Showing My Unaware Wife Pt. 02

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This is the second part of the story. Read part one for context.

I stood there stunned holding the door as he invited himself in, walking past me. This was never supposed to happen. That was an online world — this is real life, my job. I stood frozen as he settled into my desk and started typing away. Coming to my senses, I said “Hey!” and rushed over to my desk, looking at the screen to see myself on my hands an knees wearing a black bra, thong, and thigh high stockings. Seeing my face flush, he said, “I want to see you like that.” I didn’t have clothes like that at my work, and I told him so. He responded my handing me a bag. Smiling he said, “Put these on, and put your clothes in the bag.”

My heart was racing, as I tried to think of a way out of this. To decide if I did want to be out of this. I definitely had fantasized about this man seeing me like that. Humiliating me, degrading me, making me feel sexy. Resigned to my fate, I took the bag and headed to the bathroom to change. “Just do it right here. So I can see you like I’ve seen your wife. Taking her clothes off. Putting her underwear on. Only she didn’t know how many eyes were on her at these intimate moments.” I felt like a piece of meat undressing as he watched. With my heart beating out of my chest, I pulled my shirt over my head revealing my slightly hairy chest, and semi toned upper body. “Come closer.” I took a small step closer to this man that was basically a stranger. “Closer,” he said, coaxing another small step from me. “Get the fuck over here.” and I quickly closed the distance between us only to have him reach up and grab my nipples, which sent electricity through my body. He knew it. I’ve told him before. “Now finish getting dressed.”

He watched as untied my boots and removed them and my socks. He watched as I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my legs. He smiled as I took my boxers down, exposing my dick. Embarrassed, I grabbed the black thong and pulled it up my legs, the thong settling in my crack, and the front part that is meant to cover a woman’s vagina fully fit my little cock. I then wrapped the bra around my stomach and latched it before turning it around and bringing it up to my chest like I have seen my wife do 1000 times. I put the stockings on by putting my foot on a chair and then rolling it up my leg, one by one.

“God damn, man. You are sexy. Bend over that desk there.” I leaned on the desk with my ass towards him. When I turned to look back, he was right there and he pushed me down so my chest was on the desk, and spread my legs some more. “Like this.” He stroked my back down to my ass and groped it a bit before returning to his seat, where he sat with his legs open and rubbing his crotch through his jeans.

“You really got me hard there.” He said, smiling. “Do you want to see?” I stood up and turned around, half sitting, half leaning on the desk. I did want to see it. I had seen it in pictures before, and in one lustful moment had even offered to suck it.

“Y-yes.” I muttered, watching him unbuckle and unzip his jeans. He pulled out his hard cock and waved it around a bit for show before lifting his ass to push his jeans and underwear to the floor. I instinctively started moving towards him, when he raised his hand and said, “Hold on. Crawl here.” Without hesitation, I dropped to my hands and knees and began crawling to this man and his erect cock. With each movement I got closer to his cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It wasn’t huge, but it just looked perfect. Good size, nice head.. When I got to it I knew I wanted to make him feel good, so I concluded that I’d start with his balls. On my hands and knees, head between his legs, panty clad ass in the air, with my tongue out-inches from his balls, my heart dropped when I heard the outer door to the office open, and the inevitable knock on the locked inner door.

Fuck. Thankfully I was hidden behind the desk, but this man could be seen sitting at the desk istanbul travesti by whoever was at the door. I wanted to die. I couldn’t do anything. Maybe we could get his pants up and he could answer the door as I hide under this desk. I looked up at his face and he smiled at me and said, “You’d better get that.” I was fucked. Putting my hands on the desk, I peered over towards the door and accompanying window to see a woman. An beautiful woman at that. Upon seeing me pop my head out from behind the desk, her mouth formed a surprised “O” and then beckoned me over with a crook of her finger. My body on fire with embarrassment, and probably red to match, I stood up to head to the door. This woman looked so familiar, yet I couldn’t place her. Despite my utter humiliation at walking to the door to greet a beautiful woman while wearing only a bra, panties and thigh highs, or probably because of it, I was rock hard. Opening the door, I stammered, “Uh, hi, can I help you?”

“Oh my, were you sucking my husband’s dick?” And there it was. I had seen this beautiful woman before, and I had seen her naked. What was she doing here? Had she followed him? Had a GPS on him? How was she so calm, having caught her husband with a man? “n-no.” I told her, not actually lying. “But you wanted to.” She said, looking down at my hard cock in the panties and put her finger to the tip sending an electric feeling through my body. “I can see that.” She was wearing the hell out of a sun dress, one I’d seen her in before. Her husband had gotten quite good at getting shots up her dresses.

