Sins of the Father

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I hadn’t seen much of my girls since my divorce 17 years ago. My wife moved to New York, she got custody of our two girls, Janet and Adrienne. I stayed in California, extremely tired of the New York winters. The girls spent some holidays with me, plus almost every summer. Not too many people would complain about spending a summer under the warm California sun. I know it wasn’t the best of arrangements, but at least my girls knew they still had a father. My divorce from Rachel was mostly amicable, for their sake. We both wanted our girls to grow up healthy and happy.

“We’ll agree to do what’s best for the girls, right Jim?” Rachel said and I totally agreed with that.

This year, my girls came for a longer visit and to scope out UCLA and other possibilities for furthering their education. It was a convenient time for their mother, who went off on a long-awaited trip to Europe.

Adrienne’s almost 19 now, her sister is 20. They’re sweet, lovely intelligent girls. I am extremely proud of both of them, they’re both Straight-A students, very involved in their community.

Jan is very much her mother’s daughter, blonde, with a cool, sensual beauty, her skin tans to a golden brown and her eyes are a pale blue. She’s sexy and outgoing, with a toned, trim body. She looks like a California beach-bunny.

Adrienne is very much her Daddy’s child. She has my European looks, with long, jet-black hair and dark, piercing eyes. Her coloring is much darker than her sister’s, more Mediterranean, there is a smoldering intensity to her than Jan does not share. She has eyes that seem to question the world, to take it all in.

Both of my girls were happy to see me again, giving me lots of hugs and kisses. I had recently moved to a new home with a pool, so the girls got changed into bikinis only minutes after they arrived, Jan put on a pink string bikini while Adrienne’s was a nice powder blue.

While my girls were sunning themselves outdoors and frolicking in the pool, I went to get a few steaks to grill for dinner. I’d already prepared for their visit, taken some time off from the Talent Agency I work for, but forgotten to stock the fridge. I doubted the girls would be happy with Hot Dogs and Tofu for dinner.

I got home about an hour later, arms laden with groceries. I didn’t see the girls out by the pool, so I called out, trying to find out where they were. “We’re in the den Daddy!” I heard Jan yell. I grabbed a few beers and headed for the den.

I walked into my den and got one hell of a shock. The lights were dimmed, my girls were watching a movie on the VCR. Both of them were paying rapt attention.

However, this wasn’t just any movie. It was a Porno Movie. One of my old porno movies. Yeah, you read that right.

A few years before I met their mom, I worked in porn to make ends meet. I did a hell of a lot of films and truthfully, loved every minute of it. Hell, I was in my early 20’s, was fucking different women every day, in various combinations, who wouldn’t love it? I was living high on the hog, the money was really good, I was able to do anything I wanted and was beholden to no one. I was still making a few films when I met Rachel, their mom. When Rachel and I became engaged, I quit and worked hard to build a career. Rachel was cool with it, so long as it remained in the past. It wasn’t a subject that came up in discussions very often.

We’d never told the girls about any of this – why bother? Now, they knew. I’d kept quite a few of my films, remembering the good times. Over the years, especially since the divorce, I’d relived those moments as a great kind of nostalgia. I had fucked some pretty incredible women in those bygone day, and I’d been damned good at it. Children don’t think of their parents as sexual, but here were my two girls, watching their father fuck women who had been about their age at the time.

“God Daddy!” Jan breathed “You were a real stud! They seem sert porno to be loving it!”

“Look Jan!” Adrienne squealed. “Daddy’s doing two girls at once!”

I remembered that particular scene well, I was screwing pretty blonde Colleen while she was eating the pussy of a cute Asian hottie named Kristina. Colleen had the cutest tits and the sweetest ass in the business, we had a lot of fun off-camera as well. Unfortunately for me, a bit later on, she came to realize she preferred Kristina’s pussy to my cock and they eventually moved in together. We didn’t stop fooling around though.

I felt like I was nine shades of red, but my girls were obviously loving every minute of the porn film. “God Daddy!” Jan echoed her earlier statement “You look like you’re having a blast.”

The cat was out of the bag, so I sat in my big recliner and opened a beer. “Those were wonderful times honey, I have to admit. I loved your Mom, but I was no saint before I met her. And before either one of you asks, yes, she knew all about it.”

“I’LL say you were no saint, Daddy!” Adrienne said with a loopy grin. “What was the kinkiest thing you ever did, Daddy?”

Should I tell her, I thought? I think the beer had made me bold, so I went for it. “It was actually the film I made after that one honey. I made love with Colleen and her twin sister, Shawna.” Shawna was even wilder than Colleen, I remembered with a smile. I dated her for a few months, her favorite thing in the world was for me to tie her to the bed, face down, and spank her ass until it glowed beet-red. She loved it when I fucked her sweet, round ass and came all over it.

