Siblings Teach Sarah Ch. 01

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This is a long and very detailed story about a young girl who learns about sex from her older siblings. It is purely fictional. There are too many unrealistic stories here about siblings just jumping into the sack together without so much as a second thought. I have siblings, and incest is so taboo in real life I think it would take pretty powerful conditions and the right timing to happen for real. I wanted to write a plausible story, so it needed some setting up. If you want to skip straight to the sex, go to Chapter 2. But I promise, if you read Chapter 1 first you’ll be a lot more engaged and invested in the characters.

Sarah lived with her family on a small farm in rural Montana. There were benefits to having a big family, but being the youngest of 6 children made having privacy impossible. She liked keeping to herself for the most part, but she was never truly had an opportunity to do anything she didn’t want anyone else finding out about. Sarah was 19 and in the middle of her last year of high school. Next year she would be going off to college, and she didn’t know anything about sex. That terrified her. She was decently well liked at school — had a few close girlfriends, but never a boyfriend.

She was into boys — she definitely found her favorite male actors and singers attractive. But a big drawback of a small rural town was that there just weren’t many options for potential boyfriends. A few boys had shown interest in her over the years, but she always turned them down. They were dumb ignorant assholes that just wanted to get in her pants. She wasn’t a prude by any means — she just thought she was better than giving herself up to boys who she knew would never say another word to her ever again once they’d been inside her.

Apart from never having had sex, Sarah also didn’t know anything about sex. Sure, she knew the mechanics or whatever was taught in 9th grade health class, but if her future circumstances improved and she found herself wanting to get intimate with a boy, she had no idea what to do.

Sarah’s father was very conservative. He never let his underage children watch anything over a PG-13 rating — and even some of those she wasn’t allowed to see. She had seen a few movies with sex scenes. It was always awkward watching them on TV with her whole family. Her father would straighten and get uncomfortable — always trying to figure out whether he should fast forward or not. Sarah became very good at looking disinterested while really focusing with rapt attention. She was so hungry for some tidbit of information of what sex was like or what to do that she was excited for anything she might get. But the tame movies she was allowed to watch never gave her anything useful. Even the movies where people ‘had sex” were useless because the scene always ended before it showed anything useful.

She knew the Internet had tons of information about sex. And porn. Sarah so desperately wanted to look at porn — she knew it would answer all of her questions. But her family had only one computer that her father insisted in locating in the center of the family room. She knew he did this with regard to her older brothers when they were going through puberty, but the rule still managed to punish her. She couldn’t use the computers at the public library to look up information about sex either. Again, small town. Everyone knew everyone, and if she was caught looking at porn or reading erotic stories or even anything of a sexual nature she knew it would get back to her parents.

Even kept in the dark as she was, Sarah was still happy until one day at school. After gym class, she was changing in the locker room with the other girls. One of her classmates Elana was going on and on about her latest sexual escapade with her boyfriend Brad. Brad was a sophomore at the local community college — and just a tad more mature than the idiot boys in her class. He also had a job and could buy her things, which is why Elena deemed him worthy enough to have the privilege of being with her.

Every school has an “Elena.” Pretty and popular… and mean. At least to Sarah anyway. Not for any particular reason, just in the way that hormonal teenaged girls sometimes turned evil. Sarah hated Elena. Whenever she talked about sex she tried to sound so elitist and grown up. And the other girls always ate it up. They’d hang on every word of her story, gasping and giggling where they were supposed to. Every once in a while another girl would chime in with something she had recently done or seen or read about. Elana then took it upon herself to agree or disagree with whatever they had said — as if she was the all-knowing mistress of sex and everyone else were just inexperienced children.

The problem was, Sarah was an inexperienced child. She sometimes thought that if she listened to enough of Elana’s stories she’d figure something out she could use for later. But nothing Elana said made any sense to Sarah. She didn’t know the sex slang, so all of Elana’s ankara escort stories about “dildoes” and “bj’s” and “69ining” only made her more confused.

Elana finished a sentence about Brad “going down on her.” The other girls all giggled. Sarah, wanting to fit in, giggled too. Big mistake. Elana saw her giggling and got mean. “What the hell are you laughing about bitch? Like you have any idea what I’m talking about.”

