Sibling Rivalry

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The illuminated ring appeared bright as a beacon in the dark, abandoned gym. All the other fighters had left for the night. Kristen’s coach called it a night over an hour ago. This was her time. There were no ogling eyes. There was no one to snicker, or cat-call, or mansplain the proper stance, the proper swing, or how to move her feet.

Kiersten entered the gym through a side door Kristen had propped open for her. She observed Kristen shadow boxing in the middle of the ring. Kiersten admired the strong, sinewy muscles, like tightly wound rope, on Kristen’s arms. Kiersten’s toned runner’s arms felt weak in comparison. She watched in silence for several moments before announcing her arrival.

Kristen acknowledged Kiersten with a nod and a smile, continuing to work through a combinations of punches in quick succession: jab, jab, jab with the right; left-hand uppercut; right cross. Her punches drew their force from powerful legs and a strong, washboard abdomen, and they flexed taught with each punch. Kristen’s hair was longer since the last time Kiersten had seen her. No longer a buzz cut, she now sported two pigtails she tied with pink ribbon.

Kiersten knew she hated the pig tails. They chatted on the phone for more than an hour the night her manager told her to grow her hair so it would be easier for him to find companies willing to sponsor her. Even women fighters needed a demure image.

Kristen had never been demure. When they were kids, Kiersten picked flowers, wore dresses, and dreamed of being a princess. Kristen, on the other hand, caught frogs in the creek, was constantly scolded to put her shirt back on, and wanted nothing more than to be the first woman to win a flyweight championship belt. Everyone in the neighborhood assumed one of them was adopted. Few believed they were identical twins.

“I kind of like the pig tails,” Kiersten said when Kristen stopped throwing combinations long enough to grab a drink from her water bottle.

“They make me sweat more,” Kristen replied. A drop of sweat fell from her chin as if to reinforce her complaint.

“Maybe that will make your opponent’s gloves slide off your face,” Kiersten said, trying to find a positive.

“Only if their aim is poor,” Kristen said, drying her face and neck with a stained white towel. “Mostly, it just makes my eyes sting, making it harder to see the punches coming.”

“I still like them,” Kiersten said, smiling. “You look cute.”

“How much time you got?” Kristen asked.

“I’m meeting Derek and some of our friends at a club around eleven. We should leave soon,” Kiersten explained.

“Put these on and join me up here. Five minutes. I promise,” Kristen said, tossing her two strike pads.

“I’m wearing a miniskirt,” Kiersten protested. “And there is no way I’m getting sweat on this shirt.”

“Look, I’m not leaving without my strike shots. If you help, it’ll take me five minutes. If I have to work the heavy bag, I’ll have to set it up, do my work, take it down, lock it back up, it’ll take me twenty minutes. Your call.” She waited for Kiersten’s reply.

“Fine. Help me up,” Kiersten said.

Kiersten slipped the high heels off her feet, slid under the bottom rope into the ring, and slid the strike pads onto her hands. “What do I do?”

“Stand with one foot in front of the other and your hands in the air. I’ll hit your hands. Hold them steady,” Kristen explained.

“Like this?” Kiersten staggered her stance and put her hands in front of her face.

“We can start with that,” Kristen said. With a playful jab, Kristen struck the pad with a direct hit, driving it back into Kiersten’s face.

“That hurt!” Kiersten screamed.

“Your hands are too close to your face,” Kristen explained. “Hold them out in front of you with your elbows bent. That will allow for some give when I hit them, but they won’t hit you in the face.”

“You could have told me that before you hit me,” Kiersten complained.

“That wouldn’t have been as fun.”

Kiersten held her hands up accepting several combinations from her sister.

“I can’t do this,” Kiersten complained, lowering her hands. “The pads are heavy and my hands are already stinging from your punches. Can you do this tomorrow?”

“Gym’s closed tomorrow; Saturday’s are a fight night. They’ll be setting up all morning. I’ll have to wait until Monday,” Kristen said.

“Then you’ll have to wait until Monday. I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this.” Kiersten took off the pads and tossed them to the corner of the ring.

“Do you need to shower or can you do that at your apartment?”

“Are you always this big of a wimp?” Kristen bit the tape on her left glove, unwound it with her gloved right hand, and dropped it to the mat. “You should work out with me. It’ll toughen you up.”

“I don’t need to work out with you. I run five miles every day. I’m as tough as I want to be,” Kiersten said.

“Oh yeah?” Kristen asked. She finished removing her other glove and dropped it to the ground. liseli porno “You still running that trail through the woods? The one where that other jogger went missing?”