Jan’s blue eyes went wide-open. “Sisters?! Daddy, you naughty, naughty man!”

A sly smile came over Adrienne’s face as she came over and sat on the arm of my big recliner, still wearing the tiny blue bikini she’d been wearing earlier. “So Daddy, the idea of incest doesn’t bother you?” She ran a fingertip up and down my arm as she asked me this question.

I think a part of me knew what was happening, but I guess being a little lonely, I didn’t really care. “Baby, those girls really loved each other. They couldn’t make each other pregnant and I was always careful and wore protection. No one was hurt, it was just sexy fun and games.”

I saw a look pass between my two girls and Adrienne stood up and faced her sister. The girls wrapped their arms around each other and their lips met in a very hot, erotic kiss. I think my jaw dropped to the floor as Adrienne moved down her sister’s tanned body, kissing her all over as she moved further downward. She pulled Jan’s pink bikini to one side, exposing her tanned, round little breasts, she was so beautiful. I couldn’t say a word, my mouth wouldn’t work.

Adrienne took another look over at me and pulled her top to one side. “What do you think Daddy? Are we nearly as pretty as those twins you fucked?”

I nodded, not yet capable on intelligent speech. “Prettier” I managed to croak out. It was true, the contrast between my blonde daughter and her dark-haired sibling was quite sensual.

The girls walked over to me on bare feet, and pulled me over to the couch they’d been sitting on. It was still warm from the heat of their bodies. I switched off the movie, the scene before me was far, far sexier than any movie I had ever seen or participated in.

The girls practically melted to the floor, Adrienne on top of her sister. She pulled the ties at the side of Jan’s bikini and yanked it off, Jan did almost the same thing. Both my babies were naked, sexy as hell and their hands began roaming all over each other’s naked bodies. Their lips met in sweet, loving kisses and they ran their fingers through each other’s hair as they rubbed together, squirming and giggling with desire.

Lean and sexual Adrienne rubbed her darker body against her sister’s, pussy rubbing pussy, nipple to nipple, tongues entwined and kissing sex mex porno each other. I began to get undressed, it was evident what was eventually going to happen. I was going to join my beautiful girls in sexual congress, I was going to be the meat in a very sexy sandwich.

I was down to my boxers now as my girls shifted around and moved into the classic position of `69′. If I live to be 100, I don’t think I’ll ever forget how beautiful they looked at that moment.

My movie may have been what heated them up, but from the squeals and cries I heard, this wasn’t their first time as playmates. “Ohhhh Jannie!” I heard Adrienne yelling. “It’s so naughty, having you eat my snatch while Daddy watches!”

Between licks of her sister’s pussy, I heard Jan say “Oh yeah Adrienne, you have the sweetest pussy. It’s so wet, so tight. Want me to fingerfuck you baby, and play with your clitty?”

“You sweet bitch, you know I love that!” Adrienne squealed again as her sister inserted a slim finger into her sister’s tight cunt. Jan’s fingers were moving in and out of her sister while Adrienne continued to lap at her sister’s tight snatch. I had been correct, my daughters were indeed lovers and I wondered how long this illicit coupling had been going on?

I was stroking my cock on occasion, trying hard not to cum yet. I wanted to join my daughters on the floor, yet I knew they’d let me know when the time was right. There was no rush, I was enjoying watching my daughters in the throes of lesbian passion. They squeezed each other’s butt cheeks as they continued their sapphic tryst.

“Mmmm, nobody’s as naughty as you, you little slut!” Jan yelled at her sister.

“Of course not!” Adrienne retorted. “I’ve sucked your pussy enough times, I should know my way around!” Adrienne raked a manicured finger over her sibling’s clit, which caused Jan to screech in passion.

Hearing their erotic loveplay got me even hotter. Their bodies were glowing from perspiration and the dim light of the room, it was sexy as hell to see these two young women, my own daughters, locked in a heated, lesbo clinch.

Writhing sinuously all over each other, mouthing each other’s bodies, words of passion and endearment escaping their lips, this was one of the damned sexiest thing I’d ever seen, and I’d been in over 100 movies. They were grunting, squirming in their heat, yet neither of them seemed to be tired. Nor was their any shame in what they were doing, they were fucking each other lewdly in front of their old man – who was loving each and every second of it!

I could see Adrienne’s tongue lick and lap at her sister’s almost-nude pussy, she’d occasionally suck it deep into her mouth and pull on the lips. Jan, by contrast, was almost soft in her loving, she barely moved, just teasingly flicked at her sister’s clit with her tongue.