There was silence in the locker room. Sarah was so used to blending into the background. She was unprepared for suddenly being put on the spot. She only managed to stammer out nonsensical words “um … li…. well…”

Elana laughed. Some of the other girls laughed nervously to follow Elana’s lead. “Ha! That’s what I thought. We all know you’ve never had a boyfriend. You always stand here next to us after gym pretending like you’re one of us. But this is a conversation for big girls. You’ve probably never even kissed a guy! That’s so pathetic.”

Sarah’s eyes began to tear up. She hated Elana and hated being made fun of. She fought hard to keep from crying.

Elana pressed on. “Or maybe you’re a lezzy. Is that it? Huh? You probably love this part of day — getting to watch all these sexy “real girls” take off their clothes.”

A few tears and a shaky “Nnnoo,” was all Sarah managed to get out. Some of the other girls were snickering now. They had obviously liked that Elana had called them “sexy” and weren’t about to throw that acceptance away to come to the aid of someone liked her.

Elana reached behind her back and undid her bra clasp. In one motion she took it off and threw it in Sarah’s face. “How about this lezzy,” Elana said mockingly. “You getting wet now? Are you just waiting for me to let you get on your knees and lick me? I bet you touch yourself at night thinking about it.”

Hate her as she might, even Sarah had to admit Elana had a beautiful body. Her flat stomach, skinny waist and weighty breasts made it obvious how she was able to get the attention of college boys. It made her and her A cups even more self-conscious. Sarah unconsciously moved her hand to cover her sports bra so Elana wouldn’t make fun of her.

Elana laughed and grabbed her hand. “See lezzy, I bet you wish you had tits like these.” Her gaze drifted to Sarah’s chest. “Instead of those sad little things. It’s a good thing you like girls. You couldn’t get a boy with those even if you wanted to.”

‘HEY!” All the girls stopped and whipped their heads around. Their gym coach, Mrs. Jenson, was standing in the door to the locker room. “Let’s move it ladies,” she said. “You’re late for your next class.” Sarah was relieved that Mrs. Jenson didn’t leave the locker room. Elana quickly let go of her hand, picked her bra off the floor and went back to changing at her locker. The rest of the girls quickly and quietly got dressed too, some of them still smirking from Sarah’s humiliation. On the way out of the locker room, Elana shot Sarah a deadly “fuck you bitch” look.


An hour later, Sarah was done with school, home, and crying in her room. She had a little more privacy today than usual. Her mom was working at her part time job at the restaurant; her dad and older brothers were over in the next town buying supplies. Sarah was alone in the house with her older sisters and doing her best to cry quietly. But try as she might, she couldn’t keep silent. There was a knock at her door.

“Sarah, everything ok?” It was Kelsey, the next youngest in the family. Even though Kelsey was almost a full year older than Sarah, they were still in the same grade. The timing of the school calendar just worked out that even though Kelsey was one of the oldest in her class and Sarah was one of the youngest, they were still in the same class.

“Uh huh.” Sarah choked out unconvincingly between sobs.

“Can I come in?” Kelsey asked.

“No, I’m ok” Sarah sobbed.

Kelsey came in anyway. She saw her sister crying and sat down on the bed next to her. Kelsey put a hand on Sarah’s shoulder and began to affectionately rub her upper back. “I heard what happened in the locker room today,” said Kelsey.

For a second, Sarah looked mortified, then broke down into a wave of fresh sobs. “Elana is just such a bitch! I hate her so much.”

“I know, she’s just a giant slut,” said Kelsey. “Just don’t worry about her. The year is almost up, and then we’ll be off to college and you don’t ever have to see her again.”

“But she’s right though,” said Sarah. “Not about being a lesbian. I’m not. But I don’t know anything about sex. I’ve never even kissed a boy. And my body is shit compared to Elana’s. What am I going to do in college next year? How am I ever going to get a boyfriend when I don’t know how to do anything and I look like crap!?!” Fresh sobs wracked Sarah and she lay on her side and cried.

Kelsey sighed and petted her sister’s hair. “None of that is true. You will go to college and meet a nice boy and escort ankara then you can figure everything out with him. It will be fun. He’ll probably like teaching you things. And plus, you’re very pretty. After all, you’re my sister — and I’m hot!”

