Sister/Brother Always/Forever Ch. 02

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I was so amazed at the response to the first chapter that I decided to write the next part of the story! This chapter will be dealing with elements of incest, fantasy, consensual fun, outdoor activity, and possibility of being caught in the act. All characters in this chapter are 18 years of age and older. While you can read this chapter by itself for the “good stuff”, to get the most pleasure out of it I highly suggest you first read Chapter 1. If you enjoy reading this and/or want to read the next chapters, please feel free to give the story a 5 rating and leave comments! Also, if you wish you can also send me longer messages either by instant feedback or through the “Contact” portion of my profile page where I give more information on my writing interests in my biography. Enjoy!!

Chapter 2

Daemon sighed and leaned his head back against the bathtub. What had happened a few hours ago had been the hottest, most erotic moment of his life. Kissing his sister had felt so unbelievably good. When he had licked her breasts and tasted her nipples, it took every ounce of his self-control to keep himself from ripping off her clothes and ravishing her right there on the ground. The taste of her juices in his mouth had turned him on to the point he was amazed his cock had not ripped out of his pants with how hard he was got. Serenity had been so wonderfully wet for him that he knew she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. The biggest exhilaration of his life had been watching her eyes nearly roll back in her head as her beautiful body spasmed out of control during her orgasm. Remembering those sensations in vivid detail made Daemon wanted to rub his rapidly hardening dick badly. It would not take even a minute to make himself cum, as worked up as he was feeling.

“No,” he decided as he stood up from his hot bath. “The next time I cum, it will be with Serenity.”


Laura sat down at a table outside the local bistro café. The lack of sleep last night made her not in the mood to dress up, so she decided to throw on some comfortable black yoga pants with a white t-shirt, a yellow hoodie sweater, as well as cute pair of running shoes. Laura looked up from scanning a menu to see Claire walking up and sitting down across from Laura. Seeing how cute Claire looked with her pink top matched with designer denim jeans and black boots made Laura feel even grumpier.

Claire looked at her, eyes lifting. “Did you have trouble falling to sleep again?”

“Yeah, something like that,” Laura responded.

The past few months had been a tough time for Laura emotionally. Her ex-boyfriend Lance had broken up with her 2 months ago, but it still hurt today almost as much as it had during their final argument. For days Laura had cried every night. Tears would also randomly appear at work, forcing Laura to run to the bathroom and lock herself in a stall until she could compose herself.

The days of crying and trouble falling asleep got to the point that one day Claire had randomly shown up at Laura’s apartment holding two suitcases and a pillow. For a week Claire made sure Laura woke up in plenty of time to get ready for work. Evenings were spent with them either going shopping or Claire taking part in Laura’s kickboxing classes. Dinner would consist of awesomely bad take-out with the girls either sharing silly stories from their childhood or watching Sailor Moon episodes online. Up until she had that strange childhood dream last night, life was beginning to feel somewhat normal to Laura. Claire had been a better best friend than Laura could have ever hoped to have.

The waiter came to take their order. Laura ordered a glass of a Beringer White Zinfandel, while Claire ordered the same as well as some chocolate mini-scones. Laura raised an eyebrow. Claire rarely ate chocolate; she would usually complain afterwards about how fat she felt. Chocolate mini-scones meant Claire was buttering Laura up for something.

“So, how did things go with Chris last night?” Laura asked cautiously.

Claire blushed. “It went really well! His reaction of seeing me wearing those cute white socks was priceless! I told you that my socks idea would be killer!!”

Laura just managed to hold in a groan. Claire was the whole package: a great friend, honest, intelligent enough to get a Master’s Degree in Art History from a European conservatory, and a great body. Why in the world Claire felt so insecure about herself that she felt very shy being physically intimate with a man, Laura would never understand it. Claire’s current boyfriend Chris was pretty cute and seemed to be a really good guy. He actually could be a keeper for Claire. However, during their girl talks Claire made it seem like Chris seemed to share Claire’s lack of self-confidence. As a result their unique attempts to increase the level of “kink” in their relationship usually seemed both a bit amusing as well as odd to Laura.