The girls were panting now, bodies bucking against each other on the floor, I could tell they were having little mini-climaxes.

“Uh Uh UH!” I heard Jan moan.

“Oh! Oh! OH!” Adrienne screamed as she climaxed.

The girls pulled apart and both looked up at me, beaming, their faces glistening with the juices from each other’s hot pussies. “Daddy.” was all both of them said.

I nodded in tacit agreement and joined my little sweeties on the rug. I felt Adrienne press her soft lips to mine in a passionate kiss as Jan removed what was left of my clothing. My tongue continued to duel with Adrienne’s as I felt a warm mouth engulf my shaft.

I looked down to the kinkiest, hottest sight any parent of a wild, sexy young woman can ever see, my pretty blonde daughter, blue eyes staring up at me as she sucked at my bulging cock. Her face broke into a wide smile and she gave me some of the best head I’ve ever received, bobbing her head up and down, slurping noisily on my throbbing dick.

Her sister and I were kissing as Jan worked her magic on my skin-flute, stranded teens porno tasting every inch of it, trailing all over it, with noisy, sucking noises. She fondled my balls as she removed her mouth and asked softly “Like that, Daddy?”

God, how the hell was I expected to answer that? She came up for a kiss as her sibling went down and began to blow me with the same kind of expertise. She was even more ardent in her cocksucking than Jan, bobbing her head up and down quickly, really getting into it.

I knew if my girls kept this up, I wasn’t going to last long. Jan’s beautifully manicured hands were roaming all over my body as her sister sucked at my rod.

I asked “Who gets fucked first?”

Adrienne responded “Jan’s oldest Daddy, she should go first. I can wait my turn.” Jan blew her sister a kiss and grinned.

“How does my sweet baby want it?” Jan looked at me with a face that would melt stone.

“I want to ride you Daddy. Then Adrienne can suck my titties while I do. She loves my tits, don’t you hun?” Adrienne’s lusty grin answered that question.

Jan got on top of me in a reverse-cowgirl and impaled herself on my cock. She rode me like a bucking bronco, arching her hips and taking me in deep while her sister licked her from head to toe, slithering her tongue all over her sibling’s hot body. As Jan’s pussy was milking me, her sister would lick our joined bodies, causing erotic tremors to pass through both of us. I could hear Jan’s little cries of joy as she climaxed and removed herself from my cock.

“My turn Daddy. I like it from behind, like a Doggy-bitch. Fuck me hard Daddy, and don’t spare me anything! Make me feel it Daddy, really give it to me!”

I did just as my wild daughter requested and slammed my engorged prick into her from behind, putting it to her with all the force I could muster. I pounded her savagely, but Adrienne gave as good as she got, she was a truly uninhibited little fuck! Moving her ass back against my invading cock, she and I noticed that Jan had moved in front of her sister. Within a few scant seconds, Jan was once again being eaten out by her lesbian lover / sister.

To see such love and desire might have shocked some people, but not me. It was easy to see my girls were crazy about each other and they were sharing that love with their father. As I dicked one daughter, the blue eyes of the other were watching us with love and affection. Jan mouthed “I love you Daddy. Fuck her!” and I smiled and did just that.

I was holding on to my daughter’s hips, fucking Adrienne for all I was worth, watching her sister’s pussy glisten under her licking tongue. I was awash in love, desire, kink and passion combined, I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted it to go on and on, to fill them with all the passion I could think of.

I finally yelled “I’m cumming!” and pulled out of my daughter’s pussy, losing my jizz all over her silky, bronzed backside. Jan moved over and began licking my cum off her sister’s body. I thought it was brazen, and very, very sexy.

Our shopping trips to Fredericks are getting a little pricey, but every time I see my girls in their new purchases, I know it’s worth it. They dress sexy for “their” man – and for each other too – and I know a lot of guys who’d kill to be in my position. Sorry though fellas – I’m not into sharing and my girls are happy with their Daddy and with each other.

We spent every day of that wonderful summer having sex and making love. My girls are the light of my life and they are staying here now, their Mom’s cool with it. I think she likes having the privacy. Maybe she’s got a new boyfriend, I hope so, everyone deserves to be happy.

As for me, I have soft, sensual romantic times with my two girls. Times where I just watch them make love, slowly, tenderly until they ask me to join in. Other times, I have nights where, like last night, they wear black leather and Adrienne fucks Jan with a dildo while I fuck her up the ass. They scream and carry on and are both nasty, fucking sluts – all for my benefit. EVERY night, I sleep between two women who love me. I don’t think my life could get any better. I hope, with all my heart, that this can go on forever.

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