This succeeded at making Sarah laugh a little. She stopped crying, but her cheeks were stained with tears. She sat up and looked at Kelsey. She always admired Kelsey above all her other sisters. Kelsey was pretty and smart and popular with the right circles of people — not the bitches and sluts like Elana, the nice kids at her school. Sarah wasn’t really friends with any of Kelsey’s friends, but Kelsey was always nice to her. Kelsey always seemed to have a boyfriend. Some guys like sluts like Elana, but Kelsey was one of those kinds of girls that just sort of sparkled with personality.

“I don’t want it to be that way though,” said Sarah. “I’m tired of being left out of all the jokes and conversations about sex. Christ, I’m 18 and I’ve never even kissed a boy. I don’t want to go to college and be some guy’s project. Any good guys are going to want a girl who at least knows what she’s doing a little. All that’s going to be left for me are nerds or asshole guys that just want another girl for a night. I just wish I could catch up a little, but I don’t like any of the guys in our class.”

Kelsey studied her sister for a moment. “You know, this stuff really isn’t that hard. When you’re with a guy, you just sort of explore each other’s bodies. You let him know what feels good for you, he’ll let you know what feels good for him, and it just sort of works itself out.”

“But that’s just it,” said Sarah. “I don’t know what feels good for me. I’ve never been touched, remember.”

Kelsey gave a little bit of an exasperated sigh. “But Sarah you’re freaking out over nothing. When you do finally get a guy to touch you, he will — and THEN you’ll know what feels good and be able to tell him.”

“No that’s not good enough,” Sarah said brusquely. “When I get to college, I’m just not going to fool around with the first guy I meet. I’m only going to let a guy touch me if I like him. And when I finally meet a guy I like, I don’t want to scare him off because I’m bad at being a girl.”

That made Kelsey laugh. “Sarah, you can’t be BAD at being a girl. You ARE a girl.” She paused for a moment, started to talk, then stopped. She looked her sister straight in the eye. “Sarah, have you ever cum before?”

Sarah stared at her blankly. “Have I what?”

“WOW, you weren’t kidding,” Kelsey said under her breath. “Do you touch yourself at night? Do you masturbate? Have you ever had an orgasm.”?

Sarah made an involuntary gasp. Her cheeks flushed and she looked away. “I don’t think so. I know some girls do that, but I share a room with Jen remember. Sometimes my panties rub against my vagina and it feels good. It’s like a low, warm, tingling feeling. Is that an orgasm?”

Kelsey was torn between giggling and crying for her sister. Clearly she had underestimated how sheltered she still was. “No, that’s called just being horny. You’ll know an orgasm when you feel one. And what does Jen have to do with it? I’m sure she touches herself too when you go to sleep.”

Sarah looked shocked. “Do you really think so?”

“Dunno,” said Kelsey. “But I know Jen has had sex at least with two guys. I’m sure she gets horny too.”

“TWO guys?” blurted out Sarah. “Do mom and dad know?”

“Christ no,” said Kelsey, surprised. “Are you kidding? You know how they are. If they knew half the stuff we girls did I’m sure they’d ship us off to convents or something. I’m really sorry Sarah. I know we never really talk about this kind of stuff, but I just assumed you were finding your own ways to experiment.”

“Have you ever had sex?” asked Sarah. She was half embarrassed, but half curious and excited. She never had anyone to talk about this stuff with before. She only had a few friends at school, and this was just something they never talked about. She felt a little weird to be talking about it with her sister, but she was so hungry for information she was willing to deal with it.”

Kelsey looked at Sarah for a minute trying to decide how to answer. After a moment, she simply said “yes.”

“How many times?” asked Sarah.

Kelsey again took a moment to decide how to answer. “A few,” she said. “Me and Jason did it three or four times last year when his parents were out of town. Me and Tim just recently started.”

Sarah’s mouth hung open. She had always thought her sister had fooled around with Jason. They were exclusive for the longest time Junior year. She just never expected her sister would have gone all the way. The idea was so alien to her, being from such strict parents. But Kelsey managed to turn out so differently. Jen too apparently. And she assumed Rachel and her older brothers probably had too. The realization sunk into her and tears began to fill her eyes once more.

Sarah ankara escort bayan realized she was the only virgin left in her family. She knew she was behind the other kids at school but she assumed she and her sisters were at least in the same boat. She knew her brothers had probably been having sex for a while. They were boys after all. But she always thought she was on the same level as her sisters. But she wasn’t. She was so far behind.