“He was inches from it when you knocked, babe.”

“Oh, well let’s not deny him that. You have to get going soon, sweetheart.” Looking at me, she said, “Get back to it.” Remembering my instructions from before, I got down on my hands and knees and crawled over to him, receiving a smack on the ass as I passed her. This time my tongue hit it’s mark and I started to bathe his balls in saliva. Now, with an audience, I really wanted to do a good job. I was taking my time worshiping his balls, when I got another smack on the ass. “You might want to taste his cock, because he’s leaving soon.” Not fully understanding what she meant, but knowing I definitely did want to get his cock in my mouth, I switched my focus and started licking my way to the head before engulfing it in my mouth. Tasting his precum, I let out a moan, which he reciprocated, and I began bobbing up and down on his cock.

“Ok, that’s enough.” I heard as I received a snap of the bra strap. “Go sit on that chair.” Looking over I saw a chair across from the one that her husband was sitting in. I dutifully retreated to the chair and sat down. He had stood up and they were making out. His hands on her ass and she was stroking his rock hard cock. They started to get into it and I thought I was going to be treated to a live sex show, when she backed him off and scolded him. “Not now, you have places to be. Is the program all set up?”

Looking at the computer he said, “Yep, all ready for you.” As he tucked his cock back in his underwear and pulled and fastened his pants.” One more kiss, and she said. “OK, go. And have fun.” “You too.” He said. Then turned to me, smiling and headed out the door. I watched the door close behind him, and turned towards his wife, who sat in my desk chair across from me legs crossed leading up that sundress that I’ve seen up before. Smiling, she said, “I can’t imagine what is going through your head. Have you ever fantasized about this?” I sat there stunned staring at her sexy legs. “Oh come on. Didn’t you tell my husband that you just want to crawl over, get your head under my dress and lick my meaty lips? I’m sure I saw you tell him that you would suck his cock just for the chance to lick my asshole.” I opened my mouth, but I’m not sure anything came out. “Come on, you sucked his dick, now come lick my asshole and ‘meaty lips’.” And with that she spread her legs and lifted her dress istanbul travestileri to reveal her bald cunt.

Without hesitation I dropped to my hands and knees and again crawled over to my desk chair, this time to a hot wet pussy, When I got to her, I started kissing at her feet, and worked my way up her long legs to her meaty lips. I licked and sucked her pussy and ass until she had cum and pushed me back so I was kneeling before her. Putting one foot up on my shoulder, she said, “I’m sure you are pretty confused. Let me tell you the story of how we got to this point.”

“You and my husband met and became friends, bonding over a love of exposing your loving wives to thousands of horny men at our most intimate moments. You would jerk off to us, and to each other wearing our panties,” She smiled, seeing the utter humiliation on my face. “Do you remember about a year ago when my husband was MIA for two months? Well, being slightly less pathetic as you, he came clean to me.” My eyes widened. “Yes. It wasn’t good at first. But through love and understanding we made it through. I started entertaining men, and he got to keep his hobby up, as long as he kept cropping my face. I was so happy in fact, that I asked him what he wanted. I’d do anything to make his fantasy come true. Finally he confessed. What he wanted was your wife. That’s when I started coming on chat with him. You are such a horny boy. But I had work to do. Fortunately, we already knew who she was, and where she lived.

And we had her naughty husband that couldn’t stop talking about her and her intimate details. So when you told us that she was going out for a girls night, it didn’t take much probing for you to tell us exactly where and when she was going. I was there, at the bar as her and her friends ate and drank. I was waiting for her to go to the bathroom, but my chance came sooner when she came to the bar to order drinks. She asked if anyone was sitting there, and I told her no, it looks like I had been stood up. Well, you know how your wife is, she invited me over to drink with her and her friends.” It was at this point that she turned to the computer. The screen had a website on it that had a big open space and then a chat window on the side. She hit the spacebar and a pic of her and my wife and all of her friends popped up.

