Sibling Love Ch. 3

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Double Penetration

It had been over a year since Will and Jenny first started having sex. They often invited friends to join them and were into trying new things all the time. But the sex soon became a bit boring because they had nothing new to try. Then one morning when Jenny and Will were laying up in bed together, Will came up with an idea. He said, “Why don’t we try role-playing, sis, it would be a lot of fun”. Jenny agreed and soon they were thinking of things to try.

The next day they decided on pretending they were student and teacher. Jenny would be the young inexperienced school girl who had been very naughty and needed to be taught a lesson, and Will would be the one to teach her. Jenny dressed in white knee socks, a very short pleated, plaid mini skirt in which her sweet little ass peaked out of at the bottom, and a little white shirt that showed off her huge breasts wonderfully. Will dressed in a dress shirt and pants, looking very professional like. The decided the scene would be set in the den, which was set up to look like an empty classroom.

Jenny had been a very bad girl. She was caught passing notes and her teacher was making her stay after class to learn her lesson. Little did she know her teacher watched her, wanting her sweet little body to be his. She often teased him by lifting her skirt just enough so he could see her little skimpy panties. And today would be the day he would punish her for teasing him.

Jenny sat at her desk very amused with the situation. Just glory hole secrets porno to make things a little more fun, she pushed her pencil off the desk making it look like she dropped it, then getting up and bending over, showing off much of her little ass, lingering there to make sure her teacher saw it. He got up from her desk and slowly walked over to her, where her back was turned to him. She stood up and felt him behind her, lightly pressed against her back. She felt his hard on pushing through the fabric of his pants and against her ass in a very arousing manor. As he slowly wrapped his arms around her waist, he said, “I’m going to teach you a lesson Jenny. You’ve been very bad for teasing me”. Rubbing his cock against the crack of her ass, he moved his hands under her skirt to spread her ass cheeks. He sat down at a desk where she sat on his lap with her back facing him. He ran his hands along her sides until her reached her beautiful tits, pinching and twisting her nipples, making her cry out from the pleasure of it.

He ran his hands lower until he reached to top band of her panties. Grabbing her hips he stood her up and slowly pulled her very skimpy underwear down, baring her sweet ass just inches from his face. He breathed in the sweet smell of her pussy, pushing his face into the crack of her ass where he could tongue her warm, wet mound. He had never tasted such a delicious pussy in his life. He reached a hand around so her could grup sex rub her clit, making her grind her pussy against his face. He slowly licked his way to her tight little ass hole. Running his tongue around the hole, he knew she had never gotten a rim job, and would make it very enjoyable for her. He bent her hips slightly and ran his tongue along her entire crack, stopping at her puckered opening to flick his tongue slowly against it.

He was driving her crazy. She felt his rubbing his finger against her ass hole, and slowly slipping it into it, twisting it around and slipping in and out. She wanted to give him the same pleasure. So she got down on her knees between his legs, and took out his huge cock, it had to be at least 10 1/2 inches long. She Licked all along the underside and up to the head, where she took him inside her mouth and down her throat. Soon spurts of hot cum filled her mouth and throat, which she swallowed to the last drop.

Soon afterward, he picked her up and carried her to his desk, where he laid her down. He got on top of her and pulled her little, white shirt off. Staring and he huge tits and hard nipples, he took one in his mouth and sucked on it, biting it playfully. She cradled his head and he licked and sucked her big beautiful nipples. His cock was getting hard again and he knew he had to fuck her. So he pulled her playfully off the desk and bent her over it. He lifted her little skirt up and began to rub his cock head against hd porno her dripping wet pussy, where he pushed the head of his cock in and out. Finally, he slammed his cock into her pussy. She screamed and bucked against it. She moaned each time he entered her with his huge thick meat. He began to finger her little ass hole with one then two fingers. This was now driving her crazy. She told him she was about to come so he pumped harder and harder. Finally, she collapsed from orgasm on the desk and he laid on her back humping her sweet little cunt.

He hadn’t came yet, but he knew what would make him shoot his load. He began playing with her ass. He tested the capacity of her rear to check if she could take his cock. When he saw that she could, he spread her ass cheeks and began to rub his cock against her puckered hole. Gently he pushed his cock in, so as not to hurt her. She moaned a little but was soon able to take it. The feeling made him want to blow his load right there, but he took it slow so he could enjoy. He fucked her harder and harder. She told him it felt like nothing she had ever felt before. The pain and pleasure from it was enough to make her have a thousand orgasms. He knew he would come soon so he fucked her little ass as hard as he could. Jenny screamed as she came, just in time for him to shoot his load deep into her ass.

“Well, that was great”, Jenny said to Will.

“Oh yeah”, we have to try that again”, Will said as Jenny peeled off her knee high stockings and then unbuttoned her little skirt and took it off. They embraced and kissed, tongues teasing each other. Jenny took off Will’s clothes and said, “why don’t you and I jump in the shower? I think we could think of something fun to do up there big brother…”

To Be Continued…

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