Sis-In-Law As My Babysitter Ch. 1

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The weekend has finally arrived and my wife is leaving for her annual trip. In the back of her mind she is concerned that I might cheat while she is away. So she decides to enlist the services of her sister Joy to keep an eye out on me. Joy is also married but is in a bad marriage and now kind of has a “thing” against men.

My first order of business is to work on my tan. I have been working out for the last year and almost have my college build back. I go about 6’2″ 200 and was at one time quite the jock. With the return of my former body, my confidence level is quite high. I put my head back to relax when I hear someone opening the gate.

“Hi, Billy. I just stopped by to see if everything was going alright with you”

“Now, please Joy! We both know why you are really here.”

“Don’t flatter yourself pal!”

“Not what I meant Joy! I know that you are checking up on me”

Joy makes it clear that she might be and she might not be! Billy makes it also perfectly clear that it is a tremendous waste of her time.

“Believe me, I have no intentions of playing at all. So it really is a waste for you to come and “baby-sit” me!”

“Not really, Billy. My mom and dad have the kids and I figured that it was automatic that I catch you cheating the ankara escort first day.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, Joy.”

“Don’t worry, Billy…it is still very early!”

She still had those pouty little way’s about her that drive Billy wild with lust! Her body is still in great shape as she has worked hard to look good. She is in a pair of ripped cut-off jean shorts that expose her left cheek. Her loose half shirt flaps in the breeze leaving even more to the imagination! Billy has always been attracted to her and would have done anything to see what she is really like. Billy thinks to himself that she has to know that I am checking her out…but what can she do! No foul and no harm in looking at such a lovely site! Just imagining what he can do to her and how bad that she must need it by now. As he continues to stare the wind picks up just enough to expose her breasts. Thank you Mother Nature! No bra and what a site! How will he even stay in control now? Joy immediately flushes as she knows that he had to see!

“Don’t you dare even laugh.”

“Why would I laugh at you Joy?”

“Considering that they are not so impressive it gives you many reasons why.”

“Being honest with you it caught me off guard as well and I find nothing humorous about escort ankara it.”

“So, you are telling me that my breasts are not something that you would make fun of?”

“Seriously, every woman is different and beautiful in their own special way. I personally think that you are very sexy!”

“Well, Billy we should steer away from this subject since you are married to my sister and marriage is forever.”

“As is lust. Tell me that you have never thought about other guys before and wondering what it would like to be with them!”

“Yes, agreed. But looking and touching are two totally different ballgames!”

“So than you have looked before?”

“Yes, all of the time..but no touching.”

“But does that not lead to thoughts of what you would like to do with these other men?”

“Like what kind of thoughts?”

“Oh, for instance like just grabbing a guy’s hard cock and sucking him until he finally explodes in your hot and wet mouth. Or even just hopping right on and riding him until he explodes deep inside of you?”

“So is that what you think about, Billy?”

“Oh, not at all! I think of pulling her close and feeling her body next to mine as I slowly kiss her neck and she wraps those long sexy legs around me.”

“Stop, ankara escort bayan Billy! That is way too far in depth and vivid with nobody here to fantasize about!”

“I disagree Joy! You are right here and are looking so very sexy to me!”

“I had better leave before we both end up regretting this!”

“Listen Joy just stay and we will stop talking like this”

A quick glance to his hard cock gives Joy the answer, that this will not be soon forgotten! “And as for your friend down there he has no intention of stopping! With his one track mind”

“Don’t worry he will calm down-but as I said it is awful hard not to look!”

“Come on Billy he his bulging out of your shorts!”

“What can I say? You are having quite an effect on me!”

“Please, Billy… I look horrible today!”

“Not from where I am standing!”

“Honestly I have checked you out numerous times, Billy. And you do look good to me! My thoughts are sometimes so impure!”

“Well, that is fine Joy.”

“No it is not, Billy!”

“You really have no clue. Do you? I am so wet right now that I need to change panties!”

“Sure sex talk like this will always do it.”

“No, not like this. I have watched pornos and talked about sex and never been this way before. I am so close to an orgasm right now!”

“Well, let us go in the house and cool off and get something to drink.”

“Are you mad at me, Billy?”

“For being honest? Not at all! It is flattering as well as a great ego boost”

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