“She was running late at night. I do it early in the morning. The sickos are still sleeping off their high when I’m out there.” Kiersten dismissed her twin’s line of questioning with a wave of her hand.

“That’s enough, huh? Running in the morning?” Kristen asked. “How would you react if someone did this?”

Without warning, Kristen grabbed her sister’s arm, spun her around, and had an arm around her neck from behind before Kiersten could even react.

“Knock it off, Kris,” Kiersten objected, struggling to remove the arm tightening around her neck.

“Show me what you would do,” Kristen demanded. “I’m not letting go. You have to fight your way out.”

“I’m not doing that.” Kiersten stopped struggling and stood in place.

“I’m not letting go”, Kristen said and tightened her grip. With her free, left hand, she reached around and grabbed Kiersten’s breast.

“Stop that!” Kiersten demanded. She swatted Kristen’s hand away. “You’ll get sweat on my shirt.”

Kristen put it back and squeezed harder. “Make me,” Kristen said. “I bet you can’t.”

With two hands, Kiersten grabbed the wrist of the arm around her neck, pushed her hips backward into Kristen, spun to her left, and out of the hold. Before Kiersten could take a step away, Kristen twisted her right wrist, grabbed Kiersten’s left arm and pulled Kiersten down and towards her. Caught off balance and by surprise, Kiersten fell hard to the mat, face up.

Kristen wasted no time dropping to the ground to straddle her. Using her knees, Kristen pinned her arms to the mat and sat on her chest.

“Nice try,” she said, “but not nice enough.”

“Get off me!” Kiersten bucked her hips and kicked with her legs. Kristen’s position didn’t change, she rode the effort like a cowgirl breaking a pony. Kiersten tried bridging her body up on her shoulders. Kristen tickled her sides and she collapsed back to the mat.

“Knock it off!” Kiersten said between bouts of uncontrollable laughter. There was real anger and frustration in her voice this time.

“That’s it, get angry. Get feral. Fight back.” Kristen intended to sound encouraging. Kiersten heard mockery.

Kiersten struggled with all her might, flailing herself from one side to the other. Kristen offered minimal resistance and Kiersten managed to free her left arm. She immediately reached up and grabbed Kristen by the strap of her sports bra, yanking her to the side while simultaneously kicking up with her legs.

Kristen fell on her right side, rolled, and jumped quickly to her feet. Kiersten, free to move again, rolled to her right, away from Kristen, and managed to stabilize herself on hands and knees before Kristen mounted her back like a wrestler.

“Stop this!” Kiersten demanded. “I came here to give you a ride so you don’t have to walk home in the dark in this neighborhood and this is how you treat me? Fuck that. Get off me. I’m going to see Derek. You can walk home. You obviously think you can fend off an attack.”

“I can,” Kristen mocked. “You can’t.”

Kristen slid her feet under Kiersten’s stomach and between her legs. Straightening her legs, she pushed down with her hips while applying pressure to the back of Kiersten’s neck with her forearm. Kiersten collapsed to the mat, her legs flying out behind her like a donkey kick.

“I feel sorry for you, sis,” Kristen whispered. She used the leverage of her position to bow Kiersten’s body by lifting her legs off the mat while keeping her torso pinned to the ground. “You’re in such a vulnerable position, and you can’t get your way out of it.”

“Fine. You win. I’m a wimp. Now get off me.” Kiersten was panting from exhaustion and her words were muffled from her face being pressed firmly into the mat. She had stopped struggling.

“Seriously. I could do anything to you right now,” Kristen said. With her left forearm, she continued pressing Kiersten’s face to the mat. She put her right index finger in her mouth, pulling it out covered in saliva.

“You always hated this,” Kristen said. She pushed her saliva drenched finger into Kiersten’s exposed left ear, wiggling it around and around until her whole ear was wet and sticky.

“I’m going to get you for this,” Kiersten warned. “You better make the most of this because my payback will be hell.”

“You’re as bad a negotiator as you are a fighter,” Kristen said. “First rule when you are defenseless: don’t antagonize your attacker.”

“You’re my sister,” Kiersten pleaded. “I didn’t think I’d have to worry about antagonizing you.”

“I’m trying to help you,” Kristen replied. “You think a wet willy is the worst I can do?”