The waiter came back, placed their drinks and chocolates on the table, and then went back inside. Laura female agent porno took one of the scones and nibbled at it. Whatever this was about, it did not appear to be about Claire’s relationship. Let’s try Door

. “What about work? I know how stressful starting up your art gallery has been.”

Claire smiled, “No worries with work, the show last night made the gallery enough money to acquire a few more paintings that I did not think I would be able to fit into the budget!”

Laura racked her brain while trying not to instantly devour the awesome chocolates. Okay, let’s try Door
. “Was the newest Sailor Moon Crystal episode good? I have not had the chance to watch it yet.”

“It was really good! We should watch it together soon,” Claire replied.

Laura grew a tad apprehensive. Whatever this favor was, she was not going to find out just yet.

Claire left some money on the table. “Let’s head over to the gallery!” She leaned in and lowered her voice so that only Laura could hear her. “Also, you need to keep this our secret. Last night Chris said that he loved how cute I looked in those socks so much that he is going to indulge in one of my fantasies by doing a little striptease dance for me to the music of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball!” Claire stood up straight and started walking out of the café area, a slight blush on her cheeks.

Laura could not fight it; she face palmed herself and then stood to follow Claire.

Once inside the gallery, Laura waited as Claire turned on the lights to the building. “So, are you going to confess and tell me what those chocolate scones were about?”

“Well, before we did … stuff, Chris was telling me that his friend Alex had seemed a little distracted after his performance last night. I asked him if Alex said what was wrong, and it turns out Alex thought he saw someone in the crowd that had purple eyes like he does. Obviously, I am pretty sure Alex saw you.”

Laura stiffened as memories of the gallery opening started to come into focus. It was true, most people tended to remember her looks. It was impossible not to notice the silver strands of hair that came down the right side of her face, which contrasted with her otherwise long black hair. No matter how many times she dyed her hair, the silver seemed to come back within a few days. Additionally, there were her purple eyes. As a kid Laura had asked her mother if any of her relatives had purple eyes, which her mother replied that no one in their family did as far as anyone knew.

Last night had affected her in a way that she did not understand at all. It had started off fun enough, with getting to see Claire all dressed up and having a few men in the crowd flirt with her. Everything changed when Alexander Cross came on stage. He was tall and very handsome, which was blatantly obvious to all the women most of which started panting at the sight of him.

What got Laura’s initial attention were his eyes. She had seen her reflection enough to know that the purple shade of his eyes matched hers exactly. He even shared the silver strands of hair, though his silver hair strands were instead on the left side of his face. What had affected her most was when he said “I love you all always and forever.” That struck a distant chord in her memory and caused her to completely freeze. Laura had started feeling overwhelmed, so she had gone straight to her apartment and then straight to bed.

“Anyway,” Claire continued on, “Chris was asking if I knew any women from last night that had purple eyes, so I told him it was probably you that Alex saw.”

Laura looked at Claire. “Okay, so he probably saw me. What about it?”

Claire smiled and answered, “Well, it seems that you had quite the effect on him, so I told Chris that you were single and would totally love meeting Alex at this gallery tonight.”

“What????” Laura looked at Claire in disbelief. “Why did you say that? You know I don’t care for blind dates. Besides, I am just now starting to get my head back into a good space. Plus, I don’t even know anything about this guy other than he is a musician!”

Claire grinned, “Come on girl. It is way past time you deserved to have a little fun. Do you think he is hot?”

Laura glanced at the ground, trying not to blush. “Well, I mean, he is not bad looking. I suppose he is cute, if you like that moody rock star thing.”

Claire walked up to Laura with a determined look on her face. “That green dress you bought last weekend with your tan Jimmy Choo shoes and your Michael Kors purse. Don’t even think of deviating from that outfit. Chris promised me that Alex will be waiting for you here at 8 p.m. sharp, so don’t make me look bad by being late!”

“Fine, fine,” Laura muttered. There was no winning with Claire at times like this. “First, I am going home and taking a nap before getting ready.”

Claire smiled as Laura walked out the exit door. “You are welcome!”


Serenity collapsed on her bed, forcing herself female fake taxi porno to calm down.

“That was so perfect that I almost could not handle it!” she thought.