“Hey, hey,” Kelsey said sympathetically, rubbing Sarah’s back. “It’s going to be ok. You can ask me questions if you want.”

“Really?” said Sarah.

“Yeah,” said Kelsey softly. She gave Sarah a big smile, which made her feel more comfortable.

“Ok, let me think,” said Sarah. She found herself blanking now. She had had so many questions about sex and her body for so long and now that someone was finally willing to provide answers, she couldn’t think of anything. The first thing that popped into Sarah’s head was a childish question. She knew the answer, but couldn’t think of anything else to say. Tentatively, she said,

“Does it feel good?”

Kelsey nodded emphatically. “Yes, it’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world! And even when it’s bad, it still feels pretty good.”

“I heard it hurts the first time.”

“Yeah, it does,” admitted Kelsey. “A little, but then it gets better. If the guy you’re with is nice and gentle it doesn’t hurt that much. But some guys are real assholes and rough and it can hurt a lot more.”

“Did your first time hurt?”

Kelsey let out a little sigh. “Yeah, it did. Jason turned out to be an asshole. We started and he had promised he would be gentle, but once he was inside of me he got really excited and went fast. It hurt the whole time. But the other times were better. I just hated that my first time hurt so bad.”

Strangely, the thought of thinking about Jason “inside” of her sister made her heart beat fast. She obviously knew how sex worked, but it was different to think of it somehow with people she knew. She imagined Kelsey lying naked on her back with Jason’s penis inside her. Her palms began to sweat.

“It kind of makes me wish I had popped my own cherry myself. That way I might have had more fun my first time.”

“What’s your cherry?” asked Sarah.

“Your hymen” Kelsey answered simply.

“Oh,” Sarah said. “Wait, you can break your own? I thought a boy had to.”

“Not necessarily,” said Kelsey. “Whatever goes in your pussy the first time will break your hymen. Anything bigger than your finger I mean.” Kelsey caught herself. “Wait, you know what ‘pussy’ means right?”

Sarah looked just a tad annoyed. “Come on Kelse, I do at least know that much.”

Kelsey giggled. “Okay, okay, just checking. But yeah, Rachel told me I should have popped my own cherry. She even offered to help. But I thought it would be more romantic for my first boy to do it. That was stupid.”

“WAIT!” Sarah screamed. “Rachel? Rachel our sister? You talk about this kind of stuff with Rachel?”

“Yeah,” Kelsey said sheepishly. “She’s been giving me advice for a few years.”

“YEARS?!?!” Sarah yelled.

“Shhhhh.” quieted Kelsey. “Jen will hear you. You don’t want her coming up to interrupt us do you?”

“No,” Sarah admitted. “So wait, you don’t talk about sex with Jen then?”

“No,” said Kelsey. “Just Rachel and Zach.” Zach was their second oldest brother.

“How did you start talking about it?”

“Well,” began Kelsey, “Rachel and I have always shared a room. One night I heard her masturbating and stupidly asked what she was doing. She was embarrassed at first, and said ‘nothing.’ But I kept pestering her and she eventually owned up to it and made me promise not to tell mom and dad. I did, and didn’t think about it for a while. But then a few months later when I was putting away laundry in our room I found a bunch of her toys.”

“What kind of toys?” asked Sarah.

“Sex toys,” said Kelsey. … that made Sarah’s heart race. “Rachel saw me looking at them and was mad, then embarrassed. But I started asking her questions about them and she offered to explain how they worked if I promised I would keep it a secret. Actually, it kind of brought us closer together. It was like our little secret in the family. And then a few months after that I started dating Jason and thought it might eventually lead to sex, so I started asking her questions. She used to stay up till all hours tell me things.”

That made Sarah feel truly jealous. Sarah always had to share a room with Jen, and her and Jen were never that close. “What about Zach,” she asked. “How did you start talking to him?”

“Kind of the same way,” said Kelsey. “I walked in on him with a porno magazine. He made me promise not to tell. And then after I started having sex with Jason, I asked him questions about what boys like. Rachel had told me a lot of stuff to try, but I wanted a boy’s perspective. He was reluctant to talk to me about it at first, and a little mad that I was having sex, but eventually he gave in. I don’t talk to him about sex as much as I talk to Rachel, but every once in a while I have a question for a boy and he’s really nice about it.”

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