Kristen didn’t wait for a reply and started spanking her. Hard.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

No longer gasping for air, Kiersten tried fighting back again. Kristen responded meet suck and fuck porno by pushing harder on the back of her neck, and pulling up the back of Kiersten’s miniskirt to spank her directly on her exposed ass cheeks. A few moments later, Kiersten stopped struggling and began taking deep breaths.

Kristen used this opportunity to reposition herself. She withdrew her legs, spun like a top on Kiersten’s back, and wrapped one knee around her head and the other behind one of her legs. When she pulled her knees together, Kiersten was curled up like a ball beneath her. This new angle left Kiersten’s ass fully exposed and Kristen resumed spanking.

“Did you wear a pink thong hoping Derek would see it later, or do you like feeling something flossing your ass? I hope he doesn’t ask where all these hand prints came from.”

Kiersten found it harder and harder to get a good breath. Her own knee was pressed against her face. In a folded position, she couldn’t expand her lungs enough to fill them with the air she so desperately needed. Her mind raced. She began to panic. She did the only thing she could think of.

Kiersten’s arms were both free and unencumbered. With her right arm, the one with contact to the mat, she groped around, grasping the air until she found purchase with Kristen’s ass. She grabbed as hard as she could, feeling the firm muscles in her clenched fist. Simultaneously, she used her left arm to grab the front of Kristen’s sports bra. She pulled down fast and firm, causing both of Kristen’s breasts to pop free from their constraints as the fabric stretched down from her shoulders.

Kristen grabbed Kiersten’s wrist, trying to loosen her grip on the fabric. Kiersten could sense the change in Kristen’s balance, and she rolled to her left, while pushing up hard with her right hand. Kristen fell forward. When her head hit the mat, she instinctually straightened her legs, creating a ‘V’ with her body. She released her grip on Kiersten’s wrist and stretched her arms out over her head. She formed a triangle hovering over the curled up form of Kiersten, who was now on her left side, arms awkwardly overextended to maintain a vice grip on Kristen’s bra and her left ass cheek.

Kristen pushed with her arms and stood up. Kiersten never let go of her bra, so as Kristen stood, it slid over her outstretched arms, and remained in Kiersten’s clenched fist. Realizing she had no more reason to hold it, Kiersten tossed it away, out of the ring.

Topless but not defeated, Kristen collapsed the full weight of her body on top of Kiersten’s balled form. Kiersten grunted as the air was knocked from her body.

“So that’s how you want to play this? You think I’m going to run and retrieve my top?” Kristen fought for control of Kiersten’s hands.

“That was an accident,” Kiersten explained through gasps for air. She managed to roll flat on her stomach, arms and legs extended away from each other. “I was just holding on to it to get free.”

“Oh. Well, in that case, get up.” Kristen stopped struggling for control, slid to one side and stood up. Kiersten didn’t move.

“Seriously, get up. Look, I’ll step away.” Kristen took a few steps back. Kiersten slowly rose to all fours, then on to her knees, then, with the support of the ring ropes, lifted herself to her feet.

“Why did you do that?” Kiersten demanded when she was breathing normally again. “Look at my shirt! The first two buttons are gone. I’ll have to go home and change now. I won’t arrive to the club until 11:30 or midnight. Why?”

When Kristin didn’t answer, Kiersten raised her hands out to her sides asking ‘what the heck?’ Kristen quickly seized the opportunity by lunging forward and pulling Kiersten’s skirt down to her ankles. Kiersten reacted by rapidly bending over to retrieve her skirt. Instead of achieving her objective, she lost her balance, tried to take a step forward to steady herself, and tripped over her skirt back on to the mat. Once again, Kristin pounced and mounted her back like she was riding for points in a mixed martial arts bout.

Kiersten tried to kick her off. She only achieved kicking her skirt out of the ring.

“I don’t want to do this!” Kiersten screamed. There was no play in her voice this time, just pure anger and frustration.

Kristen spun around to face Kiersten’s feet. She squeezed Kiersten’s ribs with her knees, pushed her shoulders to the ground with the tops of her feet, and began playing bongo drums on Kiersten’s fully reddened ass cheeks.

Kiersten had no strength left to push herself up on all fours and work her way out. Her arms still free, she reached behind her and tried pinching Kristen’s legs as hard as she could. She grabbed thick swaths of skin and muscle, pinching and twisting as hard as she could.

“I’ve been punched in the face so hard I saw stars. You thinking pinching will stop me?” Kristen mocked her sister. She stopped playing bongos and pulled up so hard on the little pink thong it lifted Kiersten’s mobil porno hips off the ground. She kept lifting higher and higher, muscles straining against Kiersten’s efforts to fight back.