She lay there for an hour, trying in vain to get some sleep. The fresh memories of Daemon were driving her crazy. Her nipples were getting hard remembering what his mouth felt like on them. Serenity shivered. Remembering his fingers playing and teasing her entrance, how demanding his strokes were. Serenity clenched her thighs together hard, as she was getting wet all over again. A moan escaped her mouth from remembering the feel of his fingers inside her, driving her beyond crazy.

Serenity stood up. She needed Daemon again.

She looked everywhere with no success. He was not in his chambers, nor in the royal dining hall or the training grounds. On a hunch Serenity went to the stables and looked inside.

Daemon was busy brushing the hair of his black warhorse Tornado. For his 14th birthday, Serenity had convinced their father to let her pick out a horse as her birthday present to Daemon. Seeing the overjoyed look on his face when Serenity showed him his new horse had thrilled her. Daemon’s armor and sword were placed on a table, so that only his form-fitting black long-sleeved shirt, black trousers, and black boots were left on. Seeing how gently he was caring for Tornado caused her heart to ache. A grin appeared on her face as a naughty thought entered her head.

Thankfully all the squires were away eating in the kitchen, so she did not have to worry about anyone else catching her. With Daemon’s back towards her, Serenity tiptoed into the stables and slipped into the stall where all the horse care equipment was kept. Pressing herself up against a corner, Serenity did not have to wait long until Daemon walked in and placed the horse brush in the proper place. He was so deep in thought that he did not even notice her standing behind him.

Sneaking quietly up behind him, Serenity threw her arms around him. “I found you! I win the new hide and seek game!”

Daemon startled for a moment, then shook his head and placed his hands on top of Serenity’s hands. “Somehow, I was not aware that we were playing a game right now. But yeah, you found me. Now what does the winner get this time?”

Serenity grinned. “That is for the winner to know and the loser to find out.”

Daemon started to turn around, but Serenity tightened her grip on him, forcing him to stay facing away from her. Serenity leaned forward and began placing small kisses on the side of Daemon’s exposed neck. She could sense his breathing picked up a bit; he was becoming as excited as she was. As she started nipping at his collarbone, her hands started moving down his hard chest. She could feel him straining to let her stay in control. Serenity felt intoxicated in the knowledge that she had this power over him, that she affected this man just as much as he affected her.

Her hands kept moving downwards until she could feel his hardness through the material of his pants. Serenity knew he was pretty large from when she would be pressed against him while sleeping in his bed when it rained, but now she could tell exactly how well-endowed he actually was. His member was straining against the fabric, making her feel very hot on the inside. She slowly moved her right hand under his pants, moving downwards until she finally had her delicate hand enclosed around his hard cock. He felt as soft as velvet, yet as hard as a rock.

The smallest of moans escaped Daemon’s lips, showing her that she was doing the exact things to please him. Serenity leaned her head against Daemons right shoulder as they both watched her left hand tug his pants down until his manhood was gloriously on display for her. Seeing how hard he was and still getting, Serenity gasped as a wave of wetness started flooding her pussy. His cock looked so beautiful, so manly, so Daemon. On instinct Serenity began slowly moving her hand up and down his cock. She had never done this before and wanted this to be perfect for her perfect brother. His body was beginning to tremble, and she could feel his cock pulsing in her hand.

Daemon struggled for control. Everything felt so gloriously good. He had dreamt about his sister holding his cock for so many years, and finally it was happening. Feeling her hand working his cock, it took every ounce of control to not turn around and ravish her right there in the stable pen. His breathing turned into moans when he felt her left hand move down to lovingly hold his balls. Daemon hissed. It felt so amazingly good, he could not imagine feeling more aroused than he was right now. Her left hand was holding them in such a tender way that he knew she was showing him her love and devotion for his cock and his balls. Daemon could not help but gasp as her small hand moved up and down on his hard cock, over and over and over again. He wanted to fuck her so bad. Daemon felt the animalistic urge to claim her, to make her his and his fuck in traffic alone for all time.