“It wasn’t long before one of her friends noticed my wedding ring and asked if it was my husband that stood me up. That’s when I told them that my husband was a cuckold. I told them about him, but I described you. To a T. I told them how in love we are, but he was awful at sex. He had a small penis, and he would cum very quick, and at a certain point he lost so much confidence in his sexual prowess that he wouldn’t get fully hard, or even at all sometimes. I told them how I caught him in my panties and at first thought he was gay, but later found out that it was just a way for him to feel less masculine, because he felt that he didn’t deserve me sexually and wanted to see other-more masculine men fuck me. I told her how I was appalled at first, but really believed in our marriage. I told her everything she needed to hear for the idea to creep into her brain. Then I eventually excused myself and let them get back to their night and sat back at the bar.”

“When their group broke up they all left together, and after about 15 minutes, your wife came back in and took the seat next to me. She told me about you. How much she loved you. How she never came, but it was ok. She told me how she found pictures of you in her panties. She asked me questions. Did I think you were gay? Did I think that you wanted what her husband wanted? I told her things too. I told her about big dicks, and strong lovers. I told her about hotwife ankle bracelets and swingers pineapples. I know she told you about the pineapple. She told you her friend told her about it. Well, that was me. We talked and laughed and she cried a bit. And at the end of the night, travesti istanbul we exchanged numbers. Are you with me so far.”

“I just can’t believe it.” I somehow got out.

“Stand up.” She commanded and I obeyed, rising to my feet. “Oh cute, look how hard you are.” She hit the spacebar once more and text conversations came up and I realized then her phone was hooked into my computer by a chord. But I was able to scroll through these conversations on the computer screen. “I’ve got to use the ladies room.” And she grabbed her purse and went to the They were pretty tame to start out, and anything racy wasn’t coming from my wife. A couple times plans were made to get lunch or dinner or drinks and then the next text after would always be a picture of the two of them, and thanking each other for a good time, and she ALWAYS made a comment to my wife about how she thought the waiter, or a man at the bar was checking her out. I did notice that my wife’s clothes in the pictures started to show her body off more each time. Nothing slutty by any means, but but form fitting and showing a small amount of cleavage.

Then I got to a text exchange of her convincing my wife to play hookie from work and come hang out. Several back and forths resulted in her giving my wife her address and my wife relenting. Looking at the date, I noticed it was this week. Two days ago in fact. After the convincing, there was the same “Thanks for coming” text followed by a picture of them two in bikinis. My wife has never worn a two piece and certainly not one that did not cover her tits very well. The text after the picture said, “Sorry I forgot to mention the pool, but you looked great in my bikini. It fit perfectly except for your amazing boobs. I’m so jealous.” My wife replied how naked and self conscious she felt. “Nonsense, you looked great! And I wasn’t the only one who thought so…” My wife replied with an embarrased emoji and said she can’t believe her husband’s friend saw her like that. The reply really got my heart racing and my dick hard. “He wasn’t complaining. In fact he asked me if you were single. I told him no, but that your husband was a cuckold and that you take strong, sensual lovers occasionally.”

I started to read my wife’s protest about how she didn’t even know if she wanted to do it yet. (Yet? Holy shit.) When a finger came down on the keyboard locking the screen from me. “That’s enough for now. I’ll fill you in on the rest. By the way, the “friend” was really my husband, but I couldn’t tell her that, because I had already sold him as sissy cuck like you. Oh, yeah, you are going to like this part too. My husband’s hidden bathroom cam that you like so much when it was peeping on me was running as your wife changed into my bikini.” She hit another key and a video of my wife changing into the bikini, struggling to get her big tits into the top. “Head back over to that chair, I want to get some shots of you,” She said, picking up her phone. I tried to protest, but it was useless at this point. She posed me like a sexy woman.

Standing, arms over my head, kneeling on the chair, looking over my shoulder, bent over the chair, sitting in the chair with my hand in my panties, on my hands and knees on the floor…. As she would take the pictures they would pop up on the screen were the other pics and the text messages were shown. “Now come back over here and go down on me again. She continued snapping pics as I crawled to her, and lifted dress to find a strap on dildo. Before I could say anything, she told me to suck it and started snapping pics as I did. “Your wife was reluctant to take the first step with a man, worried about what you would think. I told her I would get your consent and enthusiastic approval by sending pictures of you doing everything that you wanted her to do. She’s on the other end of this screen with my husband who she thinks is a friend, prepared to do all that she sees you do. And that’s when the pictures started coming back our way. My wife in the same panties, thigh highs, and bra that I was wearing, in the same poses I was in, and she looked amazing. Then her crawling. Licking his balls. Sucking his cock. What had I gotten us into?

….To be Concluded in Part 3

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