Show and Tell

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I’ve never done it, but I’ve always wanted a man to watch me masturbate. Maybe I watch him at the same time, or maybe he helps me. I love watching men too.

Here’s how I envision it:

You and I are sitting on the couch together. It’s a big, wide, comfy couch. We’re watching something on TV at night, and it doesn’t really matter what because it’s kind of boring.

While your eyes are focused on the television, I slowly begin to push up the ruffled hem of my short, pink and black polka-dot cotton nightgown, while trying not to catch your attention… yet.

You’re still looking at the screen as I begin to slowly rub my fingers up and down my slit. It arouses me just knowing I’m beginning to masturbate right beside you, and you don’t even realize it yet. I start to get wet, and my natural lubrication seeps from between my labia and coats my fingers.

Just as a commercial comes on and you turn to look over at me, I pull my hand away. My fingers are covered in my juices. I get up on my knees and move toward you. Then I press my two wet fingers against your lips. I want you to suck them clean.

Once you realize what is happening, I know you’ll respond. I tell you, “I want to see you jerk off. Will you do that for me? I’ll let you watch me while you do it.” I say it as suggestively and seductively as I can, my best “phone sex operator” voice.

I sit back again, lean my back against the arm of the couch and spread my legs wide for you. I won’t even wait for poker oyna you to get your cock out and start. I begin to rub up and down my pussy lips again. I get very, very wet because I’m thrilled that you’re watching.

I like seeing your eyes get darker, your pupils dilate, your nostrils flair, and your breathing get more shallow. I’m watching your reaction very closely, and every response your body gives fuels my fire.

I slowly spread my pussy lips apart with the fingers of my left hand, and I begin to move my finger from my opening, stroking up across my vestibule to my clit and back again. I push one finger inside and ask you, “Do you want to taste again?” I think you’ll nod in response. You will want to taste, won’t you?

When I feed you this time, you pull your cock out of your shorts. It’s already hard as a rock. I could see you “pitching a tent” before you even touched it.

I want to reach for it, want it in my mouth, but I hold back and keep touching my pussy for you. “I want to see you stroke your cock,” I say. I’ve forgotten about the sexy operator voice. I’m eager to see you play, and I sound full of wide-eyed wonder. Less erotic, but totally genuine.

Thinking about watching you, now while I’m writing this, makes my pussy ache. I’m wet just knowing that you’ll read this and your body will respond to the fantasy, just as mine is right now.

I hope you’ll go slow for me. I don’t want to just see you jerk off. I want to see you enjoy your body as much canlı poker oyna as I’m enjoying mine.

I pull roughly on my pussy lips, stretch them out and let them bounce back. I pinch my clit and moan. I start to rub it slowly, sliding the hood against the sensitive part hidden underneath.

As I’m doing that, you turn toward me. You go ahead and take your shorts off so I can see everything. You sit with them underneath you. Your balls look full against the fabric.

“Mmmmm. So sexy.” I can’t help but tell you what I think as I look at you. You look amazing. Your cock is fully hard. Its head is almost purple. Your balls look full and eager to release a stream of hot cum. I can’t wait to see that.

I can see how the veins on your cock become more prominent as your skin strains around your erection. I want to taste you so badly that my mouth waters. I shiver and stretch just thinking about YOU.

You begin to slide your fingertips along your balls with one hand, from top to bottom. While you repeat that action, you rub your shaft with the back of your fingers on the opposite hand. You’re going slow for me, putting on a show so I can see your every move.

For a long time we sit like that, facing each other, slowly touching and playing. We’re teasing one another with looks and varying our techniques.

As you begin to stroke with your hand wrapped around your cock, I respond by rubbing my clit faster with my left hand. I fuck myself with the fingers of my right, internet casino and I begin to move my hips in rhythm with my hands. When I feel so close to cumming, I tell you, and you stroke evenly and deliberately, driving yourself there with me.

I can tell when you’re about to erupt. Your body tenses, and you make that face you always make, like you’re concentrating so hard on something wonderful.

I feel a panic then because I suddenly, desperately, want that cum to spray onto me. I slide myself down the couch so that I’m laying down with my pussy right in front of your balls. “Cum on ME!” I cry out.

You do! All over me. Some falls on my pussy, and some shoots up to my chest. It’s all over my stomach.

I begin to orgasm with your cum as lubrication, pushing some of it inside my pussy and rubbing more of it all over my clit. I cum just as you’re shooting the final stream across my body.

As I’m cumming, you pull my fingers away from my opening and replace them with your own, much larger, fingers. You fuck me hard with your fingers while I’m rubbing my clit. I have a second orgasm right on top of the first while your fingers are ramming in and out of my pussy.

When I’m done I collapse back against the couch. I feel you slow your pace and slowly remove your fingers. You hold them up to my mouth so I can taste our mixed cum, and I lick them clean. Then you slowly begin to rub up and down my pussy with your thumb as you rest your hand on my thigh.

It’s like you’re soothing me, smoothing my journey back down from an awesome orgasm. I want to cum again, but this time I want you inside my pussy. I hope I don’t have to wait too long. We could do this all night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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