Then it snapped. The tiny piece of fabric connecting to the waistband of the thong could no longer fight the strain and it gave out. Kiersten’s hips dropped hard back to the mat and the waistband of her thong now encircled her upper abdomen, just below the rib cage. On pure instinct, Kiersten pulled her knees underneath her and reach back with her hands to cover her exposed parts.

Kristen was now just as angry as Kiersten. She didn’t like being pinched. Worse, her finely sculpted legs, the part of her body she was most proud of, would now have large, ugly bruises for a week. Kiersten was always the pretty one and now the one thing Kristen felt was pretty about herself, Kiersten had blemished. That would not go unpunished.

With her knees underneath her, the balance had shifted. Kiersten curled her toes into the mat and straightened her legs with as much energy she could muster. It was enough to send Kristen flying backwards and onto her back. She spun quickly to her stomach, put her hands underneath her shoulders and prepared to bounce back up to a standing position. Kiersten had other ideas.

Kiersten was now ready to fight back. She had had enough and was going to make her point known. As soon as Kristen landed, Kiersten was already rushing and stumbling towards her. She arrived just as Kristen placed her hands under her shoulders.

“Oh no you don’t!” Kiersten shouted. She grabbed both sides of Kristen’s Lycra shorts and pulled them over her hips, lifting them into the air. Kristen pushed herself up and they struggled around the ring in a wheelbarrow position, Kristen trying to pull away from Kiersten by running forward on her hands, Kiersten fighting back by using the shorts to toss Kristen side to side.

The shorts finally slid off Kristen’s feet and the two women soon stood on opposite sides of the ring facing each other, panting, eyes wild with the fury only two siblings can have for each other. Kristen was now fully naked with the exception of her tightly laced ring shoes. Every powerful, explosive muscle on display as she stalked Kiersten around the ring, crouched in a fighter’s stance, seeking her opportunity to strike. Kiersten was equally disheveled with a pink thong around her waist like a fashionable belt and a blouse held together by just two stubborn buttons.

“Leave me alone, and let me leave,” Kiersten demanded with as much authority a mouse can give a cat.

“Not a chance. We’re finishing this now,” Kristen replied. She charged at her more delicate twin, reaching for whatever she could grab. Kiersten side stepped the charge and ran to the other side of the ring.

“No. I’m leaving and you’re letting me,” Kiersten again tried to state with finality and authority. She even held up one finger at the end of a fully extended arm to emphasize her point. She kept that finger raised at the end of an extended arm as she lifted the top rope and began stepping over the middle one, and that proved to be a big mistake.

Knowing she would be focused on the ropes and not on her, Kristen sprinted across the ring and grabbed the extended finger before Kiersten could pull it back. This allowed her to gain control of the wrist, and then the arm, which was all she needed to pull Kiersten back into the ring and toss her to the mat. She landed on her back and Kristen was quick to straddle her again, sitting on her chest and pinning her arms to the mat with her legs.

“I said let me leave!” Kiersten screamed loud enough for her voice to echo off the walls of the empty gym.

“Shut up!” Kristen shouted back and sat on her face.

Kiersten shook her head side to side, trying to get away from the rough patch of hair scratching her face. It felt like Derek when he went a few days without shaving; she hated when he did that. Kristen responded by squeezing her knees together to hold her head in one spot.

“Don’t like that?” Kristen said, and began grinding her hips onto Kiersten’s face. Whether from sweat or the natural physical stimulation, Kiersten’s nose, chin and lips were quickly slick with a musky scent.

Kiersten squirmed beneath her sister. She kicked her legs and bucked her hips. She tried lifting her arms but lacked the strength. So she did the only thing she could think of. She bit her and held on.

“Ow! Ow!” Kristen yelled. She wanted to jump up but feared the end result of rapidly pulling away from clenched teeth latched to her labia. “Let go. Let go. I’ll let you up.”

Kiersten didn’t let go. She finally felt like she had the power. She had the leverage and she wasn’t planning on relinquishing it any time soon. She spoke through clenched teeth.

“I’m not letting go until I have some assurances,” Kiersten said.

“Yes, okay, what?” Kristen said quickly. “Whatever.”

“First, you are going to pay for me to have a two hour massage for damaging my body,” Kiersten began.

“Fine, whatever, just let go,” Kristen cried, trying not to move.

“Second, you are replacing all of my clothes you damaged,” she continued. “Finally, you are going to lick my dog’s ass for sticking your cunt on my face!”

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