The first drops of pre-cum were coming out of him and dripping onto her hands. Daemon was raging with desire. He brought his right hand up and backwards to gently but firmly grasp a handful of Serenity’s hair, and directing her head he turned his own head to the right and claimed her mouth with his lips. Their tongues clashed, each of them staking claim to the other. Daemon’s need threatened to engulf him as he could feel Serenity moaning into his mouth, clearly as aroused as he was.

Daemon could not hold himself back anymore, as she was making his need skyrocket beyond control. With Serenity jacking his cock off relentlessly, his cock twitched uncontrollably as he suddenly came very hard. Daemon growled in her mouth as his orgasm ripped through him, his knees threatening to buckle from the sheer pleasure she was giving him. His hot cum rushed out in torrents and coated the hay on the other side of the stall. After a minute, Serenity slowed down and eventually stopped. Letting go of her hair, he watched as she moved a finger to her mouth and started licking his cum off of her finger. Serenity smiled at him.


Alex woke with a start. He had only meant to rest his eyes for a minute after parking his car, only to experience yet another new part to that dream. What did it mean? These dreams were becoming more frequent and intense. “I must be going crazy,” Alex thought.

Alex got out of his car and began walking out of the parking garage which was located a few blocks from the art gallery. Why in the world Chris was so determined to make Alex go on this blind date at the gallery, Alex had no idea. It was not like Alex lacked for companionship when he wanted it. Chris had started to say something about Miley Cyrus, but Alex had cut him off and changed the subject. Some kinks were just too disturbing to know about.

Alex continued walking down the street when suddenly he heard a woman’s scream. It sounded like it was coming from the alley just a few feet ahead. Alex hurried and turned into the alley when he saw a man wearing old, tattered clothes holding a woman in a green dress in front of him; she was faced away from her attacker with one of his hand pinning her arms to her stomach and his other hand around her neck.

“Your money, bitch. I want it right now and you won’t get hurt!”

Hey!” Alex shouted. The homeless man quickly looked at Alex and turned the woman slightly to keep her in between them. “Let the lady go, and you can have the money in my wallet. It’s cool, just don’t hurt her.”

At that moment the woman’s eyes met his, and time stopped. Alex was not aware of anything but the pair of purple eyes staring at him. Alex could not breathe. For a moment they were the only two people in the world, and Alex felt emotions flooding into him that he was not able to describe. Then the world came sharply into focus as the man slightly tightened his grip on her throat.

“Take your wallet out slowly and throw it over here now! Hurry before she starts to get some bruises on this nice skin of hers!”

Alex started to get a strange sense of déjà vu as he took his wallet out. Something about seeing this woman trapped and in danger felt eerily familiar, but for the life of him Alex could not remember why. That is when he noticed that the woman seemed to be calm. Remarkably calm, considering the dangerous situation she was in. Alex held his wallet out in front of himself. He had to make the man get close enough to where Alex could rush at him and use his jiu-jitsu to make that man let go of her.

“Here is my wallet, now let her go!”

What happened next stunned Alex. The moment the man’s grip loosened on her as he began to lean forward, the woman’s right heel slammed down on the man’s right foot while simultaneously her right palm flew upwards and stuck the man under his chin so hard that his head snapped upward, his grip on her completely gone. Amazingly fast the woman moved forward and pivoted to face her attacker. Her right leg immediately swung around in the air, and the pointed toe of her shoe struck the man on the left side of his head with such force that his head flew back to smack hard into the wall behind him. The man immediately crumpled to the ground unconscious.

Alex stared, unable to move. From the technique she used as well as the stance she instinctively took afterward, he could tell she was trained in kickboxing. Alex watched as she straightened up and suddenly looked embarrassed as she looked down to make sure that her dress was covering her up properly and if her long flowing skirt or shoes had been damaged.

“Miss, are you okay? Do you want me to call 911 for you?” Alex asked.

“No thanks,” she replied as she looked at Alex. “I am okay, really. A few scratch or two never killed anyone. I am actually running a bit late to meet someone, but it is just a short walk from here.”

Alex was not sure what to think. The woman had just been attacked and who knew what else if he had not shown up, and now she was worried about meeting someone? “Well, if you don’t need an ambulance, at the very least I am going to walk you to wherever you are going. And I am not accepting ‘no’ as an answer, so humor me.”

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