed I didn’t know what to say.
“I’ve got an apartment, we can go there if you like?” he suggested questioningly. “My car’s parked around the corner.”
I looked at him but said nothing. I was so mixed up about him that I didn’t know what to say.
“You know that you want it,” he suggested, but I could tell by his tone that he wasn’t sure of me.
“I can’t,” I said in confusion.
“Why not?”
“I don’t know,” I answered meaninglessly.
“You want to be fucked”, he said decisively. “Wait here and I’ll get the car,” then he added in an authoritative tone, “don’t get on the bus.”
He hurried away, leaving me there with my mind in a turmoil of indecision.
The bus pulled into the stop. The door opened. I met the driver’s eye as he looked out waiting for me to board the bus. I shook my head and motioned with my hand for him to move on. The door closed. I felt a sudden urge to jump forward and bang on the door to be let in and for the bus to carry me away. I looked at the passengers as the bus pulled away from the curb. I imagined myself safely on board and settling into my seat, on the way home. “There’ll be another bus in a half hour,” I thought.
I waited some five or ten minutes, then the car pulled up. I got in and we drove off.
“Did the bus come?” the guy asked excitedly.
“Yes,” I said nervously. He glanced at me and smiled. We drove on. Now that it was all settled and we were on our way to the guy’s apartment, I began to relax just a little.
“Did the porno turn you one?” the guy asked, seeming to have no more hesitation.
I paused, not sure of myself, but then said, “yes, very much.”
“Of course it did, it’s just what you want, isn’t it,” he said with a grin.
We drove on in silence for a few minutes, then he asked, “have you ever had three guys at once?” he laughed – the porno pictures had all been of foursomes with three guys and one girl. I answered in the negative.
“Two perhaps?” he then suggested questioningly.
“Well sort of,” I answered proudly. “One time I had a guy on either side and I was kissing them in turn while they were …. um…. touching me.
“Touching your cunt?” he asked, wanting all of the sordid details and using that crude word that men like to use.
“You would have like that,” he laughed.
I was certainly starting to relax a lot more, and I laughed with him, and said, “yes.”
“Would you like to have three guys at the same time …. doing everything that is?” the guy eagerly asked.
“Gosh!” was all I said in reply.
He must have taken that as a positive response, because he asked, “would you like it now ….. I can get some of my friends to come over?”
“Really!” I gasped in shock and amazement at the suggestion.
At no stage konak escort had I agreed to this new proposal, and yet he told me to get his phone from the bag on the back seat.
My heart was pounding again. I undid the seat belt and leaned over to the back seat to get his phone. I knew that by doing this I was wantonly giving my consent.
“Hi Doug, I’ve got that young chick from the bus stop that I was telling you about.” There was a pause while he listened to what his friend on the other end of the line had to say.
“Yeh, she’s so fucking hot for it. I’ll phone some of the other guys ……………….. good, …………. definitely ……………. I don’t know, just a minute.”
“How old are you Sweetheart?” he asked me with a grin. I told him, and he repeated it into the phone: “only just turned eighteen ………. yeh, absolutely ……….. ok, see you in twenty minutes,” and he ended the call.
There was another similar call to someone called Pete.
“What about one more guy?” He asked “do you think that you could handle four of us?”
I didn’t really say yes, but then I didn’t say no either, and in a moment the guy was talking to someone called Sam, and was telling him to come and fuck me also.
Driving along, I began to think more realistically about what was going on. I felt confident about this guy, but the others that he had phoned, could be anything – sadists, murderers, who knows.
It was not until the car turned into the garage of a block of units, that I expressed my feelings. “I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to do this,” I blurted out.
“The hell you have,” the guy exclaimed.
I told him that I was ok with him, but the thought of his friends was making me nervous. He assured me that they were all very decent guys and that I’d be perfectly safe with them all. He told me that they’d already be here and waiting, and that there was no way that I could back out now. In the end I nervously got out of the car, and rode in the elevator to the seventh floor with him.
We entered the apartment, my heart beating wildly. There was a small entrance passage that ran past a kitchen area and across to the living area where three guys were watching a porno video. They all turned eagerly as we entered.
“Hello Baby,” two of them said as we entered. They all looked ok, well dressed and nice enough looking, although all in about their fifties.
“We’re just looking at what you might like,” one of them laughingly went on to say, indicating the porno video which at that moment showed a girl being fucked mouth and pussy at the same time.
“She’s just a little bit nervous at the moment,” the guy who had brought me told them. “You can tell just by looking at her that she’s so fucking hot though.”
The guys had all gotten up and had gathered around me. “The bedroom’s this way,” one of them suggested as he gently took my hand and led me in that direction.
We all went in and he began unbuttoning my blouse. One of the others came forward and undid the button at the side of my skirt, then unzipped me and slid my skirt down. I reached back and undid my bra. In a moment I was naked before them and they were all stripping. I looked at their cocks as they appeared; large and hard and lovely. I was so nervous.
“Suck this baby, it’ll help you to relax,” the guy from the bus stop chuckled. I looked at his cock that he was holding in his hand, it was so hard and thick, the head of it so pronounced, it was so beautiful. I squatted down and took it lightly in my own hand, thrilling at the sight. Leaning forward I parted my lips slightly and pressed them against the end of it, then pushing forward I allowed the guy’s lovely cock to slowly ease between my lips and enter my mouth.
I sucked lovingly on his cock, slowly easing it in and out of my mouth, pressing my tongue slightly forward over my teeth, and licking lovingly on the underside of his cock each time it pushed in. It was so wonderful.
The other guys certainly wanted to use me as well, and I was pulled to my feet, but still continued to suck on the guy’s lovely cock as I felt hands grasping my hips. A hard cock probed at my pussy and then pushed right the way up me and begin fucking me vigorously.
While I was sucking cock and being fucked at the same time, the other two men mauled my breasts and slid their hands over my body. “Come on, share the slut with us,” I heard one of them say as they moved close to my head. The wonderful cock that I was so enthusiastically sucking, was pulled from my mouth, giving a slurp as it slid from between my lips. A different cock, as equally hard and lovely, swung in front of my eyes. I took it in my fingers and opening my mouth, gulped it in and began sucking it deeply. The thought of having gone straight from sucking one cock onto another, and all the time being fucked, was just so wonderfully sexy, so wonderfully immoral and shamelessly lewd – I loved it. The third guy, standing close, was not to be denied, and soon I was sucking him in turn, then I began sucking from one, to the next, and to the next. I noticed that the guy fucking me from behind, had slowed up and made frequent stops with his cock buried deeply in my oh so slippery pussy. It was all sheer heaven for me.
Soon there was a variation to this wonderful game, and the men began to rotate between each fucking me in turn, and then taking their cock, all slimy with my juices mixed with the cum dribble of their cock, straight from fucking my pussy to fucking my mouth while the next one in turn, took over fucking my pussy.
Oh my God! it was all so wonderful and like nothing I’d, at that stage, ever experienced – indeed my only experience of group sex had been what I’d mentioned to the guy when we were driving to his house.
“Let’s sandwich the slut,” it was suggested. I had no idea what this was, but I was enthusiastic to do it whatever it was.
“Do you take it up your ass? I was asked. I stammered that I hadn’t done that, taken by surprise at the suggestion, . Of course she hasn’t,” one of the guys laughingly said to his friend, “she’s only just turned eighteen remember.”
They all took great interest in seeing how I’d go being fucked up my backside. My hole was well greased and one of the guys stroked the same lubricant onto his beautiful cock. I then, at their bidding, stood next to the bed, with my legs slightly apart, and leaned right forward onto the bed. I felt his cock pressing against my hole. He had to press really hard but then all of a sudden I felt myself open up and the head of his cock actually entered my bottom. “Yes, there it goes!” the men all laughed as the cock violated my anal virginity. I felt the cock pushing into me. It was tight and didn’t hurt, but began to feel uncomfortable when he had his cock pushed right the way up into me; his cock was very large, and I suppose that my intestine was being stretched to accommodate him.
The guy began to ease his cock in and out of me, and soon I must have stretched a bit because it became easier and I began to enjoy it. Anyhow, I was soon made to get on the bed, and while the guy lay back holding his rigid cock upright, I was told to sit down on it so that it went right the way up into my backside.
Being next laid back on top of the guy, with the cock still deep within my bottom, another guy climbed between my legs and began fucking my pussy. At the same time a third of the men presented his cock to my mouth, and I knew just what being sandwiched meant. It was so, so wonderful.
The perverted fun went on and on and on. I’d lost all sense of time, and it wasn’t until later when we’d finished, that I learned that we’d been playing for almost three hours. It was all so wonderful. When I’d fucked with boys of my age, the fucking had been over in a matter of five or ten minutes, and here were these men going on for hours.
At one stage during the incredible fucking, sucking, feeling, probing, exploring of my body, and of me being heaved this way and that on the bed so that so many perverted things could be done to me, one of the guys laughingly joked to his friends, that, “we’re ruining this young bitch you know – she’ll never be happy with a normal sex life after this.” They all laughed at his comment, and one of them said, “who fucking cares if she’s ruined.” I then added to the fun by exclaiming, “and who wants a normal sex like when I can have this.”
Eventually, the guys decided to “finish me off” and they took it in turns to fill me with their cum while the others watched. One chose to simply fuck me and fill my pussy with his cum, two of the others had me suck them until their cum filled my mouth, and the fourth one had me suck him but at the last minute he pulled his cock from my mouth and stroked his nearly exploding cock so that his cum spurted out all over my face.
Never in my wildest fantasies, had I imagined that there could be anything so wonderful as this day had turned out to be.
“I’ll pick you up at the bus stop tomorrow,” my new friend told me as he dropped me off near to my home. I’d told him not to take me right to the house, because I didn’t want Mum and Dad seeing me getting out of the car and asking questions.

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